Gor Mahia edge SoNy

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Gor Mahia’s march  to the top of the Tusker Premier League took another positive stride on Sunday after a labored 1-0 win over Sony Sugar at City Stadium. Man-of-the-match Ugandan Ivan Anguyo headed in the winnernine minutes to the end to break Sony’s hopes  and  help Gor Mahia overtake Tusker in the log and keep leaders AFC Leopards on check.

The first period clearly belonged to Gor Mahia who launched attack after attack but good defending from Sony managed to keep the score sheet clean. In the 5th minute a good cross from Rama Salim was blocked by Sony keeper Collins Oduor for Gor Mahia’s first corner. From the short corner Moses Odhiambo’s cross was met by Rama Salim whose free header did not trouble the keeper.

Sony captain Sylvester Wanyama’s  error gifted Gor Mahia another corner that was easily cleared then Rama Salim’s  15th minute free kick went wide.

Sony then had their first shot on target through Samuel Onyango but keeper Jerim Onyango  held the ball comfortably.

In the 20th minute Ali Abondo’s pin point pass to Serunkuma went to waste as the latter’s touch let him down. Five minutes later Serunkuma was fouled by Ogutu at the edge of the box, the resulting free kick was taken by Rama Salim. Sony keeper blocked it as well as a rebound shot from  Serunkuma.

With the action not going according to plan, Coach Logarusic opted to bring in Kevin Omondi for Joseph Njuguna in the 33rd minute.

In minute 36, Sony’s lethal man Enock Agwanda had a chance but his strong shot soared above the posts. Immediately on the other side, Donald Mosoti’s   try from a long range shot failed miserably.

The teams went for the break tied at nil nil.

Kevin Omondi had the first second half chance but his execution was pathetic. Then Sony created theirs from a long throw by  Enock Agwanda  that resulted in a corner  but the that too went to waste.

In the 67th minute a Donald Mosoti’s header from Moses Odhiambo’s corner had   the expectant  crowd up in their feet but went wide.

It was Sony’s turn in the 77th minute when  Nyangech’s  cross was  headed straight at keeper Onyango by Enock Agwanda.

Sony Sugar survived another Gor assault when the keeper pulled a lovely save  to deny substitute  Itumbu Imbem.

In the 81st minute Gor Mahia won a corner that was executed by Moses Odhiambo. Ivan Anguyo rose to powerfully head in for the only goal of the match that brought the packed  “Tok Komwanda” into wild jubilation.

The win puts Gor Mahia only two points adrift of leaders AFC Leopards and sets up a sumptuous derby on 23rd September at Kasarani.

Gor Mahia  : Fred Onyango,Solomon Nasio (,Itubu Imbem 69’) ,Chris Wekesa,Ivan Anguyo, Ali Abondo(Edwin Lavatsa  59) Donald Mosoti,Athony Akumu,Joseph Njuguna(Kevin Omondi 33) ,Dan Serunkuma,Rama Salim,Moses Odhiambo

Unused Subs: Ivo Mapunda,David Owino,Moses Otieno,Anthony Gathu

Sony Sugar:Collins Oduor,Wycliffe Nyangechi,Vincent Ogutu(Joseph Omweri )Alfred Onyango,Sylvester Wanyama,Dennis Okoth,Samuel Onyango,Francise Ocholla,Enock Agwanda,Marwa Chamberi (Victor Ochieng 56’),Robert Ouma (John Kiplagat 70)

Unused Subs: Wilson Obungu,Eugine Ochieng,Cain Okeyo,Isaiah Omondi

62 thoughts on “Gor Mahia edge SoNy

  1. That was a well deserved win. Our brothers played a defensive game. We r now prepared to meet our mashemeji. Good luck KOGALO!!

  2. Although teams are coming up with strategies of stoping kogalo (sony defending from 1st minute, ulinzi fauling our players) but am happy that we still win these matches. Kudos boys

  3. Now that the Green army is within the shooting distance,let then pull the trigger.Congratulations 4 a well deserved win.

  4. We thank our heavenly father for this sweet victory over Sony. I give all the glory, honour and praise to Almighty God in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Zico came with a fixed mind of defending and putting a truck in goal but our Almighty God gave us victory with all dirty plans. Glory to God.

  5. We thank God for everything he has done to us so far and trust he will deliver us to desired end .Congtats boys for the hard work despiye heavy fixtures you have done us proud

  6. Kudos to everyone who ensured our victory today. The players,coaches,fans and everybody.Great work!Let the boys take a well deserved rest then we start preparations for our match against,(as barefoot bandit would call them)the shy one.
    Very valuable lessons learnt.When looking for a goal and the time is running out very fast,don’t let desperation and panick set in.Continue putting your feet on the gas pedal, apply pressure be patient and continue with the build ups. It worked against ulinzi and today it worked too.Compare this with the desperation that was evident during ingwe vs tusker match,where ingwe was just hitting balls forward in search of their strikers.Patience and calmness always very important when under pressure!
    Ahsanteni nyote.

  7. Everlasting father, we thank you for the giving us the strength, the skills and the ability to win our matches. Gor Mahia Kudos we love and will support you to the end. God bless

  8. Yes ndugu Mwakio. I join you to give glory to God for seing us past SoNy.

    From the outset SoNy was very happy with a draw and that was their greatest undoing because they did not know what hit them the moment the came face to face with MAKOLWER (something unprooned, something untrimmed). @Arrumtiddi, if the goal against Ulinzi almost tore the net then can we say that today’s header almost melted the net?

    The mighty Gor Mahia has earned the honour of the Team of the Season. This is far beyond expectations. Thank you God. Thank you players. Thank you technical bench. Thank you EC. Thank K’Ogalo fans. Thank you Pareyio. Thank you all bloggers of this site. Thank you Dr. E. Kidero.

    @Dan did point out that after SoNy, we now have a 2 week breather before the derby. Currently Ogwang is playing the worst football ever, but let us not be cheated. Come the derby, Efusi will play like a team possessed.

    Ladies and gentlemen of this blog we must all prepare well for 23rd Sept. I know our tech bench is equal to the task ahead (even while the Log is away). So is EC. Us fans must equally prepare well. Personally I have given myself 2 days’ rest before I embark on a 2-week camp till 21st when I wiil break camp to attend the K’Ogalo dinners (kindly refer to http://www.michezoafrika.com/kpl/gor-plans-two-dinners-to-motivate-players-ahead-of-derby/8270). I feel I am obliged to attend these dinners because this is my opportunity to contribute towards motivation of the players before the derby.

  9. 10 men behind the ball but we still breached that defense! SoNy defended, Kogalo still found a way through! The mark of champions. It’s getting closer and closer. The break comes in handy, we need the rest, we need fresh legs. And we are going into it with 9 points on the trot (3 wins out of 3). Congrats Kogalo, we are believing everyday. What started as a disastrous season is serving up a sumptuous finish, just what we deserve. The crowd was unbelievable. Go Kogalo, go!!!!

  10. Kudos to all the Gor community. I laso like the belief that whatever happens before 90 minutes we have to get a goal. Now let us work on the numerous knocks the players ahve been getting. We also wish Pablo quick and permanent healing before the 23rd. From today’s game we should acknowledge that all games will be tough and have to be approached like a final. ONE GAME AT A TIME IS THE SLOGAN. It’s also refreshing that we have different players capable of scoring. Sooner or later Mosoti with his height and reach for aerial balls will join this group. It’s unfortunate that Zico was saying his plan worked but for a short lapse that resulted in the goal. Sure you cannot defend in a league match at this point in time. You might end up relegated. Though Harambee stars and GM playing very defensively during his tenure. But now we even removing defenders and sub them with strikers, after all the best defence is to attack. Kudos again to everyone and let’s build the morale during these two weeks as we await our shemejis. Shemeji @Omusala I hope you attended the match and I also hope you dragged @Disi along

  11. Congratulations GOR GOONS FC for having come this far by beating your fellow “small teams”. Now we have you in a box! You recall you could not attend the last derby as you expected a big defeat since your team was down and INGWE was riding high? It even affected your gate collections as compared to last year’s when INGWE fans helped you collect 5.5m? This time round, you are in a box and believe it or not we are raising the gate charges and you like it you dont you will pay on 23rd to watch the derby and we are looking forward to surpassing your 2011 record! To crown it all,we will “hit you where it hurt most” you will feel it until the next derby (FKF decider)! c u on 23rd when we dance “GADAA” & “ISGOOD” all the way to Nation centre from Nyayo!

  12. @benson ndisi thanks. Now that u decided to pick a walk over during super 8 quarter final mara pesa othire, mara ban and security WE THE GREEN ARMY SHALL HELP U RAISE kshs10M as gate collection so long as the derby is played at kasarani and ingwe to surrender the lead to us mashemeji. It will not be business as usual now that the winner will not only share football but political scene too. Kudos to the boys, ec, and tb.for winning against sony sugar. Incase we meet a team playing like sony what we need is mobility and swapping of positions amongst strikers and mildfielders to create confusions to opponets while giving as soon for slick one two passing room. It is my wish that lavatsa be used as an outright striker polished for finishing he has the attributes. Wish the players a two day off then back to training for ogwang’. Train for fast slick passing game that is what will confuse kwach rakido. Stay blessed.

  13. I was waiting for such comments @Benson Disi. You will be informed by my fellow bloggers that I have been AWOL since last time I predicted to Omusala what was awaiting EFUSI after you guys had celebrated our draws against SOFAPAKA and mathare and called us all sought of names forms OTHERS,TITLE PRETENDERS,GOR GOONS FC and so on.

    @Disi you like blogging in the wee hours of the night like a witch, but your antics can not go passed JO NDHIWA without a blink of an EYE. That is the role JABILO and if you want to try me ask @OMWAMI Omusala who am I? Am not a magician , witch or traditionalist as some of us will always imply. But I have the possession of natural remote power from NDHIWA obsessed by GOR son of OGADA , OGADA son of OGALO. And as such the same way you call yourself as an EFUSI obsession 4 ever, the very awe inspiring power of obsession dwells in me as OKOTH JABILO from JO NDIWA branch in K’Ogalo family.

    @Disi your utterances caused your team against KCB and if you jog your small brain down the archives of this blog ,then you can recall how I cursed you and ultimately AFC surrendered the three points with two goals to nothing. Lastly you fought for a draw against TUSKER. You are heading to Bhukungu for the best of my prediction is a draw or a loss. And come 23rd you will reap money just like the rest of the pack but pave way in the pecking order based on points difference. AFC can not beat CHEMO,MUHORO,ULINZI and be careful because as I post this blog predictions from NDHIWA indicates that you will come back to Nairobi beaten. Logarusic caused, PAMZO his job and so is Salim, then ULINZI and SoNy have just given both Simiyu and ZICO their last notice respectively.

    Logarusic has just taken off to holiday and relax with his family as our BELOVED team
    takes a recess of one week, same to us fans. As a matter of fact as I blog am in ACCRA ,Ghana enjoying west African coastal strip . But I will be back one day to the derby and believe me not mr.” Busy body” or is it man-Disi “The mad man in local football social media”. LOGARITHM is sending KOOPS home. AFC can withstand PRESSURE. Period!!!

  14. where are the noisy neighbours who always poke their noses on this page? I also wonder what presenters of those funny radio stations will say.
    Kweli Mungu wetu ni wa ajabu! Glory and honour be unto His name, thanks to the great team Kogalo.

  15. Kogalo mayienga, mara hi sio mchezo.
    To all mayienga fans, the players have done their part, let us all participate in the dinners on 21st at Hilton or 23rd at Woodpark to raise funds to motivate the players. This is the time for the true fans to stand up and be counted. Even though 5k is almost my basic salary, i can assure you come rain or sunshine i will be at Hilton. Kwani eluf abich to ango? For me team i shall sacrifice.

  16. I have not commented here for some time having chosen to watch from the sides as good and exciting things rolled out. I do not want to respond to one Benson Disi@11,hayo ni yake.Patience pays my brothers, remember when Logarusic took over there were lots of noises about mzungu spoiling the team by the incisive purge he was then undertaking on the playing unit? Some of us remained steadfast in support of the coach.

    Free hand to coach and technical bench, and that has happened and congratulations everybody who has made this happen.Remember the much criticised “run and think with the ball”? Now you can see it in practice.Thanks coach, thanks playing unit, thanks Kidero, thanks whoever has played a genuine role in this great revival of Kogalo.

    Yet I like the attitude, not playing for the title but only to win the next game. Go then and win the next game, because we can.

  17. @Benson Disi be informed that the entire Gor Mahia family is taking a break. Why are you discussing a match that is 2 weeks away or are you panicking?

    The time to talk about thEfusi and the derby will come and we have a lot to share. For now please kindly let our boys enjoy their 5 days’ break. By the way, don’t forget that our clarion call is: we want to win the next match.

  18. Congracs Boys ! fellow bloggers , i wish to bring your attention to corruption at the gates during yesterdays match, i know some of you have connections to EC and can have this sorted out . It was going like this , you pay , you enter statdium and the person at the gate instaed of taking your ticket and retaining the small side part to show that the ticket is used you were hurried in and left the thicket with him or you were offered kitu kidogo to let them retain the ticket , this were then been sold to unsuspecting funs outside and the cycle continued , Ticket masters shame on you for this .

    The other problem was the ticketing , you so the crowds an the line outside a few minutes to the matches with our rowdy funs making it difficukt for others to get tickets , either ticket masters change their way of doing business or another disaster is beckning

  19. Congrats. We must remain focused lest we stumble. As earlier on stated we should aim at winning all the remaining matches then you will see. Cheers!

  20. @4 mwakio – pray ceaselessly. Your faith and other bloggers, together with hard work will give us the trophy. God is on our side. From potential relegation to title contenders; that is very great.

    @10 Dan- I agree with you all remaining matches will be very tough and we need to start early wins next year after pocketing this year’s trophy. Every yr we seem to be ‘waking up’ towards the finish line.

    @11 Benson Disi – I can see you are ‘people’s watchdog’ pls continue.

    @16 Barefoot Bandit – I fully agree with you; we have taken a break and someone is talking ‘bitterly’ just to irritate us.

    @17 Ignatius – what you have pointed out is very important and needs to be looked into seriously; nowander our gates collections have gone done compared to year 2010! It has happened in Harambee stars matches and other teams matches and that’s why we have always been leading in gates collections year in year out; we cant afford to compromise on this issue. Is it our officials or ticket masters? Pls someone let me know.

  21. Thanks Mwakio for the prayers.

    Congrats boys! You fought like champions. I loved the ‘never say die’ spirit. We are now dominant in midfield. That was a weakness in the past.

    Congrats Green Army! We march on.

  22. All is good as far as CHUI is concerned. I strongly believe that the league is ours.we are going to win against stima and further extent the lead on 23rd when we beat Gor 3 nill.Further as i extent my greetings and congrats to GOR frateinity for the hard win.@Ben Disi,we are going to end their unbeaten record.we are the leopards and we are keenly checking around.we know what we want and what we will do.THANK YOU ALL THE FOOTBALL FANS.LETS CONTINUE TO CHEER UP OUR TEAMS.WHEN AFC LEOPARDS AND GOR ARE UP THERE THEN FOOTBALL IS BACK.BRING VIEWS.

  23. Congratulations to the entire Gor family for the good job,well done guys.I like your team fighting spirit(no giving up till it’s done).To the fans that goal celebration was awesome,the roar was unbelieveable!! I can categorically state kenyan futbol is headed to the right direction with AFC and GOR taking their rightfully positions in kenyan futbol ie N0.1 & 2 just watch the space.Nwy cant wait for 23rd ndio tujue mbivu na mbichi coz whoever wins that match wil be the 2012 TPL CHAMP”.

    @ Mwakio am your bro from coast naomba uweke timu yangu AFC kwa maombi yako mufuti unayo omamba kila siku ili tupate ushindi dhidi ya W/sitma tafadhali kaka,usifanye moyo mgumu.Barikiwa………Ourz 4Eva.

  24. Good game of soccer. Someone should teach Some Gor players how to shoot especially kevin omondi, three years now in the team but still can’t have a single shot on target for over 50 minutes. To all goons in the name of GM fans who sing their way to town, you are a big shame to the club,whatever you sing are not really songs of praise to mighty gor mahia but insults to those who don’t subscribe to the club. Shame on all of them.
    Wish GM all the best in this crucial stage of the league.

  25. @Gorvenor hia comes the ‘noisy ones’ kudos semeji 4 a gud game n coming from that far 2fight 4 position 2 @barefoot bandit its good ur aware that though we r playing badly come the derby n u will c the real chui @bro omusala i agree we will hand loga his 1st defeat in tpl remember gor were the 1st 2 beat koops

  26. i really have to commend the guyz for the hardly contested win,go on and within two weeks will be flying at the top. we will give you our mutual support, thru thin and thick. bravo kogalo bravo mayienga

  27. This is to Efusi fans who have commented on this blog i.e. @Bill Wabz, Mcosweto, Omusala,Disi. Soccer is not played on pen and paper alone but, it must be translated onto the pitch as well. So lets wait see what happens on 23rd. I wish you had focused on the Western Stima since that is the immediate game. otherwise you will loose to western stima at the expense of focusing on Gor.

    The two teams are playing completely different patterns. The different is like day and night, with Efusi having uncoordinated midfield with ‘to whom it may concern’ passes. The players cant think and run with the ball at the same time. Gor Mahia plays tiki taka passes with coordinated midfield. I wonder how Efusi will win over Gor with the kind of game Efusi has been playing of late.

  28. surely ko’gallo believes in anything ,even scoring a goal 100 yards .our target is not to win the trophy but to win consistent matches .just imagine winning all matches!!the we will earn the trophy simple ,short and period.

  29. While congratulating our Kogalo players TecB eC AND Fans following this unbelievable good performance, I wish to give support to the issues raised by Arumtidi & Ignatius.Lets all offer our prayers in favour of Gor’s consistent victories.

  30. @Wabz unfortunately the honour of being the first team to beat Loga was taken by Oserian followed by Ulinzi. So maybe now you can go for the unbeaten record in the 2nd leg. All in all you still have a good team in Western Stima to beat. I fear for the repercussions in case results don’t go the Ingwe way. This was the same place a referee was whipped as the policemen watched. I hope sanity prevails on saturday 15th and also on the 23rd sept. It’s now time to let all our fans (both sides) know that footy is just a game to be enjoyed and nobody should suffer as a result.

  31. Congratulations to the team for a job well done.However,i wish to use this blog to point out the inadequacies of our reporters.Firstly,it was widely reported that the game would kick off at 4pm.Many fans arrived in the stadium after 3pm only to realize the kick off time was not 4pm but 3pm.
    Secondly,The Saturday “star” newspaper reporter, in his article about Gor vs Sony mentioned that the Sugar millers will rely on Joshua Oyoo,Dodo Kayombo and Kevin Oluoch.Now where did he get these facts from??these players all moved on and are plying their trade in other teams!!this misreporting is unjust,misleading and a distortion of facts to the general public who rely on newspapers for information.Over to you editors of the Star newspaper.Someone is surely sleeping on the job!!!

  32. why are the AFC fans posting in our site, dont they have their own sites?
    the reason might be:
    1)hawana pesa ya ku put up their own website
    2) no one logs in there

  33. I arrived back from from Australia late and therefore could not join Kogalo family at Tok Komwanda for the juicy celebrations.Comrades,we have come from very far.I stayed awake to watch the replay and what I saw amazed me.This is the best team Gor has produced in years.The workrate is huge and the desire to win is exceptional.Clearly the coach has infused into his players something akin to what SAF has been able to do with several Man U squads.

    SONY came,not to win,but to Stop Gor from winning.They packed the midfield and all the channels.I salute the coach for the subs.Sony finally ran out of ideas not knowing who to mark.Congrats everyone.Its one match at a time.

    EFUSI has panicked and,am told,there are attempts to pursuade Stima to “throw away”their match against Ingwe next weekend.Infact,some players and some members of the technical bench are being tempted with huge rewards just to allow a soft passage for Leopards.My question is;only recently they could not honour the the Top 8 clash against Kogalo because the team was broke.Where have they got the money to travel to Western Kenya now that Magelo and Aina have swindled 1.6m?Mashemejis are also trying to influence the outcome of their match against Muhoroni youth and money is being raised toward this end.Can THE NOISY neighbours on this site deny these facts(they are not allegations)

    Mashemejis can crow for all they care but they must know Gor will beat Barcelona,Arsenal or Man-U any day so long as it is “the next match”.Go on Mashemeji.Bribe them.Cajole them.Pamper them.KOGALO WILL WIN THE NEXT MATCH.

  34. @Vitoo, my prayers are always for Gor Mahia not Ingwe. Our Almighty God is a miracle worker in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. He continually continues to give us victories. We return all glory, honour and praise to his name in the name of Jesus Christ. I remember at one time, Disi referred to Gor Mahia as relegation bound team and we thanked the Almighty God for such mockery after standing with Ingwe when they were going through the most difficult time in KPL.

    Gor Mahia has defied all odds to win due to teamwork, commitment, dedication and above all prayers.

  35. Bloggers, I have realised that there are many EFUSI fans on this site and very soon they are going to be converted into Green Army.

    I wish to welcome Vitoo to Kogalo Army and many others that have continue to post their comments here. As a matter of fact, these guys like Gor Mahia and they are welcome to join us.

    Finally we are praying for them in the mighty name of Jesus Christ so that they can see light and get converted into reloaded Green Army.

  36. Gate Collection:
    According to Ticket Masters Director, Martin Nkaari, the tickets sale amounted to Ksh 1,675,800 for the match played on Sunday 9 September 2012 at the Nairobi City Stadium.

    5,084 terraces (Russia) tickets were bought, raising Kshs.1,016,800 while VIP tickets bought were 1,318 tickets, raising Kshs.659,000.

    We need to work in a proper way of maximising the ticket sales in future. This means having a detector at the entrance points for easier identification and detection of either fake tickets and already used duplicated tickets.

  37. This is unbelievable run, bring on TP MAZEMBE………….to give our players morale, with only six games remaining, i suggest all gor mahia fans to put up a fund or a kitty that should go towards give our players extra cash bonus for every match won . How do we go about fundraising ? We are gearning for treble in 2012 and this will go down into the history of the club! Together we can do it. Any ideas?

  38. @Dan thanks 4 correcting me bt still we will stop ur unbeaten run @baba travis those r very serious allegations n its good 2 tell the blogers where u got them from @mwakio thanks but i assure u neither me nor my fellow repubricans will cross over ur our semejis n i believe theres nothing wrong with us being in this site as long as we ‘behave’ thanks semejis u av one of the best interactive sites in the region

  39. Bloggers it was truly a big win, Sony gave us a run for our money, actually our title hopes would have really dwindled with a draw against them.

    If am not wrong.. Bro Pod antie promised a big announcement after a win against Ulinzi & Sony, Kindly bring it in writing brother.

    Baba Travis, do not bother with them and their bribes, Mwakio’s and other GM families prayers will surely overturn their heinious acts and wishes, infact the one sure way to hand in the trophy to us will be the bribery route..you will see.

    There is a lot of trouble with our people managing public funds and property. Surley sure how on earth are guys bent on discouraging us from heartfully and faithfully attending and paying gate fees by embezzling the monies.

    Chairman please take charge remember our Shemejis have somehow streamlined this gate thing and can now record more money from lower attendance.

  40. @Mwakio chawucha bro kwa kunikaribisha serikalinyi but i am very happy at the republicans only that your site is very entertaining,interactive ,eye opening and i guess is the best in East & Central africa thats y i just cant avoid it,hope am welcomed.

  41. ZD is a very interesting coach. He has introduced a new football formation called 9-0-1. 9 defenders, 0 midfielders and 1 striker. It nearly worked for him had it not been for “lack of concentration” in his 9 man defence. Kogallo is now concentrating on winning the next game, not the league. Did I hear that it Leopards next? I see Masika also losing concentration on that day.

    On another note, I am glad to inform my fellow Kogallo followers that the Sofaset branch is growing bigger and bigger. Our “Tok Komwanda” here was almost full to capacity yesterday. All of a sudden, guys have picked serious interest. Way to go! . Sserunkuma is “Ssebo” and Anguyo is “Arua Park”.

    Hongera to all the players, technical bench, EC, and not forgetting the ever lively Green army.

    For God and my club Kogallo.

  42. Karibuni sana wana ‘Ingwe’. I say so because i like your attitude and tone so far. This will go a long way in developing Kenyan soccer. This blog always leads and will once again be the place to nurture tolerance in the run up, during and after the derby on 23rd.

    League winners should be able to handle the kind of pressure that is TPL now. That’s the only way we can win CECAFA and the other continental cups. Institutional clubs are slowly fizzling away. Soon players will be proud of the shirt they wear and not only salaries.

  43. @13….Please note that I blog whenever I am either enjoying my break or when I am having a rest after a busy day just before I sleep at latest 1.00am! I am not an Idler and neither I am a witch. My intention of writting on your wall is to enlighten you people as most of you blog “blindly due to the BLIND LOVE” you have for your team GOR GOONS FC! Just like above, were you aware that you did not turn up to watch the last derby in droves or like sheep as you normaly do? What was the reason? This was meant to inform you that this time it will not be the same story and hence you are going to repay our 5.5m DEBT you owe us since 2011 (whether you like it or not)!…but at a cost (call it interest) of beating you, in other words… HIT YOU WHERE IT HURTS MOST-BELOW THE BELT!

  44. Baba travis,kindly confirm you have prove to your bribery claims as it would not be fair to our league if you are posting rumours in this site.Remember such reports can easily lead to loss of life and should not be encouraged if we cannot justify the same.

  45. Truth be told!!! despite the noice, Gor will be the team under pressure on 23 September. Let us not forget that AFC can still win the league even if they get a beating from Gor, other things being constant. On the other hand, Gor MUST (and I repeat, MUST) win the game to stay in contention. So, you can see where pressure is. Remember one thing, form book at the time of the match will not matter that day.

  46. @Mwakio please get my thanks.the most important thing on this earth is to realize God.what you do good is to inject the word of God on the blogers.in heaven there isnt INGWE or Gor everything is being with Jesus Christ.thank you and God bless you.now my friend Mwakio as far as you believe in Jesus Christ,i believe in Him more and He has never let me down.i prayed for Him to crown us the tittle and i have faith He has already done.our faith has been tasted and now the temptations are over,you might be tasted on 23rd so pray to overcome temptations because Afc leopards is going to beat Gor.OTHERWISE EVEN THOUGH YOU WONT PRAY FOR INGWE I HAVE REALISED WE ARE BROTHERS IN CHRIST.About joining Gor,i can only join when playing outside Kenya in a league without my beloved INGWE,Otherwise never.@MY BROTHER OKOTH JABILO.WISH YOU THE BEST IN GANA.BUT DOWN THERE,BE INFORMED THA THIS IS THE HARDEST AND BIGGEST DEABY GIVEN THAT INGWE IS ONE AND GOR 2 keeping in mind WHAT CAN HAPPEN IN A DERBY.Ingweeeeeeee, Ingweaaaaaa.may God bless Ingwe and the rest of tpl teams.

  47. @Kassam Mwavingano the big announcement was to come from the great Arrumtiddi….and we are holding our breaths! (Is he intending to announce his interest to be ‘Governor of Tok Komwanda’?).

    @Baba Travis you have made my day and I quote: “Mashemejis can crow for all they care but they must know Gor will beat Barcelona,Arsenal or Man-U any day so long as it is “the next match.”

    @Omusala, Bill Wabs and Vitoo you are great people. Please feel welcome.

    Whoever it is that is dipping his dirty fingers in the candy jar and robbing Gor Mahia of the hard-earned gate collections I curse you and you are worse than @Benson Disi.

    Talk of @Benson Disi. Benson Disi I put it to you that we are progressively unmasking you. Read @13 again. Bloggers allow me to ask @Benson Disi the Mutunga Question: @Benson Disi are you Khalwale?

    Let me take this opportunity to congratulate and thank K’Ogalo fans regarding two happenings at Tok Komwanda yesterday:
    1. They implored members of our EC to vacate a seat for Mzee Kadenge who was standing after apparently arriving late after all seats were occupied. That’s the spirit guys. Joe Kadenge remains our hero.
    2. They took it upon themselves to control and direct traffic at Jogoo road in a very orderly manner after the match. This enabled smooth flow of traffic for public transport vehicles plying Jogoo road as well as the private cars of those leaving the stadium. Kudos great people.

    May I ask? Where is the Trailer? Where is Le Pastre? Where is Wuonpap? Eblazing Diva? Good night good people.

  48. @P. Mawego I beg to differ with you. Gor Mahia is not chasing any title.
    I repeat: we as Gor Mahia are not after the league title. What we want is to WIN THE NEXT MATCH. Just that. Those who want the title can do anything and evrything for it. Us we don’t care so long as we WIN THE NEXT MATCH.

  49. @Omusala, Bill Wabs, Vitoo and other efusi fans, our match with you guys is still too far. Why the cause of panic? Why are you babies running helter skelter like people being chase by Kogalo Army.

    @Omusala, Bill Wabs and Vitoo, please note that our focus will be to win our next games. We do not want to win the league but next matches. We only care about winning the next match.

  50. @Omusala, Bill Wabs, Vitoo and other efusi fans, our match with you guys is still too far away. Why is the cause of panic? Why are you babies running helter skelter like people being chase by Kogalo Army.

    @Omusala, Bill Wabs and Vitoo, please note that our focus will be to win our next games. We do not want to win the league but next matches. We only care about winning the next match.


    Let be frank with you comrades. I am disturbed that efusi is still ahead of us.it is the only thing that is giving our noisy visitors on blog some bragging rights.

    Anyway, first things first. I also join comrades to extend a warm hand of welcome to a few more efusi fans who have decided to give us company on this blog. It is true this site is meant to offer fans a platform to comment and share views and suggestions that will shape the future of this great club.

    On the face of it, some comments on this blog may sound trivial, incorrect and biased. I want to say without any iota of contradictions some bloggers are quite objective, balanced and quite entertaining. As a seasoned blogger, I must admit that I have really enjoyed comrade Okoth Jabilo’s comments (the self confessed traditionalist on this blog).

    Comrades have not shied from reprimanding the EC for what they feel is not going right and also gave credit where is due. I have a strong conviction that some of the comments posted here have really shaped the work of Gor Mahia officials. It is here that the club bus was first mooted. It came to pass. Then came official website, secretariat, club jersey colours and so on and so forth.

    It is for this reason we are inviting visitors who contribute to further the aims of this site and not just any person whose only agenda to discredit everything that K’Ogalo do. Sometimes, it gentlemanly to admit defeat, aplaud a certain decision. I pray our visitors will take into account this points as we continue to interact here.

  52. @40 comrade Benson Disi, at long last I salute you for confirming my fears about your character. At least now I know very well that you blog after a busy night schedule while relaxing. What is it that makes your dairy busy until the wee hours of the night? My guess is nothing other than “JUOK” or is it “Night running” or ” witchcraft” but conclusively my grand ma calls it “OMULOSI”.
    You have never posted anything interactive, entertaining, educative,encouraging, insightful, accommodative or investigative with regard to our local football matters in any blog site be it futaa,michezoAfrika or supersports where you interact with people of calibre that have nothing in between there two ears. And with all your stupidity you want to extend those uncouth behavior on this site as if we are your counterparts.

    When Comrade Omwami Omusila last time cautioned you as a Christian adult and die-hard EFUSI fan to go slowly, you really breathed fire on him , ridiculing his highly respected reputation and status on this blog based on your “Satanic culture” of stinking foul-mouthed language that caused your obsession 4 ever quite some fortune against KCB.

    And now with your “Kids gloves” you have the guts to take me ON when i am “Bare knuckle” and merciless if you know what am talking about. I will be back in Nairobi on Saturday 22nd and let talk then, for now am in a holiday courtesy of JO NDHIWA branch.

    I should not dwell on what has already been predicted. YOU ARE LOSING POINTS at Bhukungu and come 23 RD we shall beat AFC pants down to acclaim our position progressively one match at a time. Remember our calling tune is “ONE MATCH A TIME” and then we can look at the table standings when the leading packs surrender the pecking order.

    @ Bendon Disi if you want AFC to save its pride then keep off JABILO or keep trying me at your own peril and do not regret since I have the remote powers from “JO NDHIWA” to twist the opponents matches at will. Ask Omusila for further clarification. PERIOD!!!!!

  53. May I ask too? Where is the Trailer? Where is Le Pastre? Where is Wuonpap? Eblazing Diva? Good night good people.

    O’ Jabillo how are you at ‘that place’.

    Ati ‘courtesy of Jo Dhiwa’

    I take that as the quote of the day.

    I appreciate Dan’s assertion that foot ball is to be watched, enjoyed and accepting result thereof.
    I also admit focusing too much on the trophy has alot of problems with fans as people tend to do ‘everything’ to achieve that.

    But guys the writing is on the wall ‘ we will be winning the league, remember a section of our fans kept saying it even when we were at the lower wrong side of the log.

    Lets win a match at a time as per Sir Bobby’s plan but prepare for a celebration at the end of the league.

    If you’ve not heard it before then there you are:


  54. Let us focus on the next match guys…Wacha wachezaji wapumzike. Matusi ndiyo tuwache. Kuna wale ambao kazi yao ni kutisha tu na matusi…wao wanaangalia the tittle…Sisi tuna focus on the next match! two contrasting things

  55. I like the slogan ONE GAME AT A TIME. The goodness with this slogan is that it helps us to manage our expectations. The truth is that the Ingwe of now is limping and not the one that started this season. That means that they might not win the TPL trophy but let’s not brush aside the other four teams. Sofapaka and Tusker are basically ahead of us (assuming they will win their next matches though they are playing each other) but they also have tough opponents. So as the coach says let’s concentrate on winning our next match since us of now we have the harder task of winning all our matches in order to ‘effectively’ challenge the top. Personally I will be happy as the coach says when we will be leading the table and with all contending teams having played a similar number of games. This is what is giving Ingwe the confidence

  56. I like the slogan one game at atime .But remember when God says yes nobody can say no.God bless kogallo family mungu umetutoa mbali na wewe ndiye mpaji kwa imani yote yawezekana.Amen

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