Gor Mahia edge SoNy Sugar 1-0

Silencing critics: Ephrem Guikan

Striker Ephrem Guikan once again came to the rescue of Kogalo as he continues to silence his critics. This time his 37th minute strike gave Kogalo 3 crucial points against SoNy Sugar.

Additional reporting from the Nation

Gor Mahia maintained their lead atop the KPL standings with a 1-0 win over SoNY Sugat at Kisumu stadium on Additional reporting from the Nation

Champions Gor Mahia moved six points clear at the top of the SportPesa Premier League after a slim 1-0 win over bottom-placed Sony Sugar in a mid-week match at the Moi Stadium in Kisumu on Wednesday.

Ivorian striker Ephrem Guikan’s 38th minute strike was enough to hand K’Ogalo the three points against their Awendo-based opponents.

Gor are now on 34 points from 14 matches, with Ulinzi in second on 28 points from 16 matches. Sony remain bottom of the pile with 14 points from 17 matches.

Gor Mahia head coach Dylan Kerr said while his side missed several chances, they played a good game as they kept possession in the entire match.

“We always want to press and score goals and the players did exactly that today. Yes we would have scored more goals but this is football anything can happen, it is a victory and I’m happy about it,” said Kerr.

His Sony Sugar counterpart Patrick Odhiambo defend his side’s decision to play behind the ball most of the time saying it was a tactical approach.

“In the first half we did not go in front most of the time and this was to avoid opening the game to give our opponents a chance to score more goals. We tried in the second half and created few chances but we were not lucky,” said Odhiambo.

As expected Gor began the duel impressively, making their first attempt at goal through a corner-kick, but Samuel Olare cleared the ball to safety, before Rwandese Meddie Kagere came close to netting his side’s first goal a few minutes later but his header went over the crossbar by a few inches.

Humphrey Mieno was not lucky as two successive chances that came his way were well dealt with by Kevin Omondi in the Sony goal.

After a beautiful run on the right wing, Ugandan Geofrey Walusimbi managed to find Guikan with a delicious cross in the danger area, however the latter was not lucky too as his header went wide.

Kagere thought he had beaten Omondi with his header inside the box minutes later, but the custodian managed find his footing to claim the ball before it sailed in.

Ernest Wendo managed to cut through the Sony’s defence minutes later and set Kagere with a through pass from the edge of the box, but the striker’s shot was weak and did not perturb Omondi in goal.

Guikan finally broke the deadlock in the 38th minute with an easy finish after connecting well with Innocent Wafula’s dangerous cross inside the box.

Bonface Oluoch had a field day in the first half as host Sony Sugar made no attempts at goal.

Upon resumption, Clinton Omondi made Sony’s first attempt at Gor Mahia’s goal with a long strike from the left wing, but the safe hands of Oluoch comfortably gathered the ball.

Sony were awarded a free-kick in the 52nd minute after Gor captain Harun Shakava fouled Tobias Otieno outside the box, but Omondi failed to hit the target.

The hosts seemed to have gained some momentum in the second half as they were again on the offensive minutes later, but Shakava blocked Derrick Otanga’s shot outside the danger area.

Through Francis Kahata, Gor made a counter attack on the right flank, but Olare cleared the ball for a corner kick which resulted to nothing.

Guikan came close to doubling Gor’s advantage in the 65th minute with a rebound from Kahata’s free-kick, but he was denied by Omondi.

The first substitution of the match came two minutes later with Sony bringing on Stephen Ouma for Clinton Omondi.

Omondi was forced to come out of his line in the 72nd minute to deny Guikan who was rushing to finish off a rebound from Kagere’s parried shot.

Center referee Bard Yassin ruled out Guikan’s second goal in the 87th minute as the striker had handed the ball before sending it into the back of the net.

Kagere wasted a glorious opportunity to net Gor’s second goal in the 90th minute after a one-one situation with goalkeeper Omondi.

The Rwandan import was not lucky again as his clever shot with the back of his leg inside the box failed to hit the target with Kevin Oluoch rushing to clear it for safety.

36 thoughts on “Gor Mahia edge SoNy Sugar 1-0

  1. Bravo , This is the sort of performance we are accustomed to….clean sheet and a win !

    secondly, glad to see some reputable ‘passengers ‘ have been offloaded from the 20 man squad for sportpesa cup this weekend. We have to continue to be ruthless and demand performance from anyone wearing the green jersey..

  2. Gor played well but again missed so many gilt-edged chances Kagere being the same culprit missing 3 obvious chances. Guikan was brilliant and I wonder why people keep on castigating him. He is currently joint top scorer with Kagere despite playing very few games. He has even scored more goals than Tuyisenge who has played literally every game. It was poetic justice for Guikan because he was not even selected to start the game until Tuyisenge pulled out with injury during pre-match warm up and he was lucky to replace him.

      1. Musymo Guikan can easily surpass Elvis Rupias goals in few matches if fielded consecutively.He is a goal scoring machine but faces bias at GM.Still i trust amidst very difficult circumstances he shall prove himself and all Mayienga faithful shall sing hos name before Seasons End…

  3. Guikan will keep making mouths shut in this site that castigates him.I said and will repeat,at the risk of being lynched by commissionnaires who never wanted guikan to join mayienga i insisted and brought him then convinced Coach to okay his signing from holiday after watching his videos.Guikan is a Continental Stalwart in the ranks of Tau of Mamelodi Sundowns and Laffor/Karma Billiat of Orlando Pirates and Rainford Kalaba of TP Mazembe.He just needs game time not being castigated for not running many miles in the field without goals as Tuyisenge does day in day out.He is yet to prove he is the best striker we have and trust me he shall very soon.Congrats to all players and TB for todays win…

    1. @jasego Guikan Is The Future Of Gor Mahia. One Has To Be Very Myopic Not To See That. Hes Is The Stonr That The Builder Refused Who Will Become The Chief Cornerstone.

    2. @Jasego, I am in total agreement with your posting. Guikan needs to be fielded regularly and we will get more goals. I do not understand why Coach Kerr does not like fielding him regularly. Guikan is a fighter, ball winner and vert fast player.

  4. While congratulations are in order for another 3points earned , its a situation
    that no longer excites me coz with the kind of squad we have , the gap between as and any local opposition is so wide and as such these kinds of wins are just but routine and obligatory .
    My only concern is our squad vis a vis the best of Africa and whether what we have can match e.g the top 10 in the continent , I believe that we may not be there yet but we have what it takes to be and to be , we will.
    But to be we have to continously use every opportune window , not to dismantle but rather to strengthen three or four positions and if the need be , offload who may be good but not good enough for our ambitions .
    I beg to disagree with a few isolated sentiments trying to gain currency in this forum that pointing out an opinion about a player’s performance esp for below standard output is akin to demoralising a player , if there is a player who gets demoralised bcoz of a layman’s opinion like me , then that is his problem becoz am not a Gor official nor am I in the TB , I am a fan and the only forum I have is on a wall such as this and I intend to express my opinion as honestly and sincerely as possible , I have no intention of massaging anybody’s fragile or vulnerable egos .
    After every match , the conversation , my conversation is normally what positives or negatives I have picked from a game so as to have a balanced overview of that situation , those positives and negatives are then attributed to the personel who were employed on that day na sio kwa ubaya and that’s y if you read all serious sports pages in countries with developed football u will see columns with player ratings with reasons as to y they came up with such ratings , and if a player’s ratings were being affected by excessive consumption of alcohol , it would be splashed all over the media .
    In a nutshell , my only constant is the club , anything
    else not adding value in my opinion must GO , Kogalo must get back to the heights of ’87 and they will

    1. @Teddy, I think we are currently matching African best or elite teams….our major problems have been on scoring goals. For example look at our game against Esperance and USM teams which are among the top teams in Africa. We had created so many chances to kill the game but we were unable to convert those chances into goals.

      May be Ogango Trailor and Jasego can speak to Jo-Ndhiwa on winning games from the famous family of Gor Kogalo Mahono for all the chances to be converted into goals. We can create 10 chances but only score 1.

  5. Kerr not happy with the missed chances, the main culprits being Kagere and Mieno. Teams like Sony should provide a platform for competing for the golden boot. I expected 5 – 0 in favour of Gor but as usual, our strikers were not signed to score goals. They were signed to run to and fro in the field, smile sheepishly after shooting wide and fail to pass the ball to whoever is at a vantage position to score.
    Transfer window starts on Friday and some passengers should alight. The likes of Ade should rejoin Police FC.

    1. But Teddy, Surely, Be Realistic. If Indeed You Are A Member Of The Sofaset Branch In Entebe When Last Did You Attend A Live Goi Mahia Match? As You Proudly Underline How The Ec, Tb N Players Are To Entertain You When Last Did The Team Benefit Fron Your Entry Fee Into Their Matches? It Is Healthy To Be Proud But Within Bounds. Has It Ever Occured To You That There Are People Who Are Well Acquainted With Some Of These Players And May Be Using This Forum To Settle Personal Scores? Tafakari Hayo.

  6. Please Wanakogalo Lets Not Use This Forum To Settle Scores With Players Or Try Push An Agenda. Of Late The Namecalling On Ade Is Reaching A Crescendo. I Ask Myself Why Only Him ? Then It Occurs To Me. Ahaa ! Musa Mohammed Who Does Not See Eye To Eye With Ade Is Back In Town Clubless. So We Want Him To Come Back To Gor. But Wait A Minute… There Is A Problem. Ade Is Someone’s Skunk In The House. So The Bugger Must Be Run Out Of Gm! It Is A Conspiracy. Ok Noyie Nu. Otherwise Why Are You Not Calling Lokuwam Or Asudi Passengers?CONSPIRACY!

    1. @Akira, Ade was signed by the coach and has been given very many chances to prove his worth, and I want to ask you and please just answer this one question: Has he delivered? And in the face of such performance are we supposed to keep on praising him?

  7. Settling scores or not we invest week in week out in the team travelling paying for the tickets….we vent our anger when we see the kind of performance that does not encourage the spirit in u… not only that …gor has a standard and if it’s not attained believe u me i will vent out my frustration coz passion, time, resources are invested …. sofaset branch will not feel the pinch….. my worry is that we are satisfied…. human was created to want more…i want more goals i need more passion from the lads… more quality must be shown…venting out anger from fans is what is keeping sanity to every department…telling them will only accept a draw as the last option is ur right as a fan when only u know ur investing ur time money and passion to the game

  8. @Akira , I attended the Rayon Sports and Hull city games , having said that , I wish to add that just any organisation , organised football rely and encourage fans/clients feedback as a way of doing annual/periodic SWOT analysis .
    Any keen observer will have noted the kind of criticism CR7 emdured from R.Madrid fans in the first half of the season , or even Gareth Bale throughout the season , Reason . . .Performance .
    How about Man U fans on Pogba and Sanchez , or Arsenal fans on Ozil , or Chelsea fans on Morata , or Liverpool fans on goalkeeper Loris Karius . . . .The botton line from those examples is that NOBODY is above the interest or ambition of the club and that once u r a player of Kogalo , u ve to put it in mind that we the clients/fans expect a certain kind of quality /output and we reserve the right to say u aint good enough to wear a K’galo shirt or that u r good enough to .
    A few weeks ago , in a game played in Machakos , I heard the coach Kerr say exactly the same thing about Ade , that we the fans have said on this wall , he was say that from his technical point of view , a fact that was also noticed by we Laymen and so its nothing personal , its all about performance and again it has nothing to do with Musa Muhammed , that I a legless
    Conspiracy theory , a few years ago in kampala Paul Were and Ade were thrown out of the H. Stars camp , for the same reason that @Jasego alluded to earlier and just like it was then , it has nothing to do with Musa .
    I reiterate that it is the responsibility , obligation and duty of the EC , TB and the Players to ensure that I am entertained and impressed

    1. So sad that such a lucid argument will not be responded to by an equally elaborate rebuttal but by rants and admonitions to keep off. Sometimes leaves one feeling so intellectually swindled. Good argument Jaduong ‘Sebo’

      1. @Musymo , I like the term , intellectually swindled and riding on it I wish to add that in any intellectual discourse , divergent opinions is encouraged and promoted hence the term agreeing to disagree since
        at that level it is accepted that all/both sides have the best interest of the subject , in that discourse , heads and not hearts is the medium used , facts and not emotions e.g occasionally I may have an opinion that is divergent from @Jasego’s but one thing I have no doubt about is that he has the best interest of the club in mind and in most instances goes even steps ahead to actualise his dreams for the club in more instances than some of as , me included .
        The same goes to even those who infer that people are whining and complaining , I dont doubt at all there love for the club and I accept that , including criticisms of my opinions .
        The day Ade will do what we all know he is capable of , I /we will say it , equally if he falls below what is expected of him , I /we will say it and including the possible reasons why and that includes his off field nocturnal non professional activities .
        I have critised Joash Onyango b4 but my/our opinion have not deterred him from proving as wrong on many other occasions , now that is professionalism and further proof that am just but a layman but again one with the best interest of the player/s at heart .
        Let as not reduce a wall we wish to intellectualise into whether or not we have bought the players boflos and fantas . . .please

  9. Guikan’s case reminds me of Olunga. When Olunga joined kogallo (and someone with access to Kerr please tell him this story), He could not score as often as we hoped for. But he showed potential. The then coach Nutall, seeing his potential, never benched him. He gave him play time as much as possible until he finally found his scoring boots….and he became lethal. Coach Kerr should see Guikan’s potential and start giving him first eleven chances more often. This will build his confidences and will eventually awaken the sleeping giant in him.

  10. On transfer updates there are overtures by some in the EC to sign Mucureezi from uganda while am advocating for Solomon Mensah from Ghana.I know both but Mensah is way way ahead in terms of skill and box to box prowess.Still i know money matters and Mensah will cost more so Mucureezi being cheaper might be appealing to brokers.Lets see how it will go though.In the end K’ogalo shall be stronger so no need to worry.Guikan should start all Supercup games in my view and Samuel Onyango needs more game time probably all Supercup games too.I say so coz they are first team contenders just lacking simple match fitness due to not getting ample playtime

    1. J’Asego I wish you could convince them about Solomon. If we could afford Jausenge then we can afford Solomon. Let us not focus on the expenses. I would rather we part with 6M to acquire him and then he enables us to at least 37M CAF prize money. We shall have earned some 31M. J’Asego tell them ni pesa otas, elfu to ang’o! Besides I don’t think KCCA will let go of Muucuurezi since they are also in the group stages of the CAF competition.

  11. Last Sunday Gor Mahia fans who were at Mbaraki demanded the replacement of K14 at the beginning of the 2nd half. The coach obliged and brought Lukewarm in his place. It took Lukewarm a few minutes to find the back of the back of the net twice, the first one being disallowed by the ref. Now what personal grievances would those hundreds of fans be having with K14? Fans are not brainless nor are they blind. They saw K14 blast vertically, a pin-point 45 degrees cross in the 6 yard box from the hardworking Innocent Wafula. They saw him completely unable to run throughout the 45 minutes that he played. Where was Musa Mohammed in all that? Let people not try to defend the indefensible. What I know that it is impossible to conceal a pregnancy. At the beginning of the season all players started on the same footing, but some like Mieno, Wafula, Blackberry, Meddie, Joash, Guikan (in fact almost all) have worked so hard and the returns are evident. K14 should just respect his job. He has elected to be a professional football player and he should therefore do a lifestyle audit and avoid stuff that interfere with his performance. Professional sports is all about performance. We all know what K14 is capable of and it’s the prayer of every K’Ogalo supporter to be seeing the ruthless mercurial K14 of the Rama Salim-Dani Serrunkumma class.

    By the way one only becomes a passenger after failing to deliver consistently, when given chance after chance. Asudi and Lukewarm are rarely fielded, but show seriousness and dedication whenever the coach picks them.

  12. @mu,symo Indeed It Is True That @tedd Has Offered A Very Intellectual Rejoinder To My Supposed Rant. Be That As It May One Would Be Surprised To Realize That Fooyball, Un By The Psychomoyor Domain, Is Quite Often More Emotional Than Intellectual.It Is For This Reason That A Celebrated Professor As A Fan Will Lose His Head N Kick The Person Infront Of Him In Reaction To What, A Miss? The Same Would Be Said Of Those Venerables We Refer To Here As The Human Wastes. Too Much Intellectualism Spoils The Broth Of Football.

    1. “Too Much Intellectualism Spoils The Broth Of Football.”…………………………Akira itieka tete gi nyiero. Ka inyalo dwoko capital letters go chien inyalo bedo nga maber oparo na wer moro ni….nyamuche yandi ber…..ginene emakethoi. But seriously I got your main point and nuff respect man!!!!

  13. Kevo Daddy is finished at Gor and we should let go of him,Against Assad he was the worst player in the pitch and the coach took longer to sub him. He is overweight and has even lost technical ability that stood out before even without the goals/assists he provides nothing..I tried mentioning this but was viciously attacked by some fans with strrong words during the game only to realise later they were Ades fanboys

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