Gor Mahia hammer Kakamega Homeboyz 3-0

Gor Mahia are making their intentions of retaining the KPL title very clear. On Thursday, they hammered Kakamega Homeboyz 3-0 at Kisumu.

Gor Mahia dominated the match and created numerous chances. Charles Momanyi finally scored the opener near half time. Ghanaian Francis Afiriyie netted the second goal. Then Homeboyz defender Festus Okiring put the ball in his own net for the third.

Gor Mahia were returning to Kisumu after a 2-month hiatus after Chairman Rachier declared that the club would not play any more matches in Kisumu because the stewards were taking a significant cut of the gate collection.

Gor Mahia were also out to silence Homeboyz Chairman Cleophas Shimanyula who had declared that even if Kogalo go to the UK for training, Homeboyz would still one. Those are big words for the Chairman of a team that has never defeated Kogalo. But Kudos to him for giving the game much needed publicity.


20 thoughts on “Gor Mahia hammer Kakamega Homeboyz 3-0

  1. Shimanyula was playing mind games with us but he forgot that Gor mahia fc is not Afc leopards whom he did beat at the start of the league. Congratulations to the boys for showing class. I just hope that we will be able to retain this coach which according to me is the klopp of Kenya. Remember that this is his first season with Gor mahia fc and he doesn’t like draw. He only lost when players were not ready to play.

  2. The team is shining despite all the obstacles being thrown in their way by officials. Imagine officials paying themselves Ksh 50,000 allowance while players are given Ksh 15,000?

  3. Great performance Jotugo and that despite the tribulations of going 3/4 months without salary.
    Very much appreciated.

  4. Congratulations to the team and shame on one Shimanyula. This, inspire of the tribulations you are going through as a team. Football is played in the pitch over 90 minutes and not by motor – mouths on acres on newspaprs spaces.

    Next is Bandari which have pretended to be bogey lately. Just hope they can be subjected to same dose of Kogalo medication.

    As for officials , I think you can see for yourselves that your time at Kogalo is up, most of you. It’s no use clinging on to the club which you are mismanaging and bleeding to death. In fact your behaviour might even kill the new baby being midwifed, painfully, by BFB and co, the Augmentin Fund.

  5. Proposed GMAF Mission and Vision Statement:

    Mission: To be an affiliate of Gor Mahia football club that will innovate strategies for financial stability and consolidate a stable, responsible fanbase.

    Vision: A model fund that will strengthen and elevate Gor Mahia to become the leading football club in Africa.

    Proposed GMAF administrative departments

    1. Corporate relations and marketing.
    2. Financial management.
    3. Audit, risk and compliance.
    4. Players and technical bench welfare.

    I cannot tire of thanking Gor Mahia fans who are supporting the club through Gor Mahia Augmentin Fund. You are the heroes and heroines. We are here because we are equally affected when the club suffers bad press.

    All of us become sleepless when K’Ogalo loses a match. We all don’t have the appetite to eat when the team performs poorly in the field. Therefore we share a lot in common and have equal stakes in this GMAF agenda.

    I therefore appeal to those experts in their fields of specialization to come forward and volunteer their expertise. We need legal minds, human resource managers, IT experts, marketing gurus, strategic planners, communication experts, journalists, etc. Please volunteer that God-given knowledge and skill to better the life of that player and his family.

    Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/K3c9AtUyg2GHHzNnTXu1kQ
    KCB Pay Bill 522522
    Acc 1267 5625 60
    Then forward M-PESA to 0748 844 410 for documentation.

  6. Long time comrades. The team is firing from all cylinders and the imports are getting into top shape. Salary issues are fire with some like Maurice Ojwang demanding release letters. Still we stay the course and hole no day we sign a shirt sponsorship deal worth 30M to alleviate our problems…Hail Mighty Mayienga

      1. Been working on a 30 Million shirt sponsorship deal due for signing on Monday hopefully if all goes well…It has been hectic. Congrats on the moves you have all made so far they are noble. I told you why I cannot be part of them though in spirit I totally support the endeavor

  7. J’Asego GMAF would wish to pilot fliers about the fund on Sunday during the Bandari game. However, we cannot do this without the blessings of EC, especially chairman AR. Our efforts to reach him have not born any fruit. Kindly, as SIC, please intervene for us.

  8. Nyakwar ondenge you are living in denial ! Wake up , join the WhatsApp independent group and let’s make things happen….. NOW. Days of populist key board activism is clearly over .

  9. Breaking News!
    Our EC has given Gor Mahia Augmentin Fund, the greenlight to distribute fliers in Mbaraki tomorrow.


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