Gor Mahia floor Nzoia Sugar 2-0

Gor Mahia put aside the disappointment of the 2019-2020 Champions league when they decisively beat Nzoia Sugar 2-0.

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Captain Kenneth Muguna and Clifton Miheso were on the mark as Gor Mahia saw off Nzoia Sugar 2-0 in a mid-week Kenyan Premier League match at the Mumias Sports Complex on Wednesday.

The win took the defending champions back to the top of the table with nine after three matches.

Nzoia on their part, drop to 13th place on the log with four points, unable to replicate their 2-0 win over Kisumu All Stars last time out.

Nzoia Coach Collins Omondi attributed the defeat to loss of concentration by his charges.

“We conceded the early goals due to lack of confidence. My boys made costly mistakes and at this level and against such kind of opposition, you will get punished,” said Omondi.

Steve Polack’s charges took an early lead in the ninth minute when captain Kenneth Muguna beat Nzoia goalkeeper Humphrey Katasi with a shot that diverted off Nzoia’s offensive midfielder Antony Njeru.


35 thoughts on “Gor Mahia floor Nzoia Sugar 2-0

  1. Let not anyone think Caf performance in any way gives Kpl teams a right to challenge us…CCC we await qualification

    1. Even, Tottenham Hotspurs lost heavily to Bayern Munich 2-7. So the bandaris,and sofapakas of this league should not assume that chuor timbe is over

      1. Tottenham lost but they already qualified in the group stages ,Gor lost in the preliminaries they did not qualify for group stages THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE…Same results for Gor every year since 2015

    2. By the way Jasego…menyo pap oko chuno…we went down 6-1 gi menyo no teh! We should just learn to trust God..be thankful to him and He will guide us cos he is all powerful.

      1. Nyarkopolo my sister abende owara but Juogii Gor ohero Menyo according to jodongo machon who run that dept. So as SIC I have to oblige and golo pes menyo before big Caf matches lest we be accused of non-cooperation with Gor Mahono…

  2. FT Nzoia 0-2 Muguna (10? and 27?), thus the team deserves congratulations for rising up brushing off the dust and getting to serious business. Congratulations too to the entire team for the first clean sheet, as my good friend has correctly observed. So we now believe that a clean sheet is a possibility. Good for DR. Mapigano Kisu for showing us that he can keep a clean sheet.

    I feel sorry for ‘The People’s Goalkeeper’ that things didn’t work well when he was given the chance last Sunday. I wish he could be given a second chance to prove to SGP that he is the best that we got. J’Asego Jerry Jagoal is doing some good work with the Youth Team. Make sure that your hint of getting a replacement for Willis Ochieng’ was not a threat, but a promise. Teddy Sofaset as I say this, I am fully aware that everyone must stick to their lane and I will convince you, my good friend that I am seriously sticking to mine.

    1. @BB, sticking to your lane is wise at times as it shields you from the vagaries but it’s not foolproof as you occasionally become a victim of the one under intoxication. Of course, that is on a light note. The coach has complained on two occasions how we play well in the first half, then engage second gear in the second half. Today that was apparent too. It may be game management but risky if it is because we are a one-half team(fitness related). All it would take is for teams to keep us at bay in our stronger half then unleash their bench power(benched tactically and not because they are second fiddle) on us in the second. That clean sheet is monumental in terms of mentality and confidence to the rearguard and the whole team. I hope it is a sign of good things to come defensively and not a one-off.

  3. Congratulations to the team… Back to winning ways.

    I see Maurice Ojwang has upstaged Momanyi as joash onyangos preferred partner in central defence.

    Looking forward to many more wins and clean sheets.

    1. Maybe it is about the chemistry between the two having played together before and/or Ojwang’s own qualities vs Momanyi. Momanyi too is a solid defender and one of my favourite Gor players. Good in the air too but is panicky at times and has lapses in concentration at crucial moments allowing opponents to slip past him. Ojwang makes up for his aerial shortcomings with a good reading of the game/tactical intelligence and ounces of confidence playing from the back. Personally am comfortable with both but if I had to make a choice I would go with Ojwang.

  4. Koro OK was ne Gor ksm because of goons ,Gor vs Tsk stadium no opong’ kamana GI majority jokuoe plz Rachier kel Gor ksm pay police to help at the gate

    1. George, the decision to pull all our home matches from the mouths of the Kisumu hyenas is painful, but remains the right move. Is there any difference between those Kisumu hyenas and thugs who would waylay (God forbid) all Gor Mahia players after they received their pay in envelopes and stripped them clean of all their month’s earnings?

      I wish to urge the Gor Mahia management to go even further and lockout the so-called fans out of our home matches. Entry should be allowed only upon production of proof that one is a registered club member. Just like posting comments here should also be pegged on that in order to coarse people to register as club members. I don’t think a registered member would engage in hoodlum behaviour and fleece the club of gate earnings.

  5. @musymo.. Thanks for the analysis. Seems like the coaches also prefer him to momanyi. Both are good players by the way.

    1. A very good and objective analysis of Momanyi indeed. Although he is good in the air, he tends to clear those headers to the opponent right out of the box within the opponent’s shooting range. He made a number of such disastrous clearances against Bandari in the Super Cup and against Aigle Noir. We were lucky that our opponent’s we’re slow to take advantage.

  6. @BB , your banter is indeed welcome , but just need to clarify one thing for the record by repeating what I said , and I requote myself verbatim I.e “The fans must have their SAY (incoherent as it may ), but the WAY is somebody else’s Territory ” .
    Otherwise today’s result against Nzoia is the kind of reaction that is a true reflection of Champions .
    @Oswozo Moziek , am glad you have noticed the same thing I noticed about Maurice Ojwang , he is a good in your face no nonsense defender in the mould of Joash , but as to whether he may overtake Momanyi , all I wish for is that may the best person win the position , in anycase competion for positions is the best headache a coach can ever have .
    On the issue of Aduda’s views in the previous article , he is very right in what he said but he wasnt completely honest when he talked about what causes sponsors to keep off , hooliganism is just but one of the factors , but the universally accepted major factor is ACCOUNTABILITY .
    I will give one local example , there has NEVER been any violence involving Rugby matches , but Kenya Rugby Union lost Blue Chip companies’ sponsorships due to corruption , they have started coming back with the new regime In office .
    Universally , the kind of hooliganism we witness in kenya is child’s play (not tolerable though ) compared to what we witness e.g in Argentina , Turkey or Egypt , just to name but a few , indeed the Copa America finals between Boca Juniors and Riverplate had to be replayed in Madrid , in a different continent
    because no known force in Argentina had the capacity to handle the match , but come April 2019 , Turkish Airlines signed a $15m sponsorship with Riverplate , in mid this year Adidas signed $100m +kits deal with Boca Juniors .
    Back to our local situation and what potential sponsors see clearly vis a vis accountability , lets use Gor vs Western stima home and away matches at Moi stadium kisumu as an example , both matches are packed to the rafters , Stima home at Moi Stadium nets over 2million , Gor home at the same Moi Stadium nets 0.6 million , it is a fact that in both matches , whether home or away , over 99% of the fans packed in the stadium for both matches are Gor fans .
    The fans , the teams and the stadium are all common denominators , the only thing that is not common is the gate keepers , the western stima gatekeepers net over 2m , the Gor gatekeepers net 0.6m .
    How come the same Gor fans didnt force their way into the stadium when the gatekeepers were of Western Stima .
    Now am not a sponsor but I can see that blatant design and lastly the hooliganism we witness , unfortunate as it is , is a consequence of a system that refuses to proactively engage with its fanbase , if they did , we would see less of that , but if I leave my house to go watch a gor game with a knowledge that a Gor official or steward will be strategically positioned at some corner to offer me a deal , my animal instincts will set in for the much that I will save , on the contrary if I know that avenue will not be availed e.g with Western stima at the gate , I will carry THE FULL amount and PAY .
    So Mr Lordvic , your tears are not contextual .
    Meanwhile let the 350100 continue so that we dont throw the baby out with the bathwater , afterall the EC is a reflection of we who elected them .

    1. A good piece, but how will 350100 continue if there is no accountability?
      Accountability. Accountability. Accountability. Where are the club’s audited accounts for investors to peruse? They are nowhere to be seen. It is like a blind who is blind folded searching for a black cat in a dark which does not exist.

  7. I request admin to bring the Philemon topic here on top so that we properly thank these friends. Also hope that Batambuze has been assisted

  8. To me as long as Mapigano and Odhiambo are fighting for the keeper’s spot then I feel there is meritocracy. They are our best keepers for now so I expect when one is playing the other is on the bench and vice versa.
    It was the unexplained long absence of Odhiambo from either the starting line or bench that raised concern.
    Same goes for Momanyi and Ojwang.
    However our biggest challenge at the moment is administration/ management (mal/mis) which affects mental toughness of players during CAF crucial matches but may start creeping in local games if not addressed by EC/owners.
    Congrats to GM for the win and to Philemon for taking the bold step and speaking about your plight, you could still be waiting for the flight to France. Wishing you quick and full recovery.

  9. Meanwhile as you celebrate mundane wins, don’t forget your responsibility as ‘fans’ . salaries, allowances and bonuses are yet to be paid, 350100 awaits all of you and offcourse the ‘huge debt’ we are still incuring to keep the club afloat .

    Let’s play our part well.

    1. @Jakoyo, for your information, I am unable to buy my ticket for the Kericho Zoo match just in much the same way that I could not purchase tickets for the USMA match last Sunday. My heart is willing, but this Infinity Ticketing firm is failing me and many others.

    1. Thank you sir for your prompt response. However, my frustration continues….whether I use this link or the infinity tickets app, everything goes on well until this dead end: “Payment Request Received, please enter your pin on your phone when prompted. You can safely close this wondow”. Close Window.

      I call it a dead end because nothing follows after that. The prompt that I am to receive in order to enter the “pin on my phone” does not come and it is not about the phone because I have changed phones. It is a question of validity, reliability and specificity. This e-ticketing initiative is Noble, but failing in these psychometric properties. If it is registering, sir I have registered to be purchasing the e-tickets, but nothing doing. Unless there is another registration….please enlighten me further.

      1. BB if you changed phones and the specific problem persists then I believe your simcard has an issue with STK push notification system…There are things we call “Cyclic Redundancy Errors” in the world of Information Technology and they are crippling Infinity Ticketing a fact I have spoke with them to no avail. Kindly bear with us in the short term as we are planning to purchase that app platform from them and totally own it and tailor make it suit our club preferences where the money shall directly go to Gor Mahia Club Account after ticket purchase and while at it Augment an USSD Platform too for those without smart phones..

  10. @BB et all , then do what everybody else does at match day, i.e pay someone cash and they do the processing for you on their phone and email you the ticket reference. This is something EC should also be positioning ticket officials at match day to be doing ….

    I do this for my family and friends all the time !

    1. Thank you, Jackie!, but for how long should we continue with such stop gap arrangements? How long will it take Infinity Tickets to address these teething problems? Does Kenya Bureau of Standards still exist? How about the Kenya consumers watchdog? Perhaps Infinity Tickets will act only in the unlikely event that one Dr (Fred Matiang’i) or one professor of medicine (George Magoha).

      1. ****Perhaps Infinity Tickets will act only in the unlikely event that one Dr (Fred Matiang’i) or one professor of medicine (George Magoha) put there foot down. Of late these two sons of Kenya are the only force that can jumpstart Kenyans to restart thinking.

  11. Yes one has put right western stima ,Sony ksm all stars will host Gor in ksm ,let wait ,how much will they raise ,it will put facts right ,if one team will collect more than one m then Gor is grade cow milked left and right up and down no owner

  12. Blocking good comment is not good,some team will bring Gor to ksm and they will collect millions a point will be r…..

  13. Haaiya @BB do you think the good Prof. GM can do a better job at GMFC than his thurmate ADOR.
    He may easily dismantle this ticketing, transfer and other cartels the way he did the national exams cheating cartels.
    Implement e-registration, VOTING, seasonal tickets and publication of audited financial statements the way he did the CBC dispite loud protestation from Sossion and his trade union.
    Some claim that oh running a club like GM, with less than 50 direct employees, is not a walk in the park as if organizations like Min. Of Education or Safaricom are run by aliens.
    Why doesn’t he offer his candidature, especially now that the club is in dire straits!


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