Gor Mahia fans claim to have evidence of corruption at the club

“These are the reasons why Gor Mahia as a club cant thrive. A group of fans go out of their way to secure an ambulance for their match against Bandari but the club officials see it wise to deduct a certain amount from gate collections in the name of ‘paying for the ambulance’.”

The post hit social media on Tuesday but Kogalo officials have not responded.

12 thoughts on “Gor Mahia fans claim to have evidence of corruption at the club

  1. I have thought long and hard about contributing to initiatives like Augmentin. This is precisely why I decided against it. All such initiatives do is make it more likely that officials will loot gate collections, transfer fees and sponsorship money. If player salaries are being covered by Augmentin, then officials are more inclined to loot the money.

    Augmentin is laudable. But it absolves the officials of the responsibility of being accountable. Even if this story is not true (And I think it is), it creates suspicion because it is one among many stories like the case of players beating an official in Benghazi or the case of and official demanding a cut of Derrick Otanga’s pay.

    If this club is 100% accountable, it can immediately get 30,000 paying fans both at home and abroad. People will return to the stadium. But the officials will fight tooth and nail to avoid accountability.
    Now instead, attendance will continue to plummett.

      1. Nobody will ever trust Gor Mahia officials. The best idea I have heard is that the club should hire a reputable avcounting company to manage all its finances including gate collections, sponsorship money and member donations. But I’m not under any illusions. I know the club officials will fight such an idea

  2. I totally agree with you @ogello.Underhand dealings and lack of accountability and transparency is what has put Gor ii in the financial mess it is today. Perhaps that is why we struggle to get sponsors on board!!

  3. You are a very old school backward and archaic admin who can’t stand the truth being told here.. Do yourself a favour and remove me permanently from commenting on this portal you useless good for nothing human being.. You are one of the reasons we will never progress as a club.. I wonder who even made you the admin.. Bure kabisa YMFPOS.. Am better off elsewhere than here where people like you behave like little Gods who want to be worshipped… Nonesense

    1. I’m asking the entire club officials not to let our team down,by corruption,please wake up Mr chairman and do what is necessary.

    2. @Fred Odhiambo, your initials are FO so kindly just kwenda mbali. Potelea mbali. You are one of the clowns who has been sabotaging this site from get go.

  4. That’s very bad kogalo is a cash cow where every official wants milk dry.That’s why they are 11officials vs 11 players 1st 11.And they keep contradicting each other .Bure kabisa

  5. That’s very true…Gor mahia fans are really die hard,financial and warm supportive..and the official are the reason we can’t even progress to international games,they give even coaches hard time to manage the coaching…such officials should be removed immediately from office,we need a free corruption zone management@kogalo

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