Gor Mahia face toughest stretch

Gor Mahia are facing the most difficult stretch of their 2018-2019 CAF Confederations cup campaign. This as they try to become the first Kenyan team to proceed beyond the group stage of a continental tournament. Gor Mahia are set to play away matches against NA Hussein Dey and Zamalek before hosting Petro de Luanda.

Gor Mahia’s away record has not been stellar this season. They have lost to Nyasa Big Bullets, Lobi Stars and Petro de Luanda. However they did manage a crucial away draw against New Star de Douala which appears to be tougher opposition than NA Hussein Dey. This is a good reason for optimism.

With the difficulties Gor Mahia have been facing away from home, coach Oktay has opted to change tactics.

“You know my style and you know I love to play open, attractive football. We did it in Nigeria against Lobi Stars and we also did it against Petro in Angola. But now we will have to change. I have to change my style a bit,” the Oktay told Capital Sport.

Gor Mahia needs at least four points to qualify for the next stage which means getting an away draw is crucial.

“We need to get at least a point in the two away games. We know playing in North Africa is hard, but I am not worried. I know my boys and I know we can make it.” continued Oktay.

Gor Mahia did manage good away performances last season. They forced a draw away to Rayon Sport and beat Yanga 3-2 in Dar es Salaam. However their visits to North Africa have not been happy ones. In recent years they have lost to USM Alger, Esperance (twice) and ENPPI. Indeed you would have to go back to 1987 to find a time when Gor Mahia did not lose away in North Africa.

However their performances have been improving of late. Whereas they lost 5-0 to Esperance in 2014, they almost forced a draw in 2018 but for a defensive blunder. Therefore this year Kogalo appears primed for a good performance.

Coach Oktay however expressed concern that his side may not be 100% fit.

“The Algerian Federation helped Hussein Dey because they postponed their league matches. But for us, we asked of the same but nothing. But, I am not worried. We will go and fight to get a result. I know if all my players were physically 100pc, we would get a minimum of three or four goals in Algeria. Rest assured,” Oktay said

Gor Mahia will be without first choice goalkeeper Boniface Oluoch who was injured in the midweek match against Tusker.

“We didn’t know Oluoch’s injury was serious until yesterday when the leg started swelling and the doctor told us he is unfit to play. It is a big blow but we hope the other goalkeepers will step up to the challenge. Odhiambo has played in such a competition before so it shouldn’t be a big problem,” said Gor’s assistant Secretary General Ronald Ngala to the Nation.

Gor Mahia will stay in North Africa after the match in Algiers.

“We will not be back and that’s why our midweek game against Ulinzi was rescheduled. We are yet to decide whether we will stay in Algeria for a few days and then travel to Egypt or we will just go there direct and prepare from there. But we will make a decision once we get there,” Gor Mahia Chief Executive Officer Lordvick Aduda said to Citizen Sports.


41 thoughts on “Gor Mahia face toughest stretch

  1. If they come back still Top of the group then they will have qualified. God bless Gor mahia fc in Algeria.

  2. This Algeria fixture is really tough, in view of the circumstances and intrigues surrounding it. By the end of the Sunday the table standings could change so much depending on how all the four teams faired. There are possibilities that we could remain at the top or drop to second or even third. The only certainty is we cannot sink low to the bottom. We could remain top if we follow Teddy Sofaset’s advice and play Vojo Gardisevic’s game.

    Our EC should not mislead players on the level of hostilities waiting in Algeria. To tell the players that hostilities will be in the stadium only is tantamount to living in denial.

    The reality which everyone in the travelling party should brace for is open aggression once we fly into the war zone. Unless we made advanced arrangements on pick up from the airport, Gor Mahia should be prepared for the worst: the transporters available will simply decline to provide a bus, reason being either their bus cannot carry non-muslims and blacks or they fear that their bus may be set on fire if it transports Gor Mahia players.

    If somehow we make it from the airport then the second battle field will be on the way to the hotel. Thugs and goons will be waiting along the way.

    At the hotel, running water will be disconnected and explosive fireworks will be discharged the whole of Saturday night. Should we survive till at the stadium on Sunday, then that will be the arena of the mother of all dirt and unfairness.
    What I will tell our travelling boys is to set their eyes on the ultimate prize and their hearts on God. Our boys are strong men of valour. No man has the capability of crushing another human like a bed bug. No matter the intimidation, the Algerians will never lay a hand on any of our players. The war will be verbal and psychological by way of withholding basic amenities. Our boys should stand strong and firm. No pain will last forever. Once you fly out of the war zone on Sunday night all that will be history.

  3. So BFB is Egypt any better, Zamalek is hurting at the bottom of the table and I believe these Arabs are planning worst for us from both sides but this is where I ask whether any soccer authorities, CAF or FIFA do listen and watch out for such overt threats to visiting teams. I wish the team good luck and leave the rest to God who never sleeps.

    1. JTGJ, no human can be so angry, petty and unreasonable like a frustrated Arab. On this yardstick, the only difference between Algeria and Egypt is that A comes before E in the English alphabet. However, considering NA Hussein’s scapegoating and the fact that Zamalek never raised any such complaints when they visited us, I would say, with a lot of measured breath that Egypt is a better evil.

  4. The situation as aptly described by @BB is what awaits as in Algiers or to be specific about it , what awaits as are two things , off pitch and on the pitch , I dont know our capacity to deal with the expected off the pitch issues , but we have since prooved that we are very capable of going toe to toe and even better opponents that hitherto were perceived to be invisible courtesy of the mythical North African perceived invicibility and it is from the above context that players like Dennis the menace comes in moreso in the off the pitch aspect , there are others who embody the same experience e.g Shakava , Tuisenge, Batambuze , Kahata , Philmon , Mugune .
    For the others who will be going through this for the first time , the fire will be real and like they say , the bigger the challenge , the bigger the opportunity , not just for this game but the future of your footballing career not only in Gor but for the Big Boys who will come calling , the contrary comes with contrary consequences and on this note I wish to implore Goalkeeper Odhiambo , Momanyi, Samuel Onyango and Kipkirui to treat this as their door to the future-I believe we have all it takes .

  5. GOD’S PRESCENCE engulf Gor Mahia travelling team throughout their travels to Algeria and Egypt.
    Let’s trust GOD for a miracle.
    It is well

  6. Gor players shud not fear N.Africa trip. The mindset in the Arab world n W.Africa is that you cannot be knocked out by an E.Africa side. Hence the side shows and harasment.
    The worst part is when the E.Africans start to believe this nonsense. You will end up with 5nil or 7nil scores.
    While I support a more defensive formation, pls do not show fear and avoid browls and fouls inside the Gor half. These browls are designed for ‘stupid’ players who easily forget their roles.
    The refs are not necessarily paid but North and West enjoy their ‘dorminance’ thru the refs. Your gud to us so we’ll be gud to you. Do not waste time arguing with the ref but do so only to run the clock. Slow down the game. A Frustrated Arab will try anything to win. In any browl keep an eye where the ball is at all times.
    The ref in the vs Algerian side added 7 illegal minutes all in the name of a browl. This was all designed to help Hessin Dey equalise. This was a non existant browl yet the Gor bench especially the Oktay fell into the trap.
    The best thing to do was for the bench to move away and look like the victims.
    Long story short Hussein Dey got 7 illegal minutes all in the name of stoppage.
    No2. Do not allow a goal in the first 10 minutes.
    8 man wall just outside the box will do.
    All the best, you can do this.

  7. Many a time , opinions have been divided on this wall and elsewhere of who between Boni Oluoch and Odhiambo is more deserving between the Posts , and while my personal opinion has been in favour of Oluoch and for reasons I have already expounded on , it has never meant that Odhiambo is of a lesser quality and that as presently constituted he is the future , if for reasons that have been beyond his control for his not being selected ahead of Oluoch , a moment has now presented itself courtesy of Oluoch’s injury to sieze the moment , convince any doubters that indeed it has always been the absence of opportunities rather than his capacity .
    Rising to the occasion in a high stakes and high pressure game like tomorrow’s will mean two things I.e he has both the phisical and mental aptitude to withstand a high stakes game within a toxic atmosphere for these are the qualities required in a highly volatile community that makes Gor Mahia .
    So Mr Odiambo , an opportunity has presented itself to make this jersey permanently yours and to banish thoughts like mine who have always argued not about your capacity but about your not known experienced experience , I know you will appreciate why I have been how I have been about you and I also believe that tomorrow marks the beginning of your very bright future- Go in there and make as proud.

  8. All said and done. Freddy is our future “The late Dan Odhiambo” alias ” Kenya 1″. @ Michael golo now you wishes has been GRANTED….
    let us consume ” CLEAN SHEET”.. Bwana ..WAKILI..Over 2 U…. It is your moment 2 Cherish… Kenya ONE..

  9. It will be a tough week for our boys…but like they say,in football anything can happen.We certainly hope for the best!!

    1. Yes we are very much aware that Efusi arrived safely in Kakamega and collected all points against SoNy. Let me ask you, Benson Disi. Does it mean that for Efusi to win now, they must take the match to Bukhungu?

    2. Yes we are very much aware that Efusi arrived safely in Kakamega and collected all points against SoNy. Let me ask you, Benson Disi. Does it mean that for Efusi to win now, they must take the match to Bukhungu?

  10. My best wishes for the team in Algeria and Egypt. Gor topped round 1 of this competition with 6/9 points. For qualifications to the knockout stage, the team must top or be second on round 2 starting with Hussein Dey game.
    Do you think when Peter and James told Jesus that they were in the lake the whole night without a catch – fish had migrated? When a hunter comes home empty-handed does it mean the animals migrated to Thailand? I think we must reassess our strategy and think positive about the outing in the Arab world. In any case the team we should be motivated to dislodge is Hussein Dey – we played them just a week ago. Much may not have changed. Banking all our hopes on the last game to shape our destiny comes with pain and tears. If the way Gor began the league this season losing to Bandari and Kariobangi Sharks. then it is clear that teams become better as the tournament progresses and Petro Athletico of Angola may not be exceptional. We may find a different Petro from the one we played in Angola. Lets aim to conclude the business before the last game. We pray for you and believe in your strength albeit playing under difficult environment.

  11. @nyakwar…why are you assuming we are leaving everything for the last game?of course we are going to north Africa looking for maximum points.it’s a misconception thinking otherwise.
    All the best to the team.Take the fight to the Arabs!!

  12. @Fred Odhiambo , just like you , I was wondering what informed @Nyakwar Rahiti’s take , but that is until I read Oktay’s remarks of “we must get at least a point from the 2games” and thats when I understood the basis of his article for if are to unquote Oktay’s remarks , it means basically that our last game against Athletico is already in the bag and which in my opinion is dangerous , my take with both Hussein dey and Athletico in mind is that we need to take at a bare minimum , at least 2 points from the
    from the 2games while we wait for Athletico , because as things stand now , all teams, Zemalek included have a chance to qualify to the quarters , things though , will get clear after tomorrows games in Algiers and Luanda , but like Nyakwar has also rightly concluded , the myth about the invincibility of North Africans has since been demystified and I dont see why we cant just go ahead and burst further myths and get the 6points because for the first time , since Gor was formed , we are going to North Africa unbowed .

    1. @ Fred Odhiambo, @Teddy Sofaset branch is spot on regarding my post. Oktay said he needs 4 points to move to the next stage and that is my concern thinking of draws in the north. In fact it is painted all over the media that Gor has a poor away record and breaking that jinx through a draw especially from the north will be great. I agree but my point is, if Gor comes back with two points from the North, that will be great but not enough to propel the team to the next round unless the last game is won. At the moment, Gor tops the pool but it is the most vulnerable out of the top three teams. NA Hussein Dey and Petro Athletico has two home matches compared to Gor’s one. If what has been witnessed so far in this pool where home team wins then it is like saying Petro Athletic will land in Nairobi at 10 points to look for a draw while Gor will be playing a must win match. Be that as it may, my concern is not the outcome in these outings, but the concern on mindset, mental conditioning and how it impacts on the strategy, tactics, techniques, formation, fielding and general game management. As they say in Somali, if you want your neighbor to help you with a goat, ask for a camel. At the end of today, the pool will shape up more clearly, but one thing for sure, Gor does not have any control on the outcome of the Petro Athletico Vs Zamalek. We can shape our destiny by beating NA Hussein Dey today. All said and done, Gor is the team to beat and if you are in doubt ask the Arabs.

  13. Hehee, Gor player you are also in Algiers? I like that tone you have adopted. 90 minutes and God for us I dare believe, take the fight to these Arabs, rock them up, defend like bulls there is nothing better than a panicking Arab. Again God for us.


    1. @Baba Travis , the team is well settled at the Hotel school of hotel and restaurant management in the outskirts and away from the hustle and bustle of Algiers , a very magnificient facility and a recent tweet from Nicholas Kipkirui (A Real Gor Player ) confirms they are well settled and no war has reared its head as yet -Otherwise say hello to Travis .

  15. @Teddy sofaset…I am glad to hear that the team is safe.Am currently at Alliance High School visiting Travis.Receive his greetings.God bless you for the well wishes for my boy.

  16. @ dawaplus Gor player is our very intelligent Jakoyo.Yes! He is in Algeria Estate in Eastlands Nairobi(Kenya).They won against Sony Sugar yesterday and celebrated as if they have won the league.Congratulations Jakoyo for this.Your team is out of bottom 1.Good progress.

    1. Kwani how many @Gor player do we have ? , because the other one Vowed that if we hire a mzungu coach , he will ensure that we go back to the grass , yet this one who is feeling Cold is in “Algeria “with a mzungu coach assuring as not to worry , why cant he be decisive and decide which version of @Gor player he wishes to be-We dont want either version though .

  17. We should pick our first away points, i.e. against these Algerians. They are not that good. If anything,we are better!

    Waiting for only good news!

  18. @”Gor player”…..you are not in Algeria…you are not even a player…..you are just another pretender…

    1. Now Petro Atletico must win their two remaining matches. Zamalek may just beat the odds and qualify.

  19. Trying to analyse @Gor player statements.First is arrived safely, an assurance then too cold. All his info can be got from other sources;atoe line up
    at least tumuamini.All in all Fake News. Good luck to Great Gor Mahia. Oliech to score “am in Algiers”-:)

  20. CHUOR TIMBE, wishing you all the best!

    In victory and glory, in defeat and agony K’Ogalo for ever!

  21. We had a clean goal ruled out for infringement after the host player had blocked their keeper. Surely officiating is wanting in Africa. Even the commentators had agreed that was a goal but referee had his mind fixed somewhere.

  22. One mistake we did was to let them into the game early and not open up. That team.was weak but i am not sure what the strategy for gor was. We fell for their tricks and by the way they never troubled us at all. we should have taken the game to them like we did in the second half.I partially blame the coach for the loss despite the biased officiating. Defending too much, not having proper shoes, sluggish attacks was not good for us


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