9 Jul 17

Gor Mahia’s bid to regain the GoTV shield which they last won in 2012 has ended. The match ended 1-1 in regulation time thus forcing a penalty shootout which Gor Mahia lost 6-5

Additional reporting from the Nation
New Gor Mahia coach Dylan Kerr on Sunday watched from the stands as his team tumbled out of GOtv Shield tournament after a 5-4 post-match penalty shootout defeat to Bandari at the Thika Sub-County Stadium

Earlier, Bidco United beat Rainforest 2-0 in Thika.

Despite controlling proceedings for the better part of the game, the 15-time league champions suffered a scare early into the second half, when Bandari went ahead courtesy of Lewisw Cosmas.

The former Shield Cup champions however made amends in the 74th minute through new signing Boniface Omondi and the stalemate persisted until the final whistle, necessitating a penalty shootout.

Meddie Kagere, Boniface Omondi, Harun Shakava Musa Mohammed and Wellington Ochieng converted their penalties for K’Ogalo, but Francis Kahata and Kenneth Muguna failed from 12 yards.

Gor coach Kerr arrived in the country early Sunday morning and proceeded straight to Thika where he got his first glance of the team he has committed to coaching for the remainder of the season.

Gor Mahia have been unimpressive since winning the Sportpesa supercup. The new coach has his work cut out.

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  • INGO says:

    Asante Bandari kwa kuwafunza hawa watu wa bara neno moja au mbili kuhusu kandanda. Hapa Coast sisi tunaimba…..”wape wapee vidonge vyao wakimeza wakitema ni shauri yao “

  • Pili pili says:

    Well come let.

  • jamriAmbo says:

    Zico hako na nuksi mbaya Sana.followed by failure every where, outwitted by all tacticians. Nyangweso, oloye, waganda loye. Kara wawuondre to onge…aasn vhunua nosesyoee chon

  • musymo says:

    I am travelling back a disappointed man though I cannot blame the team. The hunger was evident and at least there was one bright spot in the sparkling Boniface(the winger). Zico, 3 games locally no victory!! That sums up your suitability as Head coach. Be a loyal assistant till your time to move arrives!!!

    • Jasego says:

      Musymo give me the team tactical and formational approach to today’s game as am away on work. You say the new boy Boniface Ochieng sparkled?Where does that leave Innocent Wafula in terms of preference and also is he better than maloba. Do we still play 3-5-2 or we reverted to 4-4-2 yuora nena long balls and runnings galore?I haven’t watched K’Ogalo play ever since Sportpesa Supercup..What substitutions were made and how did they impact on the match?

      • musymo says:

        We played the 3-5-2 with Karim and Berry playing as wingbacks. Tuyisenge got injured early on and Boni came on the wing with Berry going centrally. Boni and Wafula is a dead heat for me. Where Boni(picture Jimmy Bageya in his hey day) carries more goal threat, Wafula compensates with an indefatigable never give up spirit. Wafula replaced Karim and was all over winning back possession and harrying Bandari defenders to death. The player more threatened in my opinion by Boni who may walk into the first 11 is Berry.

  • ja Thur GI ji says:

    Am so sad! I do not know what to say, but I have said before that we will live to regret, the good times are gone, the much maligned tiki take, very nice style of football is gone and zero wins ever since, and now out of the cup and which may mean no Continental football for two consecutive seasons, and a likely player flight. The beginning of the end…

    • Jamriambo. says:

      Heading to TZ with tails coiled between our legs, Thanks to Jadala. In a technical match, Zico cannot win. In a yuora nena, yes he will prevail.

  • Joods says:

    Good job Zico. Let’s blame ze maria for this loss.am sure @musymo must have “danced out the stadium his head off”becoz jadala has “won”.i now understand why hated ze maria.ze Maria couldn’t deliver such fantastic results. I urge Zico now that I don’t go to Stadium, just use whatever means to ensure we don’t get relegated. Am sure we can beat zoo kericho,nakumatt,home boyz,rangers and may be get 5draws.thats is guarantee to remain in the league. With that we are home and dry. At the moment we can’t talk of conquering Africa or kpl.we should start setting up our mind like in early 90s.ie how to avoid relegation.

  • Jamigori says:

    I never understood why EC are still keeping Zico in the technical bench. Zico with hus jodala mentality is going to poison players against the new Coach Kerr. This guy is clueless and tactless in all Gish pattern or formation. He can only coach lower teams in the KPL but not a team like Gor mahia. I suggest if EC is still interested in Zico, why can’t they give me the Youth Team to coach?

  • Jakoyo says:

    JODALA CLAP ! CLAP ! CLAP ! We have to continue to believe….. For once in the history of the club am happy and sad in equal measures ;


    1. Zico is steering the ship in the right direction, just needs time to impose his style and today we lost on penalties, surely give the coach a break. Penalties can be won by anyone so @ joods.give us a break and spare us the comics. this is not the time to make jokes.
    2. Zico has discovered a gem in the name of Boniface the speedy and tactical winger who could be potentially the next KPL wonder kid. We have to keep Zico @ jamriambo, look at the positive side of people.
    3. The fans have discovered how deep the Ze Maria tiki taka mess put the club into, surely even scoring goals from open play , getting strikers on the score sheet has become a huge problem.
    4. The new coach himself was on the stand and witnessed the pressure…… and his comments ‘ this is a good team but a lot of work needs to be done’……what was Ze Maria doing all that time ? @ jamigori, you are blaming the wrong people


    1.Once again we miss out on easy continental group stages next year,may be unless we win the league. can we win the next 10 games on the trot ?
    2. Our strikers simply cannot score ! this is now getting really worrying. what is the underlying problem ?

  • A person says:

    Gor otop from the top. Zico is not the problem. Rachier is the problem. To me Zico remains a legend. Jok ma pok nodonjo e pap moro amora owe chocho ita. Penalty shoot outs are merely based on probability. Each team has an equal chance of winning. Even the best world players do miss penalties. Gotv makachietha to supersport is not sponsoring Kpl. Uchocho ita.

    • Jasego says:

      Wuod luo aneno ka gini wang’o iyi matek owadwa, an agoyo number adek mager nyaka Netherlands niluonga mana ni Jabar Chiego kayudo tiendii okichung..lol anyway that’s on a light note. A Person osiepa i want you to support Coach Ker Riagga with me we help him push K’Ogalo to higher heights, koso iwacho nade thura?

      • A person says:

        Hehe Jasego . Joma nosetugo ka in kamano to wamiyo standing ovation. I have no problem with you coz you analyse football matters objectively. But there is some crop of bloggers here that only thrive on sarcasm. Their main problem is luo. Mago e jok ma chocho it’s.Otherwise let’s hope that Kerr understands what is expected of him.

  • A person says:

    Kechu to Kara Ni kure.

  • Jasego says:

    Jakoyo ipenjo ang’o bwana (what is the underlying problem) after saying mad things akin to Ze Maria messed GM with tiki taka?Gor is just playing haphazard brand of football devoid of any technical acumen hence the poor string of results being witnessed. I knew Zico would take Kogalo nowhere and hence he had to vacate Head Coach post at Zero Option to which even ”Almighty” AR could not resist. Anyway am sure Coach Kerr sees the total lack of formational awareness of tactical astuteness hence his comment alot of work needs to be done. Modern football is not about running Helter Skelter akin to days of whoever is strong wins, those are the tactics Ingwe used to conquer football with back in the 80’s by running amok like thieves in all directions and bumping into all and sundry. Ingo go post in AFC useless wall we don’t require your mediocrity here. Sad day for us but atleast something positive to look forward to with new coach steadying the ship.I expect all support to new coach from here including Jakoyo

  • Jakoyo says:

    @jasego, i will support coach Kerr but remember we are not scoring goals the entire season and am not sure what antidote Kerr will bring to the club but kokelo wich kuot matindo tindo , you can be sure all hell will break loose on him in the next game.

    • jamriAmbo says:

      Your full of consolations bwana
      penalties are a destination, but what took us there. Lack of tact, useless formation, clueless tech ideas. If zico approaches his matches with tactical acumen, he will win lakini amelalia maskio Sana. Look at all the coaches beating him, look at their teams, they only beat him because of technical matters and formation. Awacho ayweyo thoooo. Aol arito 8/8 . Aol gi pressure

  • Oduor12 says:

    Very sad and worried about everything. Fish rots from the top. I ask again of what value is Zico in TB when there zero faith in his ability to step in as head coach for even one day. The league title is now the only chance for my beloved “little unknown team from Kenya” to become known. PERFORMING CREDIBLY IF NOT WINNING CAF TOURNAMENTS IS THE ONLY WAY TO BECOMING RECOGNIZED IN THE WORLD.We need to wrap up the league in good time.

  • Wuod Suba says:

    Whether you people like it or not….Gor is the team…
    Even Brazil was defeated 7-0 by Germany .
    We are tired of your criticisms all the time.
    Why don’t you go to the field to play or be the coach?
    Uolowa go koko



    Welcome coach KER -“marwa” wan JO-K’OGALO to the ever very hot seat of Gor Mahia football club. I will not shy away from reminding you that as OGANGO TRAILER am a very typical JA-DALA who believes that our mighty club however “very little and completely unknown” in your homeland has it owners known as JO-DALA fan base. As JO-DALA brigade of this glamour club we do resemble the Italian mafia who remotely control and dictate the inner core of St. Peters Basillica square of the Vatican city in Rome. I hope you will understand and internalize the above reference.

    As you begin your work after the official unveiling ceremony you will be informed about the existence JO-DALA who are the clique of Gor Mahia fan base that will glorify you more than their spouses/family when you perform miracle with this averagely-rated players and supposing you are just another impostor a.k.a “WAINGAJO”; then alternatively with equal measure and opposing JO-DALA will not hesitate to shamelessly and ruthlessly vilify,assassinate and crucify your personality, career, character and profession at altar death much more painful than what our LORD encountered on the hills of calvary.

    With those few remark i hereby do humbly and kindly welcome you to the “HOT-SEAT” of Gor Mahia football while patiently hoping and wishing to see miracles during your tenure at helm of TB. Alternatively do not forget to negotiate for an open return Air-ticket to your homeland that will be much in need when our hopes,wishes and aspiration fail to match your in put.

    Yours sincerly

  • We have a new coach and that’s should be our focus , but for those who wish to console themselves that their bad behaviour is justifiable by trying to sanitize Zico with such common nonsense as to whether he is the one playing in the field , well to reasassure how irrelevant and inconsist that argument is , ask yourself whether u asked the same of Ze Maria , It is the same self consoling small mentality that made some of as to believe amusingly that Ze was finally incooperating the some of the populist views on this wall in his tactical approach , its the same overated sense of self that was attributing all the positives in Dar to Zicos non backward passes approach to games despite his being acting coach for barely 3full working days but now 3weeks later are slippery trying to blame Ze Maria for the subsequent debacles , a new line is creeping in as to y those who never played football should not notice those non football gaffes , unfortunately and this is something we must accept to live with , Empty debes make the most noise , never hesitating to insult n justify.
    We now have a new coach , lets give him our full support instead of wishing failure so as to massage our misplaced sense of misadventure.

    • OGANGO TRAILER says:

      @ teddy sofaset branch entebbe in K’Ogalo TB there are no wishful attributes or sacred cows or bulls when it comes to heading the TB. You either perform and stay put or fail and ship out irrespective of whether you are a local (Jodala) or foreigner(Odiero-Apala). The coach is in for a real test and my only plea to him is that he has found K’Ogalo rooted at the top of SPL table and hence the pressure cooker is already on. His future depends on his performance PERIOD and we are very supportive but without the famous sugar-coating phrase of FOREIGNER. ONLY RESULT! RESULTS! RESULTS!

  • A person says:

    Ze Maria is yaliyondwele sipite! Jaluo ma Zico ok nyal pim gI chotara! Giru giru oloyo gir akwya. I will protect our own unapologetically. Wekuru chocho ita gi essay manono.

    • musymo says:

      Mimadho no chal molut ei petrol. Mor ikawo ok mi ngato mana kaka okewkanango ne kete ga. Ze Maria gi we diko go lakwa. Lakini jakababa Zico to da!!!

      • A person says:

        Hehehe Musymo, wan wamadho quality thing, just enough to deal with the pretenders perpendicularly. Otherwise wewe ni true fan coz you attend kogallo matches. Oyondi moko ma cannot move out of the confines of their houses for fear of teargas ema nyaka waket where they belong.

  • Barefoot Bandit says:


    musymo says:
    July 10, 2017 at 1:06 pm

    “Mimadho no chal molut ei petrol……”

  • Nyakwar Rahiti says:

    Good results will come not only from the couch but also from the synergy derived from all and sundry. Getting that synergy with Zico in that TB is the first challenge for Kerr. I learned that there are occasions when non-verbal communication could be more powerful than verbal just like it happened by hiring a various ‘KPL couch’ to assist a ‘struggling couch.’ Intelligent brain like Zimaria needed not to wait for the Afro Cinema of being bungled out like it has always happened.

    With only four matches as TB, Zico’s boys had wide space between them, long passes and aesthetics Kenya.WATCH OUT