Gor Mahia may host matches outside the country

This is the current state of Kasarani
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The work at Kasarani was initially set to be completed at the end of March but Kenya’s biggest stadium is yet to be opened

Gor Mahia may be forced to play some of their Caf Confederation Cup matches outside the country should Kasarani not be ready in the next three weeks.

At the moment, there is no standard pitch in Kenyan to host a continental assignment following a stringent of regulations issued by Caf.

Caf has ruled out Kenyatta Stadium from hosting any of the Group stage matches on security grounds and with Nyayo and Kasarani still under renovation, Gor Mahia may be forced to look for alternative venues, possibly in Rwanda, Tanzania or even Uganda to stage their home ties.

“For preliminary matches, it could suffice, but at this stage, it is out of the question, as it does not have some of the requirements. Should Kasarani not be ready, then we will have no choice but to play some of our home matches either in Kigali, Algeria or Dar-es-Salaam,” Gor Mahia Chief Executive Lodvick Aduda told the Standard.

“The regulations allow for this kind of arrangement, but we hope it will not reach this level and that those working on Kasarani will ensure it is ready before then.”

The work at Kasarani was initially set to be completed at the end of March but Kenya’s biggest stadium is yet to be opened.

Walusimbi set to return

Gor Mahia’s Ugandan utility player Godfrey Walusimbi could be eligible for selection this weekend when Kogalo take on Mathare United.

“We had solved that issue way before and the only thing that was remaining was actualizing. That has already been done so he should be able to go back to training now,” CEO Omondi Aduda said according to michezoafrika.

Walusimbi’s absence has been felt in the matches against Esperance and Supersport where his presence would have made a significant difference.

“Would things have been different if he was around? Maybe yes, maybe now. But I want to have my best players available. Walusimbi is important to us and we want to have our best players for important games,” Kerr told michezoafrika.

Walusimbi’d absence has caused headaches to coach Kerr given the absence due to injury of Karim Nizigiyimana and Wellington Ochieng.

22 thoughts on “Gor Mahia may host matches outside the country

  1. Walusimbi Jajaman has been fully paid hence his agents dues have been fully settled.We are back to full strength squad which is great news.We could not lose our most capped international due to pay dispute.I am happy,Walusimbi is happy,Coach Kerr is happy,Players are happy,Fans are happy even Jakoyo is happy i guess.To Caf we now match undeterred by any opponent.Tuyisenge & Blackberry should also be paid to avoid such distractions & fully focus on a stellar season…

    1. Kasarani seems to have been closed as a PR Gimmick to hoodwink Caf that we were trying to be ready to host Chan while we all know Kenya can host absolutely Nothing worth talking about due to Mega Corruption.The stadium looks delapidated,senior men’s marathons trials have been taking place day in,day out there,Junior athletics teams selections have been ongoing meaning toilets & other amenities remain pathetic as they were.Only the pitch had been excavated & now they are trying desperately to plant useless grass as time has run out.Ojoga matek but we are a country of pep talk,accepting & moving on, preaching rhetoric over development,alot of shouting no action etc.Bure Kabisa…SportPesa are the ones now struggling to have it ready while Sport PS has been talking like a parrot ever since january on progress on works that are Non-Existent…

  2. Kasarani Should be taken over by sport pesa from Safari-com who have failed miserably in giving assistance in maintenance.

  3. Their is a nice 3G turf in Murang’a county surrounded by open air wooden sitting zone in an international school that can be considered.

  4. Their is a nice 3G turf in Murang’a county with hills around it surrounded by open air wooden sitting zone in an international school that can be considered.

  5. The strongest economy in Eastern Africa with no standard playground! ‘Leaders’ only know of shaking hands for their own selfish gains at the expense of vital developmental undertakings.Useless! Shame on Kenyan leaders!bure kabisa.Let other countries benefit from our money as the greedy leaders(Uhuru & Raila) continue sinking their heads on the ‘benefits’of golden handshake.

  6. And yet in Kisumu the governors top priority is to build a lake shore palace. Aibu Kisumu cannot host a CAF match. Eti devoluson.

  7. hehe anti development leftists politics of nyanza coming back to bite? They should definitely have a stadium considering they are the spiritual home of the biggest football club in Kenya. Close to 30 years obsessing over nothing instead of engaging in fold-your-sleeves and work mentality. It’s the same issue with people still idealizing Gor Mahia becoming a members-owned club when that phase of the world passed years ago.

    Let’s see if any of the Nyanza counties will have a stadium of any sort come 5 years from now – built by the county governments. Let’s see, I hope to be wrong.

  8. Yes @ jasego , am happy, very happy as Yes pay is slowly translating into yes goals but our next fixture of matches will test our mental strength and maturity………The fixture is scintillating ! Mathare United, then….AFC leopards ( not confirmed), Posta Rangers, Rayon Sports (CAF Confederations Cup Away), Ulinzi Stars, USM Alger (Confed. home), Sofapaka and then finally AFC Leopards.

    Let them come !

  9. How I wish the Kisumu Governor is taken to Mombasa and we have Joho for even a year. The guy is pro-sports with two very good stadia and he doesn’t even shout about them. For our Governor the priority is a Castle/Palace by the lakeside

  10. HELP! Somebody!,I just listened to a song(my 1st time) “A’hero my team Gor Mahia” with some wonderful danceable beatings in One FM kwa mathree.Can’t get it of my head.I need to know the artist to download the song.The driver told me its the hit song in that station.Kindly saidia na info if kama unajua.

    1. Very silly letting a lead go to waste while seeing clearly mathare has shifted formation and has an extra man in midfield hence putting immense pressure on us.Today TB tactical awareness was best aloof but let me stop there at the expense of being critical of a Coach i Respect.Kerr be more aware,sometimes champions grind results since situations demand for it,dont think everyday is Sunday & you will do what you did to Thika everytime.One defensive midfield change is all you needed to keep your win but instead you insisted on maintaining one that had been stretched & lost shape…

      1. And stop benching Walusimbi,he is your key to stopping those crazy goals joash & co are letting in…Wafula is electric,one would think Karim is in the field of play

        1. For the second game Joash gave an unecessary foul in a dangerous area from which we conceded. So many bloggers have said we should never mention his mistakes but he is just too much….add to his two careless backasses which almost cost us!!! Either try Momanyi or sign Musa back ASAP

          1. Musymo hence my call that we re-sign Musa Mohammed in June.Hakuna otherwise hapo nyuma blunder zimezidi

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