Gor Mahia draw Rayon Sport in CECAFA club cup

Gor Mahia will kick off their 2018 CECAFA club cup on July 1 against Rwandese side Rayon Sport, the same team they are playing in th3 2018 CAF Confederations cup. The other teams in group B are Lydia Ludic of Burundi and Ports of Djibouti.

On paper it looks like an easy group. But with the backlog of fixtures, one wonders how much petrol Gor Mahia players have left in the tank. This will especially affect the defence where Gor Mahia lack depth. That is unless Kogalo can re-inforce their side sufficiently during the June transfer season.

The CECAFA club cup is a tournament that many Kogalo fans would really like to win given that it has been 33 years since Kogalo lifted the trophy. This especially applies to those fans who are familiar with the good old days when Kogalo was a force in this tournament.



28 thoughts on “Gor Mahia draw Rayon Sport in CECAFA club cup

  1. Kogalo needs to reinforce every department by at least one addition. The fixtures ahead are just too congested;League matches, Goodison trip, Confederation matches, Shield cup and now Cecafa all must be played in July. Let’s pray that no serious injury happens at this time.

  2. My word on this: Forget it, do not take part in this one please leave it for Ingwe. It’s going to be unmanageable, the fixtures are too many. That’s my word.

  3. The idea of Gor Mahia burning out due to too many games, can be true, but the reality of the essence of football these days says otherwise!

    I think a modern day proffessional football club should be ready logistically and personnel-wise play a minimum of atleast two games a week throughout a season. There are no short cuts to being the best or rubbing shoulders with the best, if a club can’t do that. Look around the continent, and the big boys are not playing less than two games locally, including on the continent except for breaks here and there.

    But for the sake of diversity and widening the competitive pool of clubs, I think any East African team activity involved in a CAF competition 2018, should not participate unless they are sending their B or reserve teams. Or, incase, any of the clubs already participating in a CAF competition has grand ambitions of winning a cecafa Kagame cup, like one blogger has intimidated here, then it should not be mandatory, but out of choice.

    I think the prerogative should be left to runners up, cup winners or a team of choice from member countries.

    The above personal opinion aside, I hope the tournament won’t get postponed or totally abandoned at the 11th hour, like it has been the case in the years past!

  4. We jusg need to be otganized. in Europe the tpp teams play in a 20-team league, play the ‘FA cup-equivalent, plau the league cup as well as European matches. As Gor we can do it. Let the other players also get playtime. Rexruit to fill Karim’s position ev3n with a six-month contract as well as Wellington. Tje games also have a financial reqatd which if won will offset the cost of the new players. Use money to attract new money

    1. I really like this concept of using money to get ‘new money’!

  5. This fixture glut is too much.We risk serious player burnout and unnecessary injuries.In this i support JTGJ lets donate this one to our hopeless noisy neighbours ingwe.Our opponents in Caf are offseason thereby enjoying themselves while we are in mid-season.Couple that with the fact that our calendar for 2018-2019 season starts in November as per Cafs directive thereby we wont even have an off season and pre season then it is rational to give this Cecafa a wide berth…

    1. Oswozo consequences would be rantings after rantings by one Nicholas Musonye the Secretary General of Cecafa.Other than that they have no other legal or disciplinary recourse at their disposal…Many teams have declined the invitation b4

  6. Dont we have youth teams ? Personally I think we should give the proverbial berth to league cups, top 8 and everything else and focus on three competitions- winning CECAFA , semi final CAF and the league title.

    Those 3 should be top priority.

  7. Let us not try to be nice to Efusi. Suppose it was them in our position, would they donate the chance to us? Nothing like giving that chance away. Not even to the team that finished second. Let us pick players from our youth team to represent us in Dar.

  8. The team badly needs to be strengthened this June. I am surprised there aren’t more injuries by now. The players are playing a ridiculous number of games.

  9. Closer to b home kcc of Uganda have just declined the offer and viper has taken their slot. We are trying to chew too much , we won’t swallow this big jothurwa.

    1. Exactly prioritizing is of vital importance.Let Sofapaka go represent Kenya we focus on Caf and Catch up Kpl matches

  10. The Sports pesa cup runs from 3-10th of
    May and if we go all the way to the finals , that will be 3grueling games in 7days , the cecafa cup runs from 28june-13July and if were to go all the way to the finals , that would be 6games in 15days , domestically we have 4games in hand to play to be at par with the rest of the league who are already in the 2nd leg of the league , that means that between now and 13th of June I.e roughly 40days from 3rd of June , we would have played 13games , on top of that we have our routine trainings, just after the cecafa cup we have Yanga home and away in quick succession , then Everton , then RayonSports , then USM Alger , from the above , it is clear that our schedule is inhumanly heavy and with all the attendant risks .
    Not even Man U , Madrid , Bayern Munich with all their endowments can manage such a punishing schedule , we have heard those elite coaches complain of schedules that are way lighter .
    Even the suggestion of a second team is not feasible considering that we have 30players and from this at least 18would need to travel leaving behind12 players .
    So what do we do in this kind of scenario , I think that we really need to reconsider our valid enthusiasm coz honestly we could just be spreading ourselves too thin , risking avoidable injuries , avoidable burn outs , making as vulnerable in the area that should be our major focus I.e Confed Cup .
    We seriously need to choose our battles , its a good wish to want all, but we aint superman .

  11. Let’s take the likes of asudi lukewarm and ade there the and youth team and give the team to zico awa wengine wakule zoezi na kerr…. it will be great experience for the lads u wuld be surprised by the performance of the lads

  12. What if we fail to qualify for Caf confederation quarters, eliminated by either singida or simba on penalties, fail to open up the league gap after disgusting draws (God forbid) ? Our only hope shall be the Cecafa. Let’s not withdraw but use the fringe ones and only bring in our best to unlock the games during the dying minutes.

  13. It is a fact that this may be a tall order. One suggested that some players should be picked from the Youth Team. My question is how far are clubs allowed to overshoot their squad, or does it matter or as long as it is of the same name then there is no problem? If It is okay then this option could be considered. Just like the other day Kogalo pulled out their players from National Team, i think that at one stage they should let go of some competition.

    1. SIMBA 5 KK HOME BOYZ 4. Decided on penalties after the game ended at 0-0. Wycliffe Opondo missed penalty. Simba scored all their penalties

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