Gor Mahia go down to Kariobangi Sharks

Gor Mahia’s sub par form continued on Sunday when they lost their Super Cup title to Kariobangi Sharks, going down 1-0.
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A youthful Kariobangi Sharks side beat Gor Mahia to the 2018/2019 Kenyan Premier League (KPL) Super Cup glory with a hard-fought 1-0 victory in the season opener at the Moi International Sports Centre, Kasarani on Sunday.

Sharks scored the only goal of the match after 52 minutes when Ugandan import George Abege teed up substitute Sydney Lokale who beat his markers before sending in a delightful match into the back of the net with Gor Mahia custodian Boniface Oluoch well beaten.

Gor, four time Super Cup champions, were stung into action by Lokale’s strike and launched series of attacks in search of an equalizer but Kenya under-23 international goal keeper Brian Bwire proved to be impregnable between the sticks.

Bwire acrobatically parried out Francis Kahata’s left foot in swinger that seemed destined for the top left corner. The former Kakamega High shot stopper then punched out Ephrem Guikan’s flick for a fruitless corner.

Sharks’ Michael Bodo hacked down Guikan, who had come on as Bernad Ondiek’s replacement on 50th minute mark, gifting Gor Mahia with a free kick in a promising position. Shaffik Batambuze took up the ball but his effort was too tame for an impressive Bwire in Sharks’ goal.

K’Ogalo’s interim coach Zedekiah “Zico” Otieno handed new signing Nicholas Kipkurui his debut but the diminutive striker was easily pocketed by the combative pair of Geoffrey Lemu and Tom Teka at the heart of Sharks’ defence.

New Gor Mahia coach Turkish-Cypriot Hassan Oktay watched from the stands and had a word with the team at the halftime break.

The new coach was at the stadium

45 thoughts on “Gor Mahia go down to Kariobangi Sharks

  1. Football is not about creating 100 chances and scoring non, Gor has no serious strikers to put the ball behind the net. The cross came from the right flank where Philemon was nowhere to be seen, then Joash and Shakava fell like sacks of charcoal to allow Lukale to beat the non resilient Oluoch. That a painful loss under the watch of Zico.

  2. Those are the benefits of having Zico standing in as a Head Coach. He cannot no matter what Zico cannot win anything with GM. Anyway as promised the team is heading to Malawi under Hassan Oktay. Dylan Kerr came and people said many things since he was a division 4 Youth Team Coach in UK but he achieved beyond expectations. Now the same sentiments are emerging but Hassan Oktay will bring Fluid Joga Bonito football unforseen in East Africa before. Let us support our new Head Coach Uefa Pro A license holder with English Philosophy training background. Gor is Safe Jodhot

  3. Nilisema hama sikusema? The journey to grassroots (nyasi) soccer started today and will continue unless you stop disrespecting Zico. Dont even for a second think that we lost the game; we gave it away. To Sharks and their local coach (Coach Muluya) I say congratulations and good for you in trusting local coaches.

    1. Was Zico who was on the Gor Touchline a foreign coach? Is it not Zico who has been outclassed by Muluya and his young squad? Why didn’t you score a goal as a gor player since you were being coached by your demigod Zico? What strategy did Zico tell you guys to employ in the second half after we went a goal down? You impostor shut up jinga hii kiswahili yako pekee ati “Nilisema Hama Sikusema” tells us wewe ni mluhya wa Chavakali kwa hivyo peleka ushoga yako huko ingwe kwa watu wenu ghasia takataka nonsense wewe. Hiyo nyasi unadai ni keja ya mokoro wako huko ocha imetengenezwa na nyasi sio K’Ogalo. Hata mimi ni youth bado tena pro coaches na mpira tulicheza wewe hutuambii any fala hii…Ati mumepeana game unaongeya aje kaa poko wa soo tatu ako ubao? Ball gani wewe unacheza unajidai hapa ati gor player? Shenzi type

      1. Jasego just ignore this guy,he is seeking cheap attention,he is not a gor mahia football player but just a fan disguising himself in that name,my comments for the game one thing I noticed is we were looking all second balls to the opponent we had no one to pick them,further Philemon needs to do overlapping runs and bring pinpoint crosses into the D area as Karim used to,we are attacking more on the left with batambuze so we need to do from both ends,I remember crosses during Karim and sibomana as left backs

  4. Heee… what a goal! Ati they fell like sacks. Yes and the record is 100% loss and counting. Am not seeing anything changing in Malawi and then bang against Bandari on 8th, let’s brace for a tough season

  5. Gor Player, you must be told do not bring the game to disrepute. I believe there are laws against what you are saying, you have gone too low. Admin are you in support of this nonsense?

  6. I must admit today was very very bad football from got mahia…the club should refund all the fans that attended the match today .

    Secondly, Very shocking display !! …..and Mustafa and blackberry ? Who signed Mustafa for God’s sake and what is blackberry doing in the first eleven ?

    Am more worried even now that we have this strange coach …..

    1. @Jakoyo who was on the touchline when all the above hullabaloo nonsense you are asking happened? Was it not Zico your hopeless coach?Ask Zico those questions as he is your self confessed prodigy. I promised you he will Never be GM Head Coach no matter what and i have expedited the process of replacing him to ensure he is not Head Coach for the Caf Second Leg. Zico will help Hassan Oktay know the players and bring him upto speed on player profiles as the Assistant Coach. Meanwhile be ready for Joga Bonito fluid passing football in what promises to be a tough season…

  7. Mustapha Francis Must also make way for Folly Klan as he is doing nothing in GM here. Whoever scouted and signed Nicholas Kipkirui also lied to us that player is technically incompatible with GM from the little bit i have seen today in his play. Gor needs another playmaker and lethal striker before the window closes of we are to maintain our dominance locally…

  8. I can’t blame ZIco, he is trurly a club legend and his work has always been above reproach but what is lacking is RESPECT…players and fans alike must respect the coach and his tactics but what I saw today SHOULD never happen again……

  9. The village witchdoctors did a mistake somewhere here, instead of burying the placenta they buried the baby and left the placenta to grow into an idiot called gor player.

  10. @Gor Mahia player……
    …..you are not a Gor Mahia player………….
    ….No need of responding to you……………………
    you are an unwelcomed attention seeker….you are an unnecessary nuisance……………………..distracting our discussion for no good reason.

  11. What a bad day however this is football. Anything can happen to anyone. May I encourage the family that things such as these causes a team to realise that they are the people’s target. They must always prepare for any eventuality. We lost and we can’t change that. We can only go to the drawing board to make amends. Secondly, the incoming coach is here and I think that whoever advised him to stay on the terrace adviced him well. Though a one match observation he must have picked a few things.

    1. Fruits of a local coach. Zico wasting another GOLDEN CHANCE. Wacha tuone huyu Okstay-5 tier cum non league coach but for the love of GM I pray this gamble works. Lastly Mr.Soprano and his team is really giving Mugabe & our team a torrid time of late. WHY?

  12. Watched this game and i see no fault on Zico. Hr played the same players and pattern as Kerr. Weren’t Kahata and Batambuze not outstanding in the game?
    Wasn’t Mieno and Berry (before he got injured) good? Why were Ondiek and Mustafa falling on the slightest touch? Guikan promised us good stuff this season so we let Karim go. Did he show anything today, apart from the single shot?
    From.what i saw today we are being unfair to Zico. If the quality upfront is wanting (since Kagere left) do we blame the coach? Jasego, i respect you alot but at times we judge Zico harshly. As of now we arwe not even sure if Oktay is the person to move us forward. At least Kerr tried. The team i know has a tried and tested coach currently is ingwe. Could we have overrated our players? I suspect so.
    As of now let’s be ready to accept any result but assist our Zico and the team. We need to also know the strength and abilities of our players. Mustafa and Ondiek cannot withstand a physical game, Omondi B wants to be fed on the run as he is not the technical type. Guikan has a lethal shot but needs to be set up to shoot as he is weak on man to man balls. Joshua has improved alot. Philemon is good defensively but doesn’t give us the options Karim used to offer upfront. So the new UG signing and could not rate him yet. On Kipkirui we know he is a pacy player and must use that pace. Changing him to play tiki taka will be wasting his talent

    1. @Dan if it is impossible for Nicholas Kipkirui to play possession build up football then i guess we have another Baron Oketch type of scenario on our hands. That is why signings are made after assessing players individual qualities vis a vis systems and formations deployed by teams. Getting a striker because he scored 13 goals in a mediocre team doesn’t work. Remember Gor demands tend to overwhelm players so character is required. Our midfield is not compact and doesn’t command possession. Mieno is good but those young boys of Sharks were too pacy for him to cope as age is a factor. Wendo on the other hand is getting poorer each passing day that i believe Cersidy Okeyo is a better option atleast he assists the attack and opens up spaces. Gor Mahia’s decline started under Kerr during the last 5 games of last season after winning the league as we lost 4 and won only 1 coupled with Shield Cup Quarter Final loss and Everton loss so we have been on a downward spiral for a while now as you rightly pointed out. It is upto the new coach to find a balance and steady the K’Ogalo ship that is currently wobbling under sea currents looking like it can tip over. We await and pray with bated breadth that we survive Nyasa Bullets away to progress to Caf second round…

  13. The imposter masquerading here as our player is actually Benson Disi. Those who have been here for a while know Benson Disi.

  14. Fruits of a local coach but even sadder is that ZICO HAS AGAIN WASTED ANOTHER GOLDEN CHANCE TO PROVE US WRONG. Zico playing second fiddle to a 5 tier non league coach means that he’s not even worth being ass. coach who automatically stands in a crisis.

    1. I repeat we need a GK, creative midfielder (Mike Madoya) and striker (Dan “Flava” Ssrenkuma). Play Wafula at right back and push Mbish into midfield. Release/loan all passengers Odhoji/Boni,Mustafa, then hope that this multi-bet (MJP) on Okstay pays off.

    2. What didn’t Zico do yesterday? Can somebody enlighten me as I was in that game. When our strikers keep on falling what has it got to do with the coach? For sure even the goal that was scored we cannot blame the keeper and instead as a football fan we should praise the Sharks striker for the dummy and good placement. That is what I expect from the high ‘quality’ Gor players. Only BB, Kahata and Batambuze were showing quality from our end. While a single striker , Abege, was creating problems for our defense we couldn’t do the same for the Sharks defense.
      Jasego, you told us you scouted Guikan. Are you satisfied with his performance? Or is he still gelling? Has Batambuze not gelled yet after only two games? How about Erissa? When will he gel? Is there a way the Togo guy can be incorporated at the expense of Mustafa or Guikan?

      1. @Dan let me answer you on what Zico did wrong or didn’t do right…
        1. He started with an awful upfront pairing,since when is Benard Ondiek a second striker or centre forward? A holding midfielder gets lucky and scores a saviour goal doesn’t rehat him into a striker…Falling down repeatedly is all Ondiek contributed for GM yesterday. Mustafa on his part is useless
        2. Zico employed a 4-4-2 formation and sharks used 4-2-3-1 with a lone striker upfront. They completely shut down our central midfield and stopped any link up play to the strikers. What did Zico do to counter that?Nothing yet he should have switched to a 3-5-2 as a counter system
        3. Playing Mieno and Wendo is public knowledge even to Coach Muluya that the midfield will be slow as tortoise and lack any fluidity as was witnessed yesterday. We have other pairings maybe Cersidy and Lawrence Juma can do better
        4. On Guikan he is okay why judge a player who came in as a sub and gave us the only real attempt at goal,what about the others like Kipkirui who never touched the ball or contributed a single pass for the entire duration he was on-pitch?Even Batambuze was my signing and the difference is he got a position waiting for him to fill while Guikan was looked down upon by Kerr no matter what good he did. He needs regular game time and will come good
        5.Losing Meddie Kagere was shocking and bringing Mustafa that Aduda did was the worst blunder ever done to our striking dept. Bonfils Bimenyimana of Rayon Sport is who i proposed we go for but breaking the bank modestly to acquire good players who are still under contract is something our EC is allergic to. They like free transfers like Erissa Ssekisambu another Aduda signing whom we await to see how he will perform.
        6.Finally the Sydney Lokale goal was a result of haphazard Ernest Wendo who came tumbling down and sweeped Joash Onyango in a theatrical collision while Shakava had tried closing down James Mazembe from delivering that cut back pass.

        N/B- A good coach is constantly changing systems and formations in real game time not saying i talked to my players and we agreed now they are not implementing what we agreed i can do nothing

      2. @Original, you keep saying that Zico did nothing wrong. I have an answer for you: You said that Zico cannot be blamed because he used the same players that Kerr had been using. While you used that to defend Zico, look at it again and you realize therein lies your answer: If Kerr used to win with the same players, while Zico is losing with them then the problem is not the players but Zico!!!

  15. Dylan Kerr reveals why he wanted Gor Mahia to axe defender Karim Nizigiyimana

    Dennis Mabuka

    Dylan Kerr has revealed that he petitioned Gor Mahia to drop defender Karim Nizigiyimana.

    The Briton coach, who won two league titles with K’Ogalo, left the Kenyan champions to sign for Black Leopards of South Africa last month. However, the coach has confirmed to Goal that Nizigiyimana was among the players he had recommended for the club to release before the new season.

    “Yes I did recommend that we let him (Karim) go because at the time, I was looking at another two foreign strikers. Karim is a great professional, who will himself admit that his return after injury wasn’t his usual self and it affected his performances.

    “But with Philemon (Otieno) and Wellingtone (Ochieng) being Kenyan and right backs, we needed a top striker and I still believe that is the area that Gor Mahia should have concentrated on more in signing strikers.

    “As I said it before, it was a football decision as the club needed more in striking options.”

    Gor Mahia confirmed last week that they had parted ways with the Burundian, whose contract was to end in January. Already a number of top Kenyan clubs, Tusker, AFC Leopards Bandari and Sofapaka, are keen to sign the defender.

  16. Thanks Jagem. How can a team of Gor’s calibre be playing continental match without any known/proven striker? This match was lost in Nairobi, not even Blantyre, we are just appearing as a compliance issue

  17. It must be very tough being part of leadership in Gor Mahia. It must take an extra mile to be able to stand the demands that come a long with it. It is the kind of pressure that comes from within and without. The situation being the way it is at this time, Caf match coming, lose of super cup, demanding fans and looking for a coach, It is indeed a big task. However, I must also say that we are not in a crisis. The center is still holding and it will get even steadier. I am particularly impressed by the approach taken of inviting the shortlisted coaches to actually come and have a taste of what they are asking for. It must appear to them that the job they are asking for is not simple. Gor has aspirations that have been set very high under the circumstances. You and I have always admittedly said that Gor should be felt regionally and in the Continent. We have out grown our league. I believe this is what a serious coach would want to hear. Of course sometimes you may not get what you want because of money issues. That however does not stop you from aiming for the best within your budget. With these attempts by the leadership, we must not panic but give the best support in the best way possible. Kogallo hoyeee

  18. I still think Gor played well and this was confirmed by some soccer pundits who think our main undoing is not having a top notch striker. Jasego, Batambuze came and immediately fitted in, Marcelo came from school and displaced Siboumana a , Rwandese international. Bonnie also displaced Jerry. Why does Guikan think a place will be reserved for him? Even Wendo displaced Gattusso. If I was to choose between the two I would go for Mustafa as he can at least run and put pressure on the defenders as opposed to Guikan. What Guikan possesses is a lethal left foot which in most cases is not used. My hope is that he discovers (t)his potential before the patience with the fans run out
    Wendo and Mieno are not gifted with speed but so was Aucho. I think what we need is still a ‘Diego Costa’ type of striker in our team. At least Sharks has two of them, Abege and the scorer yesterday.
    We have experimented with inexperienced Mzungu coaches and got it right most of the time but there is no guarantee that that will be the situation always. So let’s cross our fingers that we get it right this time as well

    1. Lady luck has smiled at Zico 3 times but somehow he always wastes the golden chances.1-he failed to win league (or any trophy) as h/coach,2-whenZeMaria left in huff he failed to take advantage & deliver,3-same scenario is being repeated with Kerr’s exit.

    2. Though the likes Jasego etc, with all due respect, and EC may recomend players the buck still stops with the coach in charge. Kerr left by 15 nov,so Zico should have known not only the need for a striker (GK,defender etc) but which striker fits the bill.

  19. History repeats itself awkwardly. In 1989 we had an excellent team of stars who were heading for a final of Mandela cup again but had to beat el merriek to reach their. We only needed a draw in Sudan Khartoum. But we let fundi one of our star midfielders go for a wedding at a dire point of need. Needless to say el merreikh beat us to qualify….forward to today’s scenario again. Jasego.

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