Gor Mahia go down to Mathare 1-0

Gor Mahia’s unbeaten run in 2019-2020 KPL season has ended. This after they lost 0-1 to Mathare United.

Additional Reporting from futaa.com

Mathare United served Gor Mahia their first defeat of the season in the Kenya Premier League, following a 1-0 win on Wednesday afternoon at the Kenyatta Stadium, Machakos. 

Gor started the match brightly, but it Mathare who carved out early chances, going close as early as the 13th-minute when a chance fell to captain Chris Oduor, who was unable to put the ball in the back of the net after the Gor keeper had misjudged a cross on the right from Martin Ongori.

David Owino came close to breaking the deadlock twice, and Clifford Alwanga too was culpable of a missed chance. 

David Mapigano was called into action in the 30th minute, denying David Owino from close range.

Francis Afriye thought he had given Gor the lead in the 40th minute, but his effort was ruled out for offside. 

On the stroke of half-time, the defending champions should have taken the lead, but Afriye’s effort was cleared off the line by Owino as they dominated the last minutes of the half. 

Both teams traded blows in the second half as the tie became an end to end contest, even though none of them could find the elusive goal. 

In the 68th minute, James Kinyanjui thought he had finally given his side the lead, but his effort was ruled out for offside. 

With the match seemingly headed for a draw, Daniel Otieno rose highest to power a header past Mapigano from a Kevin Kimani’s perfectly weighted corner kick to give the Slum Boys the lead on the 89th minute. 

Gor Mahia could not level as they suffered their first defeat of the season. 

32 thoughts on “Gor Mahia go down to Mathare 1-0

  1. What are the fruits of e ticketing… the E.C haven’t declared even one’s how much they have raised… that’s why fans aren’t contributing towards the paybill… accountability is a priceless virtue…we have a home Derby against AFC we can make a kill out of this match…but the E.C must market this game u have to sacrifice to make money…lastly Yikpe isn’t a footballer he should look for another sports… kindly..

  2. Even AFC Leopards are having the same financial difficulties but their players are hungry to fight for the badge. While I feel for our players and I know they cannot play well on empty stomachs, our squad has lost its soul and it is a systemic problem that started with the Berkane debacle and if we dont find a financial solution soon, then only the eternally optimistic a la @Dan Original will still believe Yes We Can. Am so saddened and annoyed just dont know at whom…

  3. I have been following this club for the last 40 years but it has never been this bad . …. I am beginning to think its all over for this great club ! Players have lost the motivation to play for a win, the EC is clueless amidst adversity, the technical bench has lost complete control of the playing unit, the players are free agents ‘mentally’ so they don’t feel obliged to come for training , keep fit nor even respect their contracts. There is a rumour some senior players even find their way to the stadium for matches . in such situations, its downhill all the way just like the once famous canon younde of cameroon !

    Personally, am convinced the only way out of this is for KPL to halt the league and end this suffering ! After all there is no trophy to play for and no money to dish out to winners so what are players wasting their time for ?

  4. I hope the saboteurs (Nyangi, Aduda, Oliech, Ingo, Oktey, Kerr) are now satisfied with the outcome of their effort. Infact I sympathize with coach SGP.

    Take a look at him and you don’t see any fight left in him because of the circumstances he has to contend with. This is a man who wants to do his work, but the saboteurs are not letting him do that because they are busy encouraging players to stay away from training until their salaries are settled. I am sure Gor Mahia has more than 30 balls in playable condition. So if it were possible to train the balls then players just walk into a match and play the trained balls, we would not be losing as is the case of late.

    The coach wants to work, but the environment is not conducive because according to the players, it is money that talks. J’Asego tell coach SGP that Dennis Oalo can do far better than Kennedy Otieno.

  5. I think it would be unfair, unwarranted, dishonest and fraudulent to blame Gor Mahia players, given that the EC does not care about the technical bench and playing unit’s welfare at all and that is why the technical bench and players salaries have not been paid.
    Delayed salaries was there even with the sportpesa sponsorships, the sportpesa exit is just a convenient diabolical excuse.

    The EC has sycophants who hurl all manner of obscenities at VOICES OF REASON, and oblivious of many tangible objective criticism for the common good of Gor Mahia.

    Can the EC show any tangible INVESTMENT that can accord Gor Mahia financial stability and sustainability after years of handling billions that have passed through the EC’s hands over the years???

    How does one demand that players turn up for practice on EMPTY STOMACHS????
    play a league game on EMPTY SYOMACHS and win ????

    The EC is allergic to ACCOUNTABILITY. How does one give money to an entity that does not and refuses to account for
    1). Monies received so far through the paybill ??
    How does one expect people to continue giving you money when you have not accounted for what you previously received from them????

    2). The EC has not bothered to account for the gate collections since the inception of the fantastic e – ticketing
    And these atrocious acts by the EC make people loose faith and trust in Gor Mahia, making it virtually impossible to donate any more to this great club.

    3). The EC has not bothered to motivate the Gor Mahia TB and players.

    LASTLY there is the big big marketing opportunity with this Sunday’s massive game against AFC.
    Has the EC marketed this match???
    Or they have taken it for granted that people will pack the stadium?

    Has the EC on account of what is at stake bothered to motivate the players, given the psychological set back occasioned by the loss to DC Motema Pembe and the magnitude of the coming Sunday’s big game against AFC???

  6. Why are we focussing on the problems and not the solutions…..what can we do to help the team…can we talk about filling the stadium…gor mahia has a huge fan base in Kenya…if every fan contributes 200 shillings we won’t even need a sponsor…our biggest undoing is accountability…and am sure Thea people in the E.C who are thriving in this confusion….

  7. What is needed is commitment and determination to fundraise. You remember Emmanuel Otieno “Jadudi”, the University student who had the cancerous tumour, Kenyans fundraised for him via M-Pesa 6 million within 48 hours. Just Google search Jadudi’s fundraiser and see for yourself. We can do the same for Gor Mahia. It is possible, it can be done.

  8. Derby is embroiled in infighting with two sides pulling differently between infinity digital and timam manual so I advice don’t purchase online tickets yet EC has given Nyangi a go-ahead to manually collect revenue from the derby we see how much will be realised. Infinity olokoree OT Morpho kwelo e clouds….What else can we tell morale less players who show lethargy and lack of fighting spirit in the field of play while also Mathare are suffering and owed even more backdated salaries than Gor?

    1. J’Asego what are you telling me? I am already in Nairobi for the derby. Nini hiyo tena? Oh my EC! It is only yesterday when Aduda made a commitment that we shall never revert to manual gate collection.

      I have noticed over time that Gor Mahia problems are seasonal and when it starts to rain, it actually pours.

  9. Rachier should resign where are the millions he received from sportspesa,caf and sale of key players,where is his deep pockets,He has killed the brand GORMAHIA.

  10. An tinde angicho gi angoch tiang. We have talked talked talked. Created solutions that are not implemented and gone back to square one today. Abandu are learning from us and using oue solutions and creations. Wan pud wachung

  11. Sad situation, but I think it was even a surprise that we managed to raise a team for this Mathare match. I also hope these sentiments are not all because of losing one match, that match was well contested until 89th minute.
    Before stones fly at me, I want to suggest that we talk too much without action. How many of us really bother to establish facts before we criticize? Isn’t it true that most of us shout loudest about accountability but contribute nothing? What is accountability, is it not just the income generated over a period less the expenses which must be EXCLUSIVELY on the affairs of the team? This should be the duty of professional audit firm governed by their professional code of ethics.
    Leave it to them as we do our part responsibly. If you are willing just contribute. Fill in to the stadium on Sunday and PAY, we are the home team hopefully, we can make something to ease the situation a bit. Ingwe supporters will come in numbers knowing that Gor is down at the moment, let’s harvest from them; there was a time, I remember, we made up to ksh 10 m from this derby.

  12. Your a disgrace ja Thur gi ji…you think paying to watch gor isn’t contributing… it’s more than enough…the previous years get collections were always made public…your a pathetic sycophant…shame on you… without accountability even if you get 40 billions players still won’t be paid… there wolves in sheep’s wool in the E.C believe it or not

    1. @Johny Wazito also need fans. Why don’t you go there. What business do you have staying in a team where there is no accountability? Only fools don’t change. If I were you I would have switched to Wazito FC, the home of accountability.
      Ongeye gima olal, an Gor emahero. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo.

      1. Albert kosero…even last year we had a sponsor, get collections, the financial problems were the same… boycotts we’re the order of the day… walusimbi was sold to kaizer the money disappeared, Tuyisenge 15 million was enough to pay salaries for 3 months…so u can say what u want… without transparency this problems are Thea to stay n we will never play CAF any time soon …

    2. I concur with you @jony100%. Let clueless EC destructs itself into pieces. we will pick the pieces and construct better team. The best they can save Gor is to resign because currently players have lost faith with them due to fake and endless promises

  13. YOU Johny, stick to your lane. If you have evidence of pilferage of whatever nature, you know what to do. Making noise here and doing nothing won’t help anyone or anything. Better still, stop your support for team to save yourself further agony. Call me sycophant, if you like, but then whose sycophant. Problem with us is that we do not want to hear some sober sense.

  14. I really don’t understand why a city of 4m people can’t come out for local league matches. There must be something wrong with all kenyans because how comes a city with over 4m people can’t come out even 30000 only to watch the only derby in the land. Something is wrong with us

    1. Let us face it guys. The KPL and Gor Mahia in particular only resonates with the older generation. Very few young turks have time for local football. They are either watching Arsenal and Man U or betting. Secondly a good number of them are also jobless and the little they get is for survival. Thirdly there is the middle class who would be willing to drive to the stadium with their families for entertainment but will not risk because of the goons. It will therefore take ages to record a crowd of 10,000 fans leave alone 30,000. I read bloggers asking the EC to market the derby. I am asking what for. I serious Gor Mahia fan does not need to be reminded about any fixture.

      1. I disagree with your basesles argument Albert for ones….did you see how sportpesa market their games…kariobangi vs Everton was full to the brim over 60k fans..those people didn’t come from Burundi… they were Kenyans sometimes you guys can just be too wise talking about cat n mouse stories

        1. @Johny, the stadium was packed because of Everton and not any other reason. You don’t need to reind me that Gor is player Shemeji on Sunday. That is the first fixture i checked when the season schedule was released. Koro marketing ya nini and to who?
          An Gor emahero. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

          1. You ask marketing ni ya nini and to who becase you already know about the derby? Well, everyone knows there is bread in the shop next door but that does not stop the manufacturer advertising it seven times a day on telly!!! You know wharamean?

          2. Very true musymo…even Kenya power are monopolist but they still advertise themselves… even El clasico or anymatch is hyped before the match…even if you are to bring Beyonce to Kenya if u don’t advertise who will come to watch… probably the informed minority

      2. @Albert Kosero, you are wrong my friend on this one. 70% of those who attend Gor Mahia and other local matches are below 35 years old. Maybe your Tv back in Kampala has inbuilt FaceApp that makes all fans in the stadium old by the time the signal reaches your sitting room or lounge or wherever you watch your football.

  15. Too much noise lately on this wall…complaining..murmuring. If EC is inept…we are worse!…too mouthy. Why havent we organised ourselves as fans with a registered office n officials..then raise funds for players etc to save our beloved club? All you do is to mourn n give endless suggestions yet you know the EC you are dealing with. Who is man enough to organise us or else support a woman to do it! But enouhh of the noise week in n out. You are weakening the good team n coach. Leave EC alone…since you alredy know they are corrupt.

    1. @nyarkopolo, human nature is to complain, when it shines we fret, when it rains we vex even more. It is the spice of life.It is only in heaven where we will be content with everything, dress in white without fail and sing hymns endlessly from dawn to dusk and never complain that the constant diet of milk and honey is unbalanced and monotonous.

      1. Sawa but complaining endlessly…you cant even make it to heaven that way…Musymo..rally us behind you we save our club. Be the man!

  16. People abusing Rachier and asking of his deep pockets should know that Rachier works for his family and not Gor Mahia. Anything he gives Gor Mahia is voluntary. Indeed “asante ya punda ni mateke”, people who has not contributed even 50/- through paybill No.350100 are busy abusing Rachier who has done alot for Gor Mahia. Shetani ashindwe.

  17. When a player is sold, the parent club just get a percentage of the transfer fee. I don’t have the exact figures but Tuyisenge was sold at 15 million and Gor Mahia got about 3 million. People talking as if Petro Atletico gave Gor Mahia the entire 15 million should do their research and find out how much the player received and how much went to his agent.

    1. None other than Ronald Ngala during one of Ramogi FM’s K’galo time which airs on Saturdays from 1.30pm to 2.30pm confirmed that GMFC got KES.15m(or 14m) for Jausenge’s transfer.
      He claims EC spent the money to purchase incoming players and also to hire the new coach.
      EC did not use the money to pay even Jul19 salaries.
      JO, with all due respect, from what source do you base your info that GM got only kes.3m?
      The players purchased are not worth more than 300/500k each so 10 of them should cost the club 3m.
      Accountability onge and that is the main problem. Foresight is also lacking with strong pangs of corruption evident.
      ADOR has his family but so do the players and nobody forced ADOR to seek GM chairmanship.

  18. Now that accountability has been identified as the main problem, then let the club address the accountability issue before asking fans to contribute for the club.

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