Gor Mahia get reprieve

Kogalo scraped through to the 3rd round of the FKL cup. In a bizzarre turn of events,
Gor Mahia is a beneficiary of a resolution passed by clubs during the grand draw held on June 22 at the Nyayo‘s Kenya National Sports Council (KNSC) boardroom. “All representatives of the teams participating in the tournament at the meeting signed the clause that allowed five losers in the second round to be allowed to sail to the third round.

However the decision has been met with howls of derision by other clubs, most notably Sofapaka and Congo United. Congo United coach Gilbert Selebwa told Supersport.com early Thursday that it was absolute meaningless to feature in the tournament if losers will be allowed to continue in the event.

“This is a knock-out tournament. We cannot admit losing teams through the back door. Those who lost should accept defeat and move on. Otherwise this tournament will be rendered meaningless,” said Selebwa.

Sofapaka Chief Executive officer (CEO) Pastor Jimmy Amboje said the rule was “pure robbery” to winning teams and argued that they will protest the decision.

The above comment from Sofapaka is ironic considering that they led the charge to boycott the FKL cup.

The decision is a relief for Gor Mahia fans, many of whom are eager to see the club play continental football.

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  1. just woke up to some elating news this morning…..according to Nairobi star…one of GM officials one Ataro made my morning he says that,the club is moving ahead with the plan to build their own stadium in Embakasi(remember the plot GM was given by Nyayo in 1983) hiyo hiyo…he further adds on by saying that adjuscent to the stadium they will build houses for the players(wonderful)…..kesho is the meeting of branch officials(62)branches that contributed over 3million ksh to buy the 32 seater bus that will be unveiled tomorrow.

  2. Beloved fans let me give u one free advice as an athlete and fitness coach…….there is something called temporary adaptation to ur current environment others call it acclimatizing….this process of body adjustment takes atleat 3 days or more. I don’t know what zico was trying to do by jumping into the plane asubuhi and then in the afternoon they are in the pitch…..he made it so difficult for the players……even getting that draw was an achievement. Next time let him plan properly for the trip to the coast hiyo humidity ni noma(it’s like breathing through a straw)

  3. Jakojera, travelling plans are usually the preserve of the Team Manager and not the coach, who can only advice. Because of acclimitization issues some teams travel on the day of the match before the body starts feeling the effects of the climate change. I believe had we won these issue could not have been raised. Let’s take both defeat and wins with humility. By the way all teams will be using us as a yardstick for their success so we are literally going to have it rough on the remaining fixtures. Watched Western Stima and Ingwe and the way the visitors played it’s not the team that was leading some few months before. But when we visit them we would most probably see a rejuvinated team

  4. Dan u r way out of the point……i insist the weather and the humidity down there… the air is so thick its like breathing through water…..u have never tried to do anything strenuous in that kind of climate hence ur comment…..hata tungeshinda its poor planning.Lets not argue over this…

  5. Selebwa and the good pastor are ignorant imbeciles. How now can you have a knock out competition, ending in a final two, which is not a multiple of 4?

    We started with 22 team, after round two we have eleven team meaning we have five pairs and one team hanging in round four.

    In round five you have three pairs of teams.

    Sasa nauliza with six teams how do you have a semi final? that is why you need wild cards, like what we got, to ensure we have 16 teams (a multiple of four.)

  6. that’s the legend at work pulling off baffling miraculous escapes (history repeating itself) now to Zico n the team lets not rue these matches against likes of congo n city stars as the reason 4 not winning cups

  7. Kogallo should concentrate on winning the League. Hii FKL will cause unnecessary fatigue and ijuries to the players.

  8. Zico needs to figure out why some teams are a tough nut to crack for Kogalo. I dont believe it was tiredeness that caused it. Strategy is the reason. A guy like Ochomo and Selenga only played half the game on Sunday. So how can he be tired at his age. Does he know that in the 80s and 90s, teams used to play games both Saturday and Sunday.

  9. @ Ja’ Kombewa, we have aspirations of mixing it up with the best in Africa next season. So how will we cope when we will be chasing titles on 5 fronts (Champions League, Cecafa, KPL, FKL Cup, and Top 8) we have to rotate the squad, improve fitness and mental toughness.

    We should embrace challenges not run away from them.

  10. Fatigue is not the reason. Kwani Gor has only 16 players to pick a squad from? where are players like Odera? Wen will they play?

  11. While I agree with jakojera on the issue of making better travel arrangements to allow for acclimatization, the onus still remains on the coach to find a better squad rotation. He knows that he will be having two matches in less than 5 days. Zico, please do a better job of planning ahead. I believe we have good depth to allow for a better rotation.

  12. Is it Zico’s and by extension mgtment’s strategy that after every gud performance GM must lose to mediocre teams i am starting to believe its not incompetence but rather deliberate sabotage and more so sheer indiscipline. That said as per the “strategy” we r winning against tusker

  13. What are being posted in article entitled ‘Rachier gunning for top spot’ seems to be personal vendata against our chairman. Ambrose Rachier has all rights to stand for the chairmanship of kenya football federation. People are talking about the bus project, which I highly think is going to be unveiled. Suppose the bus is unveiled next week what are you fans going to complain about? Rachier has done well for the club. Before Rachier came to the picture, GM was struggling with relegation challenges. Where were you fans? On accountability, yes we need to challenge the office to come out clean and present the audited accounts to fans during an AGM. The problem we have in Gor Mahia are our fans who during the AGM, elect inept officials who have got no brains and nothing to offer. The officials I’m talking about are Ataro; Mwalimu, Ngala, etc. From some reliable sources, these mentioned officials have ganged up against Rachier after our AFC match because the were stopped from handling the gate collections. In this regard, Ataro has teamed up with Hatimy (KFL Chairman) to frustrate and badmouth Rachier. The war in Gor is between these corrupt and useless officials that you fans voted during the elections and these officials are after their pockets and stomach. This is one of the reasons why we have never maximise in our gate collections like other clubs that had benefited from our matches. These officials have been running parallel tickets hence denying the club rightful revenue. In our match against AFC, entry tickets were printed in Dela Rue and they had limited chances to sell their illegal tickets.

  14. I hope this is not the beginning of bickering amongst the office bearers. We saw what such acrimony did to AFC. As Mwakio puts it this tme we need to elect people who have a vision for the club. We have to look beyond winning the next match which seems is what is driving some of the current office bearers. The people vying for the offices next time should have a blueprint telling us where they want the club to be in the next five years and we will judge them on that when their terms expire. The Chairman has all the democratic right to vie for the top job but we should criticize him constructively and within the club confines. No need to rush to the press to criticise your Chairman when you have all the channels within the branches. The other option is for those critics to exercise their democratic right and vote for whom they think is the best candidate. All in all next time let’s thoroughly scrutinise all the potential office bearers and get the best from the lot. The GM community has some of the best brains in the corporate world who can do wonders for the club. If you are in GM office to make money and you’re not even on the technical bench or a player then I think you are in the wrong place. There are ‘romours’ that some officials are not that transparent when it comes to finances. Though all in all the current office has tried but the bar has now been raised to a much higher level.


    The decision to give us the nod to go to the next level of the FKL cup tournament is laudable. Whether the decision was controversial or not, we care less.

    I know why some clubs are reacting against the decision. They know too well that Gor is team to beat. We can revive our hope of clinching the FKL cup this year even if we are the best losers in the knockout stage.

    We are still within the sight of reaching our goal. This is winning both the FKL cup and the Kenya premier league.

  16. mwakio’s comments must be treated with seriousness and urgency since GM is a pride of many Kenyans.i can also assure those of us who ever played football that lack of acclimatisation can make even a good team loose.our boys should travel 2 days in advance for encounters far away from home.i wish what jakojera is saying has an element of truth.

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