Gor Mahia floor AFC Leopards 2-0

Kenneth Muguna celebrates after scoring the first goal

Gor Mahia continued their march up the league table on Saturday when they sunk arch rivals AFC Leoopards 2-0 at Kasarani on Saturday. The goals came from Kenneth Muguna and a sublime free-kick from Francis Kahata. Aside from three crucial points, the result means Kogalo is in good form ahead of another crucial continental match this Wednesday.

Additional reporting from Citizen Sports

After starting a passing move in the midfield, Muguna raced towards goal to finish it off, placing the ball beyond goalkeeper Eric Ndayishimiye after Kahata’s delivery into a crowded six yard box had fallen kindly into his path.

The former KPL MVP nearly doubled his tally for the afternoon minutes later only to see his effort from the edge of penalty area come off the crossbar

Whyvonne Isuza headed over from a rebound six minutes to the break after Marcel Kaheza’s free-kick had brushed against the wall. Leopards threatened from another set piece at the stroke of half time with Isaac Kipyegon’s free-kick curling inches wide.

Leopards looked recharged in the second half but a dreadful misjudgment from Ndayishimiye allowed Kahata’s free-kick to drop into the back of his net after Harun Shakava had missed a headed attempt.

Gor thought they had gone 3-0 up when Jacques Tuyisenge headed in Kahata’s cross but his effort was ruled out for offside.

Substitute Erisa Ssekisambu spurned another chance to put Gor three to the good when his heavy touch from close in allowed Ndayishimiye to collect the ball after George Odhiambo had found him with a low cross.

Starting XI

  1. Boniface Oluoch, 26. Philemon Otieno, 6.Shafik Batambuze, 12.Joash Onayngo, 18.Haron Shakava, 20.Ernest Wendo, 11.Bonface Omondi, 21. Kenneth Muguna, 7.Nicholas Kipkirui, 9. Jacques Tuyisenge, 8. Francis Kahata


  1. Fredrick Odhiambo, 15. Joachim Oluoch, 27.Charles Momanyi, 17.Bernard Ondiek, 25.George Odhaimbo, 23.Francis Mustapha, 22.Erisa Ssekisambu

AFC Leopards Starting XI:

Ndayishimiye Eric, Isaac Kipyegon, Dennis Sikhayi, Robinson Kamura ©, Salim Abdallah, Christopher Oruchum, Saad Musa, Whyvonne Isuzza, Marcel Kaheza, Odeny Jaffery, Wayi Yeka


Jairus Adira, Mainge Yusuf, Mukangula Eugene, Victor Majid, Brian Marita, Odeny Aziz, Vincent Oburu.

93 thoughts on “Gor Mahia floor AFC Leopards 2-0

  1. No no no!Oktay is becoming too much.money has been poured by Ja asego to demolish our big chunk of fans.This is not the way to bring “fans ” to gor mahia.
    1.highest scoring team.
    2.Least conceding team.
    3.Highest goal difference.
    4.No.2 on log with a much in hand.
    5.Munching african giants-zamalek.
    No no no.Oktay must go.we need our “fans/bloggers “back.we simply cannot continue like this.

    1. Hehe @Joods you are killing me…This masqueraders we will annihilate with win after win coupled with masterclass performances both locally anf continentally…

  2. Tulikuwa na kazi moja tu, tulikuwa na kazi moja!

    Congratulations team for bagging the three points, for keeping a clean sheet and maintaining our superior record over Efusi.

    I team that has midfielders who can rise to the occasion and score goals worth all the respect.

  3. Great performance from all players and special applause to Muguna and Kahata for the masterclass display. Keep the fire burning and Ec to pay winning bonuses promptly.The crowd was fairly large( not less than 5000), where is Gor player, ingo and jakoyo?? Another painful week for you!! Shauri zenu.

  4. we need Afc leopards back,sai mafans wanajua results even b4 the Derby.Gor ma team needs calibre,to regain the glory of African champs.slowly by slowly tunafika hapo.kitambo we used kutolewa qualifiers,sofapaka made headline to a team that was almost getting to group stage now Gor,mayienga Kenya clubs,is almost making to the round of 16 and this season will be our season watch this team.partnership of kahata and muguna.sorry to kenya clubs,Mathare shikilia hapo kwa muda coz we are coming to our position 1. #where is Afc?

  5. my name is Oyugi Simbiri and am looking for advice and people to help me come up with a sports bill that will make our all County to set aside ksh 300,000,000 that will be used to invest in kenya sports ligs.and this sports bill will have all the clubs playing the ligs belong to the County people,like e.g Manchester United belongs to people of Manchester.let all kenya cooperates sponsor our clubs not have cooperates clubs like Tusker or bandari.sports is a big industry that can employ many people.

    1. We’re Gor mahia fc and we much on. Am glad that oktay mwarabu who tought waarabu a lesson they will never forget by beating them 4-2 in Nairobi kasarani have found a new formula to use in fielding muguna and kahata at the same time. Muguna is extremely talented just like kahata and any would want to play same as kahata. It is also worth noting that our midfielders are hungry to score. Kudos team K’ogalo for an excellent display. Unfortunately Wuod Mary did feature in the derby. But I congratulate team K’ogalo including Jasego, technical bench and players. We can only be better and not deteriorate as Oktay puts it. Even defenders have woken up by putting an improved performance. All departments are now working with maximum output. Team ochiek.

  6. Great news!

    Keep that tempo. If we can pick a point or two and)or a win on the road, you can be sure we will be in the quarter finals this time round!

  7. Congratulations team Gor Mahia…..Gor Mahia EC should ensure players dont resort to a go slow due to delayed salaries and match winning bonuses….the EC must well take care of the players welfare to enable them do well.

  8. An overall good performance and I hope the clean sheet gives Oluoch and his defence the much needed confidence going forward!

  9. Jasego no post get me right ,why was oliech nowhere some rumors that I don’t trust that he walked away from camp,is that true? Gor needs a natural left winger Abdalla ,kamura should have been red carded ,how was the third goal ruled offside and it was own goal AFC player was offside as he scored the goal BlackBerry is it your age catching with u thanks team Gor

    1. Oliech wuod mary is a very professional and good demeanoured player who Cannot walk away from the team yawa,where are those dirty rumuors coming from? Oliech sustained a sprain on his ankle during training on friday and we are assessing him appropriately and decided not to risk him today as he is our Nuclear Firepower in Caf Competitions…All is well George Aduwa disregard the Naysayers

  10. Muguna thank you my boy for re-discovering your devastating best that very few players possess talent wise. I never lost hope and pushed you back to the place you needed to be. Kahata amazing and terrific display. All Gor players splendid performance we are proud of you. Coach Oktay and entire TB hongera sana. Thanks wonderful green army fans. Angola is the next stop we hope the glory run continues. Mathare United Gor Biro Yawne Yoo…@Jamriambo and Jamigori osiepe naa umor?

    1. I am glad Muguna is coming up nicely… Please extend Kahata contract and put in a release clause. He and Muguna are going to be hot properties in the continental stage, these two guys will lead us into the semi-finals and offers will be coming for their signatures thick and fast, it will be such a shame a talent like Kahata going for free, you will never hear the end of it. On the other hand please talk to Blackberry, his casualness will cost him his place in the team, Lawi and Nyadundo will permanently relegate hi to the bench and he will find himself out of the team, he needs to score goals especially now that he only has two goal remaining to be enter the top ten all time goal scorers at Gor

      1. We need a replacement for Wendo probably from Africa, his passing and reaction is dreadful. we need somebody better to complete the triumvirate in the midfield.

    2. @Jasego, amor ahinya with the work you are doing. Keep it up brother and we need to meet. We have to move Gor Mahia to greater heights. Owadwa.

  11. KUDOS TO THE BOYS for the win that pushes us up on the log!
    Derbys are never easy!

    A pat on the back also to coach Hassan and the entire TB and the adoring fans!

    In Jasego we trust!

    In victory and glory, in defeat and agony K’Ogalo for ever!

    Bony Oluoch-6, You are not as bad as you try to proove to us at times .
    – – – – – – – – –
    Philemon -7 , Routine Performance — – – – – – – – – Shafique -6 ,
    Please improve on your crosses into the box , crosses should be targetted and not just crossing for crossing sake
    – – – – – – – – – Joash -6 , Old school angry defender , try smilling a bit more , it helps you to relax .
    – – – – – – – – –
    Shakava -6 , I will be glad the day you come to the realization that 80% of your long balls end up with the opponent , I hope this is the last time we are having this conversation but I feel like am in for a long wait .
    – – – – – – – – –
    Wendo -4 , Mentally absent , Football is 70% mental and the rest phisical , if in doubt , ask kahata .
    – – – – – – – –
    Boniface Adundo -7 , You are good my brother and you will get better , just improve on your posessional patience .
    – – – – – – – – –
    Muguna -8 , @Muguna , while you were away , you are a good lesson to the intolerant kogalo fan that matters of fact are best reasoned using the head , feelings should be left to the heart which is what they used to judge you .
    – – – – – – – – – Jacques -8 , Your grit and endurance has since silenced the doomsayers who never appreciated you are worth more than your 4m signing fee , we are in the 27m bracket courtesy of your imense contribution .
    – – – – – – – –
    Kipkirui -7 ,
    Kip , Kip winning , you are now in the true home of champions .
    – – – – – – – – –
    Kahata -9 , Please talk to Wendo , Show him how you do what you do .
    – – – – – – – – –
    Oktay -10, but I think I warned you in my last post that you are bankrupting “Gor suppporters” , cant you see that Gor player no longer has bundles to post irrelevancies , the handout swamp has dried .

  13. Guys we have every right to celebrate a win over Ogwang’. However, even as we do so, let us give thought to Jamigori’s suggestion that “all bloggers in this site need to register and quote their membership numbers before posting anything and frequenting/hitting this site”.

    Let us also remember
    Dawaplus’ question that “. I would like to be a member how much do I pay and how do I do it?”

    This blog site has great potential. I remember on more than one occasion when the great Okoth Jabilo spearheaded collection of funds to motivate players and that money was delivered into the hands of Jerry Jagoal who was the captain then. J’Asego you can spearhead thie registration of members from this blog. I believe it is doable. Just go to Angola and bring us victory fast then we can all embark on registration. This blog has the numbers needed to give Jamigori the Chairmanship.

    1. Supported…
      If the forms can be sent to us we fill n return via post. Then send mpesa.
      Or any better suggestion.
      What floor is Gor offy at finance hse?

  14. kudos boys,you really made my day,even though i was very much annoyed yesterday with the referee decision to disallow a clear goal from Jacques tuyisenge.Am also a FIFA license referee,but I can not tolerate madness in officiation. Jasego congratulations my brother for stabilizing the once believed to be a sinking ship. Hong era bro.

  15. I can’t believe that Jakoyo, Ingo and Gor player are not commenting any more, they must really be deflated and disappointed by what is happening now. Let’s hope that this momentum is maintained, the team has hit form at the right time.

  16. Kongole GM.If we can improve on Wendo’s position , have a player who can not only be defensive bt drive the team forward.(ki fernadinho style) I think we would destroy teams left ,right & center.At times I choose not to blame shaks & joash for long balls, its because Wendo rarely avails himself to receive the balls and initiate moves,.If I were Oktay I would substitute wendo & Carrick/Bena to get the best.

    1. Levelmind that Wendo ppsition is problematic and that is why in Caf Competitions we shall resort to having Lawi play that pivot position. It might not be his preferred position but nevertheless he is nore effective overall in playing behind the ball and helping the team transition from defense to attack with speed. Enzi za zamani DMF kupiga watu viatu pekee na kukwara without playmaking iliisha…

    2. @level mind , I think you are being unfair to characters like Jakoyo , Gor player and Ingo , it might help to remind you of what a blogger posted on this wall about a dog well beaten cannot cry , even pretending has limits ,-if in doubt , try pretending you are an ingwe fan and see how unsustainable it is thus it is my hope that we allow those characters to heal ,

      1. @teddy, you risk drawing the wrath of BB who is a sworn animal(especially of the dog variety) rights defender. In the spirit of handshake let’s give dogs a break and let the sleeping ones lie. Were they to awake this forum would be toxic!!

  17. Hehee! @ teddy that word fair has never been in their dictionary, nevertheless my post was on a lighter note, mtu asikonde but just like @ musymo & spirit of handshake I say haidhuru & give them space to heal.
    @ jasego tell Bena to train for that position and give Wendio, & Carrick competition. Juma is very good offensive wise bt. As shield to back four BADO.

  18. I have read somewhere that it takes at least 72hrs for a modern player to recover from the wear and tear of a game , I was wondering how long it takes -Ve energy “suppporters” to recover because its going to 60hours and they have not surfaced on this wall that they have come to love so much .
    @level mind just to clarify on my post , I meant you were “unfair ” and not unfair.

  19. Hehehe! Ninyi watu! I am not the dogs’ advocate, especially Nigerian dogs. I pray that our referees against Petro do not come from Nigeria. Even those from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Togo, and Benin are terrible.

    In view of the our second goal conceded against Bandari in the league opener and the corner that led to Mbao’s goal, I am of the opinion that Philemon should replace Wendo in DMF and leave this RFB to Wellington, Pascal Ogweno and Joachim. Philemon, Lawrence and Carcidy can fight for DMF while Benard fights it out with Miguna and Kahata for AMF. We have very able MFs therefore there is no need to go outside the country unless it is Bandari’s jersey 24, William Wadri.

  20. We as Gor Mahia fans and supporters do hereby give a notice of exit to @Jakoyo, @Gor Player, @Ingo etc to post now or failure to do so hereby authorises the admin to remove them from posting any toxic in this bloggers forum without further reference to them. They need to keep their lanes.

  21. Teddy Sofaset, it is about your advice to Joash Onyango and I quote “Joash -6 , Old school angry defender , try smilling a bit more , it helps you to relax .”

    Do you remember Oliver Khan? Very difficult to beat because of his ugly looks. He didn’t know how to smile with the opponent. Frank Ribbery? Deadly striker because of his menacing gangster’s looks. I guess Joash has role models among these soccer greats. He cannot be a London Donovan or Owen Hargreaves or Michael Owen….at least in Angola where we are not going for a beauty contest. J’Asego pamoja na vijana nisikilizeni: hatutaki uzuri Angola. Tunayo kazi moja tu, tunayo kazi moja.

  22. Surely guys , its perfectly understable why the 3musketeers have not appeared on the wall, put yourselves in their shoes , 10 points from 12matches , three coaches in 8weeks I.e a coach every 2and a half weeks , coaches who leave even before the fans learn how to pronounce their names , lost the last 3games prior to the derby , 2ECs with some officials in both comittees , a rapidly dwindling fan base-OMG am
    enjoying typing this , just one point above the relegation zone , a multitude of brokers etc etc , put yourself in those guys shoes for even 1weekend , its tough guys .
    @BB , I only asked Joash to smile only for therapietic reasons , not because of Sura reasons yawa .
    Finally @Musymo , the dogs I had in mind are those village non ambitious types you find wagging their tails in disco matangas

  23. Teddy you forgot to mention that the last Efusi coach that Cassa Mbungo replaced was only 25 years old, even younger than most of his charges.

    By the way, did you ever see a smile from Oliver Khan? Ever seen Ribbery smiling? Sura ya kazi even when celebrating victory or a goal

  24. At Jasego, I hope that you are planning for the down fall of petro atletico of Angola. A win a way will give the boys a belief that they can go for the ultimate price which is caf confederation cup trophy. If they can win resoundingly against the favorites, then I don’t see the reason why they should not go for the trophy. Please Jasego, give us an away win to knock one opponent virtually out of the tournament.

  25. What is all this?jasego do this mara jasego do that…fyi jasego has no powers to do anything Gor Mahia.He is a mere blogger like you and me.kindly let us stop worshipping him like he is some kind of small God.The TB as currently constituted has no persona of that kind.He only speculates and somehow convinces you that he is in a position to do things for Gor…don’t be fooled people!!!

    1. On the 29th of Dec. I attended a funeral in Homabay and met one Fred Odhiambo who was the chairman of a professional mourning that was hired to cry on our behalf and @Fred Odhiambo , I was wondering if you the same Fred I met there , if not then I tender my apologies , otherwise on the @Jasego issue , I have not heard anybody requesting anyone to mourn on our behalf .

    2. @Fred Odhiambo, no one is worshipping Jasego. He means well for the bloggers and that is why he will continue to be the centre of reference. We will continue to respect him and encourage him on what he has been doing. No one was invited in this site as well all invited ourselves and likewise you too invited yourself.

      Fred stop being jealous because of the fame and respect Jasego, BB, OT, Oduor12, Teddy, Michael etc commands in this site.

  26. @fred odhiambo, finally somebody smells a rat. you are the only intelligent blogger around Here. The rest like @ teddy are just too stupid or blatant ignorant to tell the difference. I laugh sometimes how you can fool most of the people most of the time but you can not fool all the people all the time.

    The list of the travelling contingent to Angola is out. Thinking loud, unless jasego is a football player or FKF official, where is he on the list ? Bullshit.

  27. @fred odhiambo, finally somebody smells a rat. you are the only intelligent blogger around Here. The rest like @ teddy are just too stupid or blatant ignorant to tell the difference. I laugh sometimes how you can fool most of the people most of the time but you can not fool all the people all the time

  28. finally somebody smells a rat. you are the only intelligent blogger around Here. The rest like teddy are just too stupid or blatant ignorant to tell the difference. I laugh sometimes how you can fool most of the people most of the time but you can not fool all the people all the time

  29. Jasego.l laugh sometimes how you can fool most of the people most of the time but you can not fool all the people all the time

    1. So are you addressing Jasego or Jamigori since you do seem to know the difference? Omera at times your reasoning is myopic but we gladly allow it for your chosen pseudonym is ‘Wichkuot’ which in itself tells us everything you are which is an embarassment to any learned mind

  30. @jamigori…I pity you.Are you on this site for fame?then good for you.
    Am here to articulate matters concerning the team not glorify pretenders and “ghost” workers purporting to be working for the team.
    I have no apologies to make and I don’t owe anyone here any.continue being fooled,it’s at your discretion anyway!!

    1. @fred odhiambo What have you ever articulated in your life worth note? Kaa ngima ni emosetami weche mag Gor nilos kure omera? Wee walo koda bwana okwarom to bende okinge’ya malong’o

    2. @Fred Odhiambo and all like-minded, why do you pity me? I do not know you and likewise you do not know me. What has brought us together in this site is only Gor Mahia. I do not care who you are as long as you do not gag me from posting my opinions and views concerning our club and great fan Jasego. I do encourage Jasego to continue posting and you are free to read or not to read, to comment on or not to comment against and finally to support or not top support.

      You are busy posting blasphemy that we are worshiping Jasego who is a Gor Mahia fan. This is blasphemy and when you are supporting Gor Mahia do you worship the team or give your support?

      What you have posted above is a true and negative reflection of yourself and please grow up from an infant to adult.

  31. Hehehe, @Fred odhiambo toboa kila kitu.the truth shall set us free. I am also beginning to believe some bloggers are double blogging – could jasego and jamigori be one and the same blogger. Just thinking loud.

  32. @musyimo, @level mindfan, @michael ogolo @jamigori @george Aduwa
    are true worshipers of @jasego.

    They call his name when Gor wins, they call on him if Gor is going for battle, they call his name when Gor loose. He is this Jasego? He should avoid being Bigger than GOR. This is Gor blog and not Jasego blog.

    That’s why independent minded Jakoyo cannot thrive by reminds all of us to focus on Gor and not individual.

      1. @Musymo brother i have no issues with these people that i neither know, never heard of nor recognize in this site from our years of blogging…

    1. @OJOmondi, you are not authorized to refer to any blogger as a worshiper of @Jasego. Jasego always stands out to be counted in giving us factual information about the club that has co-joined us together. You know my name because of Gor Mahia or because of a know place in Migori. Let me remind you that no one has stopped you from giving us factual or any comments on the team. Please leave @Jasego and other bloggers alone and I do encourage comrade @Jasego to continue updating us bloggers with the happenings at the club and I do confirm that I will continue reading and commenting as well as encouraging him to continue with the good work of updating us.

      But note that you are free to read or not to read, to comment or not to comment, to criticize or not to criticize, to support or not to support as we all have freedom of speech/expression which in enshrined in the Kenya Constitution that superceeds any other constitution(s) you and your like-minded ilks are trying to draft and force on us bloggers. Shame on and your like-minded ilks. Please read if you want but what I know very well that you can neither edit nor delete what Jasego has posted.

      Further more on a light note your name “Omondi” reminds me of the crooks and thugs that have been fleecing the club left right and centre or may be it resembles those known names at the club hierarchy.

  33. Esteemed bloggers and friends. No one or none of you worships me. We are just civil educated pals who mean well for the team suffice for the fact that I have access and locus to move and shake things in our beloved club for it’s well being. I do so Not for my benefit but GM. I am a mere mortal not worth being worshipped even by Ants small as they are for that is a preserve of GOD Almighty. The 3 bloggers appearing now out of nowhere and without provocation to target me have not even once in the past 3 games against Zamalek, Vihiga and the Derby congratulated team Gor neither the players nor TB in this site. They are simply part of the ingwe cartel masquerading in this site and now overwhelmed by Gor’s success have to spoil the party. I have no qualms with them they can abuse me or call me any names they wish. One even suggests Jamigori is myself…You mean in all these years a distinction btn me and my brother in this site is not discernible. Another one goes to praise jakoyo as an independent minded fighter against hero worshipping Jasego while if we recall who called a mere mortal AR the Title “His Majesty Right Reverend Almighty Chairman”. It was none other than the said jakoyo. Kindly desist from making me the subject of your frustrations in this site for i don’t even recognise your presence here to begin with nor are your contributions of any worth since you are Afc Masqueraders…

    1. @Jasego, I do encourage to continue updating bloggers with factual and true happenings at the club. We all have freedom for information and we appreciate the good work you are doing in giving us updates. Please ignores them and shame on them.

  34. Hey K’Ogalo let us all keep focus on the crucial battle ahead. Gor Mahia is representing Kenya and as a nation we have some unfinished football business with Angola.

    Ndugu Fred Odhiambo, you are a seasoned blogger in this site. You know we value peaceful coexistence in this site even as we jealously guard Gor Mahia’s name. You have never assaulted anyone here before. This assault on J’Asego is uncalled for. The fact that J’Asego is our linkman to the playing unit does not add or subtract anything from those who think he is a fraud. Onge nga’t ma dhog J’Asego osechamo puothe nikech J’Asego has become negligent due to Gor Mahia matters.

    As we face Petro, let us remain one united and strong team the way we were when we faced the Arabs. You and Wichkuot are very credible replacements for Dan, Oduor12 and Le Pastre who are warming the bench. Let us avoid unnecessary wars.

    I have always said that bloggers who warm the bench for so long risk putting up so much weight that they cannot be able to jump into any meaningful conclusion exactly as has happened to you regarding J’Asego.

    1. @fred pls listen to bb.this blogger dont just write to plis.if you are akin reader of this site he commented on what i had posted some times back which i thought no one noted but he brought it out on this thread.am only left wondering how jasego always post fact,if left to choose who between yule mtu eti….Gor tunapeleka nyasi na @jasego na weza poteza time yangu na mahali napata ukweli kuliko mtu ananidanganya eti oktay will be going home if we loose but he doesnt.

  35. I have read in the print media about the Gor contingent travelling to Angola but the
    names in the daily nation is different from the ones in futaa.com in that the latter has Wendo and Wellington while the daily nation has neither , Now if I wish to know the true picture of the true position and at the risk of being labelled a worshipper , I need not go further than this wall but ask Jasego .
    Secondly , when I and some bloggers needed clarification on exactly why Oliech was missing from the mashemeji derby , we got that clarification on this wall from Jasego and Oliech’s inclusion in the Angola entourage has vindicated that info.
    Thirdly if I wish to know the state of the players welfare e.g vis a vis the salaries and bonuses , I have received reliable feedback from @jasego, however and inspite all that , there is somebody on this wall who can selflessly provide those services , he/she is highly welcomed but to go on a tangent and exibit fake outrage with simplistic arguments that have no substance or added value is being literal on matters that are otherwise metaphorical , being one dimensional on issues that are multifacet.
    Surface thinking denies you the
    ability and capacity to çontextualise and which inadvertently leads you to a false conclusion , a situation you may not instantly conceptualise and not for lack of trying but rather due to low IQ and its on that basis and that basis alone that I defer my comments on your unfortunate comments-otherwise keep mourning

    1. Let us not be distracted by negative energy. I have always found Jasego to be very reliable in terrms of information that he shares on this blog. If that is equated with hero worshipping, so be it. Jasego, keeep updating us.

  36. Fellow Bloggers..I do not claim nor even believe that i am special in any way. I am just one amongst many intellectual peers on this site of our beloved team. My professional standing in society is one that has me having my career line in which am an authority coupled with having had an opportunity to delve into the football world and achieved modest certifications. GM having been the team of my father also happens to be the same one i cherish. In so doing i availed myself at it’s service in 2009 and have never looked back. We have walked with this team in hook and crook. The information i avail to you guys here is always first hand data not speculation as if it were i would have erred many a times before and got totally pounded for peddling innacuracies here by many of my detractors. Many a times i get reprimanded by the EC for the information i divulge here even at one time having been sidelined for my conviction in pushing what i believed to be beneficial for the team against EC’s wishes. When they came back and called me to continue our journey i obliged to which i was christened a broker eating GM together with the Chairman . If anyone has more reliable info please share do not believe Jasego has stifled this site to be it’s King for i am not and never will be. But attacking my character incessantly for No Reason that is unfair since i don’t do the same to anyone. Even to the 3 guys above forgive my language if i hit back strongly for i am only human and when provocked feel anger. GM has an important game and i need to focus not get distracted but such sideshows at this crucial moment…Thanks

  37. Ich lit moko manono go aaaye uru. Bwoch ne pok omor gi maendeleo mar Owadgi. Jasego fanya kazi bila uoga.For ever some people are opposed to a simple matter of Jasego updating us
    So you can start updating us like yesterday instead of ywagruok.

    1. most bloggers used to take jasego’scomments with a pinch of salt critic no.1 jakoyo has never forgiven jasego for informing us with information you cannever get on other platform.@fred if you think i am worshiping jasego simply because i ask for tit bit on Gor why dont you provide an alternative avenue to make us not share with jasego.simple put ichlit?remember the story of God and lucifer in the bible….ichlit on a very trvial issue.@fred am i woman or man probable you dont know,

  38. Now that we are gonna miss the services of 3regulars in Angola namely Tuisenge , Philmon and Wendo , it is my special appeal to the ones who will be called upon to fill those shoes that as a professional footballer , that chance is a special moment in your career , remember that you are not in Gor to warm the benches and this is that opportunity going into the future to give the technical bench selection headaches .
    A good example right at your doorstep would be Joaqim oluoch and momanyi , who in the absence of shakava and joash acquitted themselves so well that its no
    longer automatic that the latter are the central defenders of choice .
    A similar thing has happened in Berry’s position .
    The info I have and which is reliable is that the Angolans are not a side that should rattle kogalo if we bring our A -game and apart from the weather which
    will be a challenge , we shall overcome , I say this with confidence believing that just like he did against Zemalek , Coach Oktay has done adequate research on the Angolans as to come up with a contextual approach all factors considered .
    It is my wish that all messages of goodwill from this wall will reach the players through -ooops -ok through Jasego but if at all there is anybody of goodwill on this wall who can do the same, then with all humility your services would be highly appreciated BUT if your presence here is to pick up unnecessary fights to massage your fragile egos and nourish your inferiority complexes then you are surely in the wrong forum .
    The next game is what ideally we should have been talking about and not launching unprovoked attacks on people who have shown or mean no harm to you-lets learn on how to choose our battles

    1. @Teddy this blog already became toxic with spewed venom for no reason on my persona. I await it’s updating with the Angola travel plans then i will address the issues you have raised above…

      1. @Jasego, continue with updates. Let those that do not want to read to either close their eyes or open new blogging sites.They all have freedom to do what they want period.

  39. Hehe…isn’t it amazing how the truth hurts?suddenly people have crawled from the woodwork to try and justify the obvious.But I will follow BBs advice.However let it be said I don’t necessarily need outside information to know what is going on in Gor..it will always come out somehow.I don’t need to follow someone here for it

    1. Truth hurts…lies do not hurt??
      Ma fren go to for camp and update us. We shall really appreciate. This wall is not about Jasego or you. Tell us about Gor. Hayo mengine peleke choo.

      1. @JamriAmbo osiepa; Do you recall the very Luo wise-men once said that; “Ja budho e duonde ariyo jabed JamriAmbo”…. Tafakari ya babu…

        @ Jasego osiepa weche Gor pek kaka saa dhi. Obed mana kamano tek ni wadhach maber. Aneno ka bur ochiek to lit bang nyamo ogwang’ thoo yawa.

        @Jasego osiepa kama ili ema igwanyo ja dho ot. Onge ng’ama twinyo bur kose?……Then just do your part..Kuot ogwal ok mon ruath modho pi.

        1. @Ja Supembe, you make me miss our esteemed fellow blogger called @a person.He always had me tickled with his wicked sense of humour….in be imed bedie omin

    2. @Fred Odhiambo, you are free to read or not to read what @Jasego has posted. We all have freedom for information and if you can provide it that will be welcomed by all bloggers.

      But stop this nonsensical comments on other bloggers postings as no one has appointed you as our referee nor prefect of this site. If you are not happy with comments from @Jasego, you can as well open your blogging site but spare us this negative energy. We need our club Gor Mahia that has made made me to know you to win trophies and many accolades than diverting the key subject of discussion which is “Gor Mahia floor AFC Leopards 2-0” and “Gor Mahia”

  40. We need latest news admin, we are tired of individual’s bragging and manipulation of which not every blogger is a subject. In that case those followers should blame their right person if things change and not Oktay.It will be very unfair to heap praises on one person and rebuke another when circumstances change.

  41. You can see they are now changing their names from Jakoyo to Wichkuot, Gor Player to Fred Odhiambo & Ingo to Ojomondi.Just ignore them because they know where they belong to.

    1. @Kidi Kibudi, I think this is the truth of the matter. They are changing their names and these are people not worth talking about because soon and very soon they will change their colors and names again like chameleon which are highly specialized clade of Old World lizards with different species names as Jakoyo to Wichkuot, Gor Player to Fred Odhiambo & Ingo to Ojomondi.

      @Jasego, go on and update us and ignore these imbecile, stupid, foolish, idiotic, silly, doltish, half-witted, witless, dull, brainless, mindless, unintelligent and unwise bloggers.

    2. @Kidi Kibudi, Everyone knows that chameleons can change colour. But most of us have entirely the wrong idea about why they do it.

      1. @Jamigori just forget about this guys and pray for them since they are part of us. Shida ni vile wana mino weche kapudhe on one hand and next time they fwayo wach ka jang’ol ringo ei butcher. You will not understand what they want.

  42. @Kidi Kibudi, I think this is the truth of the matter. They are changing their names and these are people not worth talking about because soon and very soon they will change their colors and names again like chameleon which are highly specialized clade of Old World lizards with different species names as Jakoyo to Wichkuot, Gor Player to Fred Odhiambo & Ingo to Ojomondi.

    @Jasego, go on and update us and ignore these imbecile, stupid, foolish, idiotic, silly, doltish, half-witted, witless, dull, brainless, mindless, unintelligent and unwise bloggers.

  43. And what wrong has @Jasego done? The problem with our club is that we don’t have an information officer (despite having so many assistants and deputies) to let us know what is happening outside what we read in the public media. @Jasego please continue. We also know you are human and can get some things wrong or conclude wrongly in some cases. The important thing is that you have good intentions.
    By the way the latest is that Oliech will miss the trip to Angola due to the injury. Will Mustapha and Sekisambu stand up to be counted. Only time will tell

    1. @Dan Original , its good you have resurfaced and just when @BB was contemplating on replacing you with some guy seemingly on expired weed called witch kuot , hope I have spelt the name correctly , a guy who seemed to relish scoring own goals and then wondering why he is not been considered in the race for the golden boot -Karibu back D.O

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