Gor Mahia go down fighting

For the first time in three seasons, Gor Mahia will not be in the group stage of the CAF Confederations cup. This after they lost 2-1 away to DC Motema Pembe

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Kenyan champions Gor Mahia were Sunday eliminated from Caf Confederation Cup after losing 2-1 to DR Congo giants DC Motema Pembe in the second leg play-off match in Kinshasa.

K’Ogalo failed to advance to the group stage after losing 3-2 on aggregate having settled for a 1-1 draw in the first leg at Kasarani a week ago.

At Stade Tata Raphaël Stadium, Wellington Ochieng handed Gor Mahia the lead in the 10th minute before Vinny Bongonga drew the hosts level in stoppage time of first half. Junior Kone then scored the winner for Motema Pembe in the 64th minute.

Wellington opened the scoring in the 10th minute after beating Motema Pembe’s keeper Mouko Marel with a rasping drive from the edge of the box.

Gor held on for the better part of the first half but were unlucky to concede on the brink of half time when Vinny Bongonga tapped in the equaliser.

Steven Polack made his first change in the 47th minute withdrawing the ineffective Nicholas Kipkurui for Ernest Wendo to help strengthen the midfield and it worked as the visitors poured forward in attack.

Gor almost went ahead in the 53rd minute but Wellington’s connection to Kenneth Muguna’s delivery from a corner went wide. On the other end, Bongonga shot wide in the 59th after Doxa Gikanji picked him out with a cross.

The moment Motema Pembe silently craved arrived in the 64th minute when Kone capitalised on a defensive lapse to score from close range.

Gor missed a glorious chance to level in the 78th minute after Muguna’s deep cross was cleared by Inonga Varane with Lawrence Juma lurking.

54 thoughts on “Gor Mahia go down fighting

  1. I watched the game. We played gallantly but we have a big problem with our two fullbacks(the Ochiengs). Both goals came from the wings and aside from that they lack positional awareness, tactical discipline and we may need to address those positions if we are to dominate locally agaim.again

  2. Financial matters aside, truth be told…there was no fighting at all, the coach is tactically very weak. Surely, he is yet to figure out how gor mahia can play with two offensive strikers upfront and today , he could not figure how to manage the dangerous wing play of DC Motema pembe, ambundo and gislan were offcolour from the 20th minute. What is equally dangerous is that 4-3-3 with one centre forward , seems to be the only formation we can play even when we needed to score bucket of goals…for those watching, did we even have a single shot on goal in the 2nd half ?

    1. Very true Jakoyo…when it comes to tactical intelligence Polack is a let down…oketo wiye ka wi Rombo…4_3_3… January to December

  3. We have an average coach I said it last week,you cannot win with one striker upfront, especially in a match you need goals,but overal Ambrose rachier needs to leave Gor,surely a chairman for 11years who can’t Register and sign quality players for continenantals year in year out,signs 17 players of which only a few can break in first eleven surely sad day for GORMAHIA.

  4. Thanks kogalo, we played well. Our strickers need to be confident with the ball Infront of the goal. We lacked composure we could have been 3- 0 at the 24th minute

  5. I think with all our problems we were expecting too much from the team. We need to give the sports ministry a break now. With this squad despite what @Jakoyo says we will still dominate locally. We have a good coach and good players all that is lacking is financial ability.
    We meet at Kasarani on Sunday as we continue our dominance over ingwe

  6. Let Gor Mahia sort it’s financial problems, win the league and prepare well for next year’s CAF club champions. #Paybill 350100

  7. Good effort guys, champions League again next year; that is where I want us to do something. Wachana na hii ya bandari, makes them think we are equal.
    That said of course it was known fact that we were going to struggle at our full backs, that problem should be addressed in the January transfer window.

  8. We have tried but Polack is a tactical dwarf …we are 2_1down… it’s 80th minute we need a goal to qualify…we have Samuel onyango on bench the he decides to bring in Maurice ojwang for Wellington …is that someone who’s mentally prepared okay??Ambundo can’t play 90minutes even a blind man can see that…must we play same formation come rain ..come sun….Polack isn’t tacticaly intelligent

    1. I could understand Wellington being subbed but Gor need to try Samuel on either of the fullbacks positions, kind of like the Jesus Navas or Ashley Young.

  9. We scored then went to defend.It was clear an equaliser was on the way and possible penalty loss. Am even thinking Afriyie and Miheso would still have been of no use to this team. QR Philemon +Batambuze we need them to have a serious team.

  10. ADOR and extension EC together with the vocal registered members must prove their worth. They must as a matter of priority settle the players’ salaries Jul to Oct2019.
    They freely sort to be lead GMFC and the members endorsed them and their plans which were as lofty as building a club stadium.
    Paying players’ salaries should be a walk in the park.
    Kudos players and TB it’s not lost on some of us the you played not knowing whether those you left back home had been evicted or had even had any meal while you were away.

  11. Any football tactician here to explain the philosophy of Scoring 1st goal then henceforth lumping the ball for Gislein to chase and commit foul.I have never seen Gor maintain a 1-0 lead in continentals.We were bound to concede at some point

  12. Oduor12 igolo adii on players salaries? Can you help us by paying the two fullbacks salaries as we suffer to pay the rest…We will highly appreciate your magnanimity in so doing…Wellington bende awinjo ni luongi ni Nera

    1. But @Jasego I’m neither a registered member nor an “owner”. There are those who chest thump and trumpet that “non members should shut up” yet they themselves collectively have not been able to achieve what you are requesting of me singly.
      How many are GMFC registered members and what has been their collective financial contribution since the sponsorship withdrawal?
      Is it anything worth shouting about?
      Is it anything significant?
      Have the registered members, nay can they, even called for a SGM to discuss the recurrent financial woes at GM immediately a sponsor bolts and how this can be resolved or alleviated?
      My other concern is that even if I were to be in a position to contribute anything wouldn’t the “owners* refund themselves first before paying the players.

      1. @Oduor12, you have rightly stated here that you are not a registered member. What moral authority do you then have to start castigating the team. You are not a member therefore keep to your lane. Iolowa gi theories ma nono.
        Ongeye gima olal, Gor kende emahero. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

        1. Both a registered member and a non member in GMFC are one and the same thing in the current running of GMFC.
          If there is any difference please enumerate.
          Describe the lane/impact of a registered member apart from shouting “SHUT UP YOU ARE NOT EVEN A MEMBER”
          How is your glorified membership helping the players, Kampala Branch mouthpiece?

          1. Gor is bigger than you omera. Theory ka liech to chulo gate kende mar 100 bob ka opuoyo. Then you want to try and educate us on how Gor should be run. Dhi milri kucho. You have not managed anything anywhere. Ok kata bura liend nyathi ma obwogi. So let Wakili Rachier run the club in peace. Theory ni go ter ne Wazito FC.
            Onge gima olal, Gor ema ahero. For God and my beloved club Kogallo

          2. Rachier has failed to pay players for 4 months. Has any player approached you for salaries. How many players have you paid. Wek walo kodwa Jayadha.

  13. It’s time to change from using registered membership as an election rubber stamp only but also as a revenue and accountability tool for GMFC.
    Key is that membership should be paid annually rather than be an agenda during elections only.
    E-membership i.e registration and voting must be adopted in addition to the manual method so as to target higher numbers. Realistically GMFC can get between 5-25k members.
    Like GMFC, Barcelona and R.Madrid are associations.

    Who owns Real Madrid and FC Barcelona? – Quora
    15 Mar 2015 ·
    No one person or business group “owns” FC Barcelona. As mentioned earlier, 155,000 “socis” (“socios” or “members”) who each pay up to €140 annually for the privilege. The socis govern the club by electing a president of the board of directors every four years.

  14. In addition to the club chairmanship the club can have regional directors maybe along the lines of the former 8 provinces to give club strategic direction and shore the membership numbers. Nairobi, Coast, Nyanza are areas with a high potential of members to be tapped. There is a need and a benefit in devolving the leadership of GMFC from Nairobi only.

  15. Had we won ALL these emails would have been in praise of the coach and ADOR, very typical of a Gor fan. We never ‘liked’ Kerr, Nutal, Hussein, Ze Maria, Williamson, Zico but we still won with them. This means they were never poor coaches, neither is Pollack. We just cannot control our bitterness. In case Gor had qualified for the group stages we would have gone back to sleeping at the airport and begging left right and centre. This defeat could be a blessing in disguise but all the same locally our team will still rule. Our invisibility at home is what made us conquer Africa but unfortunately we let Motema get a goal in Nairobi and this cost us the tie. All EAC teams, yanga, KCCCA, Proline, Bandari etc have been knocked out. So sad. Looks like Gor was the only option for our region but the financial problems could not let us go far

    1. Reality check, WE DIDN’T WIN and EC has not paid players for 4 months yet your only concern seems to be their next game.
      The players and their families are suffering spare a thought for them. Why don’t some of you push the EC as hard as you push the players and fans. EC promised financial stability through various schemes or methods not restricted to SP sponsorship. ADOR has promised a stadium so paying salaries should be plain sailing. It’s an obligation of registered members to hold EC accountable unless they are toothless.

  16. Ando2030, why don’t you offer yourself and vie for the chairmanship of Gor mahia fc so that you do better than Ambrose Rachier. Rachier is now 70yrs old and have achieved alot as the chairman of Gor mahia fc and If you are passionate enough to be the Messiah to rescue the team, then you will do Rachier a favor. Maybe you think that He’s eating from the club and now it’s your time to challenge him and eat money from Gor mahia fc. But just saying that Rachier should leave and you can’t present yourself or propose anyone, then you are just like a hooligan who throws a stone on the pitch and later the club is being fined and you don’t offer even 100/-to help the team. I also would wish that somebody with a new and working idea can present himself so that Rachier can also rest. Remember also that Rachier is the longest serving chairman and in that long period, he’s has achieved alot.

    1. Nobody forced ADOR to stand for chairmanship and make the promises he made.
      Is it a sin to point out that he promised financial stability but has not paid players for 4 months or has abandoned injured Batambuze and Philemon?
      What happened to his famed largesse?
      For the past 3 seasons GMFC has been sponsored, had CAF CCC millions, continental airtickets have been paid by government, players claims for increments were rebutted by “read your contracts”.
      Yet when SP bolts players salaries are immediately not paid but registered members do not ask the EC WHERE DID ALL THE MONEY GO?
      Instead they rant “Why don’t you stand for chairmanship” “Are a registered member”
      Are they hiding their impotence in holding EC to account.

  17. @oduor 12, as we speak all Gor mahia players are technically free agents as per FIFA rules on unpaid salaries , whether we shall have a new squad in January or the club will be disbanded is another story.

    Sad part is that the entire EC is also being disbanded within a month from today. So once again, unless there is a miracle from somewhere , we have ADOR as the only route to escape out of this situation. Let’s give him the support

    1. @Jakoyo every cloud has a silver lining.
      A good opportunity to rationalize the wage bill and expenses.
      Is the kes.5m per month wage bill justifiable or even sustainable?
      How many commissions are inflating this figure?
      Is there any player worth more than 75k per month in gross salary and allowances?
      Do we need more than a squad of 28 players?
      Is the head coach worth more kes.350k per month gross?
      EC and members can rationalize the monthly wage bill to kes.3m.
      Maybe this is the support registered members should offer ADOR.
      ADOR must also be transparent and accountable e.g table the accounts and a realistic budget of the club to members for scrutiny.
      It is then for the members to finance the deficit together with the “owners”.
      The more the membership the lighter the burden on the current members and owners.

  18. A dark cloud hangs on this mornings sky. For the first time in three seasons gor have failled to qualify for the group stages. Even when we had sponsorship we couldn’t make any impact in caf championship league. We did avaragely in cafcc. Qulifying for group stages is proving to be light years away from us. We have always failed to plan, scheme and exacute a serious shot at the lucrative continental scene which inturn would give the club a financial lease of life. The clubs fortunes are set to nose dive into a bottomless pit. Now when the club official failling to register enough player in time leaving the coach with the two blunt strikers of ambundo and kipkirui. Unproffessionalism, Corruption and kickbacks during recruitment. Mismanagement and poor leadership. No audit of funds have been done for the last 11 years. The EC have failled to embrace new ideas on transforming and reforming the club. An EC that has failled to pay players salary for 4months lack any form of ambition and therefore should resign.

  19. How many registered members does Kampala Branch have?
    How many players does this Kampala Branch pay or how much does this long standing branch contribute to GMFC annually?
    Talk of the kettle calling the pot black, ATI theories this, theories that, nono this, nono that?
    Mouth piece of Kampala Branch do you care to respond?
    Shed more light on this so called Kampala Branch?

    1. Peleka hizo theory nyingi Wazito FC. Hapa ni kushabikia team kubwa peke yake. Gor Mahia was, is and ever shall be. @Oduor12 is a passing cloud with theories ka liech to action ka apuoyo. Terwa wa mos wuoyi matin.

      Onge gima osekethore, an Gor emahero. For God and my beloved club Kogallo.

  20. ADOR is trying but let him stop running gor like a village club,who was responsible for signing 17 players sadly enough apart from Miheso…all the players are either average or below par …the foreigners should all be released by the end of the season..when you cross borders you have to rope in a talent we don’t have from within Yikpe is a fat untalented player…Afriye is Fair.. Ambundo , Mapigano are not fit enough to play for gor…our recruitment was a complete disaster no wonder oktay Left

  21. Polack is a coach without much brains..we will only win the league because we don’t have much competition here and because of the fans…why?Kerr converted Philemon from a midfielder to defender,oktay changed Lawrence from winger to central mid..nutal converted walusimbii to a winger…
    Pollack doesn’t want to think outside the box…no player has improved under his tenor. Kipkirui is now a confused fellow no confidence,Sammy onyango scored 12goals last season…right now he looks so short of confidence.. Ernest wendo is a pale shadow of himself… most players can’t get to understand his absurd philisophy

    1. @johny, please help us identify those good players and coaches you are talking of and also let us know how you are going to pay for them. Note that if you go to the market the bigger the wallet the fatter the bull you will buy.
      Having ideas without finances will not translate to what you are proposing. Are you able to let us know how we made it to DRC without the usual ‘drama’

      1. At Dan original your just ignorant…we didn’t pay lots of cash to get talents like walusimbi,baba kizito, Michael Olunga,kagere,wafula,Calabar,Joash onyango, blackberry,Ali abondo ,Aucho…u just need good scouts and let the coach do his job…not Aduda…

      2. Eric Marcelo straight from kakamega high..Musa muhamed langata ,Kevin omondi..Karim nzingyamana..so you don’t need money all the times to get good players..you just need corruption free scouts not people like Aduda n bolo who ask for a share of signing fee

    2. @Johny it is very unfortunate for you to term our coach brainless. What does the coach have to do with players form? There are players known to shine in training and fail to deliver during match day. How can the coach help? We have seen Gor play some neat football the last couple of matches. Please give this coach a chance.
      Onge gima osekethore, an Gor emahero. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo.

      1. Albert let’s not bury our head in sand…last year but one we reached group stage of confederation we we’re so happy..last year we reached quarters…this year we’ve gone back to where we were 5yrs ago …and next year might be worse if things remain the same…

  22. Some Bloggers here are hypocrites who are good at criticism but can offer nothing to help
    alleviate financial problems of this Club.When a team loses a game they start spiting their useless venoms, lamenting 24hours daily.Why can’t they offer themselves for Chairmanship & Technical advisers for the Club.They are making this site very boring with same lamentations day in day out.Nobody forced them to support this Club

      1. Has any judge sentenced you to serve time at this site?
        Am all ears waiting for your solutions and what you and your branch “registered members” are doing for Gor?

          1. @johny, my friend aren’t we the ones who said Olunga was not worth playing for Gor in his first three games, wasn’t Kagere too old and was even dropped by Tirana, wasn’t Tuyisenge the 4million problem, wasn’t Nutal the physical education trainer from Malaysia and Kerr the youth coach and Oktal the fourth division trainer from Turkey/England? What all these people did is there for all to see and the new guys will also make it. Remember we went to the CAF quarters without some of the names you mentioned above.
            Cool your toes as there is more to life than football citicism, unless you earn directly from it.
            We will start our post-Caf session by winning the derby and the rest will be history.
            Refer to @Kosero on how to support Gor in order to avoid unnecessary stress

        1. Keep waiting. Ours is unequivocal support for Gor Mahia on both good and bad times. Not like you who is constantly sulking and coming with Mr. google based theories of running a club. This club was born before you. Gor has seen good and bad time and it has survived to date. So guja bole bole kijana mdogo. Katek ni ahinya to tema kata Wazito FC.
          Onge gima osekethore, an Gor emahero. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo.

          1. From your response I have deduced my answer(s). You and I have been at this site long enough so dare I say this is not our first nor I doubt if it will be our last exchange.
            However I cannot claim to know when you were born, 100 years ago due to your Google phobia or 10 years ago but again your age and how you support GMFC is your business and special only to you.

  23. Just posing a question, why is it not possible to fix players issues by January so that by the time of CAF registration in June/July we are fully prepared and ready? This time it was so embarrassing that a team of Gor’s calibre could hardly raise more then 15 players at any time for CAF matches. I just hope that someone will learn from that and improve the way we do these regular things.

    This coach must have been really patient with the management in such a situation. To refer to him as a tactical dwarf in these circumstances is utterly unfortunate and unfair to him.

    1. I tactical dwarf why…our game against mcl algeirs…the players were too tall…he decided to bench me momanyi and play Joash n Maurice 2 Short defenders.. ignorance…2ndly after deciding to play Peter in CAF he should have played him in one league game to sharpen him… yesterday we are 2_1 down against motema pembe it’s the 80th minute..he substitutes Wellington for Maurice ojwang while we are looking for a goal…we needed a forward not defender…1st leg Kipkirui was so poor he let him play until 81st minute…lastly we play the same formation regardless of the opponent…I hate Polack tactics

  24. Sometimes we post not very comfortable opinions here not because we are negative but because we love the club and have to call out some unhelpful decisions and actions. Polack has just said that the current Gor Mahia squad is inexperienced to compete at the top level, the same argument I posted here just when we finished our transfer business and I was labeled negative energy. He says he will shop for experience in the next window but will the EC get him what he wants or will they still go for average, cheap plus kickbacks

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