14 May 17

Gor Mahia recorded their third straight win in the Kenya Premier League. This time it was a hard fought 1-0 win over bogey team Nzoia United at Mumias Sports Complex. The heroes of the day were Meddie Kagere who scored in the 15th minute and Boniface Oluoch who saved a penalty.

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K’Ogalo went to the match with heads raised after winning the ‘Mashemeji’ derby and beating Chemelil Sugar

Gor Mahia edged out Nzoia Sugar 1-0 to consolidate their position at the top of 2017 Kenyan Premier League table.

K’Ogalo went to the match with heads raised after winning ‘Mashemeji’ derby and beating Chemelil Sugar; results which pushed them to joint top with Posta Rangers. Head coach Ze Maria promoted Karim Nizigiyimana and captain Musa Mohammed with Timothy Otieno and Meddie Kagere starting upfront.

Gor Mahia started the match on a higher note dominating the proceedings and finanny bagged all the three points courtesy of Meddie Kagere in the 16th minute. He latched on an incoming ball from the midfield, dodged Nzoia Sugar defense and goalkeeper Mustapha Oduor to hand K’Ogalo the eventual winning goal.

The goal came a few minutes after Timothy Otieno’s header was disallowed and 15 minutes before Nzoia Sugar missed a glorious scoring opportunity. Former AFC Leopards defender Edwin Wafula saw his penalty shot saved by keeper Boniface Oluoch following a foul in the box.

Second-half never bore any fruits for either side with Nzoia Sugar failing to get an equalizer. Gor Mahia are now at the top of the table with 25 points from 11 matches.

Gor Mahia:Boniface Oluoch, Karim Nizigiyimana, Harun Shakava, Musa Mohammed, Ernest Wendo, Wellington Ochieng, Kenneth Muguna, Godfrey Walusimbi, George Odhiambo, Meddie Kagere and Timothy Otieno.

Subs: Shaban Odhoji, Joash Onyango, Innocent Wafula, Oliver Maloba, Jean Baptiste Mugiraneza, Francis Kahata, Amos Nondi.

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  • Machienglo says:

    That was a great performance and sweet victory over the so called speedy Nzoia.The players and coaches are making fans happy .KEEP IT UP AND MAY GOD CONTINUE GIVING YOU STRENGTH TO WIN MORE GAMES.Seems the absence of Rwandese pair is a blessing to kogalo and that’s the obvious truth.

  • Jakoyo says:

    Winning is becoming a routine ! Who is next ?

    Can only give kudos to AR for his steadfast leadership which is sustaining the winning momentum and on a different note congratulations to ze maria for notching your 23rd win in kogallo colors – at this rate you will by end of season join the elitist kogallo coaching list of nutall, jerry imbo, david otti, Len julians, jack johnson and loga.

  • Hallelujah says:

    Let the drum beats continue beating for team Gor Mahia. We have done well this far and the loses to western Stima and Mathare utd though still hurting will soon be forgotten. Congrats to Oluoch and Kagere for ensuring that we bag the 3 points. It’s refreshing to see that we can grind out results in difficult grounds like Mumias. We must not lose focus as we strive to cement our place at the top of the pile. May God bless Gor Mahia. Up next is Thika Utd.

  • sylvaonyi says:

    I could not accept negativity to be thrown irresponsibly towards the team because they lost only twice, drew once(in a soggy pitch) and won 8. I told them to take negative energy somewhere else because that record was excellent. This team is superior, with qualities and boys who properly understand the local league. The coach is the best and his style of football needs heinous footballer and these boys, though slowly, but surely getting into samba rhythm. Good work team.. keep up. Tusker is really racing, so don’t stop there.. Beat thika united next like no sympathy to them.

  • sylvaonyi says:

    Those friends of mine on this platform, who always hope well to see the team in the caf CL group stages next season and on the other hand keep criticizing the head coach..I wonder what kind of football you want the boys to go and display at the caf if you don’t like what the coach is bringing in. Neat football with total ball possession and results. Ask ‘ingwe’. That is the replica of what gor should do to Orlando pirates and the likes.

  • Jasego says:

    Congrats Mighty Mayienga and hats off to Meddie Kagere whom i said here was a potent solution to our previous blunt strike force..Well he has proven so beyond reason of doubt…Kudos to the Head Coach,Entire Technical Bench and Players for another very important win on the trot…Pure Bliss…#Wangoremawahero

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    I appreciate the tactical replacement of Timothy Otieno with Joash Onyango. It shows that our Tech Bench was not ready to share the spoils with Nzoia. This is a big win even though by a solitary goal, because woe unto those teams that will have to face Mzoia in Mumias or Kanduyi after this.

  • musymo says:

    And the winning streak continues. Congratulations Ze Maria and everyone else who contributed to this sweet victory!!!

  • Wuod Suba says:

    As i said yesterday, let the coach use jodala and Karim, Walusimbi and Kagere. ..Jadala have proved that they can win the title without welo..The last three matches has been jadala and all of us are feeling that the league is for K’ogalo. ..

  • This is the kind of consistency worthy of champions. Congratulations are in order. Polo mor!

  • Mwakio P K says:

    We thank the Almighty God for answering our prayers. Congrats to team, technical bench, Executive Committee and fans for this great away victory over Nzoia FC.

  • Oduor12 says:

    Congrats team & TB. Team wins EC pays. Jodala vs welo is a very interesting agrument (misplaced in my opinion).Why are goal scorer Kagere, Walusimbi, Karim treated as exceptions. Is it because they are currently in form? Strictly speaking are Shakava, Musa, Muguna jodala or welo? Or does jadala mean a player currently in form and wendo one whose not? Ernest Wendo do we ignore his last name? Very happy the CAF group stage fad is catching up, GMFC is a big club, let it reclaim its lost glory.

    • musymo says:

      @oduor12, I may be wrong but I think the general gist of the jodala argument is that Timothy is giving better returns than Tuyisenge(at the moment) while the midfield seems to be more solid without Mugiraneza than with him in it. While Tuyisenge seems to be suffering a regrettable loss of form and confidence which i back him to rise above, I tend to think that Migi may have been affected long term by that knee injury and the long time he spent out of active football. Still both remain professional players with something to give the club and it is up to the TB to decide who to use and who to bench.

      • Albert Kosero - Sofaset Branch Kampala says:

        For once I agree with your opinions @Musyomo and @Oduor12. Congrats to the Mighty Kogallo. If crowned this year, I do not see why we cannot get to the group stages in 2018 CAF CL. A few additions to the team na mambo itakuwa sawa. Let all of us play our role. Like @Oduor12 says, Team wins EC pays, na kila kitu itakuwa sawa.

        In Kogallo I Trust. For God and my beloved club – Gor Mahia.Piny nigi geno.

      • Jasego says:

        Bro’s Oduor12 and Musymo Osiepa amosou…Yeah it is very okay that a player who is currently in form gets to play until such at ime that better options suffice. We tried the other Striking Force-Midfield formation for the first 7 games and were struggling terribly. Some like me to the irking of others just said bluntly we needed a natural striker with clinical instincts period and even went ahead and suggested a Kagere-Timothy-blackberry partnership. Well it was tried and now we firing on all cylinders.Let coach maintain it until otherwise for we are only interested in winning and not with the personalities who make us win.Wafula is also putting a very strong fight for a starting berth in the first 11 which can only be healthy for our beloved club…#Wangoremawahero

        • musymo says:

          @Jasego, aneni kanyo Jalweny. I am happy about the clean sheets. Is it that we are mastering the 3 in the 3-5-2 since early on we were leaking an average of a goal a match but now three clean sheets!!!! Or is it a more tactically aware midfield? Your two cents worth?

          • Jasego says:

            Musymo first the clean sheet is attributable to our new found attacking acumen in which we press the opposing team so high in their own half keeping them pre-occupied with defending raid after raid that they lose initiative on countering at all.I saw it against chemelil who didn’t even threaten boniface in goal not even once to ingwe who had only half a chance for a minimal attack on our goal to Nzoia who’s best chance was a wasted penalty.All these are Hallmarks of a technically astute team as we don’t concede easily from open play meaning all departments are working efficiently.Remember the old Chinese Adage that goes ”A Good Defense Is A Strong Attack”…

          • Jasego says:

            ”A Good Defense Is A Strong Offense”

  • Wuod Suba says:

    Truth be told…..anytime Yuyesenge is playing For don’t score…We have wone 3 games without him. Awacho ayueyo thooooo. .

  • Wuod Suba says:

    Mwalala…..you played better than For to the extent of wasting a penalty. ……Some statements make me Lough ……

  • Sandroman says:

    Just one goal and you are yapping as if already league is confirmed, what is Nzoia, this gor is too weak. I miss my former coach.

  • Sandroman says:

    I see zico taking us far credit to you

  • NGESTO says:

    @Sandroman or whatever you call yourself, even if you talk crap, you can’t take away the victory, remember fixtures congestion, Thika next, wan gi Nyasaye, Okwayengni chalo gi yaath motii ee aora

  • A person says:

    To mitna. Sisi Kama kogallo die hards hatuelewi vocabulary ya 3 possible outcomes in a football match. Kogallo must win always. At least the subs are done promptly, na hapo ni Zico. What a sweet revange!

  • Oduor12 says:

    My point is both Timo and Jausenge are both currently Gor Mahia players, form not withstanding. Both Ze Maria and Zico are both Gor Mahia coaches.

    Timo may be giving better returns than Jausenge but Lwanda Magere is giving better returns than Timo! Or as Jasego says a certain combinations are working better..

    Weloship/Jadalaship does not dictate combinations/whether one is fielded.It’s wonderful if used poetically (remember Passenger no.27) but not for profiling.
    If you are an “expensive” signing or ex-efusi always know that extra scrutiny will be on you and much will be expected from GM fans.

    If Coach Zico is so good how come Coach Ze Maria finished above him in all competitions last year. Obviously, they have complimented each other well so far.


    Even here at the blog there are, now and then, very heated exchanges but as you can see no real hatred just extreme passion for Mighty Gor Mahia and I believe is part of REPEAT 5TH DECEMBER 1987 MOVEMENT.

    That said I expect Gatusso to be released without further ado in the current situation he is adding zero value to GM.

    • Jasego says:

      Hehe Omera Gattuso Osiepa wachne Tek..But being as it is that differences btn him and the coach are irreconcilable and given that Ze Maria is the bonafide Kogalo Coach with TB powers as it should be i also concur with your sentiments and herein put in notice for my friend in June that should all be well abiro tere Uarabuni Qatar or Oman oyud mogo kuno…Disclaimer i am not his Agent but can work out something for my Favorite Kogalo Local Midfield Maestro second to none in recent times and only at Par with another friend and Legend namely Khalid Awiso Aucho..They formed a powerful dynamo but there is a time for everything the good book says…

      • Jamriambo. says:

        Unga , unga, bwana. Gattusso is almost retiring, get him a bite somewhere to earn a living. Unga ni kik tiek Gattusso. Wuo gi gi Bwana omanyne Gattuso tich kapod otek sani omera. He has worked well for us. GM should releae him without holding anything.

        • Jasego says:

          Wase winjree gi chairman ibiro mie release letter gi kwee should his tension with Ze Maria persist.Kata George Bwana can take him to Zambia where he is a national reputable kenyan players agent…

  • Jasego says:

    On other impending transfer news..Tusker FC (Kongo Team) set to loose Shafik Batambuze to Tanzanian newly promoted side Singida United who together with Simba SC are recent beneficiaries of SportPesa sponsorship.They plan to replace Batambuze’s departure with none other that Baba Kizito our former dynamo and midfield enforcer…I can only wish we had that position open to welcome back that Maestro though Mugiraneza owns it at GM so tusker will have him should negotiations go according to plan….Finally SportPesa has been unveiled as EPL team Everton Shirt Sponsors (Can someone explain to me why with so much financial might our very own homegrown company is sponsoring teams all over the globe with packages far superior than those they give us or efusi) Does charity not begin at Home anymore?

  • Hallelujah says:

    We are a family called Gor Mahia and should stay as such. Strong language and profiling of players must be avoided. It’s good that we are winning now in the absence of some regular players. This doesn’t mean we will not win when the missing players are fielded. We should genuinely love and appreciate each and every player in our rota. May God bless team Gor Mahia.