4 Oct 17

On Tuesday, a Court of Appeal ruling on Tuesday that reinstated Zoo Kericho and Nakumatt to the KPL.  This followed an ill -advised ruling by the high court that nullified all the results from Zoo Kericho and Nakumatt following a petition by Sam Nyamweya. The ruling is a huge relief for both teams whose player were left in limbo. But the ruling is also excellent news for Kogalo who now see their nine points restored.

With nine points restored, Gor Mahia now have 60 points. And with sevem matches left, the highest number of points that Kakamega Homeboyz can collect is 66. As for Sofapaka, the highest number of points they can collect is 63. This means that Gor Mahia need to collect 7 points from their last 7 matches to secure the league title.

The departure of coach Ze Maria and the ushering in of coach Dylan Kerr has seen the fortunes of the club rise. Whereas Gor Mahia were neck and neck with Sofapaka, Ulinzi and Tusker. For example, when Ulinzi came from behind to hold Gor Mahia in a round of 15 match on July 2, Gor Mahia were atop the league but only on goal difference. Since Kerr arrived, Gor Mahia went on a 12 match unbeaten run that has seen them amass an unassailable lead.

With Gor Mahia now all but certain of winning the league title, the EC ought to start planning for next season. They must start to plan on finding out what it will take to retain coach Kerr and the players. If this coach and this playing unit is maintained into 2018, they have an excellent chance of making the group stage of the champions league.


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  • 7 games remaining against:

    KK Homeboyz
    Ulinzi Stars
    Sony Sugar
    Chemelil Sugar
    Western Stima
    Mathare United

    Let us beat Western Stima and Mathare then frustrate the rest of the teams into painful draws just the same way they did to us last year.
    Preparations for the next level of competition are necessary.
    Will 2017 edition of CECAFA be hosted in Kenya? If so, we need to prepare for it.

    • Le Pastre says:

      I believe we havent played our 2nd leg match against Zoo Kericho. We dont have a match against Chemelil. Please counter check this. Thank you.

  • Jakoyo says:

    @ admin, your calculation is a bit twisted….KK homeboyz is our next match, we beat them we move to 63 points with 6 games to spare. The maximum the second placed team can attain consequently will be 63 points. Our superior head to head and goal difference means we can even afford to loose all our remaining matches and still win the league.

    So we just need to beat KK homeboyz and the league is over !

  • Dan Original says:

    My only worry is that Coach Kerr has now been earmarked by some moneyed team in Africa or Europe. Lots of our players have also been identified now. Unfortunately at times there is nothing much we can do apart from asking for transfer fee and at the same time ensuring the same player gets the best out of their talent. I think now is the time to give Maqbul, Maloba, Ndirangu and the rest play time

  • jasego says:

    Sober decision by court of appeal,Nyamweya retire in peace,your long archaic corrupt rule in kenyan football ended long ago so enjoy retirement in peace and stop bring tge beautiful game into disrepute.As for Sir Kerr stay here,tge gods of Mayienga like you and omens are good for you to conquer Africa next year.Ignore all possible suitors and see your name forever entrenched in Kogalo history,we have challenges but can be great again under your tutelage…

  • And just to add on to what @Dan Original , just like Neymar with Barcelona/ PSG or Suarez with Liverpool/Barca , our players leaving for greener pastures is a fact we will just have to accept , what we must do apart from maximising such opportunities when they arise is to also make playing for Gor an attractive proposition for any upward mobility player .
    To do this we have to be amongst the elites of African football and go as far as we possibly can in the tournament for both the financial and experience rewards , not forgetting the enormous publicity that comes with the same .
    So yes , they will come for our best and even our coach , but we must accept that this is the new normal and up our A game .
    The domestic league has put as in a situation like of PSG in French League, where they like we now , have come to accept that investing for the local league brings no dividends when u r up against the best in Europe and hence have decided to change the trajectory of their investments to reflect the realities of Europe , this is what we must do otherwise we risk having a cabinet BLOATED with purely domestic trophies
    . . .We can do it but only if we become Problem solvers rather than Problem identifying Psychopaths .l

  • ja thur gi ji says:

    This is done and my worry now is how we prepare for CAF which starts early next year. We have always been caught unprepared as if we did not at all expect to qualify for it. If we talk of greener pastures, we can make the pasture green just here and why not? Why can’t it be even greener than those others so as to attract and keep the best of our hard created players? We have been very well behaved over the season, can’t we attract a sponsor?

  • jasego says:

    Kogalo losing players aimlessly without due renumeration is a character trait we must stop.This attitude of the grass looks greener on the other side should stop.Let players sit quietly and see out their contracts.Forcing transfers and old adages of we are not in the business of blocking players luck hence just let him follow his heart for Free Must stop if we are to make any meaningful forays in Africa.Any club exists as a business entity and must trade with the sole aim of increasing its Net Worth through profitability.Buy out clauses must be enforced in GM forthwith.On that note i must give special thanks to diehard loyalists in Messrs:Nizigiyimana Karim,Walusimbi,Musa Mohammed,Haroun Shakava,Odhiambo Blackberry,Oluoch Boniface who have stood with Mighty Mayienga in both good times and bad times..Asanteni vijana

    • Le Pastre says:

      Those boys deserve the status of a legend. I still remember Musa being ready to play anyehere slong the back four!! A true worrior to be emulated by many. He has outlived so many a Kogalo player. Look at the trajectory taken by the careers of the likes of Pinches, Masika and Gatuso!

      • jasego says:

        Add to that list Aucho,Sserunkuma and Marcelo…I mean just a little more patience at Kogalo and they would have broken into the European Leagues with abandon not hustle with frustrations like happened for they were immensely talented…

  • Kifaranga ya Computer sofaset Kupe Branch Jinja says:

    I agree with the Jasego,
    Ker and everyone else is on a contract let’s learn from the Muguna case, it was just the other day.
    A problem identified is a problem half solved, at least that is better denying that a problem exists or worse not even knowing that there is even a problem.

    I like that bloated EC, bloated domestic trophies, bloated tenures.

    Financial stability must be pursued – the season ticket cum membership maybe an option but transparency is key, sponsorship can be enhanced however vested interests in GMFC may always want the status quo to remain. i.e it’s better off for them that K’Ogalo remains a local giant.

    Assuming GMFC spends kes.500,000 paying Camp Toyoyo for 3 months. About kes.5,500 per day if you take 3 months as 90days.
    Its means for a year GMFC would spend kes.2M.
    For 25 years GMFC would pay only kes.50M at this rate.
    Can you buy land and build a stadium for kes.50M?
    A GMFC stadium will have to compete with Nyayo, Kasarani, City and other county stadia for clients, so will it generate enough income?
    Are the savings from the investment a stadium reasonable or even worth the cost?

  • The very moment we acknowledge modern football to be a business is the same moment we have to appreciate the fact that just like we will buy from another club , another club will come to buy from as , ofcourse with all the contractual obligations considered and strictly adhered to .
    No club would wish to be separated from its very best , but the unfortunate reality is that the world of football business operates on its own dynamics
    Where u win some , u lose some .
    A non selling club like Barcelona could only sit back and swallow as PSG poached Neymar from them , on the same breathe Liverpool told Barca to take a hike vis a vis Phillipe Coutinho .
    We as a club have no choice but to accept those realities , strengthen what we have and re join the cream of the African elite , it is then that even were we to lose one or two , would we manage to get equally good players knocking to come in .
    Is it not a fact that even the best in Africa like TP Mazembe , Sundowns , Zemaleks cant keep their best when big brother comes calling

    • jasego says:

      Yes Teddy,even the elite clubs lose players to other superior teams but look at how the accounts read after those transactions…Pesa tupu they can afford to re-invest and diversify their playing units but in Kogalo despite having a running long-term contract you hear a player staging a go-slow and negotiating a free release with the club hierarchy purely on a premise that he will get better salary there na msinifungie bahati yangu..NOO hiyo hapana Case in point is the recent Muguna and Ze Maria debacle that would have seriously disorganized our midfield creativity.Thank God Kerr alikaa ngumu

      • A person says:

        Wachnegi. Adiera nyaka wachi. The problem with bloggers here is that most of them only know how to praise the chair. They don’t view the club in totality.

      • @Jasego , I totally concur and thats y I said ” with the strict adherence to the contractual obligations ” and further gave two contrasting examples , one of Neymar who was released by Barca to PSG and the other e.g of Coutinho whose move to Barca was frozen by Liverpool . . .so we are in agreement on this .

  • Le Pastre says:

    Some of the facts about Gor Mahia’s 2017 season are quite psinful to read. This is the season where out of the 3 loses suffered, 2 have been against relegation threatened teams. We have lost to both Mathare Utd and Western Stima. We have drawn both home and away against Thika United and went out to Bandari in the GOTV Shield cup. How sad when hour consider the positions of these teams on the KPL!!!

    • Dan Original says:

      Le Pastre, that’s the beauty of soccer and it happens the world over. All teams have their bogey teams but the true character is how we navigate the league despite those loses.

  • A person says:

    Management of Kogallo affairs must be improved. Rachier ok en gor. Gor nyaka bed gi structures maler for sustainability. Waool gi wer mar ” Ohh chairman nokonyo gor” ” Oh chairman oh chairman! He has since eaten more and Gor is operating from hand to mouth. Joka mbekhu mbekhu Rachier mbekhu uromowa.

  • moses says:

    Am ashamed; ashamed of how I defended Ze.Gor beat Naivas 6-1; a team that under Maria chances of loosing was high or a win of 2-0 maximum.What makes the team score freely; what’s the new philosophy?.Meanwhile congrats Catalonia.

    • jasego says:

      Moses actually Ze Maria drew with Naivas twice lost once and won 1-0 once in four friendlies.Problem was like i said Ze Maria was obsessed with micro-managing players to adapt to a technique that isn’t suited for Kenyan football and most clubs could easily contain since most backpasses took place in our own half of the pitch.It was therefore a given that we would struggle against all and sundry and winning was an exception,losing was normal while draws were satisfactory.The same fate now befalls KF Tirana where he went

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    Talk of the devil. Latest news is that Gor Mahia may lose Ker to Scotland’s Kilmarnock FC. Ker is an excellent tactician. How sad that “coaches come and go”!!. Only an improvement in the way Gor Mahia is managed will improve our financial muscle and put us in an equal footing with the Kilmarnocks and the Zescos of this world. Stability in terms of low player and coach turn over are determined by a strong financial muscle.

    • A person says:

      Ker is an independent minded Coach! Ok nyangute ma was out to please his Master. He even substituted Oluoch the “bull”. I salute him. But am not comfortable with Gor operating from hand to mouth. Ni the only song is oh chairman did this oh chairman gave handouts! Wan joka nyanan we are ready to strengthen structures. Koro joma hawk fake mechandise mag gor owek thing’owa gi wache manono.

    • Harry Ababa says:

      What can be done to retain Kerr at least for the next two years?

  • Dan Original says:

    Like I said earlier that we risk losing Kerr and some other players, the writing is now on the wall. The good thing is that Gor attracts the best talent and this is not going to stop. The good thing is that this is an occurrence world-wide. Barca had to release Neymar while Arsenal and Liverpool held onto Sanchez and Coutinho which might later leave on free-transfer.
    The thing Gor needs to do is to ensure that we benefit financially from these transactions. Remember TP Mazembe is still strong despite selling their best players..

    • kifaranga ya computer sofaset kupe branch Jinja says:

      Are’nt you comparing apples to oranges, gold with copper. TP Mazembe is strong both locally and continentally. The same applies for Barca. Gor Mahia upto the mid 90s was GOLDEN but since then is only strong locally and a perenial non performer, yearly preliminary round dropout on the CAF scene. Ker seems to be a coach who can change that even with hurdles like go slows etc. Like it or not any player or coach would opt for a more conducive, stable enviroment, you can’t blame them, the blame is us e.g look at Akumu and “King” David at Zesco. Ker has said he will leave only if approached by that Kili team. Some (few) stakeholders are hoping he leaves, others (most) are praying he stays on, count me in the latter group.

  • george musula says:

    This now belong to Mayienga. I hope everything will be done to retain our coach.