Gor Mahia floor KMKM

Gor Mahia were in sensational form as they beat KMKM of Zanzibar 3-1 in their second CECAFA club cup match. Goals were scored by Meddie Kagere and Michael Olunga who scored twice.

Gor Mahia were in scintillating form throughout the match. They took a 2nd minute lead. Michael Olunga made a good run down the flank and sent a cross to Kagere for an easy tap. Gor Mahia were up 1-0.

KMKM came back into the game strongly, searching for an equalizer. The equalizer came at minute 12. A Tizzo Chomba corner kick found was met by Anthony Simon who had been given too much space by the Gor Mahia rear guard. Simon rose unchallenged and headed home to level the score.

Olunga who was in fine form throughout continued to torment the Zanzibaris each time he had the ball. In the 50th minute, his well taken free kick was parried by the KMKM custodian. The resulting rebound fell to Kagere whose effort was also saved by the keeper.

Gor Mahia took control of the game in the second half and were more dominant as the game proceeded. The Zanzibaris seemed to tire as the game progressed which is shocking since they are used to the climate.

Coach Frank Nuttall rung changes in the second half and as usual, his substitutions were on point and effective. Ronald Omino  was replaced by Eric Ochieng while Godfrey Walusimbi departed for Enock Agwanda. The KMKM coach also made changes benching Nassor Omar and Faki Sharif for Haji Simba and Maulid Ibrahim.

The winner came in the 69th minute when Karim Nizigiyimana yet again effected one of his pinpoint crosses which Olunga headed home. The third goal came in the 78th minute. Substitute Enock Agwanda sent a long throw which Olunga took with textbook ball control  and firmly planted in the net.

The win puts Gor Mahia in excellent position to qualify for the next stage.


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  1. Congratulations to my Beloved Kogalo….To God Be The Glory. We have achieved our first objective of reaching Quarter Final.

  2. 18 games unbeaten (since last loss to AC leopards ) and still counting……just 5 more wins and we break LOGA’s 23 games unbeaten. wow !! simply wow !!! Olunga tell them you are the next big thing from East Africa after the SGR project.

    Nyammo Timbe without Mercy !!! The whole of East and Central Africa here we come.


    As expected good result against hard working KMKM.

    @ Barefoot Bandit please Google this “MINALFAIDHINA, UKITUONA KIMYA UJUE TUMEPIGWA…” And see the photo’s of what the die-hard fan “YANGA” namely Ally Yanga is going through after the beating during CECAFA in Ramadhani mtukufu.

    Poleni sana ndugu zangu kutoka Bongo na hasa timu mbili kubwa kama YANGA na KMKM. Kwani kwa kawaida Mcheza kwao huwa ni sharti atunzwe lakini si elewi kwa sababu gani Gor Mahia timu yetu ya Kenya hai tambui huu msemo. Hivyo ndio hali ya mchezo wa kandanda. Tusahau yalio pita tuganage ya jao. Ni hayo tu kwa sasa, walakini nawatakia kila la heri kwa mechi zenu zilizo salia kwenye raundi za mchujo. Mimi kaka wenu wa kijijini kwa umarufu kam ndugu OGANGO TRAILER

    1. Ndugu Ogango wasema nini bwana?kmkm siyo timu kubwa. Timu kubwa hapa bongo ni Simba, Yanga Azam na Coastal Union. KMKM ni kama vile Muhororni…..Nyinyi watu wa bara mwanichekesha sana. Kunywa mdafu halafu utulize

  4. Congratulations are quite in order for all from the players, tech bench , officials and the fans.

    I thank God almighty for this favour.

  5. @Brefoot Bandit do not compare Ally yanga with Jaro-Soldier of KDF. Actually Ally Yanga is the trade mark and replica of the “Juma” alias @ingo of that ka other local team. “HUJUMA KWA MASHABIKI WAPINZANI NA WENYE WIVU” Ati Gor ina bebwa na marefa wa KPL.

  6. Congratulationsteam Kogalo, GOR plays in first half while MAHIA takes over in second half, and someone dare claim ati marefa wanasaidia hawa vijana, now speak we hear you

  7. All the glory to God for seeing Kogalo through another game with another memorable win. Gor drew in the first half n Mahia won it for us in the second half. Happy we are….ohhhh

  8. thanks to God and cograts to the boys for beating the so called Kikosi Maalum ya Kupika Mandazi (KMKM) zanziber

  9. Congratulation to the entire team.every player gave his best to enable us achieve that margin.i think we played our normal game unlike the first match.Olunga is a genius guy.congrat to aucho,kagere and the rest of the team.

  10. The AMOK system……The AMOK strategy……..The AMOK spearhead. How lovely it is to watch them (Agwanda/Abondo, Microsoft Olunga, Kagere) working like a well-oiled goal machine. It was a joy to watch players like Ronald Omino, Erick Ochieng and Blackberry given a chance and my oh my did they not give a great account of themselves! To all this we return all glory to the almighty God.

  11. This is Gor Mahia, first half, we watch Gor, second half was Mahia. Congratulations my Gor Mahia. I thank God for this victory. Thank you Nattal. With this much-needed victory, that has sent our Gor Mahia to top of Group A and into the quarterfinals of the regional tournament despite having to play two more games against Al Khartoum of Sudan and Djibouti Telecom. I am breathing fresh air…keep the good work and what a wonderful game. To God Be the Glory

  12. Congratulations are in order.

    I see many blogs and media outlets talking of us losing Olunga and other players but my real concern is how to keep Nuttal. We need this coach longer. He will make our team great if given another two years.


    1. @The Villager, I agree with your observation. We need Prof. Frank Nuttal for more years in Gor Mahia as we still have a lot business that need to be done in moulding some of our young talented players. Our coach tactics are too superior to local coaches. For example our pattern of plays in first and second halves of 90 minutes are too dynamic and not predictable as compared to what tutelage of both local and regional coaches adopt in their playing units. Second halves tactics are more dynamic and aggressive as compared to first halves’ style of playing. This just confirm that Prof. Frank Nuttal is a great tactician and I can see the sky being the beginning limit for Gor Mahia and Prof. Frank Nuttal will surely take Gor Mahia places.

      We need to keep Prof. frank Nuttal for a long term period in order to take our great and clamour club to greater heights and places as far as the African football is concerned.

  13. I return all the glory and honour to the Almighty God in the name of our saviour and lord Jesus Christ for the victory our heavenly father gave us over KMKM.

    I also wish to congratulate the entire playing unit, technical bench led by Prof. Frank Nuttal, Executive Committee led by Wakili Ambrose Rachier and our travelling and sofaset fans for their continued support to the team.

  14. Congrats Kogallo. This team is a joy to watch.
    I am not worried about nothing. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

  15. Good job by the team.
    Simba r reported 2 b willing 2 offer US$ 20k (Ksh. 2M) 4 Olunga. He should stay & fight 4 KPL’s golden boot. Our transfer window is also closed so we will not b able 2 get a replacement hadi January, 2016.

  16. Guys i think i’m dreaming or something coz for those who saw Len Juliens, then i think he is back in the Mighty Frank Nutal, what a coach, wapika mandasi wa zanzibari walidhani eti wametupata, kumbe hawakujua that Nutal Orieko was watching, kufumba na kufumbua magoli yalikuwa matatu, eeih to mitna what a juicy victory, Obongo Nyakalaga, okombe ni miwa kuom yie mari, wakwayi kaka nyithindi kendo wageno kuomi ni ini miwa loch magalamoro, reswa kuom jowasikwa, miwa tinende kendo iketh maricho ma libamba ikonwa.
    Aketo geno ni iyie ne Olunga mondo olo gonde ma opim gi theodolite, kendo Kagere oked kaka Magere, to tim te olochi kaka Gor Mahono, enying Ruodhwa ma wuodi Yesu, AMEN.



    1. In everything you do, commit to the Lord God and he will make you successful, i commit this club Gor Mahia to bring us victory in Jesus name!

      1. Amen. This is the way forward comrade @Oriarogo.

        God will always come first in our lives and that is why He is God and He sits in His Majesty. Our work is very simply and we should always learn to return all the GLORY, HONOUR and PRAISES due to HIM as our heavenly father in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour…Amen.

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