18 Jun 12

Courtesy of futaa.com

Kenyan Premier League (KPL) giants Gor Mahia have distanced themselves from the comments made by the team’s Croatian coach Zdravko Logarusic over the Harambee Stars job after a run of poor outings by the national team.


The coach, in an interview with futaa.com had claimed he is well qualified to coach the national team, further adding that if the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) wants a foreigner as a coach, it needs to look no further.

His sentiments however, have not been well received by the club’s executive wing. The vice chairman Faiz Ochieng has been infuriated by the comments, claiming the team’s fans are up in arms over the comments and adds that the executive will consult and give an official stand over the comments.

No mandate

-We are distancing ourselves from what the coach said. It should be first and foremost understood that the coach is an employee of Gor Mahia and the brand called Gor Mahia should not be dragged into such a mess. He has no mandate whatsoever to make such a move.

Official statement

-It is so demeaning to the club and all our fans because they are calling us from all over complaining about his comments to the media. Let me put it very clearly that his job in Kenya is only to coach Gor Mahia. We are going to consult as the executive and give an official statement over the coach’s comments, an irked Faiz told futaa.com.

The Croat has been making clear his dissatisfaction at the national team’s performance since they played Malawi and managed a draw in the 2014 World Cup qualifiers in Nairobi three weeks ago.

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  • ODUOR12 says:

    The fact is this guy Logarusic is using GMFC as a stepping stone to try and promote himself.So both sides better make the best of the situation.
    The problem is that the guy found such an incompetent EC,that he seemed to be the panacea to all our problems,what with a squad of plus 30 players, players like Selenge being paid every month yet never making the starting line up etc,nine strikers in the team etc, etc.

    To Faiz please don’t get so worked up since the coaches comments are as demeaning as the organization of irrelevant discos and non payment of released players. Simply refer the coach to the ZD story and order him to concentrate fully on K’galo or ship out.On that matter there’s no compromise don’t whine just act

  • wuonpap says:

    bwana faiz thats between you and your prized coach.you know where you got him from and you should have included a gag clause in his contract instead of engaging him in the media.THE PROBLEM WITH KENYAN SOCCER IS LACK OF BASIC STRUCTIRES TO NURTURE BUDDING TALENT AND OUTRIGHT THEFT OF FUNDS MEANT FOR SOCCER DEVELOPMENT IN GOR IN PARTICULAR AND KENYA IN GENERAL.If the person you employed as a coach turns out to be a mercenary hungry for greener pastures then thats the price you pay for lack of foresight both in preparing his contract and sifting through his cv.By the way dont fool yourselves thinking that the croat is a messiah who will take gor to the promised land,the sure way of us reaching the echelons of soccer is through sound management as was suggested in yesterdays meeting,solid youth structures and qualified and commited personnel.

  • PAREYIO 09 says:


    Faiz Ochieng is looking for cheap publicity. This gentleman seem to be taking from where G. Bwana. It is on record that this two guys have been making very outrageous and reckless statements on behalf of this club. Instead of concentrating to pay outstanding arrears for the axed players or adequatly plot how we can ran over western Stima next weekend, he is going for coach Logarusic jugular . This move might trigger a war of words against the coach by the fans.

    There completely nothing wrong for the coach to express his interest to coach Kenya’s harambee stars. No coach worth his salt that does not have ambitions. However it is must be within the armbit of the law. Coach Logarusic, I believe is much aware of his contractual agreement with Gor Mahia. This mentality of gagging everyone is not healthy for the growth of the sport. The coach must be allowed to speak his mind whenever and wherever. Gor Mahia must be ready to inculcate good democratic principles such as giving everyone space to speak his or her mind.

  • vincent owino says:

    Faiz lets concentrate in GM coach is entitled 4r his coment by u comenting in everything brings more confution as ur yet 2tel us how much was generated at meladen n who is the official club spoksperson EC is full of mess,lets duel on mumias trip n 3points the rest is null n void 4now.we lost faith in u guys thats why anything organized with u will always fail,
    1.kibera harambee failed
    2.gm nt postponed almost thrised
    Take note n ask uaself why.

  • ma oyoo says:

    faiz donot have anything to do? U are so idle pls do something to keep u busy.we are still have rotten potatoes.

  • Mwakio says:

    EC there is nothing wrong with our coach commenting on the poor show of Harambee Stars. The jury is already out there with Kimanzi messing up with the stars performance: our coach just like any other football loving fans is right to make his or her comments.

    Faiz you are one of the liabilities in Gor Mahia. We are just tired with the inept officials like Faiz, Bwana, Kilo, etc. The sooner you shut up, the better for the club.

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    When Ogango Trailer and Okoth Jabilo gave coach Logarusic some very valuable advice regarding his outbursts concerning the national team, some members of our bloggers’ family opted to vilify these wisemen and call them names. When Eblazing Diva alerted us about the coach’s rolling stone and globe-trotting tendencies we wished her away and branded her an alarmist.

    Today the coach is at it again and in a very unprofessional and unethical manner. What in effect is our coach trying to communicate to the K’Ogalo family? Lack of commitment? “An after-all-I-have-only-one-year’s-contract-with-GM-attitude”? “A this-is-not-the-first-nor-will-it-be-the-last-club-I-abandon-mentality”?

    At this rate one would wish to ask whether coach Logarusic is really focusing on GM’s KPL second leg matches or he is busy fantasizing about the higher pay that comes with the national team job? Why does he think he can do something different in the national team when we don’t see anything out of the ordinary that he has done in K’Ogalo?

    I hope I am wrong, but I fear I am right that soon K’Ogalo will be out there shopping for a new team tactician.

  • Eblazing Diva says:

    Barefoot Bandit cant agree with you more. You saw what happened to T.Hotspur after their coach was merely associated with National duty. The team that was contending for the title and ahead of Arsenal by massive 14 teams being overhauled by the later? Football is about mind stability and togetherness. The person to provide that is the Manager/Coaches. But when a manager’s one eye is fixated elsewhere you only expect the worst. What I know with evidence this Coach never respects contractual agreements and he feels is at home seeing our own EC flouting the same by not paying the ayed players.

  • Eblazing Diva says:

    Sorry @6 line 5 meant ….Arsenal by massive 14 points* being overhauled…


    @ Barefoot Bandit I saw it coming and you have summed up the issue. For those who can read and think at the same time, then be informed that the writing on the wall. The coach is buying time and he will leave sooner than later. Of course the national team has been his target but unfortunately he won’t make it at this moment. Now FAIZ has made it worse by going to the press .

  • muswa says:

    the coach spoke his mind and there is nothing about that…but atleast he is changing gor fortunes at the moment.

  • muswa says:


  • Walter Alando Bwoga says:

    Logarusic like any other person is free to express his feelings and should not be penalized as long as he delivers. Even yourself if you see another company prospering or you admire a certain company, dont you think you are free to express your desire to change your job in future and even your boss is aware though he/she is quiet or pretending you will work with him forever. Remember Jose Morinho was in Inter Milan but talking about moving to another club and nobody could question/bothered him. Still when he moved to Real Madrin he was talking of moving to England…and Bob Mugalia have been spotted in several occasions wearing GM jersey yet he’s a SOFAPAKA player and many many other coaches and players… Kindly let us leave Logarusic alone so that we don’t imprison him unnecessarily within our rigidity of thinking

  • Our team needs prayers.

    Why are we signing bench warmers? After the friendly on Saturday, and having released Macheda, Kiplagat and Kitawi, i still believe that we are going to sign a whole lot of bench warmers. In the press, it is indicated that Tom Ogweno brought the players for trials. Where are the talents Logarusic spotted who could run and think at the same time? Where are the players the coach scouted? We don’t want excuses.

    Why are we talking about Harambee Stars? Do we know that Harambee will now play the 2015 Africa Cup qualifiers but Kogalo has Top 8, FKF Cup and League to chase immediately? Where is our focus? Logarusic, have you ever been to Mumias to play Western Stima? Please focus.

  • Paul says:

    All said and done: Lugarusic should start shutting that big mouth up. Concentrate and bring results to Gor and you will be heard.Faiz is right to get pissed off but he shouldnt condemn a wrong doing by committing another wrong. A small chat within the EC can trash out such minor happennings. Deliver to us in W. Stima please. This is what should occupy our minds, thoughts and everyday outbursts…How to get 3 points from W.Stima.


    Go slow plz the coach was giving suggestion.As a coach he want to encourage players coz as per me some places dont deserve to be in national team.I again support him we should have youth structure in our football system this is what some bloggers have been advocating in GOR MAHIA.Its long overdue we need our youth structure in Kogalo.

  • Opuk raronge says:

    Here we go again with coach BIG MOUTH – treating all africans as children. Just attend Kogalo’s training sessions and experience first hand this guy’s bigotism. Look at Euro 2012 – none other than the Croatian Head Coach came out to protest his countrymen’s racist tendencies. LoguRACIST is one of them…soon the light will come out.

  • Jakababa. says:

    We should leave the coach alone because has aright to give his opinion but watch the space the coach might be heading somewhere, when harambee played Namimbia he gave his opinio n but other bloggers ignored what he said.mtu mwenye hakutaki hakuambii toka gor needs prayers.

  • OKOTH JABILO says:


    Coach Logarusic’s contract with K’Ogalo ends with the expiry of the KPL second leg season 2012 which is towards end of November this year. In a nutshell this guy will be jobless unless his contract is renewed based on his performance and as a smart guy he needs to start marketing his CV within when see’s a begging opportunity in the offing.

    As a wise-man you start planning for future before the sun sets and that is why he is try to lure FKF that he is ready to double-deal with the national team if need be, since GOR is not a satisfying HUSBAND when it comes to his personal needs and obligation.

    To coach Logarusic GOR is “aromo kodo to oyie” Translated as “We meet each other along the streets and you immediately fall in love with me due to your frustrations although i was a stranger” ; and as such I can see a suitable partner worth my taste who is frustrated and yet am available. Why not seduce this one who can make raise my profile internationally. To me that is career development worth gambling with due to our ineptness.

    If K’Ogalo EC is full of busybodies and activist why should we exempt the Croat who are thuggish and racist by nature not to play hard-BALLS. If you know what I mean. Period!!!

  • Joe Riaga says:

    @Okoth #18, the best way for Logarusic to market himself is to win games and win convicingly. Gor Mahia should have no excuses. If teams like KCB and SoNy can regularly score 3 goals then why cant GM ?

  • Mwakio says:

    All those criticising the coach do not understand the fundamental human rights of freedom of speech/expression.

    Like it or hate it, the coach is more than 100% right and spot on. Harambee Stars is bleeding and local recycled coaches like Kimanzi, Zico, Ghost, etc are taking our national pride nowhere.

    We just need a foreign coach that will not favour certain players who are either his buddies or former team mates. Where in the world do you field players that have never featured for any club or are clubless for the last 8 months?

  • Genge Oti says:

    You know how we got this man. He deserted a club which had invited him to Ghana at night without their knowledge. The club had paid for his ticket and accommodation. I believe this man will desert us the same way.

  • Anthony Nganga says:

    whats wrong with our coach having interest to assist Harambee stars? Tobias Ocholla was there. don’t you know that harambee stars is our national team? we have the best coach and we should be proud if FKF confirms that by giving him the national job. kindly let us not politicize good ideas. i support the coach in this noble course. keep it up coach

  • Ken Torchbearer says:

    Lugarisic,that’s a breach of contract you either didn’t sign or signed.To me,you look unsatisfied in Gor,and we can’t miss you even if you moved on,you are one man who fired Gatuso aka Collins Okoth just on the mention of his name during introductions,you have no respect to our elected office even if they’re doomed,your country’s so racist and you’re one always using f**ck word in trainings,and even worse abusing our CEO in office.Were you pre-informed to come treat us like that?Please,be respectful to us n we’ll reciprocate with love,meanwhile concentrate in your job in Gor.Guys,Faiz is just doing his job,n I hope that’s the stand of our office.

  • Benson Disi says:

    Lugorasick, kama wanasiasa wetu, akiamuka asubuhi….bangi, akilala jioni bangi, kabla ya kula chakula …bangi! how do you expect such a man to weigh whatever he says…..???????


    Faiz u should learn from Bwana who decided to leave the media to do its work. The coach has n will always have freedom.of expression and opinion. Harambee Stars is pathetic same as our local clubs who cant win a Cecafa torney. Now that clubs are trying to improve it doesnt mean that Stars should be forgoten. I expect you to tell us the plans you have for us constructing our own stadium n attracting worthy sponsors. So shut up n work