Gor Mahia hitting on all cylinders and silencing critics

To say Gor Mahia is in sensational form is an understatement. Imperious form is a more apt description of how Gor Mahia is currently playing.


To begin with Gor Mahia are much more versatile. The “Patia Sserunkuma” strategy which left Gor Mahia thoroughly dependent on one player is gone. Now the Gor Mahia attack shows a lot more variation and adaptability.  Many will mention Michael Olunga and Meddie Kagere as Gor Mahia’s most dangerous attackers. Indeed they are. They will relentlessly pressure defenders and capitalize on defensive miscues as Nakuru All Stars found out. But even more importantly, having two lethal attackers stretches defenses past their limit.

But even when Olunga and Kagere are not among the goals, others will step forward and put the ball in the net as Thika United found out this past Madaraka day. Ali Abondo, the third option has become an efficient scorer. In addition he had added an additional dimension to his game: He is now a dead ball specialist. Has has scored from free-kicks at least twice this season. I will not say exactly how many lest a fellow member of the bloggers jumps down my neck needlessly complaining bitterly that it is 3 and not 2. But none was more important then the free-kick against SoNy Sugar that secured all three points. The coming alive of Abondo in addition to Olunga and Kagere gives opposing coaches sleepless nights as they try to devise a defensive strategy. Now add to that the speedy Innocent Wafula wreaking havoc on the flanks and you realize that many opposing coaches are being left sleepless. Nuttall is proving to be a a genious at devising attacking strategies. No wonder Bobby Williamson wants his assistance with the national team.

Rising to the occasion

And Gor Mahia is a big target for opposing teams. Every team brings their best game when playing Gor Mahia. Every team does extra preparation when playing Gor Mahia. But somehow Gor Mahia is always able to withstand and overcome all opposition.

Coach Frank Nuttall pointed this out on Monday after the Thika match.

“Teams always put out their best performance whenever they are playing us and that makes it a little difficult, but I am happy that the boys are able to display high level of football with every match as we did today” said Nuttall according to futaa.com

A classic example is Muhoroni Youth who played Gor Mahia tough in Kisumu, losing narrowly, only to capitulate 0-3 to KCB in their next match.

Nuttall also observed that other teams apply negative tactics like time wasting and faking injuries as Nakuru All stars tried during the first half of their match against Gor Mahia.

“We cannot have a flowing game when one team is out to waste time. It is unfair to the game and to the fans who come out to enjoy the games,” observed Nuttall. I counted the number of times the Nakuru All Stars would go down at any minimal contact. It seems they had specific instructions to slow the pace of the game by feigning injuries,” he said to supersport.com.

And finally some coaches attempt to referee decisions by playing mind games. None other than Tim Bryett attempted this when he said Thika United were moving the game to Kasarani to reduce the ability of Gor Mahia fans to intimidate the referees. It was to no avail as Gor Mahia flattened Thika United leaving Bryett with no excuses.

In fact nowadays every KPL coach seems obsessed with Gor Mahia will not conclude an interview without discussing Gor Mahia even when not asked. Sam Timbe of Sofapaka was the latest.

“Gor Mahia yes might be on top of us but we are barely in the midst of the season, this is not a sprint, it is a marathon and in marathon the leader does not necessarily win the league.” said Timbe to goal.com.

Defensive Solidity

Gor Mahia has not conceded a goal in nine games. April 12 was the last time anyone scored against Gor Mahia. Many will praise the attack, but the defenders, goalkeepers and defensive midfielders are just as   responsible for Gor Mahia’s brilliant displays.

Boniface Oluoch has been solid in front of goal, making scarcely any errors. The play of Shakava has earned him a spot in the national team as has Collins Okoth who is returning to the national team after a significant absence. Musa Mohamed, having been given the captains armband has elevated his play. Perhaps the increased responsibilities of captaincy have inspired him. Dirkir Glay too has been called up to the Liberian national team as has Khalid Aucho for Uganda. Gor Mahia’s brilliant displays are making waves even overseas.

Sibomana, Walusimbi and Nizigiyimana are not just solid defenders but are brilliant at overlapping, sending accurate crosses and generally creating havoc for defenses. All this has also given Gor Mahia additional options in attack.

Fans must play their role

This has been said before on this blog but it bears repeating. Aside from thronging the stadia to cheer the team, fans must put their money where their words are. The club now has multiple avenues that fans can use to bolster the team’s financial status whether it is buying Gor Biro bread or the SACCO, #350100 or membership. Bolstering the club financially will be the key to maintaining a stable squad an avoiding constant departure and arrival.



15 thoughts on “Gor Mahia hitting on all cylinders and silencing critics

  1. Well said admin. This is a well oiled machine being operated by a qualified professional. My only worry is the complacency which we witnessed against think in the defence and goalkeeping departments. We should minimize backpass and oluoch should clear them as fast as they come or else we will get punished by the likes of jese were.

  2. the table tells the same story as that above in points form.

    After next game with Kimanzi (Tusker) with whom I have some beaf (remember he said about 2 years ago, that Gor could not beat his 9 man team) we will begin the countdown towards 60 points which could mean seven more wins to the third straight championship.

    1. Kimanzi’s Tusker will be a difficult game just like all the teams do when playing Kogalo. But we will prevail.

  3. Cylinders it is , personally it sounds like ‘ Kogallo invincibles’ , Mayienga, yiengo piny’ and there is a lot of things in common with the class of ’83.

    Class of 1983 – Coach – Julians, Goalkeeper – David ochieng, Midfield – Zangi, Pierre and Charles otieno and Strikers – Hezborn Omollo, Abdalla Shebe and Onyango Jogoo. The strikers scored an incredible 80 goals in 36 matches – a league record and Kogallo won 3 consecutive league titles.

    Class of 2015 – Coach, Nutall, Goalkeeper – Boniface Oluoch, Midfield – Aucho, Gatusso and Walusimbi and Strikers- Olunga, Kagere and Abondo. The three strikers have so far scored 24 goals in 14 matches …..can they break the 80 goals record and deliver another 3 consecutive league titles ??????????

    Talk of history repeating itself with another British Coach !!!!

    1. I remember that class of 83 and i was thinking the same thing of the good old times being back. That front line was like Barcelona’s MSN where at least one of them would score two goals per match and Gor’s kama kawaida score was 4-0 or 4-1. I am really enjoying this current form.

  4. Great article. However our biggest problem in Gor Mahia and other self supporting teams is lack of structure and poor governance. Clubs like Gor Mahia and Ingwe should not be complaining about lack of finance while they enjoy fanatical fan base that can be tapped to bolster the clubs finances.

    I have just been wondering how these clubs have been surviving without better structures being put in place and this is a wake up call to the current office bearers and all stakeholders.

    With the Sports Act now in place, it is now the right time that Executive Committees led by club chairmen should consider introducing proper corporate structures and these structure will change these two great club in order to attract several corporate sponsors all over the world.

    The club should also change their corporate structure by having board of director led by the Chairman and Executive Management Committee led by the Chief Executive Officer.

  5. Where are the referees like Davies Omweno, Aden Marwa, Anthony Ogwayo, Damris Kimani, Peter Sabati, Israel Mpaima, Juma, Sylvester Kirwa and other good and competent referees.

    Why can’t KPL and FKL agree to bring on board these competent qualified referees in the second leg of KPL matches? The game is suffering from incompetent officiating due to personality issues and indifferences that can be sorted out amicably in broad day light for purpose of the development of soccer in the country.

  6. Nairobi Kogalo fans should have pleaded their case for the Gor, Tusker game to be played at city. Gor is the home team and they stand to make way more money in Nairobi than Kisumu.The team is hurting for money, this game would have provided a huge financial boost as many fans would have turned up at city given the current Gor form. The VIP at Moi stadium is too small compared to city or nyayo. The fans who were complaining about the match been taken to Kisumu during the Thika game should voiced their concerns rather than just complain from the stands.

    1. Satan asindwe mara Isirini!!!!, GOR 2 TUSKER 0. Take it to Super Market if don’t want take it to the Bank!!!!. We have Players who will teach Kimanzi some few Lessons for he left them to go wherever they like. Boni,TGS and the Engine (Aucho), ngoja tu uta ona MOTO!!!!


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