Gor Mahia edge AFC 1-0 to win Super Cup

Gor Mahia beat arch rivals AFC Leopards at Afraha Stadium to win the 2018 Super Cup .

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League winners defeat AFC Leopards in Afraha Stadium match.

Gor Mahia are winners of this year’s Super Cup after edging out arch rivals AFC Leopards at Afraha Stadium on Saturday.

Haroun Shakava scored the all-important goal in the 40th minute. It was Shakava’s first competitive match as captain of the 16-time Kenyan Premier League (KPL) champions.

“I am happy with the result. Shakava made the difference and I am proud of the team. They did us proud,” said Gor Mahia coach Dylan Kerr.

Wellingtone Ochieng looked to have been hacked and he tumbled inside the AFC Leopards but center referee waved away any penalty appeals. As the match wore on, Gor Mahia were clearly the better side going by the chances they created.

George Odhiambo’s attempt in the sixth minute was dealt with by Leopards goalkeeper Gabriel Andika. In the process, Andika collided with Jacques Tuyisenge and both sought treatment on the pitch.

Leopards got their first chance in the 13th minute but Moses Mburu’s free-kick did not find the target. Collins Okoth, playing his first match in Leopards colours, was cautioned three minutes later for rough play as Gor Mahia went hunting for the opener.

The breakthrough almost came in the 19th minute when Salim Abdalla headed towards his own goal while trying to deal with a shot by Odhiambo and in the process, earned their first corner in the match.

The first real chance for Leopards came in the 26th minute but Prince Arkoh was denied by Boniface Oluoch in goal. Six minutes later, Leopards got their first corner but it was their opponents who came close.

Abdalla headed out after Godfrey Walusimbi tore open the opposing backline placed an enticing pass on his pass.

But the goal finally came in the 40th minute. George Odhiambo’s cross on the left flank found Haroun Shakava waiting and with a brilliant header made it count.

Leopards made the first change early in the second half resting Jaffery Odeny for Brian Marita but not before Moses Mburu had wasted a free kick.

Gor Mahia’s Joash Onyango was also cautioned at the hour mark for a bad tackle on Joshua Kuria.

28 thoughts on “Gor Mahia edge AFC 1-0 to win Super Cup

    1. I will still say this jodala let relate this two ; can pique successfully partner in a competitive match in their national team set up ??? the answer is the same to shakava and momanyi both ply the same number….

      maybe we pray karim arudi then wellington arudi centerback(the probability of this is infinity)….. fyne the fact is we are short of center back and its high time we get another established center back for cover and even battle the spot in starting lineup (still no graedget partner of shakava ; joachim abig no, joash not yet a perfect replacement for musa

      for now we can survive but next time get us our type centerhalfs not those who should be plying their trade in karaturi sports fc……

      there options out there since you had refused atudo and benard buy angolo to aid in your scouting but be sure you bring average tutamfukuza nkt it sucks to see gor wasting opportunity and opportunity going for average dudes tb get serious hatutangoja kuoshwa na red uwanjani

  1. Congrats team Mayienga for another record 5th super cup triumph.I would have settled for more goals but the game was rather edgy and tense.More composure required at the centre back position,we conceded far too many dangerous fouls.Otherwise hongera captain Shakava for starting your reign with a bang

    1. @jasego just hit the nail on the head..Joash Onyango is a tragedy waiting to happen!!! Kawuono koro iyie koda ni Wendo is growing into a solid CDM…last season ne apake ka tidagi no obabni ababa gi ball. I was very happy with Matano’s line up. Once I saw the likes of Kuria, Odera et al I knew it would not be as hard with the likes of Majid and Isuza roaming the middle..Berry to pod pek just as has been said up there…

      1. Musymo Joash To Daa wuod maa,ngat cha goyo karate or opira.He is too erratic and indecisive,otada mbele kufikiria baadaye.Macha adagi let momanyi partner shakava or we will suffer penalties oftemln times,even today he was to be red carded but ref went easy as it was a derby.Guikan needs more playtime and i believe he can best partner Kagere to form a devastating attacking pair upfront.There style of play will make gelling btn them seamless.Wendo played well i concur and so did Mieno

      2. @musyimo, who told you that all For fans are Luo? Can you stop this mediocre and write what everyone can understand?or inbox your likes in Luo.
        For fans are beyond Lake Victoria. Swata swol!

        1. @papa, If you know how to read then you may have seen that I was addressing jasego who understood me and replied. Then you being the self-proclaimed Englishman should demand a refund from your English teacher who told you it’s alright to say “stop this mediocre….”

  2. Always nice getting a win over efusi and kudos Shakes, lakini based on that performance tutatoboa CAF kweli, especially 2nd round to reach group stages. Are the new strikers still gelling? Will the new signings add value? Kazi bado iko mingi kwa T/B, you made the signings.

  3. Would love to see 4-4-2 sparingly being interchanged with 4-2-4 as we have enough firepower to threaten the best in the continent.

    Otherwise good results but the biggest headache next week….player allowances, bonuses and club financing will be the order of 2018.

    1. jakoyo you said that both teams had been ordered to play without the Sportpesa logo. It was prominent on both jerseys…maybe i need to start treating your ‘inside’ info with a pinch of salt….

      1. Musymo ikiya gaa rumours jakoyo bwana e internet kae?Mago onge bwana owacha wacha gikmoko maonge substance.Sportpesa was present with Karauri himself elated and in the thick of things,he genuinely loves kogalo & ingwe and is doing all he can to convince his board to resume sponsorships once govt commits to offer them tax exemptions known as remits…

        1. The solution, to me, is very simple let government sponsor the federations and national teams including their coaches while Sportpesa and other corporates sponsor clubs. The amount SP wants as a rebate can be recovered from the withdrawal of national teams’ sponsorships, whose responsibility will be taken over by government. Meanwhile our EC should roll out plan B ASAP, membership cum season tickets, as SP may only be using GMFC & efusi as bait to “whitemail” the government but the government “ain’t biting”.

  4. We can’t make conclusion on this game as the players from both sides were looking rusty and nervous. The pitch was horrible and needs to be worked on by the Nakuru County Government. It was more balanced game but Gor Mahia were technically superior in handling balls.

  5. This Joash guy! very shaky and can easily cause a penalty. Momanyi should be tried to replace Musa.By the way where was Gattuso in midfield?completely neutralized by Wendo.what a sweet victory against the mouthy Efusi! Congratulations to all Gor players.However, we still need to do more in order to match the likes of Esperance.

  6. If that ref is the best we have ,tuko na shida,too much whistle killing the flow of the game.2nd half ingwe was the better side. I think Ade has a chance of edging BB to the bench , Mieno was my man of the match.Bad day in office for Jausenge, was lucky to play 90min.Think in a situation like 2day where our strikers are Off, the coach could try and play mieno as a false No.9.I also think we could have used all our 6 sub’s,Kwani iko mini???, we are the champs bt we were tensed.Congrats Team for the Win.

  7. @musymo, sportpesa logo cannot just be removed overnight….remember even our rugby team in australia is still wearing sportpesa logo yet the sponsorship terminated last month. the clubs need money to do that and possibly even acquire new uniforms in due course !

    i guess they have little options so better just give sportpesa free marketing at their own peril – legal suit. which is the better evil ?

    1. To be honest the game did not live up to my expectations.both teams still have alot of work to do to get to high levels.

      However,I was impressed by Mieno.Actually our midfield played well.As for joash,I think we need that kind of old school rugged defender…vidic style…I saw nothing wrong with his game!!

      1. @oswozo, you say you saw nothing wrong with Joash commiting so many fouls in very dangerous areas? It was only that AFC trusted Mburu with their dead balls and he was horrible. Picture Kahata, Walusimbi or Tuyisenge standing over those free kicks just out of the 18 yard box!!!!

  8. Tulikuwa na kazi moja tu; tulikuwa na kazi moja. However, we are still far from standing toe to toe with Esperance.

  9. Joash Onyango is a Gossage cup kinda of player when breakers of legs were celebrated and were he to get celebrated actors from the Arab worldthen he would be a straight red cacandidate plus a donor of penalties , this guy Abdalla has got some very weird pre medieval temper and for the sake of state security am glad that football could have come to his aid otherwise he would be somewhere plying his trade East of the North Eastern border, very umwarranted display of anger , lastly the bumpy pitch was more suitable for Afc’s traditional mode of play , not ours , a football pitch must be predictable

  10. Teddy your observations are so accurate. I pity Matano to have a central defense of Abdalla and Duncan Otieno. Evidence of a team in manpower crisis despite signing 17 new players. That Abdalla of his will not be in serious football for long with that kind of attitude and demeanor.

    It is laughable that Matano is celebrating not having lost by a bigger margin. With the team that I watched yesterday, Matano should prepare to lose by even wider margins.

  11. Congratulations are in order though the game did not live to the expectations. EFUSI were aggressive as they really wanted to beat GOR MAHIA, that’s the reason they had more ball possession in first half and four shots against GOR’S three, two apiece on target, of course one being the goal of the game! The pitch was very bumpy, the referee disrupted the flow of the game with unnecessary calls, probably denied GOR what looked like a penalty. GOR contained EFUSI, they were composed and dangerous on the break especially the last 15 minutes of the first half. Kahata, Mieno and Berry controlled the midfield well, Wellington was at his usuall best, Shavaka was superb, Walu was fine, Onyango was abit erratic, should watch those fouls, Bonnie was ok, did well with at least two good saves, Kagere was also not as his usuall best, Tuyisenge was good and his darts at times caused panicky moments at EFUSI backline, that Abdalla man is not a foorball player, should be in Sydney with Rugby Team!
    Overall , it was a good game for a start but there is a lot to be done more so hapo kwa Onyango.

    1. Apida wIlliam which game did you watch? Gor had more possession in the first half while Ingwe were dominant in the second half.

  12. I am of the belief that a strong and stable Afc is not only good for Gor Mahia but for kenyan football as a whole , unfortunately for Afc who have exactly the same problems as Gor I.e financially , stability is not on the horizon soon bcoz Afc management is made up of merciless mercenaries with no head or tail and for now they have discovered a new cash cow in senator Sakaja , financial problems will be manufactured to the detriment of the players and benefit of management , the chairman is just but a figurehead who has no control of hia team and hence must just go with the flow , the coach in return cluelessly blames the players , the players cluelessly blame the captain while the fans cluelessly demand results , I might have some issue with some shortcomings with the Gor mahia management but only that they have despite those shortcomings delivered better than all the 18 team managements that make up the Kpl and hence we the fans have raised the bar beyond the basics .
    Lastly , as much I appreciate Sport pesa sponsorship , I hate the fact that they r using Gor and Afc as a shieldIin their differences with Govt. Because I havent heard them threatening to withdraw the billions of our money that they give Everton and Hull city , all the hullabaloo is in the measly 50m each they give to Gor and Afc , that is a pity but again we have through our casual vulnerabilities given them that carrot and stick that they now use to keep as in submission

  13. The pitch was pathetic. The ball bounced as if they were playing pinpong. The balls could not get to the targeted player. Obviously Gor found it challenging. Of however brought out their ability to adapt. This is good for CAF preparation because you never know what your opponent may plan for you as you progress. As a Derby some of those players were playing or it for the first time adorning the Green Jersey. It was a class test. The fact that they won, is a big plus and a positive foot to start on. The coach has a deep belief in his players and he is such an encourager. The opposite can be said of efusi. Especially the Matano’s comments after the match on matters player’s attitude and Money. Those were hurtful words and discouraging. I think this might as well suggest that Efusi is going to have a very difficult season. They might not go past the second game in their continental assignment. As for the fans were demonstrated oie intention to support our team as much as we can. Congratulations Kogalo.

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