Gor Mahia edge Posta Rangers 1-0

Kagere celebrates his goal

Gor Mahia recorded a 1-0 win over Posta Rangers in what is one of the most crucial encounters of the 2017 league second leg. The win is important as it puts more distance between Kogalo and Rangers and puts pressure on second placed Sofapaka.
Additional reporting from goal.com
A Meddie Kagere strike was enough to hand Gor Mahia their fifth straight win in the Kenyan Premier League against Posta Rangers.
The league leaders came into the match as clear favourites considering their recent form where they have won four straight matches as compared to their opponents who have been having mixed results.
It was the mailmen who started well though and could have gone ahead in the 2nd minute. Titus Achesa cut in from the right and crossed the ball to Gor Mahia danger zone. Peter Odhiambo parried the ball weakly and it fell on Dennis Mukaisi whose effort was cleared off the line by Wellington Ochieng.

Kogallo reacted by pinning their opponents in their own half, and in the 17th minute, a fierce strike by the dangerous Kagere missed the target by inches. He however made it right four minutes later. An excellent build up ended with Kenneth Muguna passing the ball to the Rwandan.
The striker sliced the ball past Patrick Matasi to give Gor Mahia a deserved lead. It could have been worse for the mailmen in the dying minute of the first halfs, but Kagere, Jacques Tuyisenge and Godfrey Walusimbi missed glorious opportunities while Patrick Matasi also did his part excellently.
Weather conditions were unfavourable especially in the second half, as the heavy rains made it hard for the players to effectively control and pass the ball.
The condition made it harder even for the goalkeeper as noted in the 50th minute when Ochieng attempted to pass the ball to his keeper who miss-controlled, almost gifting the opponents a goal.
The lively Kagere almost made it 2-0 in the 55th minute. He went past his marker and unleashed a fierce strike that almost caught Matasi napping. But the ex-:Leopards man put the ball to safety with his second attempt.
With 10 minutes left, Rangers increased the tempo, using long throws especially in the opponent’s third. But the defense was on top. Odhiambo made a mistake in his 18- yard box prompting the referee to award an indirect free-kick with a minute left but was agonizingly shot wide by Matasi.

54 thoughts on “Gor Mahia edge Posta Rangers 1-0

  1. I am glad to see Muguna back on the field. Now sit slowly. Let KF Tirana pay money if they want a deal. Na Ze Maria awache player tampering.

  2. hehehe….did I hear 5 wins in a row ? I had predicted 10 straight wins.

    Now, 5 more wins and the league is officially over. Looking forward to popping my champagne earlier than scheduled i.e on 25th September when we play brewkenge !

  3. Thank you Sir Kerr, you are the best thing that has happened to K’Ogalo since Nuttal left. You are crushing all and sundry without mercy nor apologies as should be the case since our name is Mighty Mayienga. Your greatest test lies yet ahead on Sunday when you will make it 6 wins in a row and in thrilling fashion too. The team is firing on all cylinders nearing automation mode where no matter which player dons the green jersey delivers magnificently. Congrats entire TB and most importantly all players Asanteni sana kwa matokeo bora. CAF Gor Biro Yawneh Yoh…

  4. Kudos, Merci Team, Kumbe, Gor Mahia can win 5 matches on the trot! Hata ile stori of not reaching the CAF group stages ni propaganda na by design tu. Very nice, very neccessary given the way sofameow is chucking out results.

    1. Where are the comments really someone said when things are good people get deflated but let things go south just a bit, by now we could be having over sixty nasty comments. So jaduong ker you you have to keep on winning. And you do not lose the big one, we will not remember the five wins in a row. That is us, you will know us, just lose one.

  5. Thanks to the boys and the technical bench for the consistency and great win over Posta!

    In victory and glory, in defeat and agony Kogalo for ever!

  6. Thank you guys for the win but I still feel we are not scoring enough goals, our defense is solid but finishing is sloppy. Look at Sofapaka, trailing us by six points but have scored more goals though we have a one match advantage, we are not scoring.

  7. K’ogalo damu come rain come sunshine, 3-5-2 in collabo with 5-3-2 and 4-3-3 in the same game is making it hard for Kenyan coaches to predict, kudos vijana.. Vencedor para campeones

  8. Hahaha, JTG I am very much around. Musymo come out! A Person where are you?

    I understand that Tim Otieno replaced Meddie Kagere, Bon Omondi relieved Walusimbi and I quote “…… in the dying minutes of the game and as Rangers pushed for the leveler Gor coach Dylan Kerr threw in Philemon Otieno for Tuyisenge to cement the lead”. Now that is what makes the difference between a “coach” and a “tactician”. No point keeping a striker when you are leading 1-0 in the dying minutes of the game. You better defend by suffocating the opponent through your congested midfield. Kudos to Tactician Ker.

    Guys, the wins Gor Mahia are grinding out through Ker’s tutelage are no flukes. They are very tactical wins. Let someone not spoil the party by failing to pay Ker his dues. May we not hear in the very near future that Ker is on a go-slow for unpaid dues. Hiyo itakuwa ni tabia mbaya.

    As for Brewkenge, I wish them to maintain their supremacy over Efusi so that Efusi comes for the derby wounded. It is a wounded Efusi that can give the desired adrenaline-raising opposition during the El Classico on Sunday.

  9. I support sentiments that since Sir Kerr took over and we began posting positive results people have gone rather weirdly silent on this blog. Could it be that some only like criticizing our beloved team and hurling abuses left, right and center when things are bad but when good get deflated as suggested yawa?I Jasego myself is well known for having virulently bashed both Ze Maria and Zico when mediocrity was our design and called for a Tactician to steady our sinking ship. Now steadied am shouting in happiness daily and encouraging them to keep on but where are the very prior active bloggers. I call out my friend Jamriambo, A Person, Dan Original, Teddy and Albert Kosero Kampala Branch, et al to come back we cheer our team together in this glorious blissful period

    1. J’Asego please understand that we are just turning our backs to a very energy-sapping political campaign period and a disappointing election outcome. Kindly understand that Gor Mahia fans multi-task in that they are also very passionate about “crossing to the Promised Land”. Let me just single out one Canaanite in the name of A Person: surely do you expect him to recover so soon from the disappointment of some section of Gor Mahia EC openly campaigning for MS who later became a ‘Kifaranga cha Computer”? Let us give them time to heal. Watarudi tu, but in the meantime let us who are in here keep the site warm.

      1. That is is, actually I didn’t even know that was playing. I was just checking to see what ppl are discussing. As at now, I don’t follow these things. I have not accepted fuwo manyocha gi. Pap be pod ok adhi. Oriti uru.

        1. Mos Bwana. Tek to otek. Nitie journalist moro ma jakasre kabisa ma iluongo ni sijui ng’ano Madowo. Okasore madiwe ni en jaka Bimbe,

          1. Ofuwo ka chieth. Thanks for your concern. I am still mourning and I have lost interest in many things! Gidheri Tv be ok ane. Ok adwa neno jok mofuwo mane askache omayo Mon ka tuju ma koro opiago dhoge kopanga. Long lilo be baro wiwa.

      2. Kaw kwee A Person wuod Luo Ratego, siasa oleti down lakini EC waah maka kamano,Jamriambo nowacho nii weche wa joluo mana kamano lakini waolgi kwoo joka Bimbe pile pile koro wang ni let’s hope the Supreme Court does it’s job of dispensation of Justice without ant fear or favour…

        1. Omera Jasego erokamano ratego. Wan was sign Ni ka Tek to wabare. Otherwise with time abiro overcome. Can you imagine that I don’t know about kogalo’s next match and with which team they are playing . Bim en bim.Oritu masani. Those Ec fools should go to cbd and see the sonko effect. Kawuono in the mid morning to around Kenco ka to hawkers baro wiwa ma, Fao , Fao ..fefte bob , … Suluali ya daani Fao be.Isaw women selling farm produce that early. Awuoro.

    2. Jatugo antie. I only have praise for our very tactically astute Ker. Just like an aspirant was asked why he has not conceded, he said by not going to court means he has accepted. So by the fact that i have not criticised,nyiso ni puoch gi pak e meka. Warom e derby!!!

  10. It has been a tough time! No wonder many Kogalo supporters are almost mute!
    I flew in from Juba with lots of hope and I lined up to vote in a long line that included Chairman Rachier at Mlimani Primary School, kisha matokeo ni kama mkuki rohoni!

    1. Yes Eric from Juba. Bim en Bim, nyathi thuol en mana thuol to olang’ kata tin to dhano oki onego maye ng’uende. Mos uru ni waduto jo-Canaan .

    2. Omera litna marach. I was in my polling station by 1am. To joka bimbe kwalo…eh, litna. Korka Long lilo ma tunu be medo chiego adhondwa! Kara ngato dhako ok we nono. Ngufu ma dichuo otame koro dhoge ema odong kopiago. Ofuwo ka guo sudhe.

      1. Hehehe, a T9 dog! A Person bwana I went through the similar pain in 2013. Believe it: no one had the urge to watch githeri TV. in my house and for 6 mpnths nobody touched that thing called TV ior listened to any radio.

        On a different note, I find the outcome of Efusi-Brewkenge match very curious. Remember last year Efusi gave the game away to Brewkenge to frustrate our chances at the championship? Then today Brewkenge returns the favour to Efusi, perhaps to boost Efusi confidence ahead of El Classico. Brewkenge’s line up was seriously suspect. However, I am proud of Ker and the boys and I am not worried, besides I don’t mind a loss to Efusi at this time since we are all Canaanites.

  11. Bim en bim omayowa gi komputa mar chebukati gi chiloba. Aol kid kenya kendo kaen pacha to piny opogre apoga. Awuok okinyi saa aparga achiel adhi goyo kura Langata, South C, MOW polling station to bim omayowa. Lit jo-Gor an adwaro mana mondo piny opogre apoga.

    1. Tibim, Opogre apoga. Joka bimbe ochawa saidi. Lit ndi. Kae to raura moro ma wuoyo ka ngat momuno njaga e lembe to wacho ni joma ok morning odhi oko mar piny! Joka bimbe gi moko wigi otingo Mana owuoyo to Mana mar dhano.

  12. @ Aperson in ema itucha odiechieng makawuononi Eti gi Baro wiu gi fao fao, fifte bob, sirualu ya dani fao. eeeee to lit Lakini we will not accept and moveon , uhuru must go home, wen must all come out and demonstrate the outcome peacefully nothing comes freely, IEBC must declear Raila the president, The process must of seccession must start now Dr Ndii must be given land in Luo to build his home there. Esther passaris must get the husband in luo. Waol gi kuo mapile pile kod achaya maonge giko ne.

    1. Kamaaaano jakababa. Jogi Kate kimbe mokogo comchuta otoyo negi. Jomofuwo ma. Ni jalup janjaga Cha koneno pick jatelo mar buore machon to dwa yudo epileptic seizures! Ofuwo ndi. To eka kata kuonde ma ji tiye ok gichomre gi tich tir. Gidong gius athojegigo e pinygi. Kwani Iko nini?

  13. Hahahaaa comrades. I don’t understand much Luo but you have all left me in stitches. Sometimes comments like these heal our wounds faster.If that thief from Gusii land-I mean the guy who does not want students to steal exams but he leads in vote robbery-had some sense he could long have made Luo language a compulsory subject in our education system.The experience of the past few weeks has brought out the best humour in us.It will all come to pass.Let us remain strong and United.

    1. Hello Baba Travis. It is only guys like you who make me proud to be a Kenyan. Whatever is trending under this article is a grave matter, but discussed through humour and satire and that makes the comments quite hilarious. Bear with us my brother. A time comes when a people are so fed up that some weighty thoughts can only be expressed in their original form which is in mother tongue. Otherwise I take this opportunity to wish you, Ker and his tech bench, tThe Team and he entire Gor Mahia family a great game and victory over Efusi on Sunday.

    2. Baba Travis, we are very mad of stolen election for the third time using IT systems. Kogalo fans have retreated back to the mother tongue to express their emotions, sadness, bitterness, feelings, etc. it is the moment of sadness and gloomy picture of the country. We are crying for our children and grand children that at this rate, none of them can get near the power.

  14. @jamigori and @Barefoot Bandit we are all in this together.I am gutted.These thieves robbed, pillaged and raped us in broad daylight with that attitude of”mta do?”What I saw can never be allowed to happen anywhere in the world.I stopped watching or listening to the news the day they announced the result.I don’t even read newspaper.If this is what I feel then,what is Baba feeling?May God fight for us.Msando died with secrets and along with them Baba’s victory.What goes round comes around.There surely will come a pay back time.I am against luolising this site but this time I fully understand.The pain of more than 8.7 million voters may be expressed in any language,dirge and dance.

    1. Jowi Jowi Jowi. Thank you my brother. We must speak out for the future generations. The trend we are seeing is very dangerous! Human beings are butchered like chicken. Jowi Jowi.

    2. Local Media houses have failed us terribly. It is better to follow someone like blogger Nyakundi than waste my time watching incompetent journalists and panelists who have recited the “magnanimous” and “accept and move on”

    3. Baba Travis your comment has moved me to tears. It is true that through determination and sacrifice, this impunity, arrogance and blatant lack of respect of the law will come to an end one day. Someone steals from you and then tells you to your face to “accept that I have stolen from you and move on”. That is the height of arrogance. A leader asks publicly why his opponent (who is a morally upright and law-abiding citizen) does not steal elections like him instead of complaining after every election theft and we are expected to be magnanimous and concede to habitual theft. Our leaders have a lot to do to stitch this nation back into one homogeneous people.

  15. This time I refuse to shed any tear for the deliberate ksh 47B computer generated con game perpetrated on my conscience for one sole reason and that is for the fact that this time am not moving on but rather am moving out to the proposed Peoples Republic of Kenya , a Country by the people , of the people and for the people .
    I have decided that I join the surging numbers of patriots seeking citizenship of humanity and not of animals where the rest are just but ritualistic voting zombies .
    Afterall what shall I lack when am moving with our Seas , Lakes , Rivers , Ports , cities , borders , brains , Game Perks , beaches , fertile lands , Gor Mahia , Afc , Bandari , Nzoia , Chemo , Muho , Soni , they can remain with Brewkenge , Sharks , Ulinzi , Zoo in their Peoples Republic of “Lesotho” .
    As I step out of Entebbe airport this evening for kesho’s mashemeji derby , all I pray for in the stadium is Justice .
    May the best team ( Kogalo ) once again make as proud.
    Finally I want to be part of a country where 1+1 is 2 and not Chiloba’s 11 , and this time will not be like Last time , on the contrary , it will be like Next time.

    1. Jowi Jowi Jowi. Our sons cannot be dumped in our own waters using body bags! Jowi Jowi. I don’t believe this bull shift of jubilee having won more parliamentary and gobernatoria seats. This fraud seems to have been planned well in advance and all justification was needed. I can’t stomach this. People’s Republic is real.

  16. Guys, can we keep politics off this blog ????

    Let’s focus on building the club and making this club great once more, that is my humble appeal…yaliyopita ni ndwele and there is no guarantee that raila’s win would have made any of our lives better, the struggle to survive still continues…….please let’s keep off politics

  17. Guys, can we keep politics off this blog .

    Let’s focus on building the club and making this club great once more, that is my humble appeal…yaliyopita ni ndwele and there is no guarantee that raila’s win would have made any of our lives better, the struggle to survive still continues…….please let’s keep off politics

  18. My Kogalo supporters and my dear shemeji supporters, come one come all, we are together in this. Let’s love one another as we did last time. Let’s deny them a chance to play us against one another for selfish profit. I know from where I sit that someone is seriously looking for an opportunity to play us against one another, let’s shame them,we are brothers and sisters in the struggle. Enjoy the game, celebrate together, sing together, beat your drums together, dance together winners and losers.

    1. JTG you are right and thanks for the foresight. Those opportunists are now so desperate to fragment cohesive communities even more.

      May all Gor Mahia and Efusi fans heed this very timely, well-founded and sober concern from Jathur gi Ji.

  19. As we wait for the derby let’s all note that this is a time of heightened political temperatures. Like someone has said this is the time to create friction between brothers , sisters , in-laws etc.
    So tomorrow as we enjoy the derby let’s keep the peace and avoid provocation or being provoked.
    It’s going to be a good match since Ingwe now believes the can but we will still give them the usual 3 doses

    1. @Original, well said but there is this group of our fans who will look for every oppportunity to provoke and cause trouble…i was almost lynched in a bus from Kasarani after the Posta game. I was in the bus back to town with this group that was insulting just about everyone. When we got to the Khoja stage thay insulted a group of hawkers who quickly ganged up and entered the bus. I was on my signature jersey next to the door and while i was not part of the group, i was the first they got….the first few who got on the bus made me kidogo before we were saved by the traffic lights that allowed the bus to speed to safety. All this time they chickened out and kept completely quiet only to resume their insults once the last of the hawkers had jumped off the speeding bus…I pray for civility tomorrow…!!!

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