Gor Mahia edge AFC in crucial derby

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A fine display at the Tusker Premier League (TPL) encounter at the Moi International Sports Centre (MISC) Kasarani between AFC Leopards and Gor Mahia ended 2 – 1 in favour of K’Ogalo as the team in green registered their 14th unbeaten game in the league.

Rama goal

The first half belonged to Gor Mahia as they run AFC Leopards rugged; and they were duly rewarded in the 13th minute when a miss by Rwandan international Jonas Nahimana after a fine first touch allowed Kevin Omondi to steal the ball and race through.

Omondi’s shot with just Patrick Matasi to beat was tipped to the post by the keeper and the rebound rolled on to Ugandan born forward Dan Sserunkuma for the easiest of tap ins, a big gift, and his celebration said it all.

Jerim Save

Leopards quickly shifted gears and initiated attacks of their own. A notable one was on 24 minutes when Bernard Mang’oli crossed from the right but Allan Wanga’s well placed header was equally superbly saved by Jerim Onyango for a corner which was eventually cleared.

Ten minutes later, Rama Salim’s cross from a free kick was punched out for a corner unconvincingly by Matasi for a corner. Moses Odhiambo stepped forth and took the corner short to Sserunkuma who took a first touch then left Mang’oli for dead with the second before releasing a cracker of a shot to the top right corner.

Half time lead

All was fine for K’Ogalo that far as they headed to the break with a healthy lead.

The tables were however turned in the second half; AFC Leopards coach Jan Koops withdrew Idrissa Rajab and Floribert Tambwe for Abbas Kiwalaabye and Paul Were respectively and Gor Mahia lived dangerously thereafter.

Baraza goal

Sustained periods of pressure led to a Donald Mosoti blunder in the 57th minute as he misjudged a through pass to allow Mike Baraza in. The Kenyan international calmly raced through to slot AFC Leopards first goal.

Another defensive mix up on 74 minutes allowed AFC Leopards captain Martin Imbalambala to win the ball on the right channel and his low cross sailed across the face of goal just begging to be tapped in but Mike Baraza, the target was too far.

Lavatsa miss

Edwin Lavatsa a second half substitute in place of Sserunkuma should have sealed the game for Gor Mahia after leaving Nahimana crawling on the deck but he opted for a shot from a tight angle with Rama Salim shouting for a pass and Matasi made a rare save.

After the win Gor Mahia goes top momentarily with 46 points from 25 matches as AFC Leopards drop a place to third with 45 points.

37 thoughts on “Gor Mahia edge AFC in crucial derby

  1. Well done guys. That was a well deserved win…., keep up the fighting spirit. Take each game as they come and focus on the ultimate KPL Cup. We luv u Loga…!

  2. Thank God for the good peace.thank you God.know Gor the leage is yours.take it so that so that we may learn lessons.but rem you shouldnt lose any game.AMEN

  3. Omera we are petititoning to raila odinga on Monday to have dan serunkuma and anguyo naturalised as Kenyans. Harambee stars do not have such quality, dedication and committment. This is a blessing to this country to have these 2 dependable guys . If we win the league, credit definitely goes to these 2 guys for their crucial goals……pls pls pls let Uganda not porch such talent from us……Kogallo family I hope you are listening.

  4. First is to thank God for every win he is giving us.secondly to thank the fans for coming out in numbers to cheer the team.lastly to thank both teams for well played game keep it up and God shall reward you for your hard work also to thank the fans for maintaining peace after and before the game.GOD BLESS EVERYBODY KUDOS KOGALLO.

  5. I dint like the way we played the last 25 mins but all in all a win is a win. Second half, Wekesa created too many loopholes that almost cost us. Infact when Musoti missed the ball that Baraza score, Musoti had gone to Wekesa’a position. I thank God for the sweet victory, fans for turning up in large numbers, the coach, technical bench and entire playing unit. Lavatsa also had his weaknesses upfront for today and I wished Ssurunkuma played for 90 mins then Imbem came in to add pace upfront…anyway we now have the long-awaited 3 points and I’m really happy.

    Now we focus on our next match and the motto remains – ‘one game at a time’. Come baby come…

  6. What a game by the boys……contained the pressure by Ingwe very well in the second half. We should tie Loga to a long term contract coz of what hes achieved in such a short period. Amazing stuff……congrats to the whole team and the coach.

  7. Well done boys. what a game? this man is genius it is now up 2 national coach 2 prove the same. can somebody tell me loga and jose morihno were they classmates or are they raleted?

  8. Good game but too much of time wasting. My take: Abond is the weak link in our midfield, Kevin omondi is good and should only work on stamina and shooting and urgently needed is a strong central midfielder like Peter opiyo and or Crispin Olando. These are the kind of players Gor need so as to dominate Kenyan soccer.

  9. Thank you Lord for maintaining the peace before, during and after the game !
    This is the way all derbys should end – whatever the outcome (win, draw or looe), we all go home in peace instead of acts of hooliganism hounding the citizenry!!
    But I am so glad that Gor WON !!

    GO GOR!
    GO GOR !!
    GO GOR !!!

  10. All the fulfillment of my predictions are coming to pass. We will take position 2 and AFC 3. The Brewers will win the League.!

  11. First and foremost, we return all glory, honour and praise to our heavenly Father that gave us victory in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

    Secondly, we give glory to our loving Lord that gave us peace throughout the charged derby match in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    On my own behalf, I wish to congratulate all fans from both divide particularly Ingwe fans for showing maturity and Kogalo fans for turning up in large numbers to support their teams. May the Almighty God bless you all.

    Finally, I prayer that may the Almighty God continues to give us victories over all our remaining opponents in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. We will continue to return all glory, honour and praise to the Almighty God that has continued to shower us with his blessings. Amen and let all bloggers say Amen and Amen.

  12. @Jakababa..i agree with you, if Museveni could pouch or kips & koechs, & the honour them lavishly after the olympics, then why cant we nauturilise Anguyo & Serrenkuma? But anyway kudos to the team & the 12th player & Glory be to God

  13. @Jakababa..i agree with you, if Museveni could pouch or kips & koechs, & the honour them lavishly after the olympics, then why cant we nauturilise Anguyo & Serrenkuma?

  14. Notice to Hon Kajwang. Kindly arrange to have Dan and Anguyo get the Kenyan citizenship. They deserve dual citizens. They are ours!! tukichukuwa, league, Logarusic pia apatiwe urahia!! KAJWANG IWINJO????

  15. gor is taking the league; actually it’s all over, THE NIGHT OF LONG KNIVES came to a conclusion. they all lay down ‘dead’. they donated their positions one by one. i really pity the AFC defence. what was that, ud thnk they learnt after the stima show. this guy nahimana… whats wrong with him. the goalkeeper also likes roaming to much, coming off the line aimlessly, he really made stima look good. the rest will now fall in place, it’s the dust settling down. … so now the story continues, k’ogalo took a leap of faith, he had earlier noticed leopard jump for the antelope, leopard had done it before him. leopard had his claws all out, he was now going for the kill, he knew k’ogalo was there , he had the bushes move and noticed that k’ogalo too made his jump but as he made that slight turn to glimpse at k’ogalo his claw caught a nearby branch. the branch turned him round as he slightly lost balance… would he recover!!!
    congrats afc for playing good soccer in the second half, i was impressed but you left it too late. u should have done ‘the second half’ from the word go, planning for a draw was not the way to go. by now koops(n the others) shud have read logaruse well. taking the league is a welcome bonus for gor. e n central here we come. afc work on ur defence or fight for position 4.
    pressure ohh pressure , how u do me bad yawaaaa…

  16. I got relatives from both Gor and Ingwe.My auntie house is disappointed but my mothers house is happy beyond measure.It was a family affair.Everybody however said it was a good game.Now the the question is: what is the mystery or mythical thing associated with Gor Mahia that made it possible for the team to come from way behind to the top of the chart?Is it shear determination and belief that Gor Mahia will prevail somehow mystically.Whatever it is Gor Mahia made a believer out of me.I will join all Kogalo family and give thanks to the Lord for he had a hand in it.

  17. i think k’ogalo is succeeding because of the discipline instilled in them by lugarusic, can you imagine him sending away 8 players at once and k’ogalo took off instantly? Discipline is the name of the game in everything. If they continue so then EPLtropphy is theirs .


    First, it was coach Logarusic arriving in style very early in the morning ( i am sorry i don’t know his flight), then followed by a sea of humanity from all walks of life finding their way to Kasarani. On the pitch, the boys did not disappoint. They gave fans more than what they bargained.

    Allow me from the onset to salute the Ugandan import and GM’s sensational striker,Dan Sserunkuma for the two brilliant goals that send shivers down the spine of Ingwe.

    My hat off to all fans from both clubs for demostrating maturity and sportmanship right from the word go. I am humbled to hear some of the CSR activities you undertook before the SHEMEJI derby. Those of you who visited patients at Kenyatta National Hospital and donated some foodstuffs is quite encouraging and humbling for me. I cannot forget the lot who took part in the peace procession and shared lunch at my favorite joint in town, Ronalos. By the way, every time i miss brown ugali, i go there. I am yet to eat fish ( or did I hear somebody say fis?).

    It’s now official. K’Ogalo is now on top of the TPL log. As I have always warned, it is easy to get here but to maintain the same position is the big thing. I am sure our boys are aware this fact. Nothing can stop us especially when the TPL title is at stake. To coach Logarusic, you are simply amazing! Congratulations Zdravko!9

  19. first,my thanks goes 2 afc n gor fans 4 keeping peace,at last u hv shown ua maturity and let it not b the last,@dinga uko sawa with ua comment,the same same player nahimana cost us when we played with stima,he did the same mistake when playing with gor anyway human being is 2 errors but he needs 2 check on those silly mistakes i agree with the last results 2,1 but agree my comrades baby luck was not on our afc side ,u need 2 improve on ua game,last thank u god 4 keeping peace,,,amen .

  20. Its very beautiful getting brilliant results like these. Thanks to the tech bench and players for the effort and visible enthusiasm on display. You’ve made us happy.

  21. Very good to see fans from both sides embrassing each other beofr and after the game! Our kenyan game has come along way especially the two big clubs. My family has both folowers of the two clubs and we do have fun tense moments whenever the derby is on, I am so thrilled green army did it! My bro and cousins poleni, but thumbs up fpor maturity and conceeding defeat.


  22. Yeah, it is true God had a hand in this. For sure he has made Gor Mahia “team of the season”. On this note I wish to remind K’Ogalo followers and bloggers who prayed to take time now and give thanks to God. Thank you ‘apostle’ Mwakio for duly returning all glory to Him our provider. @Gem Kendgi I remember your plea for K’Ogalo fans to set aside Friday morning for prayers. Thank you. Now let us honour our promise to God and glorify his name.

    I agree with bloggers that for the next season, we need some new talent and skills in the midfield: some kind of Isaiah Omondi or Peter ‘Pierre’ or Abbas Magongo or John Odhiambo ‘Baresi’ or Dan Ogada. Lack of this kind of person overworked our defence and sent it into sixes and nines in the second half yesterday.

    I sympathise with Mzee Koops. This man has brought Efusi from near extinction and I consider talk of firing him not wise at all. Mzee Koops should not be held responsible for losing against an UNSTOPPABLE FORCE. Why blame him for losing against Stima either, especially if we consider that few days later the same Stima floored Sofapaka?

    All that we are seeing now is the mayooo ti achiedh nade that we talked about and the mzee should not be blamed.@Omusula please advice your team not to fire Mzee Koops. Let him remain Wepkhulu just as he has always been. With him, Efusi has better days ahead.

    @Arrumtiddi naona unaniombea mema! One day God will answer those prayers. Thank you my brother. I am back in Dunga Unuse but one thing I thank God and K’Ogalo for is that I have never been disappointed after my trips to watch GM ‘peel back the points’ (Jabilo, 2012). Every time I arrive at Dunga Unuse it is always ‘Mission Accomplished’ written on my face. It happened against Sofapaka, Tusker, Ulinzi, Chemelil, Borabu, KCB, Western Stima, Oserian, Sony and now Efusi. Thank you God. Thank you Team. Thank you tech bench. Thank you EC. Thank you Pareyio, Mwakio, Kampala Sofaset branch, O’ Trailer and all honourable bloggers. Let us continue to trust God to WIN THE NEXT MATCH.

    The pitch invasion yesterday should be condemned; however, I am sure it saved some players in the losing side from being beamed live across Africa, crying. At Afraha, lip readers say they were able to pick out the words “mamangu wee” from those who cried. This translates to “mayooo ti achiedh nade”.

  23. Congrats for the team effort thogh I cannot tell what happened in the last 20 minutes of the second leg. We apperared tired which is not our norm. All I can request our players and fans to thnk of the next game and not the league since tusker, Ulinzi, Ingweand the rest are still within the podium distance. If we can win all our matches including the tusker game then the slogan ONE GAME AT A TIME will make a lot of sense. See what SONY did to Thika to know that the league is tough

  24. I salute all the fans, that is the true spirit of sportsmanship.

    I read in today’s Standard page 44 (Fast track) that Logs is leaving coz he has better offers. Kwani, sisi kama sirkal, can’t we?

  25. Lets also give some love to Bobby Ogolla for bringing credibility to the bench and respect to Gor Mahia.

    Even if you dnt like Gor Mahia you have to respect their record and standing in the Tusker Premiere League.

    This white haired wise man(wiye thowe) is working tirelessly behind the scene to make his team ready whether Log is around or away.Plz join me for a round of applause to this gentle Bobby Ogolla.He is a gem on Gor Mahia Crown.

  26. As we celebrate the excellent performance of our team and giving God the Glory, we are never selfish at all. Indeed a true reflection of the whole game was given as balanced. Come on guys do not tire out as we move towards the goal.Now is the time to practice and play like you have never done before.

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