Gor Mahia go down to Ulinzi

Gor Mahia’s 20 match unbeaten run came to an end when they lost 0-2 to Ulinzi in a midweek Tusker premier league match. The last time Gor Mahia lost was in April of 2012.

Gor Mahia started at a fast pace with Edwin Lavatsa, Rama Salim and Dan Sserunkuma routinely strethcing the Ulinzi defence. Ulinzi started to come into the game around the quarter hour mark and were rewarded with a goal by Evans Amwoka on 23 minutes.

Gor Mahia pressed for an equalizer but could not breach the bunker Ulinzi defence. In the second half Gor Mahia continued to pin Ulinzi in their own half for lengthy periods but still could not find a breakthrough.

On one of their few forays into the Gor Mahia half, Ulinzi scored the second goal on 76 minutes.

Gor Mahia will now have to pick themselves up and get ready for the CAF cup return leg against ENPPI of Egypt who had scouts at the stadium on Wedensday.

26 thoughts on “Gor Mahia go down to Ulinzi

  1. OOh! My. OK it was bound to happen. Even Bayern lost to Arsenal at home. The issue is how fast we can rise up. Let’s not lose hope. We have a game over the weekend and another bigger one next week.
    Let the true fans stand to be counted. By the way why aren’t we using players like Mutiso and the rest? All in good faith

    When we lost to ENPPI(this is not Zamalek/Al Ahly or Arab Contractors, leave alone empty stadia and the turmoil in Egypt for the last 2 years)I thought twas coz Egyptian soccer standards were higher than Kenya’s.

    But now I know something is amiss at the club.

    Cmon Logarusic you got what you wanted from the club and we fans supported you BUT now give us we want- POSTIVE RESULTS. DON’T JOKE OUR SUPPORT FOR YOU AND THE BENCH WAS AND IS CONDITIONAL

  3. Until and unless we change tact the soonest possible starting with the players baisedness selection leading to early substitutions that makes a big joke of what the bench intensions are.

    Why always bench David Owino until when under pressure? Do we really have a game plan at hand or we rely on fluking ideas as the much progresses? What is the fitness level and required skill to earn the first eleven slot?

    If we can get the above chemistry right then we will back to our rightful position on the TPL standings otherwise is the beginning of the dark era’s of yester-years of KICHAPO in the first leg and recovering to miss the trophy by a whisker at the eleventh hour.

  4. To the technical bench am still puzzled as to why K’galo never practice set pieces ( i.e offensively).

    Having attended several training sessions this area is NEVER covered. Over the last 2/3 years we’ve only scored maybe 3 goal headed goals from corners and freekicks yet we’ve have players like Mosoti, Anguyo, Akumu, Wekesa and now Israel “HULK” Emuge who should be very lethal in the air.
    WE NEED VARIETY IN OUR GOAL POACHING. Not “Mungu Saidia” attempts by players trying to blast in free kicks from 30 yards out, since for every 50/100 freekicks only one goes in.

  5. @jabilo today i support u fully,why try players in a game such as this esp ulinzi.rama had injury,owino benched ,kevo can’t even say what’s happening to him and so on.i just watched the match with total disbelief that it was kogalo playing.players walking not opening,yenyewe 4 once coach should try to give these boys a run 4 the positions they play,otherwise tumejulikana.let them fight for those positions.anguyo should play his defensive role where he used to shine not midfield .

    All said i still believe that we are a team to watch .kogalo forever .

  6. Whatever Efusi can do, Gor Mahia can do even better…and this is why we never celebrate whenever Efusi loses. Instead we pray for them so that the same fate may not befall Gor Mahia.

    I cannot comment on coach Logarusic’s approach because he is a ‘professional coach’ who knows exactly what he is doing, including losing to Ulinzi. As a professional coach he is better knowledgeable than me on the long term pros of losing 2-0 to Ulinzi. He is better placed to know why our last season’s twin strikers must continuously be fielded when they are evidently struggling to rediscover their fitness, while leaving out players like the Nigerian, Mutiso and the Otieno’s (Moses and David) or even Gaucho and Yusuf Juma. He knows better why he cannot adapt a different team formation; a formation that is sure to give us atleast 4 goals per game.

    These are only my views which I keep to myself, within me, and I am in no way sharing them with anyone. So as a poor, helpless K’Ogalo fan I will only keep my peace and my views to myself during such trying moments when fate appears to have conspired against every good course that I subscribe to and associate with.

  7. @2 oduori12 remember this is foot ball and we must be prepared for any result that comes our way. A lose to ulinzi doesnt mean everything is gone. In foot ball it is normal to loose. There is no team in this planet earth that has not lost even a single match. Gor has only lost one league match this season. Let us relax and encourage the team. It is too early to start pointing a finger at the coach, he is a professional and knows well what to do. It is unrealistic to expect a win all through. GOOD LUCK KOGALO!!

  8. It is actually not eye pointing issue but the way we played ulinzi to day, was not pleasing at all. we played very poor football just as if our players had never meet ulinzi before, I know very well that even the players meditats this and wonder what amess they did. there was no communication in the field sec.attacking was poor, no preasurerising. but I hop coaches now have this in mind and he will correctify the wrongs jst b4 30th. yes we cant expect a win every match but gud results we appreciates.

  9. All teams loose every now and then…. this helps give them a wake-up call. This is just one lose in the TPL league strectching from last April. I am sure the team will bounce back.
    Go Gor !
    Go Gor !!
    Go Gor !!!

  10. Loosing is part of the game and even the best Teams loose. However, it is still too early to start loosing matches. The Technical bench need to go back to the drawing board to see what changes are needed in order to bring positive results.

  11. Harb but Gor should 4get the lose.kenyan players cant play under pressure that is evident im my Ingwe.so avoid alot of pressure to player an the Log. I’ve read frm above commends by adminstrator that ENPPI frm Egypt had sent scouts to watch that game,this shows how they are more serious with CAF cup as compared to Kenyan Counterparts. As i admire @Okoth Jabillos sentiments in blog 3 a bove, Logarusic’s tact of making immediate sub in first minutes last season realy showed how no nonsence coach he was. i once told you these guys wamezoea the Log and tha tact won’t work for now.kama nikufunga squard afunge frm individual merits. As i pray fo Ingwe,i also pray 4 Gor for the success of Tpl.

  12. When you are playing over 40matches in a season againts teams which are more or less in your standards, you are bound to win some and loose some.And so yesterday’s match was one of those,’you loose some ‘, matches.We therefore take it on our strides.
    Having said that, the manner in which we lost yesterday’s match, is what makes the loss to some so painful. As a coach if you make all your three substiturions within the first 45 mins, it means there was something terribly wrong with your fielding in the first place.Anguyo, is not a bad player, only that he was played out of position hence his struggles during his time on the pitch and his near zero impact on the match.
    Logarusic should have faith in his midfielders (otherwise known as ‘dieres’).
    Moses otieno, ali abondo and gaucho are all natural midfielders.A makeshift diere would work in some games, but you cant play makeshifts all the time.If logarusic thinks that he doesn’t have enough depth in midfield, offload them and hit the market, otherwise this idea of converting a defender/holding dierez into a playmaker, is not sustainable,(the same happened againts sofapaka).
    The able coach, and his equally abled t/bench, am sure noted the problem (s), and will work on them come sunday.
    Sometimes its’ also good to loose matches so that player’s and coaches’ complacency can be put to check.
    Thank you everybody for the support, and let’s continue supporting the team regardless of the results.

  13. I welcome yesterday’s loss. It eases the pressure on the players. The team will certainly bounce back. Let us not be too quick at pointing fingers. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo.

  14. I know losses are normal but this year Kogalo has been very unimpressive starting with the pre-season friendlies, the 1st leg against ANSE and the massive let down in Cairo. Something is wrong. Loga needs to stem the tide before we go on another loosing streak that dooms our chances.

  15. I note we started with Edwin Lavatsa who was a sub in the game vs Nigeria and brought in David Owino who started the weekend game. Having decided 2 play with 3 @ the front & with one striker absent through injury playing Lavatsa was due 2 happen. Leaving out from the starting 11 Owino who played a full game away after the hospitality of our Naija brothers also makes sense.

  16. Phew! What a relief to read from Sofaset branch at long last. Actually Albert Kosero’s deafening silence led me into saying silent but very fervent prayers for the good Lord to see to his safety. In these very hard times I can regard this as some good news. Hail too to Arrumtiddi.

  17. Gentlemen lets face the fact here i think some of us here said that loga was not keen with this club this season,the guy wanted to live but we begged him to come back mpaka akakua kichwa kubwa,he can do whatever he feels is ok with him,anyway one day all this things we have been saying about this guy will come to pass,just look at the fielding yesterday when did Anguyo played in no7 to start with,how can we test players at acrucial game like this? how can field injured players just to sub them in less than 25min? anyway lets suport the team,its just the second game

  18. I am always satisfied if we lose any match but play some good football, wat we played yesterday was not even close to fair at a level of GOR MAHIA ,is like we had no clue on the system we were to employ, i think its high time loga force the boys to start fighting for their numbers again coz they are just relaxed, they should know that this is not a place where people try but keyword is PERFORMANCE , today our own sec gen was updating us of ticket and money issues, then i wondered whether he cares for us followers at all, btn money and result/performance which one comes first? he should have at least given us some hope that something is being done coz am sure only a few do stand with the team during hard tyms like last year most of the fans only came back when we were winning matches hence increased gate collection. otherwise i still have hopes that the future is bright. GOD BLESS GOR MAHIA.

  19. Guys let us not panic. We still have some games at hand; We will soon catch up. We can’t win throughout. Let us support the coach fully to reduce unnecessary pressure at this time.

  20. For those who watched the match understands what fans went thru,That was just a warm up and for sure at some point i understood that the players were afraid of the hard military game so next time Gor should invite another military or green berrets for friendly so that they shake off the fear they have while playing forces.

    I know we will disapprove ulinzi next time,morale bado imo ! Go go Gor !

  21. Ooh Laa la!! “Tu sahau Yaliopita Tugange Yajao”

    Statistically K’Ogalo is on the downward trend and losing is becoming a norm and an acceptable culture right from the EC,Technical bench and players. Something needs to be done urgently to re-invent the wheel, otherwise i predict that the worst is yet to be seen. Players are not on top of the game and bench is simply clueless. I would propose that with utmost immediate effect we start our in house cleaning by applying periodical accountability with regard to the followings aspects;

    1. Performance contracts for the Technical Bench
    2. Key Performance indicators from the playing unit
    a] Physical fitness
    b] Tactical Skills
    c] Focus and consistency
    d] Team Player
    3. Individual appraisal for us Ma-fans,the EC ,Players and the Technical bench.


  22. Thank you @The Trailer. The comments posted by fans herein are finally giving an insight into the events during the said game for the benefit of the likes of us who never managed to watch the match. From these comments it is evident that:
    1. some substitutions were made 25 mins into the game.
    2. all three substitutions were made in the first half.
    3. Besigye was made to play at wing 7.
    4. the overall output of the team was way below par.

    The encouraging thing about these comments is that no accusing finger is pointing at the players. This implies that the playing unit is not the problem. The back must therefore stop squarely on the coach. Early in the season he lamented that we performed poorly in both the Charity cup and the first leg against Anse-Re because the boys had not had enough preparatory games. He went further to allude that he would need five matches to bring the team to the acceptable form by his own starndards. I fail to understand how someone who needed more matches to expose his boys declined to have the team play a friendly match over the weekend after the loss in Egypt. Atleast an official in the Executive Community intimated that the coach ruled out any friendly during that free weekend. How shall we improve our players’ form and blunt attacking force if we cannot prepare them well with serious opponents in friendlies? Why experiment during crucial competitive matches? Substituting a player in the first half, leave alone the first 25 mins indicates
    1. lack of adequate knowledge of the player’s fitness or
    2. lack of proper preparation of the team hence a sign of experimenting during the actual match.

    I seriously believe that the coach can do better than this. We deserve better.

    I don’t agree with the notion that it is good to lose a match. Surely if it is ok to lose a match then why can’t a team simply walk into the pitch and watch as the opponent pumps in goals? Or better still just fail to honour the match and allow a walk over? It is one thing to accept a loss, but a totally different matter to say a loss is good. Let the players know that we expect them to play to win but we shall not crucify them if they lose.

  23. Let loga do anything he wants with and in the team/pitch, he has all freedom and professional right. Let him limit the number of players he wants to use he’s the coach. I noted we had 4 defenders and 3 defensive mids then followed too many back passes with meagre attempts at goal. I don’t mean to suggest a line up but i don’t think it’ll work well experimenting as other teams focus on the kill. I pitty other GM’s ‘unimpressive’ players. They may need to leave to save their careers. Losing is a part of the game but sometimes the way the loss comes makes it ridiculous.

  24. Let us be honest, each team prepares for the games the way we like winning is the same way the others also do. In sport let us know that anything can happen. It is just the second match it has given us opportunity to test defeat and has challenged us work on our weaknesses. Kogalo is a team to watch the season is ours. Good fielding and good game plan
    will enables us to achieve this.

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