Gor Mahia hammer Nzoia Sugar 3-1

Gor Mahia’s brilliant run in the 2018 Kenya Premier League continued when they trounced Nzoia Sugar 3-1 at Kisumu on Sunday. Jacque Tuyisenge scored twice in the 33rd and 60th minutes. Humphrey Mieno scored in the 48th minute. Nzoia grabbed a consolation goal in the last minute of the match.

Additional reporting from the Standard

It took Jacques Tuyisenge half an hour to score his sixth goal of the season as he scored the opener against visiting Nzoia. The Rwandan had earlier wasted an open chance when Ernest Wendo set him free in the area. Tuyisenge failed to beat Mangala on a one-one situation with the Nzoia keeper grabbing the ball before the forward unleashed a close-range shot.

Nzoia had their chances also in the first half with the first notable chance falling on Nzano’s path but the midfielder failed to control the ball after receiving a fine cross from Luke Namanda. The Millers continuous attacks saw them register a back to back free kicks in the 8th and  10th minute. Elvis Rupia was fouled in the first instance by Harun Shakava before Bryan Otieno was brought down by Wendo. Both free kicks were not successfully converted by the Millers.

George Odhiambo was also culpable of squandering another wonderful chance for Gor Mahia after he shot wide as he tried to lobe the ball over Mangala. It is Boniface Omondi brought in the pass that Blackberry failed to score from.

Mieno scored his second goal for the defending champions in the 47th minute when he headed in a corner delivered equally powerful corner by Blackberry. Mieno scored his debut goal in the 2-2 draw against Chemelil Sugar at Kericho Green Stadium on April 25th.

Kagere helpful hand

Meddie Kagere played a wonderful ball to his compatriot Tuyisenge, who did not waste time and chance to bag his brace as he headed the ball with complete composure. The forward has now scored seven goals equal to Ulinzi Stars’ Masita Masuta and Cliff Nyakeya for Mathare United.

Otieno headed in from a free kick to hand Nzoia the only consoling goal.

Gor Mahia Starting XI: Boniface Oluoch, Philemon Otieno, Harun Shakava ( Joachim Oluoch), Joash Onyango, Godfrey Walusimbi, Humphrey Mieno, Ernest Wendo, Jacques Tuyisenge, Meddie Kagere, George Odhiambo (Ephrem Guikan), Boniface Omondi ( Lawrence Juma).

Unused subs: Shaban Odhoji, Innocent Wafula, Francis Kahata, Bernard Ondiek.

Nzoia Sugar Starting XI; 39. Benson Mangala 26. Festus Okiring 16. Hillary Wandera28. Brian Otieno 22. Elvis Ronack 04. Peter Gin (18. Patrick Kwitonda ) 12. Luke Namanda02. Stephen Wakanya 33. Elvis Rupia 08. Edgar Nzano (c) 09. David Odhiambo.

Unused subs:15. Humphrey Katasi 05. Edwin Wafula 24. Tom Teka 25. Dennis Wanjala 13. Kevin Juma 30. George Mutimba.G

29 thoughts on “Gor Mahia hammer Nzoia Sugar 3-1


    TRUTH BE TOLD…….league in Kenya is always won with 17 or 18 wins in a season, meaning 5 more wins and the league is officially over. it could be over as early as August.

    Over to the EC, please plan for the next challenge….CECAFA and CAF semi final stage. it can be done.

    1. Jakoyo Milton Karissa is an average player not worth donning the K’Ogalo jersey at this point in time.Better even indisciplined Shaban Mohammed who is better compared but still we need a continental heavyweight whom i don’t think the ugandan league will offer us…

      1. So you say!

        The Ugandan league might have it’s challenges but very competitive!

        The 2017/2018 league championship had to be decided on the last day.

        1. Francis i have nothing against the ugandan league bro.All am saying is why not bring back out iwn old boy Danny Sserunkuma who won the golden boot or rather Shaban Mohamned then reign in his indiscipline than getting Milton Karissa who is third best?Are you getting my gist?

          1. I know and understand. No worries.
            By the way Danny Flavor was the top scorer of the just ended league UPL 2017/218, yet he joined vipers SC in the second round of the league from express.

  2. Thank you to God, to the team, Tech Bench, EC and independent, free thinking bloggers who refuse to ve gagged and muzzled under all circumstances.

  3. Good work congratulations to all involved. Then on a serious note Dan Serrunkuma can still perform, Jasego what do you think or has this even crossed anyone’s mind?

    1. He kept a clean sheet against Wazito on Wednesday, or was that because Wazito players are too heavy for football?

  4. All the players mentioned on this wall to solve kogalo’s scoring problems I.e Milton karissa and Shaban Muhammed , non of them is a significant upgrade to what we have currently in Kagere , Tuisenge and Guikan , morever who we need now is somebody who will hit the ground with significant impact in the confederationscup since domestically we are sawa , as such barring any other options from the two , we are better off with what we already have and as such we need without the emerging chest thumping sort out this kagere issue , he might not be in his twenties but he has enough in store to serve as well for the next two years
    I.e if there is no discernible upgrade on the horizon , at this point we dont want to sign a player then we get into the he is yet to gel conversation .
    So yes , its of necessity that we get that 20 plus goals a season striker but where are they locally or otherwise and please dont talk to me about Rupia .
    Having said that , a solution must be found to our goal shyness in the confeds, but we can do it with what we have and we must .
    To the ones who are always criticising Boniface oluoch for conceding goals , and that includes me , I saw in the world cup David de gea conceding a goal that even Boniface Oluoch or Akira would have saved and in the champions league finals , I saw loris karius concede some goals that a majority of bloggers on this site would have saved , so let Boniface breathe , Shit happens .

    1. Perfect point @ Teddy…If what we intend to bring in will have to understudy what we already have then what’s the use?Then understand this local prodigy called Elvis Rupia CANNOT perform in GM at all.He will cower under stage fright and feign illness on match days due to pressure of Mayienga Koko fans.Also the style of play he employs of “Kor Guok” kifua mbele tufukuze mpira won’t work. Bloggers trust that i know what K’Ogalo requires and whenever i have had my way we always win trophies.Kagere is a warrior and Will N Must stay at GM since he was born to don that Jersey.Forget the misses but look at the overall workrate of the guy.He fights like a soldier at War for Mayienga and at 30 something has more fuel in his gas tank than younger players like K14 whom i Jasego outruns whenever i join in occassional physical loading training sessions at Camp Toyoyo

      1. @Jasego, I understand, personally I have a soft spot for Lwanda Magere, Jausenge is affable (while admiring the forthright Walu) but both have been tested and “we” know their strengths.. Guikan shows potential and should be given more time.

        However any day the first two, in my view, have never measured up to the great Dan “Flava” Ssrenkuma in terms of goal scoring prowess so if there is any chance the TB can consider Danny, it would be good since he is a definite “upgrade” on all our current strikers. “Flava” is also an expert penalty taker.
        As regards Jasego’s description of Rupia, remember the great Peter Dawo and why he was affectionately known as “Omuga”. Rupia is my view remains an viable option.

        Bottom line is we need a 20/25 goal per season striker but I am also alive to the fact that as long as the team is winning then again it would be unfair to place too much pressure on (a) certain players.

        Same applies for Boni, when we win , conceding a soft goal is a non issue but a soft goal becomes the “elephant in the room when you draw or lose 1-0.

        In June we need to sign an upgrade GK and striker.

        As regards passenger no.14, no matter how much Shakira, Akira, Shakira rants and raves any under performing player will always be called out in this forum especially when such a player allows himself to be distracted by non-footballing issues. Next nobody would deny Kagere or any of the regular players improved terms but I think the way forward is to improve the winning bonuses so that the players remain motivated rather than cave in to ridiculous financial demands. My loyalty first and foremost is to K’Ogalo and long term well being.

        On that that note our strikers should go for the kes.1M KPL golden boot award and any wasted chance denies them that big prize.

        Otherwise congrats players & TB with a 3 goal win I’m celebrating can’t complain.

  5. Heheh! @oduor 12 Hata Shakira Pia Ni Jina. Si Yeye Ndiye Bibi Ya Gerald Pique? I Guess She Knows Alot More Football Than Many Bloggers On This Forum. So Am Honored.
    Nevertheless I Believe All N Sundry Get My Point Loud N Clear. Roger!
    Our Players Have Earned N Deserve Better Remuneration Whether They Are Odhi Oduogo Or Not. As To How Much That Higher Pay Should Be I Am Not Compent To State. It Is Purely The Work Of EC. It Is Paifully Foolhardy For A Mere Fan Therefore To Arrogate To Themselves The Power Of Arrogance, Chest Thumping N Without Provocation Begin To Tell A Player To Eat His Tomatoes. To Sechego To Kijanano To Timbe Oluoro Mane Koonge To Coach Mar USM oyweyo mana ni thooooo!
    Akira or shakira (if You Like) will without fear or favour tell you off. Jatugo nyaka mi luor.
    Disclaimer: Akira Does Not, As A Matter Of Principle N Decorum, Discuss A Player Negatively.
    So I Dont Stomach It Being Done Near Me.

  6. Eeeh! Kujichocha nayo @jasego, I highly doubt if your signings Guikan & Sam will make it to 1st 11.In fact they are lucky GM is competing in different cups, otherwise they could have warmed the bench na finyo.I had hoped that you guys would romp in mukangula from Thika, b4 ingwe,he would have been a better option to Sam(not that Sam is awful, bt kogalo imemzidi).Other wise we win the next 10 consecutive games, kazi tumalize mapema,Inawezekana Team.Morale.

  7. You mean there is no any transfer news from Wuon timbe. What I know is that no player is leaving, but those who are coming, when will they come to start training so as to fit in the system.

    1. Transfer are definitely ON and being done by non other than the TB. Infact the most anticipated two local inclusion will be finalized before close of the week. Negotiations are also at top notch with the two players agents having agreed to reasonable signing fees and putting their careers first before the tumbocrats think of milking the club dry.
      For those whose agents are threatening the EC that they may “”Tanga tanga” have been granted their wish…. SIMPLE PUZZLE CHUKUA AMA “TANGA TANGA”…

  8. Wellington to be out till next year and Karim updates not known. We seriously need to recruit like 6 mature players for us to continie posting positive results

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