Gor Mahia identify transfer targets

Courtesy of supersport.com

Tusker midfielder Crispin Olando is among six key players that Gor Mahia intend to sign in the June transfer window.

Club secretary General George Bwana told SuperSport.com that other targeted players include is Rangers FC captain Pascal Ochieng and Thika United striker Kepha Aswani.

The club is also finalising talks with Tusker defender Noah Abich and AFC Leopards striker Victor Ochieng and are also said to be interested in Mathare United striker Jesse Were and Jockins Atudo of Tusker.

“We shall go for quality players especially experienced ones. Talks are almost complete with our new targets and I can confirm they are all willing to join our club which has a strong fan base. We want to finalise with their respective clubs on the financial aspect before we go public and make a major announcement,” said Bwana.

Contacted, Leopards striker Victor Ochieng denied the reports saying he was comfortable at Leopards’ camp. He admitted that Gor officials have been in touch but he is comfortable at Leopards.

Rangers Chairman Yobes Ongeri also denied that Ochieng could be headed to K’Ogalo.

“I spoke with Pascal few days ago and he told me that Gor had approached him but they were offering peanuts. Besides that, Gor have never approached us about him.”


34 thoughts on “Gor Mahia identify transfer targets

  1. How has this come out,I thought there was a structured way of communication on these matters? EC whats happening, these are very very raw issues, why are they in the public domain at this stage?

  2. And why inflate the wage bill ? Gor needs to invest for future growth, not have expenses more than income , 6 players is too much , Sec General you talk too much!

  3. I can assure you that now that these issues are out in the public domain none of these players will join us. Seems like we don’t learn from our past. Anyway let whoever wants to join GM do so because they would like to play for us but not because of money. City Stars are doing well without the financial muscle just because the players have the passion for the game and have not put monetary considerations first. All the same let’s not repeat the same mistakes as we did last year. From what I know it will be hard for a player to leave any stable KPL team to join GM unless we completely change our style of doing things, especially the fans and the EC. The tech bench seems to have gotten their act together and it’s only the two organs, fans and EC wo are still mark-timing. They need to change the way they do things as perceptions drive everything.

  4. I am a die hard fan but this so called Bwana is messing us the way they did in the last transfer window! Can the EC do something as concerns public relations and by the way, who talks matters concerning GM? Out of all these players for sure, where are we taking them? I think we only need three players from defense, midfield and then striking. The so called Officials in Gor like media talks too much and they make the players hike their prices for no such good reason. Can Bwana close his mouth and do the three transfers professionally as other teams and stop media speculation? If we fans leave this media guy to keep on talking and bloating the squad then we are going nowhere! Copy the discipline from other teams that do no spill the beans open for all…… 3 players are enough and my conscience tells me that the work of identifying players should be left with the Technical Bench.

  5. Bwana kwani there is nothing else you are doing with your life coz its like you cant hold anything until it materializes try to go slow and act proffesionally.

  6. Most honorable bloggers I urge you to hold your horses and keep your cool. I am seeing George Bwana’s move as a tactical decoy. Just watch this space and you will see the true picture soon…! Of course it will be done by the technical bench.

  7. I agree with you Barefoot Bandit, I think Bwana is playing tactical. lets stop the rush to ridicule or condemn people.
    I hope we will get something worth this time.

  8. Orlando Chrispine,Ochieng vicky Pascal ,Atudo and the rest i hope we are not copying Real madrid of 2007 where all stars were present in the team,ama hii ni vitisho dhidi ya upinzani?.



    I want to remind you of the immortal words of the late Micheal Wamwala while speaking to the first Narc cabinet retreat in Nyeri not to let power get into their heads. I am compelled to remind you of those words because of your professional conduct to the media.

    Fans are not interested with who K’ogalo is contacting in order to have his signature. I have more than once pointed out several players you told us through respected blogs that they are joining K’Ogalo but in the end, not even you had the gut to explain what went w
    I have never hidden my admiration to the management and administrative style of the chairman of Mathare United FC, Bob Munro. Mathare Youth Sports Asscociation ( MYSA), is an NGO of international repute. Mathare United FC is only one of the projects run by MYSA. We have seen several teams participate in high profile tournaments in Europe especially Norway. We have seen youth get sports scholarship. Most of all, Mathare United, a very young club compared to Gor Mahia is now competing in the Kenya Premier League.
    The club is quiete but busy working. MU have churned more players than Gor Mahia.

    Instead of organising a testimonial match for Awilo, who have served the club with distinction, or sorting out the club jersey fiasco that is threatening to tear the club into two, or look of ways to compensate the families of those who lost their lives for Gor Mahia or amend our archaic constitution, General Bwana is busy boring us with his endless good for nothing talks.

    Shame on you!

  10. Just like myself and our current coach Logarithm, George Bwana is also a “chatter-box” that you can not control or predict what his intentions are geared to achieve.G.Bwana is the “KALEMBE NDILE” of GM executive.

    The last two weeks he has been busy talking about AFC woes and shading “crocodile-tears” in “futaa.com”. Next time round we should apply super-glue on his lips to make him shut his big mouth for the rest of the season.

    We do not need to buy those “ROTTEN POTATOES” from Tusker ,Thika united,AFC and Rangers. The coach should work out his plan with current squad and believe me not bloggers he will carry the title. There is no time for this over-rated, docile and out of focus players to gel and mould with the current players. Let GM dwell with a lean squad and pay them well until end of the season.

  11. i concur with the others let the officials forget about the media hype as this exerts pressure on the target players.just go to the media only after sealing the deals with the targeted players

  12. Ogango Trailer and Pareiyo 09, i totally agree with your sentiments. This so called Bwana is really boring us with his media hype!

  13. Nothing is wrong by Bwana disclosing his motives.Gor is big club where things can never be done in secret.Those players are good except am bit worried with signing of olando cos of injury for long season in Tusker FC

    If you must talk,i would like you to address an issue raised by @dinga a while back.The good gentleman wanted to know who is responsible for importing/selling/dealing in the so called ‘adidas jerseys’,at gor mahia,when we all know that the official kit for gor mahia is legea?This to me is a very important issue that needs to be dealt with urgently and expeditiously than telling us, as good old trailerman puts it,which rotten potato’ is coming on board!

  15. The like of Bwana should have never been officials of a a highly fanned club like Gor Mahia because when you rush to press and make such comments and the plans backfires you are likely to be blamed for the whole mess.

  16. Those talking ill of adidas wameze wembe.we are here to stay.
    Bwana should find something meaningfull to do.

  17. We have really advised Mr. George Bwana not to go public until the deal is done but he seems to be too quick. If we fail to sign them what will be the story? I can see already Victor Ochieng’ denying having talked with GM officials and all the other players will do so coz if they come out clearly before the deal is done then what will their clubs say…pls let us desist from airing out these unconfirmed reports, especially about signings until we are double-sure.

  18. George Bwana suffers from a cognitive medical disability condition abbreviated as ADHD caused by some strange chemistry disorder within his brain.

    ADHD is “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” that begins during childhood and may not be diagnosed until adulthood. This is the condition that makes G.Bwana to be disorganized,lose focus and act impulsively. Persons with ADHD can not get organized at all cost, will constantly interrupt other people. They fidget,feel restless and talk excessively.

    G.Bwana “BLABBER MOUTH” condition will worsen as KPL 2012 season progresses. Currently he is a natural “MUDOMO-BAGGY”who suffers from a verbose gasbag and garrulous windbag.That is why he talks carelessly while releasing some sensitive internal info to the media.

  19. My brother @mcosweto,am not talking ill of ‘adidas’ guyz.If anything they are the majority of our fans.’Adidas” and,’Legea’ are both fans and no one is more gor mahia than the other.Am very sure that 99% of those who bought/wear adidas did so very innocently oblivious of the rip off they were causing gor.And oblivious of the fact that there hard earned cash was was not benefiting the gor they so much love.
    My brother mcosweto,my beef is with those in authority at gor mahia who through sins of omission or commission allowed gor mahia to loose large amounts of revenue through the sale of fake merchandise.
    The fans who bought these jerseys are so innocent.The only question is,what has Bwana and his fellow ec members done/doing about this jersey scam?To what extent were they involved?if at all they were involved.

  20. George Bwana just continue with your good work! most of our suppoters are behind you? wary less

  21. Guys, i think Logarithm talked of six players he identified so far, i hope they’re the ones Bwana is talking about. If that be the case then the worst he’s done is going public with wishes! Surely as things stand only players from junior teams may join GM. Personally i wonder what better services we’ll get from these players GB is yelling about. We are in the title race but if other teams get their act professionaly then with all the confusion around we need years. Personally i see nothing new, just going round in circles.

  22. I have said it time and again that GOR pays their players peanuts as if they are school leaving children. Do i need to say more? PASCAL has confirmed it above! any query!

  23. Guys ,i think Bwana should not go public on deals which are not thr,.Gor will have it difficult because the same players will get the attention of other financially stable clubs like SOFAPAKA

  24. There is so much going on in the Efusi camp to keep their fans busy. I want to advice any such fan to sort out the mess in the efusi house before tress-passing and telling us I don’t how Gor pays what.

    Most respected bloggers let me remind all of us that GB is still one of us in spite of his perceived blunders.He loves GM just like all of us. In as much as we may not agree with his outbursts let us confine ourselves to constructive criticism without disrespecting him.

    We are all human and I want to believe that most of us including myself may not perform better if privileged (or is it challenged?) to serve K’Ogalo in that capacity. Please heed my call and let us criticize his actions without insulting him.

    @Arrumtiddi, Ogango Trailer, Okoth Jabilo, Mcosweto and Motema Pembe I want to acknowledge your presence… and I believe it is what breathes new life into our blog. It is back to serious business once again. Welcome back brothers.

  25. my k’ogalo brodas letz be honest with ourselves en call aspade aspade nt abg spn.since only the truth shall set us free.Regarding the issue of replica jersey,the brookside guys r to be blamed for this kind of mess.coz the so called legea is over-priced;2800/=for a T-shirt is abig joke if nt madness for most of GM fans.and let me assure u,no body is importing anything.smbdy is only busy prudicing the adidas imitations at rv rd,let the chak guys wake up en rduce the price.its that simple.

  26. The legea jerseys are not actually overpriced. It’s the economy which is tough for most of us plus we are used to the fake ManU/Arsenal jerseys we buy from the back street stalls. A genuine ManU jersey will actually cost you not less than 50 pounds (that is a min 6k at the prevailing exchange rate). What I have an issue with the jersey is the colour and design. It deviates from our green we are used to. This needs to be changed to reflect what the real colour is and also involve the fans. By the way Thika sells the jerseys at the same amount. By the way never heard a single AFC fan complain when their team went legea yet we as GM fans complain about almost everything. We should note that buying the jerseys is part of aiding and supporting the club. The only thing is to hope that all the money goes to the club. On castigating the adidas jerseys we should stop it since during the last ManU match I saw one of their fans wearing a SHARP jersey but proudly supporting the team

  27. The issue should NOT be the price of the jersey but if GM benefit from the sales. It does not matter even if we sell genuine 200 jerseys which benefit the club rather than having thousands of fake jerseys on the street yielding nothing to the club.The EC should look for ways of arresting those involved in the production and distribution of these fake jerseys unless if they themselves are involved.

  28. Just tell us transfers when everything has been confirmed and players have agreed to join gor mahia . Stop rumour mongering gor mahia management !!!!!! We have heard to live with many lies in the recent past ………we tugo gi pachwa

  29. Guys wy should fans complain of the price of Jersey while we buy fake jerseys whose sales does not benefit the club.Please stop cheape politics and wake up.

  30. Bwana si ukue mpole. Hii siasa zako ndo karibu K’ogaloo iende relagation, this Job should be for the coach. You talk too much Bwana.

  31. GM is a bigger club infact more than what we see. I believe my good friend Bwana knows pretty well that Head Coach with his Technical Team in any Club are the ones responsible with transfer and aquisition of players. This will automatically minimize EC poking its nose into TT’s affair. Bwana should this if he realy means good to GM

  32. I support every event. so with the up coming signing im realy behind the proposed names for the new signings.

  33. Next time we elect anybody into Kogalo`s office we should look at their credentials. some of these characters are just dubious

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