Gor Mahia overcome City Stars

Gor Mahia beat City Stars 2-1 to record their third win of the season in a match played at City Stadium on Saturday.

Throughout the year, Gor Mahia have been playing with a lone striker supported by a winger or two. On Saturday they played with two strikers, Midenyo and Ngwa. This seemed to work out better. In the 27th minute Ngwa set up  Midenyo for the 1st goal. Gor Mahia continued to look dangerous and it came as no surprise when Ngwa notched the second goal in the 34th minute. Again it was a result of actions from both strikers. Midenyo ran dangerously in the City stars area but his effort was parried by Ronny Kagunzi the former Gor Mahia goalkeeper. Ngwa took advantage of the loose ball to score.

City stars pulled on back in the 70th but Kogalo held on with Mosoti and Anguyo rock solid at centre back. Muchh to the relief of fans who had earlier been banned from this game Gor Mahia held on for a win.

37 thoughts on “Gor Mahia overcome City Stars

  1. way forward,GOR B/RESERVE SIDE,U-17 AND U-15 and a qualified technical director.THATS THE ONLY WAY FOR PERPETUAL SUCCESS.

  2. What a relief! A win n better still goals frm open play, pray we maintain the tempo n break the the win one game lose next game jinx.

  3. Good game but what happened in second half is worying.
    The players took the game to the opponents and brought unnecessary pressure.it happened against sofapaka,if not checked it will be hard to get 3 points against any team.

  4. Two goals in open play. Jakoyo! Why does the team always crumble like a pack of cards in the second half?

  5. It was definitely due to good coaching,team tactics, discipline and improved overall philosophy of the game.kudos to the technical bench and the players. keep it up we are with you. I would like the EC or the players to open a bank account where we can contribute to motivate the players!

  6. Good resuls. We need a little bit of stamina to take us through the second half.

    Boys and technical bench, keep it up. We are behind you and make us proud.

  7. @Oduor12 we are just waiting for the registration certificate to be able to open the account and get the paybill number…we are looking at 20 days…..some members of the group also organised for a banner that u saw in the stadium yesterday..OFFICE HANDS OFF COACHING DEPARTMENT…

  8. We thank the Almighty God for the good results. The team needs stamina to take them through the second half. May the lads can be taken to the gym for loading purpose and to make them strong throughout the 90 minutes.

    Boys and technical bench, keep it up and the Almighty God will reward us. We are behind you and make us proud.

  9. @Jakojera9 wow n i repeat wow when i suggested that fans form an investment co. i was not aware of this initiative.Am really interested, how does one join? This cld just b the vehicle to implement the wealth of ideas in this blog.


    Congratulations boys for the win.

    K’ogallo is slowly but surely stamping it’s authority as a killer on their homeground- the City Stadium. True to the bookmakers, Gor Mahia were the favorites and they did not not dissapoint what with 2 goals and bagged the three maximum points.

    I would like once again to commend the boys for the hard work which paid off after the last whistle. Coach Logarusi equally deserves a pat on the shoulder for working so hard to give fans what they have been crying for months. As I said elsewhere on this blog, it is not the effort that is normally rewarded but the results. The win on Saturday therefore moves us three places higher on the KPL log at number 10 with ten points.

    We are acutely aware of the big gap between us and the big boys but with consistency and determination, hopefully we shall finish this season in a respectable position. George w. Bush, former president of the United States once remarked when asked about the hunt for Osama bin Laden and violent extremists around the world; ‘ we shall not tire and we shall not miss’ Let us also use the mantra to achieve our goal this season.

  11. It’s good we won but why should City stars put us under siege for 45 minutes. Is it me who is seeing a luck of confidence on most of our players. Only Ngwa, Owino and Rama ‘Messi’ are confident to ask for the ball even when marked. I even notice a time when nobody was ‘opening’ to receive a throw-in. The players need to work on that it’s nothing to do with coaching. We also need our full backs to be part of the attack when necessary. Evra does it Awilo used to do it, not forgetting Zeddy as well. Otherwise wish the team all the best. We now meet Chemelil who are battle-hardened. That will be a good test for our boys


  13. This year KPL 2012 is the toughest competition for all team since if a team can gather three consecutive wins then it immediately impacts on the table standing. So I wish our boys all the best in the remaining matches and God willing if they can manage three wins it is as good as being placed in top eight position by the end of first leg. Keep it going K’Ogalo.

  14. I didnt see much difference between the team that played last saturday as compared to that of Sir Bobby.

    The only difference was the coach and his BIG MOUTH. I look forward to the day he shuts up (stops criticising players and blaming everyone else – including fans – except himself) and focusses on tactics and strategy.

    Has anyone ever thought this guy is a racist – saying ‘africans cant run and think at the same time’ after the mathare game or ‘its hard for african players to follow instructions’ after the sofamiaw game?

  15. Guys we cannot as fans start wars on all fronts against the coach, the EC, the players and even amongst ourselves and still expect good results. If you were at the stadium you would have realised that we were outplayed in the second half and our strikers (who we are always blaming were not getting fed). As a striker you are very vulnerable on 50-50 situations. The defender has an advantage in those scenarios. Let’s support the team and let’s see what the coach comes up with in the June transfer window. Some of us love the team so much that when it loses even a single match they disappear only to resurface when we win and since our form is so unpredictable they are torn between watching EPL or GM. On this I salute those fans who are always there even when we lose three consecutive matches. They are the real Gor damu

  16. @18 Opuk raronge i think GOR deserves this kind of a character to head the technical bench. Let him keep talking, shouting himself as long as we can get the result that we all yearn for. I used to hate his big mouthed “chatter-box” attitude, the know it and say it as it is. “Wiye Tek ,Thoge riek ,Wa’nge Tek,Ja sunga!!

    But nowadays i admire his outburst because with the kind of EC and notorious fan base that we have; we actually need “LOGARITH WITH ALL HIS MADNES” for the players to perform,officials to toe the line and we Ma-fans to style up. KEEP MOUTHING LOGARITHM.

  17. I still do believe that we are still working our way out to the top and it is not very very late to lauge at the trophy!! this might be that season that we shall see wonders!!! we finished 2nd and why not finish on top of the table we still have the emph and gusto to challege for the title! why not!!!!! i would stronly want to see and support the term no matter what!! look at the gunners they were thirs last in the table for almost four months and now they are in a respectable position and they will not have to fight yet again for the UEFA position but they are gettind a ticket by having a win but enough of that am talking about K’Ogalo here we need to have that spirit of fighting to the END!! therefore i would want to see that the term and the technical bench work together and believe in themselves…that it is possible!!!! the idea of having twin strikes is awesome and let the be fed by also a strong midfilders who will not be holding to the ball to much and as the coach is say ” they need to run with the ball and think very fast” to feed the strickers and one thing that is of corncern is the second half our players are always very worn our! what would be the problems MR COACH CAN YOU LOOK UNTO THIS ISSUE!!!! THEY NEED TO PUT MORE STAMINER TO TAKE THEM ALL THROUGH 90 MINS ANYWAYS MAY GOD ALMIGHTY HELP US IN ALL THAT WE SHALL BE DOING ON THE PITCH AND THE TERRACES AND THE STADIUM!!! LETS HAVE A FUN!! AND WE SHOULD NOT BE NICK NAMED “GORMAWE” LET THE PAST BE IN THE PAST IT IS A NEW BEGINNING

  18. I believe the formation coach applied by 2 strikers upfront is ok,ngwa is very much determined to deliver for the team so lets coach use him, if there is no any injury.Otherwise, we are wounded lions and we want to retain top five.Go GO Kagalo

  19. This was very positive. The second half was not pleasing though. But tha is football and it hapens even in the EPL. the fact is we collected the 3points. Lets continue with the hard work it will surely pay at the end of the day.

  20. I like the positive attitude and above all the winning mentality that we are preaching currently on this blog.

    WOW our competitors house is already in fire. The untouchable one “ole” M has been serve with high court orders, the once houlier than thou fans are already up in arms with the best hooliganism acts against NAM at old trafford, their winning mentality is slowly fading and i can wait to see K’Ogalo climbing up the table and surpass them. The TITLE is wide open for any of the 16 teams at the moment.

    Let us leave the playing formations,technique and players selection to the technical bench and just play our role as cheer leaders. The three remaining games are very crucial for our title march because we will ultimately gather more than 20 points by the end of first leg.

  21. @OKOTH JABILO, you have said it all. Our EC has surely let us down and they need someone like the Coach Logarusic. Let him instils discipline in the team so that the potentials of our most disciplined players can be unleashed. The next step the coach needs to work on is stamina as most players get tired before the 90 minutes of play. Players need to give 100% for the team to win games.

    Sometimes, it is better to have a big mouth coach as officials such as Kilo, Ngala, Bwana, Ojei, Faiz, etc are big let down to the club. Bwana, Ngala and Faiz are too busy looking for cheap publicity and making money, Ojei is awol, Kilo busy interfering with the technical bench roles and duties, etc

  22. we are coming back soon we shall be at usual place CONGRATS boyz.Okoth Jabilo please its high time we have our bloggers branch meeting as soon as possible.Am very ready just tell me when so as I communicate venue.

  23. These players needed a harsh coach who instills discipline but does not have personal vendettas. Anaba Awono was more like a friendly uncle who is not eloquent. These players do not respond to that.

  24. @Okoth Jabilo what do you say about the change of name by one of our two most esteemed ‘judges of the supreme court of the blog’?

    If only I could convince The Most Eminent judge Kassam not to drop the name we identify with so sentimentally!

    Of late we have witnessed a string of change of bloggers’ names. Can it be explained by the recent Gestapo-like activities against members of the blog?

    Most eminent justice Kassam you are within your rights to adjust your name laterally, however, is there room for an ‘appeal’?

  25. Most of the time Ngwa or Midenyo ran upfront no midfielder was able to deliver a quality pass for either of them.How does a team of the calibre of Gor start defending 2 goals for a whole 45 mins?The second half was pathetic with our defenders escorting the short Ugandan to right inside the box.No forward movement or ball passing to note.when the coach says he doesn’t have calibre players now i believe him.

  26. @Motema Pembe, this spherical thing called mpira has no manners. How can one explain Tusker’s jinx against Sofapaka?

  27. @ Barefoot Bandit where is arrumtiddi ? Has he taken a sabbatical or he was also victimized? The gentleman has been AWOL for quite sometime or he is also contemplating to change his users name? Remember he was able to discover that our wise counsel ,biblical guider,scripture nourisher and spiritual leader JACKOWILI is none other than BAREFOOT BANDIT after the Chinese branded JAKOWILI . OGANGO TRAILER is still the TRAILER MAN unless otherwise declared past tense by ALLAH but not PEOPLE.

  28. I guess the fatigue we witness in our players in the second half is partly due to the fact that the coach had said the system he is introducing will require high levels of physical fitness..am sure they will adapt soon..it takes time to muster a new system of doing things which you had not been doing in years..they will pick up!..if it is true that the TB is looking into bringing Paul Mungai of KCB, am all for it!

  29. @Ogango Trailer I am at a loss of words. The silence of the great Arrumtiddi must have some logical explanation. You see when a wise man decides to go underground then the force behind that decision must be wisdom itself.

    You are the second comrade to raise this issue of Jackowili versus Barefoot Bandit. Creative Village raised it and then went underground. What is happening? Who is finishing our people?

    Let me respond to you my esteemed comrades The Trailer and Creative Village: Protocol demands that a mere village chief does not respond to issues raised by the head of state- unless expressly ordered to do so. So who is the Barefoot Bandit to talk out of turn on matters raised by Arrumtiddi? It is against etiquette.

    Comrade Creative Village this matter is weighty and only wise counsel from the supreme court (Wuonpap and Kassam Mwivangano) can unravel the puzzle.

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