24 Oct 11

Ten man Gor Mahia fought to hold Chemelil sugar in a match played at “Old Trafford” in Naivasha. The match was played to an empty stadium as punishment for Gor Mahia crowd troubles.

Only two minutes into the game, Chemelil were awarded a penalty follwoing a handball by Chris Wekesa. Victor Ochieng saw his kick saved by Jerim Onyango in the Kogalo goal. On the stroke of halftime, Eric Masika was sent off for a second bookable offence.

In the second half, Kogalo playing a man down , dropped into a defensive formation as Chemelil piled the pressure in search of a winner.

Gor Mahia and Chemelil are now tied on 38 points. The next match will be the FKL cup final against Sofapaka on Wedensday. With the match only two days away, it probably would have been advisable for Kogalo to rest their key players on Monday. Hopefully fatigue will not be an overwhelming factor.


Gor Mahia : Jerim Onyango, Chris Wekesah, Nasio Solomon, Eric Masika, Musa Mohammed, Collins Okoth, Kevin Omondi, Evans Anguyo, Moses Odhiambo, John Kiplagat, Hadji Mwachoki.

Chemelil :John Wahu, David Oriki, Wellington Murwai, Willis Ouma, Charles Odera, David Ajwang, Smith Ooko, Jason Likonoh, James Omino, Daniel Mutahi, Victor Ochieng.

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  • arrumtiddi says:

    honestly am not amused with the above lineup.playing our strongest lineup againts chemelil just hours away from a massive match,is not the best of things to do.what makes it more difficult is that we only played with 10men for about 45mins .we have about 4matches remaining in kpl,we would have made amends even if we would have lost todays’ match.But with the big match coming on wednesday,we dont have a SECOND CHANCE!i just hope and pray that my fears are prooved ‘baseless’.
    Once again with the raising threats of terror attacks by the cowards called al shabab,we are requesting the match organisers to provide adequate security to all fans,players and officcials before,during and after the match.
    To fellow fans,at the stands,lets remain calm but vigilant and be on the lookout for anything untoward.

  • Joe Riaga says:

    This team is run by funny people. If they loose to Sofapaka on Wednesday, they will blame fatigue. Even though they should have rested ket players on Monday. Upuuzi kamili.

  • vincent owino says:


  • Logombas says:

    Thank you for the updates…Line up is ok,people as it gave the coach a good chance to prep the team and make amends where possible..It’s not a secret that Gor will win the game..,.Malo Malo Gor Malo ,,,,,,Malo Malo eh Kogalo Malo

  • jakojera 9 says:

    If u look at my facebook post on this issue i put the blame on GM official, FKL and KPL wanatuumiza……awuoro ndi.

  • Who are the key players who were rested? how is Lavasta doing?.

  • ODUOR12 says:

    “In the second half, Kogalo playing a man down , dropped into a defensive formation as Chemelil piled the pressure in search of a winner.”

    I love the above statement cause its show our technical bench is now trying to think and have a tactical approach both b4 and during matches . Also Chemelil sio team ndogo llke C.Stars , C.United. 2011 FKL Champions are Go. …..

  • arrumtiddi says:

    news in is that the final will will now be played at city stadium starting 1600hrs, and not nyayo 1900hrs.see u there.
    By the way where is albert kosero?umenyamaza sana.

  • Mak'Oluoch says:

    Yawa, where is Lavatsa AND Ziko? Which team are we playing next Wednesday?


    MakOluoch dont remain behind,Ziko is the head coach of Harambee stars hence busy with the National team standin coach are Woud Ahono and Zablon aka PRO.We will be playing SOFAPAKA at CITY STADIUM AT 4.00PM Lastly I hear Eddie is back to the team though have not confirmed.Am appealing to all branches to turn in there usual style to cheer up the team.MakOluoch dont miss that one.we meet kesho

  • omondi says:

    Mak’oluoch – we have since forgiven the Z factor in Gor but not forgotten the tribulation this has brought us, the current bench is trying their best and we wish them well tomoorrow against sofambura. See Ocampo comment. thats the reality. Gor has no vacuum.
    I hope to read Gor beat Sofapaka on this site

  • jb says:

    all the best kesho

  • ochigah says:

    All the best and wish all mafans kesho poa remember the pirates have infitrated our peaceful country be vigilant and may the REAL ALLAH bless GM tommorrow

  • Ja Ngere says:

    Omondi @11, u hv said that u forgoten ZD but let me tell u what all u Gor fools sorry followers.kesho mta nyoswa zaidi ya Man U.Am here to b corrected.Penda ne o chwee gi maiya.4 Gor forever.

  • READ ME!
    I do not mind at all if Gor Mahia loses all the remaining KPL matches and also forgets about the super eight tornament as long as they win the FKL cup and focus their energy in continental. With that being so it will be very very hard for them to concentrate on continental tournament and also on the local league at the same time. Gor Mahia is on the right track as far as the way they are handling their games is concerned. I would call it a TACTICAL RETREAT on KPL cup or even an OPPORTUNITY COST. That is, the cost of going continental is making us to loose out on next years KPL super eight tournament and also the KPL cup. The only way to handle this from next season is to sign more midfielders and strikers of top quality who can be playing all the tournaments without affecting performance of the team in all competitions.
    Now on the matter of Club house and stadium, what is the latest? Those are very very essential for any club. Please someone inform us. Let us be development minded please.

  • Vincent Ocampo says:

    Ja Ngere,please mind your langauge.Every person has a right to be heard but plz Ja Ngere we are from that age.who are the fools?this site we say what better can improve Kogalo and Kogalo Family.

  • mwakio says:

    Comments from fans like Ja Ngere are misplaced. Why do you refer to us as fools? You are indeed a big fool due to your language and you better go and hang yourself in a tree like judas iscariot. From these misplaced comments, you are the same fans who have been stifling the performance of the team.

  • Agwa kassam says:

    Guys, what’s the meaning of a fool? I bet it can never be a person who wishes GM victory against S’paka tomoro. It can neither be a person who feels Zico did not perform and derserves a break. Even if we lose to S’paka its still football more so a final which must produce a winner! We now understand how hooliganism works any opions against the actor earns him or her deadly description and bloody aggresion. For now ignore them and keep as far as possible. Its safer and civilised.


    Comrades. The dice is now cast. We are on the verge of respresenting Kenya again in the continental championship. But before we go there, we must first of all go past Sofapaka.

    On the book form, Sofapaka are the favourites. In 2009, they lifted the KPL trophy. This season, their eyes is trained on the ultimate prize. So, tomorrow they will try to demonstrate which type of metal they are of.

    On the other hand, K’Ogalo will go to the game gun blazing. Last year they were the runners up after chasing Ulinzi to the wire. This year although K’ogalo wanted to improve on the ranking, as of now, things are not looking rosy for us. With only 4 matches to go, we only hope to finish the premier leauge in a respectable position. The only consolation remaining for GM is the FKL cup

    Guys, this is the challenge confronting us. I am sure are our boys are psyched. The green army will make final invasion of the City stadium to cheer you to victory. will K’Ogalo reuse to the ocassion?

    Don’t compromise your security. Follow the advisory isssued by the Government.

  • Jackowili says:

    Ja Ngere for once I have regreted why you and I share some langauges.

    Are we fools because we love and support The Mighty Gor Mahia or are we fools because we stopped ZD on his tracks before he could cause further misery to the football club that we love and cherish?

    Once we have elected to put on the green or white jersey and be called a kogalo fan, we must just root for our team even if the odds are very much steeped against us.

    I think you still need to learn the ropes before you can be initiated to dine with “elders’ who know better than to brand people “fools”.

  • Jasawagongo says:

    Ja ngere,
    please mind your languagee and always know that this blog belongs to civilized people who respect each other.further note that nobody can be better than what he writes and i can see u through what u have written.if only you can take a few lessons in communication skills it will do you much good and in future consult before submitting any material to help u save your face

  • Ja Ngere says:

    Sorry guz,it was a mobile error.I was to delete the first word.Am so so sorry i rest my case.

  • ochigah says:

    Ja Ngere shame on you.Thats why you can afford those cheap mobile phone gadget made in River Road style up before you make a comment. You dare call sirkal “fools” and you claim to be a GM Diehard. Gor will win whether you like it or not. I’ve been watching GM since my childhood and i cant withstand your comments its good you have apologised but its not convincing ati mobile error weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…!


    Ja Ngere,MOBILE ERROR?dont accuse the mobile where even mobile is so innocent.but am happy you have heard what Kogalo family are made of.The likes of Ja Ngere should change. We are in next level.thanks fellow fans for some enlightment to Ja Ngere.


    Hope you have read the Standard today.He has said very well the club lacks consistency.he made a team for feature but the young players were overlooked thats why you saw likes Kitawi,Akango and the rest left the team.what i may suggest if Mzee SIANGA can be given chance to coach the youth team for Kogalo we can go places or what do you fellow fans think?food of thought.

  • jakojera 9 says:

    Jesus fight for Ko’galo 2de as u hav always done!

  • papamiky says:

    Gor bless us all and forgive those who sayeth what they are instructed to vomit!!!! Pareyo, God to continue rewarding you brother. I love Gor be it in loses or triumphs.
    Nitatoroka Job saa sita nikule ugali bama halafu………………habari ndiyo hiyo.
    see you then!

  • JAHKOREMO says:

    JA ngere I WARN U Before we played on monday about the guy u are forcing us with him. we r there coz of him now ur calling us fools poo its ok ati phone errra .buy IPOD if u can ,kogallo tuko pamoja tangu wazee wetu tutasija ,papamiky,jakojera,v.ocampo,jackowili ,mwakio,aarumtiddi,ole masai hope hope u guys are coming leo its our last chance to give this players support ama vipi fans. saa kumi

  • arrumtiddi says:

    win or loose lets’ support kogallo to the last minute.kudos to jasuba,he of the gor mahia cheerleaders group (the guy who wears the islamic hat) he and his team have been veri consistent always singing and dancing whether we are winnin,drawing or loosing.or even when the match has been stopped like when we played ‘efussi’.This is how we should cheer today.
    Meanwhile winger hadji mwachoki (al-shabab)has appealled to gor mahia fans to get him another nickname,for the reasons that doesnt’ want to be associated with the real ‘al shabab’.over to you bloggers,since the best and most creative brains in gor mahia are found here at the bloggers branch.
    tukutaneni stadi, and lets’ be our brother’s keeper.be vigil but calm.
    GOD,give us protection and victory,Amen.

  • Ja Ngere says:

    Ochigah@21.I have said am sorry and please know that the God that gave you expensive Mobile is the SAME God that gave me my cheap phone.VINCENT OCAMPO@22 i hope u knew,if i am not the first to reach that next level maybe i was second.Also note that there was a reason why Kitawi/Akango had to leave Gor.They had started to assume that they were bigger than the team and that is what is now happening to C.Tevez in Man City if you do follow English league.Let us not dwell on the past let us think of the future.Mwakio@16 why are you generalizing issues,there is nothing like us,talk about u if yu hv issues to pick.Guz did you read even Mwakio@16 calling me a BIG FOOL and nobody has raise a fingure.Jackowili@19 one does not choose where he/she is born so pls stop regreating and lets forcase on the battle ahead.4 Gor forever

  • antony otieno says:

    kogallo mayienga mayiengo piny,make us proud by winning this one yawa thooo.

  • Jasawagongo says:

    Guyz lets forgive Jangere and as a team rally behind the team,for those who are in a position to attend please do as some of us who are not able to make it will depend on u for updates and i pray that we win this cup.


    Mwakio and JackOwili comments are not bad they are just reacting on what Ja Ngere wrote.What I may advice before you send your comments please review it please.Mwakio I welcome you on Bloggers next meeting in due course.the first meeting was so good.As per Hadji nickname I may suggest he be called WOUD MIN (SON OF A MOTHER).

  • jakojera 9 says:

    jina ya hadji mpya ni owang’ winyo manyasure ka dhano…..like a crane long legs and also boasts like a peacock…this clearly depicts how hadji plays what do u think?

  • Duncan says:

    Siang’a has summarised the problem of our team,zedi must take responsibility,he did not want to groom the young players coz he did not know how to do it.

  • Mwakio says:

    Well said Ja-Ngere and your apology is accepted. Please let us keep our heads together for the shake of the team and we will go far. Let us all join hands to support our team. @Ocampo, when is the next meeting and venue? If I do not come, I will send my younger brother who is also Kogalo damu to attend on my behalf.

  • Jasawagongo says:

    Thank God we won

  • Vincent Ocampo says:

    Am happy boyz u av made me proud CAF here we come

  • Albert Kosero (Sofaset Branch - Kampala) says:

    WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!!!. Congrats vijana. I am elated.

  • Albert Kosero (Sofaset Branch - Kampala) says:

    @arrumtiddi, thanks for the concern. I am very much alive and kicking. Tuko pamoja.

  • Logombas says:

    okombe Ikelo Gattuso,Gor ma Kogalo Gor ma Hono…..Okombe Ikelo Masika-OCS….Gor ma Kogalo Gor ma Hono….haaaaa…To Di World Gor Mahia

  • JAHKOREMO says:

    sofa set ulipotea wapi thats why tulikusau karibu tena lakini tulisija jana vibya sana city mpaka tukabeba okombe sasa tuko sambamba kogallo fas wev to finesh league in agood position hopefully . mashemeji thanks fr coming jana hope u saw what gor can do to ateam .