Gor Mahia leave for Morocco

The last group of Gor Mahia players and technical bench members finally left Nairobi for Morocco on Saturday morning after a whole night of uncertainty whether they would travel or not for their CAF Confederations Cup return leg tie against RS Berkane on Sunday. This according to Capital FM

The team was at the airport on Thursday but only nine players and a officials traveled as the rest searched for flights.

The final last that included 11 players and the technical bench members finally left Nairobi for Morocco via Doha at 10am Saturday morning and and will arrive on matchday.

According to Capital FM, the team left for a six hour flight to Doha from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, meaning they will land in the Qatari capital at approximately 4pm EAT. The team will then have a nine-hour lay-over before departing for Marrakech.

This means they depart the Hamad International Airport in Doha at approximately 1am for another 10 hour flight to Marrakech. From Marrakech, they will connect to Berkane, 848km away.

“It is tough on us as players because of this arrangement. We will not have time to rest well before the game but we will go in and battle. I think there should be better planning next time because this is a crucial match,” one of the players who sought anonymity told Capital Sport.

But, coach Oktay , returning to the bench is confident. “We can’t give up. I don’t give up. That’s part of my philosophy. We will go there and fight and see if we can get a good result,” the tactician stated.

Gor Mahia players sleeping at the airport

One of the players who spoke to goal.com said
“We are currently resting on the floor in the waiting room. Our flight is at 12.00 midnight and the club says it does not have money to book a resting room for us,” he said.

“We have no alternative but find a way of passing time before we leave; we will arrive in Morocco in the morning. Definitely, we will be tired, but we will give our best, we felt it is good for the fans to know what is happening.”

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  1. Hell, No. Those are our players sleeping on the airport floors like stray dogs ? Jodala, enough is enough change MUST come by force.

    1. No matter what, our players deserves better treatment from what we are seeing. We need rise up against the management. We are the stakeholders of this club. Hello fans, let us join our players and get rid of these officials in South Sudan way. How can you explain an official riding in first class and players sleeping on the floor and you want them to perform. Who should be comfortable?

  2. What is happening is bad but for these players to get my support, they must know that two wrongs does not make a right. They stood a better chance of reaching quarter finals but decided to go on strike prior to their last match against RS Berkane. They broke my heart and I am not sympathizing with them. They should not seek my sympathy. There are many ways of solving problems but…..I am not with them. WACHA WAPAMBANE NA HALI YAO.

  3. It seem the officials feel that this match is just a formality and Gor is as good as out of this tournament that’s why they are not bothered but no problem let the boys do their best when they reach Morocco. I don’t want to wish you all the best ‘coz it will not matter. All that will matter is the 90+ minutes.

  4. Exactly… club officials have found the opportune time to revenge ? The players know the officials are hitting back. So I guess they will also hit back in return…loose a record 10-0 in Morocco to damage the brand. Watch this space , it will be massacre in morroco.

    Revenge is always sweet, but it has damaged our brand and especially the brand of our sponsors .its a shame this is where we are as a club, 55 years on !

  5. Aren’t these the same players who boycotted the residential camping, switched off their phones and decided to throw away the game. I sympathize with them but isn’t this normal in most airport lounges? The team definitely is having financial challenges, whether EC-made or normal but players asking for our sympathy at this time when we know there is lots of activism in both the playing unit as well as EC becomes tough to partake.
    What I can advice the players is to make the best in the next two months, market yourself and ask for release to go to a better team once the season ends. From experience Gor never denies any player the chance to leave. Ask Mieno, Walusimbi, Akumu, Ssereknuma etc

    And by the way what role was RoseMary given in Gor? Haven’t heard her input/contribution on all these issues

  6. Wawawa…..Semeji, yaani your players wanalala kwa gunia on the floor?? This world is coming to an end. Kamaningejua ninge waletea cham kali yakutoka shiamakhokho atleast iwapoteze mafikira of how they are suffering. OCS wa JKIA is my friend; he could have let me. Please dial me up next time and I will bring them some Juice

  7. @ Dan Original, this tug of war between EC and players will definitely spillover into the league . This sympathy seeking could be the writing on the wall…….League title is our only chance this season , with this sympathetic situation, we must brace ourselves for a very rough league ride ahead and a trophyless season.

  8. Can Gor Mahia EC now yap about an official inciting the players to sleep on the floor at an airport like chokoras?
    No sir it is time for the entire EC to go home.
    This is NOT the first time players have been humiliated lake slaves.
    The most honourable thing for the EC to do is to resign, go home and let a new team who know how a football club is run PROFESSIONALLY take over.

  9. Management… this is unacceptable. Someone here is saying that the players should be punished for what happened last week? What hogwash? Some of us here reason like totos. I am now convinced beyond any doubt that this office has overstayed and must go. Even if they have brought the team from far and achieved what they have, time has come that they must go unless their argument is that they must return the team to the trenches where they took it from in 2008. ENOUGH, you go.

    1. True, Ja thur gi ji . These players have been enduring this for a long time. If managed well, I want to believe our meager resources can offer something reasonable to the club but what we are seeing

  10. I do understand we need change of management at Gor but we lost the game at home..

    Leg resting at any connecting airport is normal… teams do that as they awaiting the connecting flight esp when the time is more than 3hrs or so…

    Jakoyo ando Ingoldmells of you have been travelling through hub airport, resting on the floor or chairs is very common and very safe due to high security in the airport.

    I have pictures of Zamalek team which is one of the richest team in Africa also resting in airport as they wait for the next connection. If you want confirm, just forward your emails and I will send you Zamalek players picture leg resting too.

    1. It depends on the length of stop over if it is less than 4 hours it is not worth it to book a hotel outside, after all there are immigration related issues to condone with. I have traveled all over the world and still do, therefore is not an isolated case. Secondly, if they had anticipated this in advance, they could have negotiated with the transit airport concerned by making arrangements. There are a lot of factors to consider, like traffic jams on transit, accessibility of accommodation by the airport and of course immigration regulations.

    2. It depends on the length of stop over if it is less than 4 hours it is not worth it to book a hotel outside, after all there are immigration related issues to condone with. I have traveled all over the world and still do, therefore is not an isolated case. Secondly, if they had anticipated this in advance, they could have negotiated with the transit airport concerned by making arrangements. There are a lot of factors to consider, like traffic jams on transit, accessibility of accommodation by the airport and of course immigration regulations.

    3. Yes that might be true but please remind me what day is this and what day and time is the game. We know they got money for reaching the group stage and quarters

  11. Its not a matter of losing the game at home but the players are being treated. Take an example of MU who were beaten 0-2 at home and turned the table when they travelled to France. So the truth is that for any team to get a good result, players have to be treated well and encouraged by boosting their moral. With this kind of situation, we are going to lose it because of the stupidity in EC not players. Its high to Gor Mahia club to look for professionals who can manage the welfare of the players to run the the club but not ji ajia like now the case. For Mahia is an old club that should not allow these kind of treatment to be given to players. Lastly, I saw simba being beaten 4-0 by TP Mazembe and I think that will not stop the team from giving players good care. Let’s learn from there and we will move very far. God bless Kogalo.

  12. @Jakoyo and @Ingoldmells if you have been travelling globally through hub airports, resting on the floor or chairs is very common and very safe due to high security in the airport.

    The bloggers that have not travelled outside the country, I would like to confirm that leg resting is a common practice as hotels in the airports are not that very cheap. If connections hours are more than three hours, passengers and travellers will always do leg resting on the floors if necessary.

    I would encourage yapping bloggers and Ingwe fans to visit JKIA which is one of the international hub airports or connecting airports and you will confirm that travellers are leg resting on the waiting room floors; waiting for connecting flights to their points or nodal of destinations. This does not reflect that they are poor nor they do not have money. They are taking leg restings as their legs become to heavy and tired from sitting all along in order to allow normal blood circulation.

    Whoever posted the picture have immoral objective or wants to gain political mileage particularly from our vulnerable fans and yapping bloggers to extend their political objective but this can’t sell beyond this as it can’t gain any political mileage.

  13. In times of problems like now is when we should imagine a future Gor Mahia. All in all if we get a good constitution and a deep pocket shareholder like Karauri the club will still maintain its Luo brand if stated in constitution but be taken to the next level.The sportpesa guy can even build a stadium,ensure it is filled by fans and am sure he can afford every pre season for Gor to play a European team.It will be mutual. Sportpesa name will rise even higher same as Gor. We as fans will see a quality team, quality stadium, well paid players,an avenue to buy club merchandise and who knows the future maybe Gor Mahia at the NSE.

  14. To those whose minds are yet to delocalize , it is worth reminding that sleeping at airports longues is more normal than the exception , and if you have flown before then you have definitely slept at the lounge , secondly its damn expensive to book players on transit for half a night plus the logistics involved thereafter and no change in Gor management is going to change that no matter how organised they would be as long as our revenue streams remain as limited as they are , its worth remembering that Sport Pesa only sponsors as on local assignments , the other revenue stream that could remedy all these things like allowances , bonuses are match day attendance , which is very low from us the ones who are now commenting here , Merchandise which we will demand for but wont buy , qualifying for higher stages in the continental games and which the ones currently sleeping on the floor have childishly sabotaged, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY REGISTERING AS MEMBERS THEN ELECTING THE NOT INEPT EC W
    E KEEP CRYING FOR , so in short , we are in a vicious cycle involving inept /incompetent EC , ambitionless/misguided players and the worst of all , loud but empty fans , I repeat , loud but empty fans and in this cycle , each culprit is pointing a finger at the other .
    How many of us here have never relaxed at the waiting lounge of say Easy coach or Modern coast while e.g travelling from one part of the country to another , why did you do that yet there are thousands of empty hotels in the city , if you can answer that question then you will appreciate that its always wise to think before you are roped into an agenda filled narrative .
    Make Gor be in the billions bracket and you may see a lot of what you yearn for BUT as currently constituted and Structured , You will scream until the cows come home and scream again til they leave.
    Great people are people who see opportunities in times of despair such as is here with us and so as
    fans , once you are through airing your views here , what are you as an individual but part of the collective gonna do about areas we have come up short , will you next time fill the stadium , will you refuse to compromise the gate attenders , will you refrain from forcing your way into the stadium , will you refrain from harassing people at funerals , highways and destroying peoples businesses in towns we visit , will you sacrifice a massive 100bob/month to register as a member , will you turn up to be part of the members electing the EC and last but not least are you going to end the hooliganism in and around stadiums to enable older generations who were the real Gor fans to attend matches and also allow families to put down Gor Matches as a must go family outings , Now you know why out of frustrations I repeated the line Loud but empty fans .
    Guys , Sleeping at airport lounges is normal , all these we are witnessing are exaggerated media dramas for which we Kogalo fans have lived with most of our lives and I will give one last example , Last week members of the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF)raided Langata Rd Police station and caused a pandemonium , but that news was hidden somewhere in the media pages , Can you imagine what the headlines would have been if it was Kogallo Defence Force (KDF) that had done something similar .
    Let everybody fulfill their obligations then we will have the moral highground to throw stones on the other sinners .

  15. Those of us claiming, the players are to blame, I tend to disagree. Players don’t go on strike for no good reason. A strike in most cases is a last resort to force management do something about issues being raised, normally after attempts of dialogue/democracy having failed. This is not the first time it’s happening. Truth be told. OUR OFFICIALS ARE CORRUPT, ONLY WANT TO FILL THEIR STOMACHS AT THE PLAYER’S EXPENSE.

  16. Since its a given and accepted that all our sports men and sportswomen have slept at airport lounges , one may be at pains why we have not been heartily served with pictures like we have been today , heck our athletes even slept in slum hotels during RioOlympics but no pictures .
    Some players a few days complained of sleeping at airports while on transit and these pictures we are seeing now are well choreographed and targetted at the gullible and Gor haters like one @Jamigori mentioned and it goes like this , we will reach the airport , then I sleep on the floor , then you take my pictures then you post , so that the ones accusing as of sabotaging the Berkane game can sympathise with us , well it worked , maybe , for a few hours .
    Personally , as early as yesterday morning , I was expecting photos coz I know how agenda filled choreographed narratives work , this though was cheap and easily debunked .
    Now we await part 2 today of the choreography and thats why its imperative that on return , the axe must fall , Heavily , on the ringleaders , Alex Fergusson -Bekham , Guardiola-Yaya Toure , Klopp-Mamadou Sakho etc etc will tell you that its better to have average and focussed players giving their 100%, than have disruptive Celebs or Divas , the same goes for any company or organisation , We must bite this bullet and when we do , things may get bad before they get sustainably better , the Office should not even for one minute assume that we are blind to their complicity and ineptitude in all the happenings , in the entourage is a whooping 8 EC officials I.e half of the travelling party , Gravy train indeed .

  17. I would say that this is stage managed situation
    1. Who took the photo? a player?
    2. Why was it posted here?
    3. There is a big space why should a player squeeze under the seat?
    In all this is to seek sympathy and to justify the 11-0 galloping that awaits us in Morocco

  18. Teddy you are always a good commentator but am afraid you are missing this one by a mile. We have travelled and we know sometimes you are caught up in situations like this, but on this one we are questioning what led to this, what plans were put in place for this trip or were there any plans at all. How was it that the team was turned away from the airport on Thursday? Who is fooling who? Think of it, someone or something is terribly wrong. The office.

  19. That line: “…… we felt it is good for the fans to know what is happening.”…. is a complete lie and a big measure of insincerity. I read this as a continuation of the war that players started against Gor Mahia leadership. These players realised that fans were incensed by their indiscipline ahead of the RS Berkane game. Initially the ground for mutiny was unpaid allowances and bonuses. They realized fans did not buy that so they desperately started finishing for more tangible grounds to justify their mutiny: mara sleeping at the airport on more than one occasion, mara Simba players were accommodated in hotels on transit, mara only one set of track suit, mara no pocket money. Obviously these are activists who are on a fishing expedition for more evidence to make their ‘case’ water tight.

    These latest photos are just an extension of that project and as Jakoyo says, nothing will stop this war from spilling over to the KPL because that is the only forum left. It is unfortunate that players should engage in a protracted war with their employer. Of course they can only get the courage to do this confidently with incitement from one mentally-twisted member of the EC. This must come to an end in one way or another.

    Eric Masika captained Gor Mahia and I never heard of player go slow at any one time. Awilo and Jerry Jagoal likewise. We have had enough trouble during Shakava’s leadership. Shakava should choose where he wants to be: the EC or Playing unit; A club official or player. He cannot be both. Guys must open their eyes. The much trouble that Shakava has given lately makes me wonder if he is not an Efusi mole.

    Let the EC not be carried away by my comments and mistakenly see themselves as ‘cleared’ of any wrong-doing. The dishonesty and lack of financial transparency and accountability is the root cause of all these. Aduda is very fast to tell us that we have no right to demand for transparency and accountability because we are not registered members. I challenge him to tell the world what efforts they are making towards
    1. Educating the fans on membership registration process and
    2. Membership recruitment drives.

    In my early boyhood, I am aware there was a vibrant Gor Mahia Kitale branch where I grew up. Not the case anymore. What effort is the EC making to strengthen the presence of Gor Mahia mashinani? It appears the EC are reluctant to have many registered members because the more the members, the more difficult they will be able to confuse and control. The more difficult they will be able to lie to and the more expensive they will be to buy with 100/- during club elections.

    Financial transparency and accountability would attract a lot goodwill. There are philanthropists who would come on board with ‘pocket money’ for the players if only they were certain that the money will reach the players. The EC’s work could be manageable and life in Gor Mahia would not be a nightmare for players as we see today.

  20. @Jathur gi Ji , My bro , you have all the answers to all the questions you brought forth but I will go through them nevertheless , Its a fact that for reasons that we now know , Gor as a club is limited in cash and as such have to depend on other entities to actualize some of their responsibilities , in this case the Goverment , and when you depend on someone else , how things pan out is never within your control and in this case the Goverment failed to avail the tickets on Thursday .
    One example , so many a time , your father has at one time or another told the family to dress up and pack your luggage as you await him to get some money he was expecting from somewhere and then he fails and when that happens , does that then mean that your Dad is inept or incompetent , or do you blame him for not working as hard as other parents you know or not being rich enough .
    Ja Thur gi Ji , even if the money was available for the hotels , the logistics involved may even discourage you from booking , my guy , International travel is not that simple and this again is another rebellion that needs to be adressed , anyone failing to see it for what it is , is either gullible , is part of an agenda or is a pawn in a game of thrones .

  21. No regret whether they sleep where, I have no sympathy to the playing unit at all,we gave them more than enough in Nairobi but still disappoint by not spending at the hired residential place instead they opt to switch off their phones and spend at their houses. Those parroting over the ineffective EC kindly shut up your pseudo. No any club is being managed well in East and central Africa as Gor mahia,if you are ever pointing fingers at the EC,first go and register as a fan ,it is worrying that talks loudest over the wall but registration they can not afford paying 1200/= for registration.

  22. Sleeping at airports enroute to your destination is not such a big deal…travel to different airports and you will notice it’s the norm rather than the exception.

    However,the big deal here is,to avoid such scenarios,prior arrangements should have been made to avoid such situations but it seems like someone between the government and our EC clearly slept on the job here.

    To avoid this blame game..mara it’s the office,mara the players,how about the office makes public what is going on,then from there leave it to the masses here to decide who is at fault!!

  23. I think we can now agree that Gor Mahia is not a big club. EC, do not enter Caf competitions in 2020. Give it a rest and ponder what exactly is the role of the EC and this person called the Gor Mahia fan.
    Is the EC is too corrupt to be bothered with such images. To the players, I still maintain that you choose a wrong time(Caf match) to fight your battle. I do not see why you boarded the plane to Morocco, were your allowances paid?
    Such images now tell us that a poisonous relationship has developed between players and the management of the club.
    Gor should first start by withdrawing from next year championships. The house needs to sit down and talk on how they can carry out their Africa campaigns. People do sleep at the airports as they wait to transit but I do believe that these images have done alot of damage, trying to ignore them can only make matters worse.
    Rachier wake up and do the correct thing. EC must resign and vote in new office with the changed constitution.
    This club needs business managers to run it’s affairs and the management structure needs to change, it cannot be managed thru’ Luo traditional values.
    I also urge that all players earning over Kshs 60,000/- be released immidiately. Unfortunately this will include Tuyisenge who on my opinion has done no crime but the reality is that Gor cannot afford the type of budget it’s trying to operate.

  24. Rachier get rid of these kind of officials. Stop embarrassing us and as fans we to a mammoth demonstration against the officials in our next game against Homeboyz. I will be there and lead from the front.

  25. What is really happening?…….. At this point when we have a sponsor, and already pocketed the 27m from group stages of #total caf cc?.

    The management would have not honoured the second tie. Because they never wanted to travel for the same in the first place. Why waste money and time going to Morocco and come back with all that shame.

    .Washenzi sana !!!!!….. Washenzi sana……..

  26. Am reading somewhere that only eight players to take the field in Morocco, phew. EC should all resign even before they land back here to explain anything, there is nothing to explain.

  27. Very unfortunate….!!!

    The strike was a pointer of how rotten the situation has reached. Somewhere in between something seriously had gone wrong. It could only get worse.

    The management has failed. Even the coach may leave.

    To the management…. own up and apologise.

  28. Very unfortunate….!!!

    The strike was a pointer of how rotten the situation has reached. Somewhere in between something seriously had gone wrong. It could only get worse.

    The management has failed. Even the coach may leave.

    To the management…. own up and apologise.

  29. Hehehe….meanwhile am informed, supersport have withdrawn the match from their live broadcast menu due to fear of calamitous, embarrassing final scoreline expected to be in the region of 10 to 15 – 0 . Can someone confirm this ?

  30. Rachier and team have done their part. We appreciate, it’s now time to hand over the mantle to a new team. My worry is whether GM will get an accountable, transparent, Business driven, lean and and professional team to manage it.

  31. You bunch of traitors should even sleep outside the airport.you Okia Omtatas of gor mahia go to hell.you betrayed gor fraternity by throwing our biggest opportunity to make history now you are seeking sympathy from goons like.you guys should be by now freezing in the toilet.Bullshit

  32. On this one, I think yapping is justified. Between officials and players,honestly who was suppose to arrive in Morocco earlier.
    Reports on social and even main stream media suggest otherwise. Surely, planning to fail has never been this obvious

  33. @Joods…… these players didnt organise travel arrangements by themselves and that the secretariat organised it for them. Let it be clear that they have failed. Rachier and his team should just resign.

    I dont think playing for Gor Mahia will excite them again after going through a myriad of mistreatments.

  34. The players are now claiming that they posted the photos for the fans to know what is happening but when they were throwing away the best chance by boycotting the camp and playing a disjointed game did they inform the fans. I doubt if there is any sympathy they can get but again the EC should also be serious and stop running the club as if it’s their kitchen where they decide to act from impulse. Whatever happens am already prepared for the worst result in the history of the club worse than what we recieved from Canon Yaunde several years ago.

  35. I forgot to take and post my selfie at kisumu airport while sleeping on the long seats waiting my flight which was 30mins away enroute to a seminar in Nairobi.By now i will receiving so many “condolences”.Airports are not like bus stops.You have to be there between 30mins-1hr and at times flights are cancelled due wheather,plane defects etc.so look for another avenue to solicit for sympathy otherwise only Ogirimiti will sympathise with you traitors.

  36. I really hate people picking things from the useless social media and then coming to ask foolish questions about who between the players and the players are supposed to reach Morocco first , why do people behave as if Thinking is a punishment and while at it , are you aware that the useless mainstream media you are quoting are aware about the fact that the KQ that was booked for the second batch of players and which could have reached Morocco yesterday developed mechanical problems and all passengers , not just Gor players were booked into a different airline that was leaving much later and that has resulted in these mini dramas the same mainstream media is serving you , have you asked yourself why that mainstream media is deliberately leaving out those facts , or is it that knowing the facts will derail you from reaching your pre destined warped conclusion .
    Anger borne out of facts is healthy and debatable but anger borne out of ignorance deserves jailtime .
    To the ones who may feel that our views may be biased because we are Gor Mahia , I invite you to sample Boniface Ambani’s view , this the coach of Afc leopards youth team , Kenya’s all time leading goalscorer to date , an Harambee stars and Simba stalwart and has travelled the length and breadth of Africa playing football , read his views in the standard -the views of a sportsman who has experienced it is worth more than the useless kenyan social media users , some who have never played anything or even ever got close to any airport .
    And finally ask those useless mainstream journalists if they have never slept at airports .
    A word of caution to Gor fans , be very careful before joining bandwagons whose agendas may be different from yours as Gor Mahia .

      1. A reasonable mind has less of tantrums. An adult of sound mind that throws tantrums at the slightest provocation in my opinion has a weakness that requires some therapy .
        Meanwhile, the team continues to soak in goals, Ruoth kechwa

  37. This match is one where am contemplating the unthinkable;to abandon a Live Gor Mahia match and sleep.Set piece ya Berkane ni bao and if I may add play a fast pace game to Gor Mahia and the team crumbles.Anyway we shall be back to our park the bus league where Akina Sempala will shine

  38. Phew! That substitution was spot on. Our captain Sellout cum trade unionist has gifted the Arabs with 3 cheap goals. May the remaining players give the fight of their lives and bow out of the competition with some semblance of honour.

  39. Now that Gor has been eliminated by an aggregate of 1-7 can Ec yap their mouth and tell us why players slept the airport?. I’m really hurt not by losing the game buy by the way EC exposed our players to that kind of humiliation.

  40. Okay if you got a better offer from another team get on the first thing smoking but just note that on the better football display Gor showed that was Ze Maria work.

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