Gor Mahia lose to Hussein Dey 1-0

A 9th minute goal gave the Algerian side a narrow 1-0 win. More to come

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Gor Mahia controversially lost by a solitary goal to Algeria’s NA Hussein Dey in a Caf Confederation Cup Group D clash played in Algiers on Sunday night.

The Kenyan champions were undone after Abderhamane Yusfi bundled home the ball on ten minutes even though it seemed Samuel Onyango had done just about enough to scramble it off the line.

The tap in goal came after reserve keeper Fred Odhiambo had made a double save to keep his team in the match.

Gor were second best in the opening period and the hosts took full advantage, administering several attacks with a view of earning an early advantage.

In the process, Nicholas Kipkurui and Shafique Batambuze were booked earlier on in the game.

Hassan Oktay’s team seemed to have equalised in the second half as Samuel Onyango’s header off a Francis Kahata corner kick found the net, but the strike was surprisingly disallowed for an infringement.

Following this result, Gor drop to second in their group with six points from four games with NA Hussein Dey leading courtesy of an extra point.

Zamalek are third and Angola’s Petro Atletico are last.


45 thoughts on “Gor Mahia lose to Hussein Dey 1-0

  1. I wonder how Francis Mustapha qualifies to play in continental matches when he is not good enough for our local. Someone who cannot play against local teams is fielded while players who have proved themselves like Boniface Omondi, Benard Ondiek and Dennis Oliech are left in the bench until too late. Coach Oktal lost this match for Gor Mahia. If there is a team that we could beat away with ease, it was NA Hussein Dey.

    1. It is sad but let’s keep hope alive. all is not lost. we thank God for nahds narrow win and pray for n trust for better in the next game…the team should hold their head up high…keep a strong winning mentality and just be focussed and theyll make it.

  2. All is not lost..though I must admit I expect kichapo’ in Algiers and Cairo. However, if we can contain those losses to a 1- goal margin and come to Nairobi and finish the convincingly with 2-3 goal win margin against the Angolans

  3. That referee should be investigated because he denied as a clear goal which was scored by Samuel Onyango. There was no infringement of the goalkeeper and if at all there was, then it was done by the Hussein dey player on his goalkeeper. The referee had the out come of the match before the match was played. You can as well see that even additional time was very little yet there were alot of stoppages. How comes these African referees are very easy to compromise. It was open bias from the referee.

  4. Our attitude towards this match was also wanting. Out tackles were soft and sluggish. The calmness was missing and Tuyisenge spent more time complaining instead of realizing that the complaints were not going to help in that atmosphere, o stead he got an unwarranted yellow card.The goal that we conceeded is one we couldd jave saved but the defenders were all out of place, especially Mbish For Sammy he has the pace but i wonder why we don’t use the same. All the same it was a poor 1st half and a better 2nd half. Now to Zamalek which think is a stronger team. We need to have a better than the one we employed yesterday
    By the way were our players using trainers in such a field else why were they keeping on falling?

  5. Am so so angry and my anger is not with the players or any player or the Coach or the TB , because what happened in Algiers is bigger that whatever any coach , Pep Guardiola included or whatever any player , Messy included would do to overcome it , what do you do if no matter how you play , you are not allowed to score , for if you score an excuse would be found to cancel that goal , Before anybody goes for any player , put yourself in the the players shoes and assume the same thing is happening at your place of work , when inspite of how hard you work , no promotion or rewards go your way but instead goes to one who doesnt deserve and for spurrious reasons e.g that unlike you , he is an Arab , more annoyingly is when your support base doesnt see the bigger pictures and start blaming you as an individual Instead of blaming the cause .
    The Spotlight in this case should on the football bodies whose mandate is to protect the integrity of the game , Lets not fall into the temptation of using the thieves’ trap of questioning why we cant also go ahead and steal .
    When we were promised a war , we assumed in what form it would take , Well , it took the form of a Referee .
    Congrarulations to the Boys , moreso our Goalie , you handled well the baptism of fire and as we look to Zemalek , we have 7days to correct whatever limitations we may have – both Zemalek , Hussein Dey and Athletico also still have away games against each other , with Zemalek vs Hussein Dey in Algiers where they will canibalize each other , Hussein Vs Athletico in Luanda , more canibalism and a home game for Gor against Athletico , so lets keep our heads high and show the boys some faith .

    1. @Teddy, Aduda must formally complain and attach clips to CAF. Nothing may change but it is good for the purpose of record for the future of football in Africa. Some movement to implore CAF to immediately adopt the use of VAR in Africa’s lead tournaments like this one is long overdue.

    2. We whine & nag,about nearly everything from the coach, the squad, individual players, substitution’s & even the boot’s players wore, failing to realise and appreciate the tremendous progress the team is making in continental arena.Back then no one would ever thot that we could beat teams from N.A & better still, go there & engage in 50 50 match(- refa).Now we are talking of qualify to quarters from group stages(2nd year in a row), something that was never in our reach, we were always participants to be eliminated in round 1 or preliminaries. We are gradually becoming a force to reckon with, instead of APPRECIATING THE TB, THE COACH, THE PLAYERS ni kudondre 2 every time we loose.

  6. @jakoyo can you give us the maths of our chance to qualify vis avi the other teams in our group.the way you used to do.

  7. Gor Mahia should appeal to CAF to take disciplinary measures against yesterdays referee. Algerian goalkeeper collided with a fellow team mate and there was no infringement from a Gor Mahia player. Replay shows this clearly. This referee was bribed to favour NA Hussein Dey. Gor Mahia’s goal was unfairly disallowed. North Africans are used to dirty tactics, that is why when they go to the World Cup they perform poorly.

  8. Guys am a practising Christian of immense Faith but let us give our good Lord a break in all this Arab Fiasco. God is faithful and true and has been immensely good to us with unending grace and favour so we can achieve glory. What God Cannot Do is come down to correct what a man of free will called a biased referee does after being bribed by the host country. We saw this in Enugu and i was dismissed by bloggers told to present evidence to Caf. Yesterday was a master-stroke of unfairness and suspect officiating by the Malian Ref and his linesmen. It was a complete repetition in last seasons Caf CL Semi-Final clash pitting Esperance against Primeiro De Agosto of Angola whereby the Zambian Ref did the same thing to ensure a goal disallowed and the visitors knocked off. He was later suspended softly by Caf. Shafiq Batambuze not Samuel Onyango scored a clear header from Kahata’s corner kick and No VAR in the world can disallow that goal. We were painfully robbed. All 50-50 challenges were called as fouls against us and the ref punished Kipkirui and Batambuze who misses next match needlessly with yellow cards for no reason. I have never seen a harsh ref full of venom against a team like that Malian yesterday. After the match he was being hugged and kissed the islamic way of appreciation by all Hussein Dey Players and TB members despite being black as charcoal for he had done justice by them. He was grinning and smiling so much akin to one having won a presidential election. African Caf officiating standards is bullshit takataka ghasia nincompoop chieth diep lach ngok guok chilo yugii and any other pronoun onr can add. Ayenyo Ayueyo

    1. @Jasego, the biased Malian referee was Boubou Traore. He was assisted by his biased countrymen Baba Yombolba and Nouhoum Bamba as assistant referees.

      These three biased referees are cursed by all the curses on earth and decreed that the duo shall not see peace during their officiating duties and their private lives.

      1. Jamigori yes the facebook wall of Boubou Traore has seen the Wrath of K’ogalo fans today in no uncertain terms regarding their displeasure with his biased officiating…

  9. I salute GMFC players for an impressive performance against a team that had already been predetermined to win, the referee should be banned from officiating any future games for incompetence,

  10. Poor show by Oktay. This guy cannot tame Africa. Gor played poorly. There is no reason Gor could not hold Hussein dey. Once they scored it was over. The ref was going to protect them. Someone wud think that Oktay would know how to fight battles in N.Africa or West for that matter. This is purely the coach at fault. Arabs will always go for a goal within 10minutes. Gor should not have allowed any stringing of passes in their half. Gor players run as if they do not eat. What’s the matter!!
    Poor coaching strategy by Oktay. Change or it’s all over in Egypt. But for now Gor better get a coach who can make our boys stand against Arabs.

    1. @Dinga, which game were you watching? The tactics were right and we scored a goal that was never allowed by the biased Malian referee Boubou Traore.

      If the goal could have been allowed to stand, @Dinga, I know you could now be talking of a different story. We fans should stop this know-it-all attitude which is laced with malice and uncalled other-side of sagacious, erudite, discerning criticisms.

  11. Jasego, as insider, what can be done about the referee? Can’t we make an official complain to CAF? I know the result cannot be over turned but at least some action should be taken on that referee to deter others who may have the same inclinations.

  12. Another question Jasego. Coach Oktay has on numerous occasions publicly professed his love for Oliech. Its even claimed that he is the one who convinced Oliech to come back to training, meaning that he thinks Oliech can help the team. How can we then explain the fact that Mustafa was introduced ahead of Oliech, and the fact the Oliech was given only ten minutes of game time. I can’t understand this strategy. Help me do, please.

  13. we are panicking too early….as requested, permutations for the remainder of the games as follows
    Zamalek 2 Gor 0
    Petro 1 Hussein Day 1
    Gor 2 Petro 0
    Hussein Day 1 Zamalek 1

    Gor and Zamalek qualify on head to head records and superior goal difference.Petro atletico will be our saviour.


  14. Once NA Hussein Dey had got their goal, their next business was to do as much damage as possible on our players ahead of our game against Zamalek. TV shots should a defender brutalising Jausenge with a kick behind his right knee, a punch behind his neck and a stumping on his ankle. The same defender was caught on tape punching Francis Mustapha once Jausenge had left the field. All this was happening in the direct view of the linesmen. This referee demonstrated he was playing under instructions much like the Burundian who officiated our match against Mbao.

    CAF is total joke, otherwise such unsporting behavior are supposed to be punished harshly even after the match.

    Coach Oktal’s starting line up was alright, but the instructions and the formation was incorrect. Both Muguna and Lawrence should have started as DMFs leaving only Kahata upfront as AMF until after we had settled in the game. That way we could not have put our goal under pressure so early. Muguna started as the only DMF, but was really panicking, falling all over with misplaced passes or desperate clearance. Shakava who as captain was supposed to be calm and therefore instill some measure of compactness on the team panicked even worse than any other player. I am happy for our toothless goalie. Once again he performed quite well in the same stadium. I must say he single-handedly saved us from going 2 goals down.

  15. Yesterday I found myself in a unique circumstance that made me go back to the old ways of the 80s to listen to the match on a radio. It was quite an experience. No wonder one staunch Gor Mahia fan collapsed when Gor received a beating in either Algeria/Tunisia those old days – those who know Gor history can affirm. I share some mental picture derived from the radio commentary.
    1. NAHD understood the objective and executed it well- Ambush them before they settle, score and then defend. They achieved it in 9 minutes
    2. Only two players were active during the ambush – Fredrick Odhiambo of Gor Mahia Vs ‘HATARI’ of NAHD. Though ‘Hatari’ won, you were present in the entrie for 90 minutes.
    3. Shakava and Batambuze, joined the team after 20 minutes, Lawrence Juma lost most passes to opponents in the first 20 minutes a sign of panicky Juma on a big stage like this one.
    4. Kenneth Muguna, Francis Kahata, Charles Momanyi and Philemon Otieno were present in the game from start to the end. Kipkirui may not have scored but was found in many cases taking this Hatari guy head-on meaning he was everywhere.
    5. @Jakoyo,. If your post about the last game is a prayer, then I am willing to join the church but if it is a strategy then NO. Egypt presents another opportunity to chase our three points and we cannot resign to fate. Ineligible players due to accumulation of cards, injuries and tired legs make the last games complicated.
    6. I take the opportunity to congratulate the team for the hard work. It was not going to be easy from the start – you have at least learned what to expect in the Pharao’s land.

  16. So which players are we going to miss in the next game? For Tuyisenge i think he should have avoided getting his yellow card.
    Can we get someone to stabilse the players psychilogically? We seem to lose our heads due to provocation yet that is a strategy that some opponents will always use against us
    We started yesterday’s game very poorly against a weak opponent. May God reward us with a win in the coming matches

  17. If a ref has been compromised , would it matter whatever formation , or whatever selection or whatever coach you have , would the goal we scored been allowed if we had a e.g Pep Guardiola as coach , or if we had chosen so or so ahead of so or so ?, Whatever happened yesterday is a pattern , a trend that has been expounded with several examples given , in a nutshell , there is nothing we or anybody else can do if the ground is not level for all parties , on the contrary , our boys should not only be congratulated but encouraged for despite what all level minded football fans saw being done to them , they still acquitted themselves well and SCORED , may I also add that even if the opponent had not scored early or at all , a compromised ref would still have found a way to honour his part of the bargain .
    Lets we Gor Mahia fans treat Gor the way we would personally wish to be treated , the only unfortunate thing here is that even if Caf were to act as per our wishes , the damage is done already , but let Caf still act because if no action is taken , we will still be confronted with the same in the future .
    In a serious or patriotic country , it is FKF that should be dealing with this , unfortunately we have a feminist (his voice ) in charge of FKF who believe that he is very convincing when he mispeaks so that if he says eloquently that it was 7B and not 21B , we should just fold our tails and say bora uhai , accept and move on.
    We Kenyans are under siege from all angles , locally and internationally to an extent where even Somalia has the guts to auction our piece o f the ocean .
    Guys am sorry if it seems as if I have strayed into matters that on the surface look like not connected to football , but in the bigger things , all these rots are interconnected , Thank you .

  18. @Dan Original, I am not agreeing with you on yellow card of Tuyisenge. This card came after the disallowed goal and why should have avoided the yellow card?

    The team played very well apart from the poor officiating where most calls were suspect. Players too are human being with emotions as well and they might react due to pains inflicted due to being boxed and kicked several times in off-the-balls incidences. You need to re-watch the match before such posting on your second line of the first paragraph and two first lines of your second paragraph.

    1. @Jamigori, what i mean is that the environment was already hostile and arguing with a biased or any ref will mist likely earn you a card. Being aware of the environment will always make you change your approach. That anger if it was directed at winning the game in a hostile environment MAYBE would have resulted in a better result. On thing of contact spot is to play psych games with your opponent and that’s why yellow cards ‘tame’ overly aggresive players. I noticed that Onyango and Tuyisenge lost their cool in that game and that’s exactly what the opponents needed

      1. @Dan, there is no way we were going to get any better results in a pre- determined match.
        The yellow cards were just part of the weapons in the the refs possession to execute the deal. I sympathise with our poor Gor, Ni Mungu tu

  19. Dear Bloggers, losing a game where winning was within sight is really painful. But crying over spilled milk does not change anything. My plea is to the TB that they have a full week to plan – they should reassess where they went wrong in Angola and in Algeria and correct it. They must seriously pick the lessons learnt including the mistreatments for preparation for the next game. The Arabs learnt long time that to win a match, it is not only on the basis of technical prowess but also emotional as well as physical engagements. I plead with the TB to take the template of mistreatment by NAHD as a bare minimum as they travel to Egypt. It is most likely that Zamalek will use the same approach to the game.
    Bloggers, Gor Mahia is not in this group stage by fluke or by accident. The team went through the preliminary stage successfully and is now No. 2 in the pool. Not a mean achievement. The team spectacularly beat Zamalek here in Nairobi before giving NAHD a professional touch. Why then must we be made to believe that we cannot win in Arab land? How will God listen to our prayer when we pray for Athletico Petro de Luanda to draw against NAHD or Zamalek to tie against NAHD instead of asking God to give us strength to beat Zamalek?
    Our next match is against Zamalek and that is where the TB must demonstrate their technical and tactical capability. The environment is already known as wild and complaining about it will be like complaining about weather. TB must demonstrate understanding of their players not only from a technical perspective but also from a physical and emotional front. This understanding will allow to better strategy for the match, better technical and tactical approach, fielding and game management. Not every star in Gor has the capability to thrive in a chaotic environment. Tuiyisenge is a a perfect example from yesterday’s game.

  20. Those with close contact with the team here some players really need boots hii Aibu ya kuteleza imetuchosha. Where can we get social media handle of that ref

  21. The team played well in the second half but the substitution of removing Kipkirui and bringing Mustafa and not Bonface or Benard perplexed me. Referee was very biased but pod an gi geno jothurwa.

  22. Guys , I think we can all agree that if a ref is compromised , it would not matter whatever Coach we have , whatever selection he makes and whatever formation he chooses , I think we can also agree that the formation and the selection this coach made scored a goal that we can all agree should have stood , after we have agreed on those , we should agree that this team lost but undeservedly and hence the other issues we are raising are not unique to Gor Mahia , in essense I saw similar limitations with some World class Real Madrid players against Barcelona , one in particular being Sergio Ramos , one of the best in the world in his position .
    If we have all ageeed to agree or disagree on all that happened , lets agree that whatever happened has happened and that looking back now when we should be focussing on what lies ahead is a big mistake that if left unchecked will lead to even more viscious lamentations .

    1. For those saying that Oktay is a good coach or not a good coach is akin to the emotionally reasoning I see bandied about that Ole Gunner Solsjer is a better coach than Mourinho , I mean you cant rationally judge a guy like Oktay who is barely 3months in the club , coaching players signed by non footballing minds and even before he has known all the players names , you go on a tangent on how good or bad he is , what a technical mind can see while seated down is way beyond what a fan can see standing on the roof of the stadium , but some of the things he may wish to do would require time , personal identification of players who fit his philosophy in terms of skill and consistency e.g Samuel Onyango , he is skilful , but is he consistent ? , and for a coach to plan , there must be discernible consistency .
      But I can have an opinion on the previous 5 coaches , I.e B.Williamson , F.Nattal, Ze Maria , F.Nattal and D. Kerr and of all these , its my opinion the only coach who expoused the Gor Mahia phylosophy was Ze Maria , but what he was trying to do needed time and the right calibre of players , if in doubt , ask Pep Guardiola on his 1st year at Man City , the other coaches I have mentioned were coaches without any discernible phylosophy , playing the brand of football of hit and run that right from the 60s to the 90s was associated with Abaluhyia football and it is a phylosophy for hit and chase , transmitting that phylosophy to players , including the ones you have not signed takes a much shorter time .
      Unfortunately , long term planning is not a forte of the present Gor Mahia , the fans can be so unreasonably demanding that expecting to convince them on the need to invest in time is next to impossible .
      As for my comparison among the coaches , those who have an institutional memory of Gor Mahia of the 70s and 80s are better able to understand my context , coz they possess the privilage to compare between then and now , and why ZeMaria was a natural .

  23. What killed us was the poor travel arrangements to Algeria, we arrived 14 hours to the game after traveling for 24 hours coupled with a 15 hr layover overnight in Dubai. The players were not only tired but lacked sharpness, the tackling was terrible and they did not win possession with the tackles, passing was weak as there was no anticipation or reaction from the players. Momanyi did not get back in time to block the goal from crossing the line. Tuyisenge was lethargic and wasted a guilt edged chance when usually he puts them away chances like that. Despite that we still scored a goal that was disallowed…imagine if we arrived in good time to settle in and shake off the travel fatigue, it would have been an easy away win. Hissein Dey is a weak team and Petro is going to beat them in Angola same to Zamalek. We just need to beat Petro and draw to Zamalek in Egypt of if the worst comes to the worst we a one nil loss to zamalek

  24. If I may ask, what is the rational of fielding Oliech with ten minutes remaining. I don’t think that Oliech is helping this team at all. If he can’t command starting eleven, then I don’t see how he is helping the team.

  25. Good analysis.. Keep it up guys. Even if we don’t progress, am seeing a team which is a force to reckon with. We used to be defeated by 5 or more goals but nowadays unless the coach assist, The NA teams are equal to our local teams. Am happy to see the team progressing keep it up team K’ogalo.

  26. As we forge ahead will it not be appropriate to have Geoffrey Ochieng and Blackberry on next flight to Egypt.I like their capabilities and in fact Berry who has no stage fright could have settled faster and fed KipYsenge.Geoffrey ni Mtu anataka kujijenga and am sure he’ll fit in well away to Zamalek.Berry can take injured Onyango place.Wendo/Ondiek should also start as Juma ata panic while I favour Oliech Jausenge up front to give Zamalek defence food for thought early.


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