Gor Mahia face acid test against Chemelil

Gor Mahia will face Chemelil Sugar this Saturday.  The match has been shifted from City Stadium to Nyayo stadium and will kick off at 3pm. Beating Chemelil who shocked AFC Leopards 2 weeks ago in Mumias will be no easy task.

Gor Team Manager Frank Ouna says they’ll be careful as they seek to garner the three points.

-Chemelil is always a tricky customer. We are expecting each game to be tough, no easy pickings and that includes the Chemelil match, Frank told futaa.com. But we are more than prepared for what will be thrown at us. We will defend the colours and badge of this honourable club to the hilt,. We respect Chemelil but they must also know that we are Gor Mahia, he added.

 Gor Mahia will be hoping for a repeat of their last match against this team. The last time these two teams met, Gor Mahia came out on top with a 2-0 win thanks to goals from Kiongera and Rama Salim.

This time they might rely on the silken skills of Patrick Oboya who is rounding into top form at a time when Kogalo needs it. Oboya is a wildcard because most KPL coaches and defenders are not familiar with his play. He has expressed an eagerness to help Kogalo win the title.

“Individual awards are none of my immediate concerns at the moment. My main objective is to help my team win the title at the end of the season. We have good players who can get the job done.”He told michezoafrika.com

“I want to thank my coaches who have seen the potential in me. I have not featured in matches at home and playing in front of such passionate fans gave me much pleasure especially when I scored. Hopefully I will do much more.” He said.

A win against Chemelil will take Kogalo another step closer to winning the league title. Kogalo fans are called upon to get behind the team and push them to victory.

15 thoughts on “Gor Mahia face acid test against Chemelil

  1. All the best & nice 2 see the TM being more visible and active.
    On Radio Jambo yesterday Nyandega one of the many secretaries in GM agreed that GM have been compelled by FKF/KPL 2 shift from their 1st choice home ground as the club fans are too many 4 TOKOWANDA.
    My question are?
    1.City Stadium’s capacity is 15,000.
    2.From EC our best attendance recently has been 7,500 & 5,600 against AFC & TUSKER with the corresponding gate collections. That’s at most half the capacity of city stadium.

  2. My take is that GM could be losing close to kshs. 1.5M per game held at City cause if you’ve noticed suddenly the crowd unusually swells within the first 10mins of every game.
    As usual I end with my 2 appeals.
    1. Lets improve the membership structure of the club towards a corperative

  3. @oduor12.

    I invite you to come to the stadium tomorrow the team is doing well and I hope we win but I know this could negatively affect your desire for “NEW OFFICE”

    I can see you are in a catch 22 with the league title within reach and election.

    All the best as you try to balance

  4. @ Omondi
    I thought winning the league & the election/calls 4 a leaner more transparent & accountable EC r mutually exclusive.
    Hakuna catch 22 @ all.
    R u satisfied with obvious & huge discrepancies between attendance & the figures released by EC?
    Perhaps u even see none!
    Btw am among those who think the league is a done deal (even with the “averageness” of our midfield & most forwards/bloated EC mess up) bt we will b mere statistics in CECAFA/CAF.

  5. I wish our team all the best, i pray that we bag all the three points. Obong’o Nyakalaga will see us through.
    To players, please calm your nerves and enjoy yourselfs in the field of play, there is nothing like a cid test here, its just a football match like any other. Am down on my knees for kogalo, be blessed guys.

  6. Sometimes i tend to think our able Tech bench plays safe by keeping a routineous line up i saw a very good midfield in the last game against Thika, kwani how come the mid dies in league matches only to resurect in fkf cup? Truly the Kahatas, Kingatua and Mihesos were completely outdone at the mid.

  7. I also used to blame the EC on gate collections until i took my time to observe what happens at the gate. With 50/= you will watch any Kogalo game. And who ushers you in or sells you the ticket? It’s our very own stewards and the contrcted company. Last time during the Tusker match the stewards were openly selling tickets to fans and your guess is as good as mine where the money goes. This time during the Thika game one of the gate keepers even had the courage to ask me for the portion of ticket that was retained by me. You can also guess where he was going to use the ticket. In a nutshell we are our worse enemies. Why don a Gor tshirt and then hang around the gate till half time when the matches are shown free on KBC. So as we lambast the EC can we also do the honourable and point out these descrepancies from the GM fans themselves. It doesn’t mean the EC are clean. They are also guilty of some ommisions and commisions

  8. I don’t get me wrong bt can EC really escape TOTAL blame where stewards, security co. & tickets r concerned?
    All these r under their direct management & control. Stewards r recruited & assigned by the Org. Sec. Tickets are printed abroad with the “security” features.
    Remember AR,Kilo & City stadium officials saying EC officials r the ones who ask 4 release of apprehended crooks.
    If we allowed G4S etc 2 man the gates. Even fans hv guts 2 stop it & guards would fear losing employment wen caught!

  9. Thanks Oduor12 for your passionate and unrelenting call for change, keep it up and to Dan Original for his deep and objective way of analysis, with people like you Gor Mahia’s dream will come True. Allow me also to add that part of the problem here espcially on Gate collections is the question of credibility and pride. It is so crazy to imagine that some people steal from their own house(be they officials or Fans). No wonder Kenyan citizens even collude with terrorists to kill our own people just for little money.
    The problem is deeper than we see it and we can only overcome it if all stakeholders including you and I take personal responsibility to fight corruption, hooliganism and all the vices that sorounds us. Let us be proud to be who we are and we will protect that identity at all costs. We are Kenyan, we are Gor and Yes we are, but what can we show for it…..

  10. I wish our beloved team all the best and do hope this time round the title will not slip off as it happened last year when we lost it on final day. I hope we will not wait for the last match again.

    As for the number of fans who attend, they are usually very many but there could be fake tickets going round or someone has conspired with the vendor to steal from the club so Oduor12, blogger,Omondi don’t expect a lot of funds will be accounted for from the gate…

    By the way some of us had asked why Oboya is not given enough play time but at least the technical bench has realized that he has pace and stamina which we lacked in our match against Tusker when we recently lost 1-0

  11. Congrats Kogallo, one game at a time!! I begin to see some light at the end of the turnel. The Spirits are on our side, let us humble ourselves as we march to the finish line

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