Gor Mahia edge Mumbi Nationale

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The Kenya Premier League champions went down in the opening minutes of the match when John Mutinda scored from a Larry Otieno’s cross at City

Gor Mahia came from a goal down to edge out Mumbi Nationale 2-1 in a friendly match played at City Stadium on Saturday.

The Kenya Premier League champions went down in the opening minutes of the match when John Mutinda scored from a Larry Otieno’s cross. Ugandan import Dan Sserunkuma leveled matters for K’Ogalo from the penalty spot in the 14th minute after George ‘Blackberry’ Odhiambo was brought down inside the box.

Gor Mahia should have extended the lead from another spot-kick but Rama Salim shot wide. Second half substitute Israel Emuge won the match for Gor Mahia, tapping home from Sserenkuma’s cross.

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  1. @ wuod kosema Gatuso left gor with a lot of madharau if he is your friend,tell him he has no place in gor ,kalekwa cheated him and he left gor at our time of need ,he is like zico in gor mahia let him go back to madhare he will not go anywhere with indicipline.WE are just waiting for our players to gell it will be fireworks in gor mahia,seemingly black berry is rediscovering his form and with akumu ,kizito and cantona in that holding role where do you expect Gatuso to fit.Gatuso ocham nyanje bwana odhi kabisa.

  2. @Jakoyo you are here again! What is wrong with you? We are moving ahead and you are taking us back. What criteria do you use when assessing players? Even though we respect every one’s oppinion, i don’t think your comment is fair. You have a negative attitude towards the team. I hope you are not an Ingwe fan.

  3. Jakoyo walusimbi is good but he was not playing alone in the pitch.the players are still gelling and to me, the entertaining soccer is coming ahead and jakoyo you are the one who will start praising players ,mark my word.if the coach himself is impressed by the progress who are you to doubt.TO me we have all quality players it is just a matter of gelling.

  4. @jakoyo should be ignored with his narrow postings. Does it mean that the technical bench made a grave mistake by recruiting bad and fringe players? In order to satisfy Jakoyo and all his ilks, does it mean that all these new players should be fired because they are not good enough in all the three pre-season games the team has played so far?

    Bloggers I know that all mean well for the club but I can see that we are exerting unnecessary pressures on the players and technical bench which is not good at all at this time for the to gel first. Let us stops these shenanigans at this time and give the technical time to come up with the first best eleven. We will realize that very soon these pressures will be undoing to the performance of some of good players the club has just brought on board. Let us sober up.

  5. @ Mwakio you have raised “may be in jest” pertinent issues which are the same matters raised by Jakoyo but rather in a more direct way.
    Mumbi FC finished 10th in a 12 team 2nd/3rd tier league (whatever that is).
    We have been fielding our best eleven with not impressive results.
    Unless we are holding back or still “gelling” then I ask for how long?
    My only consolation is i will stick 2 my principle of giving the TB the first 5 competive games, then we’ll know. GM fans r not a patient/foolish lot.

  6. Gentlemen n Ladies if any please according to my observation it that beating these man Ezekiel Akwhana is becoming very difficult for those of u who happens to have been following our football before we av never beaten GOR HAS NEVER beaten Akwhana kwa urahisi as a coach n i dont know why i think he always train just to beat us,if am not wrong its only Akwhana n Michael Nam ndio wamekua a thorn in our flesh just remember Nam when he was oserian coach and even when he was at karuturi

  7. To all the fans castigating the team for not performing so well against the ‘Mumbis’ of this world, what’s the score line you want in a preseason friendly? What are preseason friendliest for? You must be crazy! Let the team and the coaches fine tune Mighty Kogalo in Peace!

  8. Bloggers , as football tacticians we like facts , therefore lets deal with facts

    Fact. 1 … Sofapaka is walloping lower tier sides 4-0 , 5-0 and th likes.

    Fact 2…. Tusker just walloped lower tier side 9-0 the other day

    Fact 3 ….. Thika united just walloped a lower division side 4 – 0 a few days ago.

    Fact 4…..ulinzi just walloped a lower division side yesterday by well over 4 goals…

    So bloggers what is our problem at gor Mahia such that we still find it very hard to score more than 3 goals in a match ? Is it gelling……, is it lack of player combination…..is it lack of confidence…..is it the wrong formation……….is it overconfidence……..is it the pitch…….is it the players mental approach to games……

    My fellow bloggers time will tell and thank god it is just a matter of time before we find out the truth! The real truth !

    Let the season begin

  9. I watched the match and so far I think we are good. The defence did good as well as the mid. The only issue is that we are still not accurate with the last ball and our forwards are not providing the assists to fellow strikers. Even though we are not getting ‘cricket’ scores like Sofa, Tusker and the rest it doesn,t mean that they will beat us.
    We have the players, the coach and the fans so what should worry us. It’s all a matter of when we peak and I hope it will be at the right time

  10. lets be realistic here.friendlies,especially against lower tier teams should in my opinion be used for target practise!!
    Currently,we are struggling against poor defences…no disrespect to mumbi.so,what will happen when we come up against well drilled defence…1 week from now?!?
    Criticize me or not,its a concern that needs to be adressed as soon as possible!

  11. Was that the first eleven of BW? If so then, it is quite in order to evaluate the performance and preparedness level of individual players for the upcoming season which is just a week or so way.
    @Jakoyo what I witnessed yesterday was work in progress. We could have banged in more goals from many chances that were created but our strikers were wasteful. But I still insist on BW to inject professionalism in the competition for starting team. We have depth in the bench power and that means no room for jokers on the pitch. I would like to see all players committing themselves professionally like “Waza” and “Berry” yesterday.

  12. I think we should not panic at this early stage, for other teams scoring over 4 goals is not important.May be some of us didn’t even kick abisidi so its wrong to single a player yet a team is made up of 11 at ago. Currently what we should be looking at the positioning,accurate passes and cover up.I used to kick that round leather between 1956 and 1967 while i was in Bukoyo primary,Iganga secondary,Mwiri and then Nsyambya all in Uganda Aluko and Kirunda by then were my mates.I have been a fan of Gor mahia since 1969. Nduga jakem from Bata Limuru and Okeyo kapiya we very good players.So i feel singling a player at this early stage is not fair. I was there at the stadium but i didn’t see major problem for jakoyo to panic the players are gelling so let us give them and TB time there are rooms for adjustment may be the TB are still assembling the first 11 and the right number(position) where a player can fit most of our player currently are midfielders among them is where the TB will pick natural No.9 and wingers holding and attacking midfielder so it’s not easy as such, so we better keep off TB matter and play our part.Lets meet on 2nd.

  13. Was at the Mumbi game. Team is ok, not great. The defence was fine except for the lapse that resulted in the goal. Walasumbi was right on target with good tackles and good sense of marking. His game stood out. I thought Shakava was steady and very alert in defence. He is young and will grow into an outstanding player for Gor and Kenya.
    In midfield Kizito needs to gain match fitness but showed flashes of brilliance. Akumu was active and showed maturity. Kizito might fill our offensive midfield needs and with Akumus and Ochieng’s partnering the teams transition game will improve.
    Ramaa showed his agility and his ball control is still excellent. Blackberry was fine. He will regain form and has the capacity to worry defenses.
    Kenga was active and showed some agility. Our finishing still needs sharpening. Ssebo Serenkuma missed three clear opportunities to score!The jury is still out but overall it was a good practice match for Gor but I like our chances.Gor for Ever!

  14. Judging from the three friendlies, i can state without doubt that all we need is for BW to have a free hand to select the best combinations and we will retain the league title.

    The only issue will be on our readiness for Africa. The timing of our league has never favoured us and will once again hurt us. Most leagues are slightly past the halfway stage and we are trying to gell a new team.

  15. Kogalo is good but not excellent as Jakoyo want it to be. Of course i agree with him Walusimbi was on top of his game and he seems to partner well with Blackberry. One thing i noted was regarding the playing surface for me thinks that the pitch has deteroriated significantly. The pitch was too hard and this was noticeable by the fact the ball was bouncy making the players lose control. I can remember Walusimbi tripping at one point. Anyway in my opinion Owino should play as a right back while Emuge and shakava play as full backs but of course this should depend with the kind of opposition we shall be having. The other thing i hope the coach will help the team with is the art of ball possession which i feel needs improvement on and finally my prayer is that we manage to win a trophy on sunday as this will act as morale booster.


    I was not fortunate to watch the three pre season friendlies but reading through your comments the usual parallel lines are already being drawn. There are those who still don’t agree with the score line even after we’ve broken the bank to poach the best strikers, at least for our standard. Others still say the score line is fine because basically the friendlies are just meant to fine tune the players before the first whistle of season is blown.

    Both of the opinions are right. However, i cannot agree more with those who said it is too early to judge our team. The success of any club is not just about winning goals, there is a lot that has to be invested like the high altitude training camp at Loitokitok a few ago. We also have things like players welfare and ofcourse the fans, who must always be there to cheer them to victory. The choice of the team to play during this pre season friendlies is also well throughout. There is no need for us pick early injuries that might jeopardize our league programme.

    Finally, allow me from the onset to convey my warmest congratulations to the newly elected Gor Mahia officials. The job is already well cut out for you and we should be seeing you hitting the ground running. As usual, there is high expectations from fans to fulfill the pledges you promised to the fans. I want to pledge my singular support to you, the technical bench and indeed the whole club. Just like last season when we sweated to end the 18 years trophy less spell, this season we needed the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE TROPHY like yesterday. Let us fix our prize on the ball starting now.

  17. @ voltage am with you but the issue of emuge and shakava being played together it cant work when dealing with strikers who have speed,both players are slow so it is either owino with shakava or owino with emuge.This because owino is very first in his tackles and pace ,Emuge and shakava are very stable defenders but they lack pace.

  18. @ voltage am with you but the issue of emuge and shakava being played together it cant work when dealing with strikers who have speed,both players are slow so it is either owino with shakava or owino with emuge.This because owino is very first in his tackles and pace ,Emuge and shakava are very stable defenders but they lack pace.

  19. @ voltage am with you but the issue of emuge and shakava being played together it cant work when dealing with strikers who have speed,both players are slow so it is either owino with shakava or owino with emuge.This because owino is very first in his tackles and pace ,Emuge and shakava are very stable defenders but they lack pace.

  20. Omera BW had said that he would rather start the season on a low note & end it on a high. let’s give The coach time.it’s too early to start criticizing the team.

  21. The other teams wallop lower tier sides by 3,4,5 goals because,they play in empty stadia where their opponents have no motivation to play well unlike when playing Gor,they play for the crowd. Our players too may be nervous when playing in front of many fans who want to see goals scored each time a chance is created.

  22. Sometimes, walloping the lower tier teams may not truly reflect the strength of a team.I am reminded of Harambee Stars walloping some teams in Germany with the late Reinhart Farbish.Though sometimes it may do so like Arsenal and Man U with their preseason matches.I think playing teams such sometimes is very difficult because of how they play with the possibility of causing a lot of injuries. Mumbi showed exactly that. My observation is that all is well. The flowing football makes the game snaky and that is the game.

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