Gor Mahia edge Mathare

Gor Mahia recovered from their midweek loss to edge Mathare United 1-0 in a match played at Nyayo stadium on Sunday.

The all important goal came in the 55th minute. Veteran defender Edgar “Fighter” Ochieng fouled Dan Sserunkuma in the 18 yard box. Sserunkuma himself stepped up to take the penalty and made no mistake to give Gor Mahia the crucial winner.

The match was evenly balanced in the early exchanges. It was Mathare who almost took the lead as early as the 2nd minute when former Gor Mahia player Kevin Ochieng forced a save from Jerim Onyango from a freekick.

Edwin Lavatsa was lively throughout the game giving the Mathare defense some tense moments. In the 27th minute he forced a fine save from Joseph Ruto when he picked up a through pass from Ali Abondo forcing the Mathare custodian to come off his line and make a save.

In the second half, Ivan Anguyo came in for Joseph Njuguna while Moses Odhiambo came in for Kevin Omondi. Mathare too rung changes in a bid to grab an equalizer but Kogalo defense thwarted their efforts. However Mathare’s Emmanuel Tostao kept Gor Mahia defenders busy and twice came close to scoring after beating his marker. Only innacurate finishing stopped him from equalizing.

Gor Mahia now have six points from three matches.

19 thoughts on “Gor Mahia edge Mathare

  1. At least we have bagged the 3 points but something must be amiss with our Strike force. Over to you Logarusic?

  2. Every time the team plays poorly there is an excuse that we are missing key players, Logarusic stop complaining that you miss kiongera and rama salim ………………kwani why do you have 25 players ? this is NONSENSE and it must stop immediately………..PLEASE STOP THIS NONSENSE!

  3. mathare was the better team through out. We need to do something. I dont agree with ths post. THE BEST GM striker in ths much was Sserenkuma and nt Lavatsa. where is Innocent Mutiso? Trust me he is one the best players in the TUSKER PL. Infact he deservs to play 4Harambee Stars.

  4. Pole Jakoyo. I understand how you feel and I concur with your sentiments, but be careful lest you find yourself on the receiving end of the coach’s very hot slap. Remember he has that history. The bible says it is more blessed to give than to receive. By the way @Jakoyo, you have not told us how you found yourself in that military stadium in Cairo, considering that fans were not allowed in…..Unless you are a member of the GM executive community. Are you?

    I don’t think we played so badly today. The boys played according to instructions and frustrated Mathare. The inclusion of Moses Otieno particularly strengthened the team and neutralized the Mathare foreys. However our Achilles’ heel is striking. The boys need to be trained on how to skillfully price open locked defenses.

  5. we played according to plan. that is to win against mathare in a league match which has been very difficult for the last three seasons.for those who dont know and r complaining check the records.and this is league and mathare were playing Gor mahia and had to give their best like all other clubs do when they play GOR.

  6. Bandit @ 4, just happened to be in Cairo running some errands and coincidentally, the match was being broadcasted in local radio channels. surprisingly, when the say ‘closed door mtach ‘ they mean spectators are NOT allowed but media/medics and emergency security personnel are allowed in the stadium.

  7. We played well and the I think the defense of Owino (no 5), Musoti(4), Wekesa(3), Solo(2) seems to be the best combination. Now what Logarusic needs to do is to deploy Anguyo in defensive mid-field, then Akumu can play slightly behind the strikers. Kevo can now be utilized in one of the flanks to bring pressure to the opponent’s defense. Other positions are adjustable.

    Compare the Sunday match with our mid-week fixuture against Ulinzi and you will realize we are now improving. Let’s hope our strikers will up their game so that we can overcome ENNPI of Egypt in our next match.

    To all fans – pls be patient, we will make it. We now have about 3 matches at hand and with 6 points from 3 matches, this is a good start.

  8. This is an open letter to our beloved coach logarusic.
    I understand that our team is pulling out of top 8 tournament(read futaa.com) I dont think that it is good 4r defending champs 2 pull out just bcos some players r injured.use reserve team 4r that tournament even if we r going to loose.Do not underate these players whom u’ve always failed to field and if they leave K’ogalo to other clubs they become 1st 11 in those clubs i.e Odera,kiplagat,kevo master.let them play that top 8 even if they will loose.

  9. @ #9 Odhiambo. Gor Mahia are not pulling out of Top 8. That was an April fools joke.

    On another note, Loga needs to come up with new ideas quickest. The team is not playing inspired football and this weekend we face ENPPI. At least they should get a respectable score against ENPPI. I would hate to loose to the Egyptians both home and away

  10. That is true Walter. If you look at the table you will realise that if we win our next league match, we shall have 9 points, same as other teams that have played 6 matches. What we need is to sharpen the attack. Danni Sserunkumma gave a very good account of himself yesterday. The only undoing was that the passes intended for him were easily legible because most of them were long passes and Mathare defenders cut them out easily. It is only when the stikers will click that pressure on the midfield and defense will ease. All in all the players are all good and only need encouragement.

    These days we are never sure of a goal. I remember a time when we were always sure of a goal in the 12th minute. You can guess the scorer. Jersey number 12, George Fundi. Sometimes his trademark 12th minute goal would come after an earlier one by Hesborn Omolo. By the end of 90 minutes K’Ogalo would match away with 4 goals and 3 points (the other 2 goals coming from Jogoo (Jersey 14), Orieko (Jersey 16) or Artillery (Jersey 8) or Shebe wuod Amina (Jersey 9). I cannot mention Dawo Omuga because he never played under Len Julians. Then in came Jack Johnson and K’Ogalo was even more ruthless. For that goal to always have come in the 12th minute it means it was ” a process rather than an event”. A process that was practiced over and over and tested and proved to work. Sir Bobby is in a better position to confirm this.

    Coach Logarusic please try and take us there. That is where we rightfully belong. You must just create a deadly machine reminiscent of the glory years. Forget about the excuses. We have seen Gor Mahia fielding two teams in different corners of the country on the same day and winning both games. So if you read such comments as @Jakoyo in post 2, please don’t dismiss them as mere bellicose rhetoric.

  11. Thank u Riaga 4r reminding me how foolish I am to think that Gor as defending champs cud pull out of top 8 tournament

  12. in the 80’s GOR was mighty in every department. all positions had two or three contenders. mostly our midfield was efficiently ruthless. they controlled every game to their desire. How many times was the ball started by DAVE in goal to Bassanga- Bobby- Oduor makamu, by the time Orieko had it you knew that a goal was coming. Please deploy DAVE OWINO in defensive midfield and you will see magic coz he is fast and can be the fulcrum of our cover and moves.

  13. I wish Gor Mahia did actually pull out of the Top 8 tourney.At face value this tourney is a financial disaster for teams reaching the final,especially for K’galo.Prize money is a measely 1M yet GMFC enroute to the final will probably raise 4-6m for the organizers.
    Take into account what the clubs spends in preparation against the appearance fee of about 160,000 per match,then you start to get the picture. Prize money should be at least 2.5m and appearance fee raised to kshs.250,000.The youth tournament that’s its supposed to finance never takes place, teams don’t even have these youth teams.

    The game against Mathare was a really poor show from my beloved K’galo, though I am grateful for the win whichever way it comes.What is happening to our passing game and scoring fair.Surely I know its unfair to make comparisons but surely I think its our team which is below par and that Ulinzi and KCB can defeat ENPPI.
    Tuko down sana, no entertaining soccer and reliance on penalties to win.

  14. Congrats to the team for the win,there was much improvement compared to the mid week game against ulinzi.

    Plz learn to pay credit where it’s due.before the match some bloggers said that their capt,jerry has history of losing the matches after a a loss and shouldnt be given the game but let me assure u that he gave his all this weekend by the saves he pulled yet no bloggers saw that.at times i feel we don’t appreciate but are always ready to criticise. we should learn to appreciate.

    We are now focusing on our match on sato ,wish the mighty the best display.

  15. Why do we as fans whine when we play well and lose, whine we badly and lose and even whine when we play well and win? The Sunday game was a much better improvement from the mid week game. One thing we must note is that the level we are currently there are no more superior teams than the others. See what KCB and Muhoroni or even Thika are doing. There is more motivation from the opposing teams when they play Gor, Tusker or AFC than when we play them. We likewise get motivated playing Tusker and AFC.
    I remember us asking for the first eleven sometimes back but now it has been proven that we don’t need a first eleven but the best for that week should be fielded. What happened to Mutiso, David otieno or even the Nigerian we got from Muh? Let them be given even some cameo appearances. They might be what we are lucking in motivation. Remember they have more to prove than the Lucky Dubes, Kevos, Vierra etc. Mathare with their unknown stars gave us pressure and also some players we had written off like Master gave us a tough time. Likewise Odera is doing fine in Thika.
    I was impressed by Danny’s workrate on Sunday and we expect more of that over the weekend when we play ENPPI

  16. Guys, let’s pray for our Shemejis to sort out the issues at the den. Now that they have axed Olaba let’s hope they find an equivalent of Loga to stabilise their ship. When these two teams are at their best the local game draws even more attention and fans.The KCBs, Tusker, and Sofapka will win their games and play scintillating soccer but it doesn’t result in an increase in game attendance. Only Gor and AFC still pull the crowds which even defy the EPL appeal. This is therfore to wish shemejis @Ingo, @Omusula and even the ungratefull @Ben Disi all the best in sorting out their issues as we also sort out ours which is basically lack of goals despite the pressure we exert on the opponents

  17. @Dan thanx n may the almighty bless u we trully needs prayers we have hired a croat 2 replace the clueless Olaba n hope it will work out

  18. Lets pray for the team so that we can beat this warabu,but i was impressed by the performence Dani Sserokitu this weekend and i hope hata Rama pia hata improve na kuwacha kulalamika but play his ussual game,but all in all we r almost there.

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