Gor Mahia in talks with Rwandese midfielder

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Gor Mahia are currently holding talks with highly rated Rwandese midfielder Jean Baptiste Mugiraneza. This according to a report by the Daily Nation. Mugiraneza, who is 26, is a free agent after his contract with Azam of Tanzania lapsed. Gor Mahia need a midfield enforcer who can play the role that was previously played by Khalid Aucho and Geoffrey Kizito before him.

“His demands are acceptable and he is a quality player although he hasn’t played competitively for a while. We want to win the title next season and to achieve that, we need quality players,” a club official told Nairobi News in confidence.” said a Gor Mahia official.

Popularly known as “Migi”, he started his career in 2007 at SC Kiyovu. He subsequently played for APR then Azam of Tanzania. He has also featured for the Rwanda national team. He was in the starting line-up for Rwanda when they that almost beat Ghana in an AFCON qualifier in September of this year in Accra. The game ended 1-1.

Mugiraneza won six league titles, seven Peace Cup trophies and two CECAFA Kagame Cup titles (2007 and 2010) with APR FC.

He spent 18 months at Azam. He was in the starting line-up for most of 2016. He picked up a calf injury in May but returned to regain his spot in the line-up. He last played for Azam in October of this year.  He was released by Azam this month to make way for a Camerounian defensive midfielder.

“I was surprised when the club informed me that I was no longer in the club’s plans and that I was free to look for another team.” he said to Rwanda times.

Gor Mahia has already reached their full quota of foreigners which includes other Rwandese players Jacque Tuyisenge, Abouba Sibomana, Meddie Kagere plus Ugandan Geoffrey Walusimbi and Burundian Karim Nizigiyimana. One of them would need to depart.

Fans will be hoping that the club will subject him to medical and fitness tests which they have not done with previous signees like Jerry Santos, Crispin Odula and others who ended up never playing for the club.

Mugiraneza Video highlights

31 thoughts on “Gor Mahia in talks with Rwandese midfielder

  1. Just come, @K’galo you’ll be paid $3,000/per month + benefits for 6 months while you regain your fitness. We are also a rehabilitation centre incase you have an injury.And where/when did Ze Maria see you? All the best should you put ink to paper.

    1. No,am just echoing admin (last paragraph) but i do know about the “King” so expect millions to be spent as signing fee Jausenge sytle.A leopard,they say,never changes its spots. Btw Thiago has apparently jioned a club called Managua F.C of Nicaragua.Wonder what is Nicaragua’s FIFA ranking?

  2. The chairman once said our coach left a list of players to be recruited and all were local players?Then Jean Baptiste has been out for a while, l think he should under go. trial first before being sign to check his fitness level.

    1. Odour12 kindly give us a rest,why do you seem to be nagative on every move even though there’s freedom of expression yes we do agree you are free to air your opinion but ithink you are taking too far

      1. From what we read here, Oduor’s concerns are genuine. Is it not true that many bench warmers have been receiving monthly salaries at Kogalo. How about the unfit guy who as Oduor rightfully put it are on rehabilitation? Did I not hear of world class signings?

  3. @Oduor12, Injuries are not permanent inabilities as players do recover and give their 100%. Let us give technical bench and office time to recruit players. Our work as fans is to give support and cheer up the team.

  4. If the Rwandese being courted was Ernest Sugira or Jean Claude Iranzi, I would be very excited. With this one, we are seeing another average player who will most likely also cost as 4 million like last time and then take 2 months on rehabilitation just as it happened last time….
    then blow hot and cold just like what we saw last time. Are we then suggesting that it is ok to sign injured players and then spend a fortune to recondition them? So we were ok with the Patrick Oboya, Crispin Odula, etc messes?

    Oduor12 is only pointing out that Gor Mahia’s core business is to play competition football and not to rehabilitate injuries picked elsewhere and then release without any profitable returns.

  5. Why is it taking the Administrator of Gormahia.net too long to wish us Merry Christmas? Only KMPDU members are on strike. For you, Mr. Administrator, just do the honourable thing and send us season’s greetings. It is getting rather late.

  6. Never seen a player who never gets injured. Didn’t we say that our mid was not well-staffed? Unless is a player is completely out then we need to consider. Barca signed Suarez when the guy was serving a long suspension with a recurrent disciplinary issue. Where are they now. Tuyisenge came injured but ended up being our top scorer and was never injured again.

    Worldwide recruitment is a done by both the TB and EC. There are cases where the coach has not identified a player but the scouts or agents have ad have recommended the player.

    As fans at times we think we know it all but surely there are people who are trained to coach and manage a soccer team/club

  7. This hullabaloo didn’t go unnoticed by those fans who were politicizing Kogallo’s rejection of the Mapinduzi cup offer.
    Why can’t the team compete at the tournament in Zanzibar? The competition is free of charge and pits the regional giants against whom we should gauge our preparedness to dethrone Brewkenge of their stolen trophies.
    Can’t the office do the recruitment while the current players compete in Zanzibar?
    I wish Jerry Jagoal a successful political career2017. I will always remember you by the goal you conceded against Thika United.

  8. @jambita tiny….your last statement on what you will remember Jerry for is rather harsh and unfortunate.
    Without a doubt Jerry has been one of the most loyal servant in GMs history and most of us will want to remember him for the right reasons.
    Let us not pretend we wish him well yet want to be quick to blame him for the wrongs he did on the pitch…that is hypocrisy of the highest order.Reserve your praise if you want to carry certain grudges…and this certainly isn’t the time for that.
    All the best to Jerry and thanks for the service rendered to GM…we salute you!!!

    1. @oswozo, i intended to take a blogging sabbatical but i briefly had to temporarily report back early since i just got riled by your long running habit of lecturing people on this blog. I dont necessarily agree with jambita’s signing off though i laughed out loud when i read it, still will but you need not lecture him. Your thinking that we should remember Jerry for the good is proper but it is your own and not everyone HAS to think that way. Mugiraneza used to be a beast and can still be if the injury was not serious. Lets all pray so. Back to my sabbatical

      1. @Musymo don’t take a sabbatical. This is a public forum and each one is free to write here. This rhetoric about the Tb knowing their work can be told to the birds. Which trophy have they worn last season in order to be shielded from criticism?

  9. Soka East reports Mugiraneza already signed a two year deal. They even uploaded a copy of the contract that looked very poorly done. My first was a spelling error of the word December and while some may think this is a petty point but i was hoping a club of Gor’s calibre should not be misspelling words. Good move. Now EC swiftly move for the other targets. My hope was we sign Kamura but with reports of Stima’s Joash playing for Kogallo in the closed season this may just remain a wish.

    1. Was it a legal document or tomorrow we shall hear contradictions? In haste to go home, he might have penned an illegal document that can not stand verification in law…..Rachier?

  10. Lecture or not am entitled to my opinion.you stick to your sabbatical. ..let me do what I have to!you coming out of your sabbatical to give your comments is very immaterial to me and frankly won’t change anything!!…S. T.U.S…if you know what that means! !!

  11. I think its unfair to stop somebody or anybody whose joy is complaining in perpetuity from doing so , the best is to ignore and stay on message and thie article is on a player and the question is despite those temporary drawbacks does the player fit the bill as a player for a club of Gor’s calibre or not , but just generalising issues then issuing wholesale condemnation is a misplaced sideshow

  12. As a seasond blogger since 2012 , See you all in 2017 on kogallo matters and remember this is not a time to whine, complain and criticize. Celebrate and make merry !!!!!

  13. Season greetings to all bloggers, fans, supporters, admin, and club administration.. Merry Christmas and Haay New Year 2017.

  14. Who are the locals to be brought on board? are we bringing Johanna Erick? Why are we blaming Jerry it was a mistake so let’s not see the black dot on a white piece of paper but see that paper has large part of it being white.

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