Gor Mahia overcome Re-Union

Gor Mahia beat Re-Union 3-0 in a friendly encounter at the City stadium on Saturday. The match was geared towards giving Gor Mahia players some match practice during an idle week.

Itubu Imbem scored the match opener on 44 minutes. George Midenyo scored the second in the 63rd minute and Edwin Lavatsa sealed the score in the 70th minute.

It was an opportunity for players like Kasaya and Yusuf Juma to play their way into the starting lineup. Musa Mohammed and Yusuf Juma in particular gave a good account of themselves.

Gor Mahia Lineup

Wycliffe Kasaya, Musa Mohammed, Yusuf Juma, David Owino, Dan Mosoti (Ivan Anguyo), Oscar Mbugua, Nicholas Auma (Edwin Lavatsa), Kevin Omondi (Rama Salim), Kevin Ochieng (Anthony Gaucho Gathu),  Itubu Imbem, George Midenyo

The match also geared as part of Re-Union’s grand comeback. Re-Union which was disbanded about 5 years ago is seeking a comeback to the top tier league. Founded in 1957, it is the oldest club in Kenya and was a permanent fixture in the league for many years.

Kenya’s first Vice President Oginga Odinga was amongst the founding fathers of the team in 1957 then known as Luo Union. The team was at the peak of its powers in the Mid 197os. At this time the rivalry between Gor Mahia and Luo Union was just as fierce as that between Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards then known as Abaluhya FC.

Luo Union won the league in 1975 and went on to win te CECAFA cup in 1976 and 1977 boasting a superb squad that included William Ouma “Chege” who was the Dennis Oliech of that era as well as heading specialist Charles Ochieng, Edward Kiiza and the free scoring Agonda Lukio who was twice top scorer in the CECAFA cup.

In the 1980s and 90s, Re-Union was an important feeder club for Gor Mahia. Many Gor Mahia players from that era first made a name for themselves at Re-Union, before joining Kogalo, players like Swaleh Ochieng, Tirus Omondi, and later Mathew Ottamax, Tom Okaya and Eric Obura.

This column wishes Re-Union all the best in their bid to return to the top league

19 thoughts on “Gor Mahia overcome Re-Union

  1. Very good news to learn that Re-Union is making a come back to top league, what a club with rich history! Good luck…Positive move to keep the Kogalo fringe players active..Keep up the good work technical bench, we believe you have the good to deliver.

  2. For those of us who watched football in the 70s and 80s and 90s, Re union is the original gor mahia . If these two teams can co exist in the league sometime in the future, the fight will be as fierce as rangers and celtics in Scotland. forget gor mahia vs AFC leopards, this is the real battle. Good luck re union !

  3. Midenyo should have the determination and fight for a squad in the pitch not on the bench. He is one of the experienced players but wearing a gor jersy is not automatic, you have to prove yourself. I wish Midenyo and all other players the best.

  4. Now the TPL fight is extended to another height after the weekend matches. We have a MUST win game on Wednesday to continue being in competition. All the best lads


    Comrade Jakoyo, as much as you want to draw similarities from the two clubs, it is crystal clear Re-Union and Gor Mahia are quite different. Re – Union is older than Gor Mahia by eleven years. The club is also associated with Oginga Odinga- the father of the Luo Nation.
    This is history that we can never ran away with.

    Just like many other clubs in Kenya, they go under soon after the demise of it’s founders. Why? Those who take after the founders did not sit down and internalise their vision for the club. I am sure the old Mzee did not have Oburu and Raila Odinga in the first place. He was looking at the big picture ( to use the famous words of Ben Carson ). Today, the club is pale shadow of it’s former self, a shell. This is the truth of the matter.

    How i wish the current officials of Re-Union have the draw the inspiration of reviving the club from the forebearers and not, Gid forbid, driven by personal interests as is the case today with most officials. The win yesterday by K’Ogalo over Re-Union is not something to cheer on. The officials may have been motivated by the gate collections more than serious practise to gauge the players before we meet Rangers. We’ve got to be serious with our preparations.

    It is up to the officials of Re- Union to prove your critics, including me, wrong. Nonetheless, my best wishes to the club. Anyway, I am reminde of a great physicist, Thomas Edison, the inventor of light bulb, who failed his experiment 999 times. In the end, he got it right and now humanity is now enjoying his great innovation but with improvements every now and then.

  6. a point of correction to Pareyio, Oginga Odinga wasn’t and any of those people associated with him will never be the ‘father’ of the Luo nation. We existed and will exist before and after them.

    They dont own anyone maybe if its you.



    @ Jasuba that is a fact and i hope those of us who do not subscribe to ODINGAISM will always differentiate facts from fiction.

    The father of LUO nation is RAMOGI AJWANG who was the brother to both ADHOLA and LAN’GO.

    Ramogi got tired at a place called N’GIYA(means;looking yonder) in SIAYA and while looking yonder towards lake victoria he saw the the current RAMOGI HILLS in Yimbo Usenge and decided to settle and retired his migration on that spot.

    RAMOGI’S sons were OWINY,OWAK,OSUMU,OMOLLO and so on..!
    Jo.Kowak are currently jo-sakwa they settled in the bushy sakwa and that is why their nickname is JO-Bungu(Bushmen).They were fond of hunting animals in the bush.

    OSUMU settled in Kisumu and had his sons AJULU, RATE’NG ,SAGAM and so the subdivision of current Kisums county.

    Jo-Kassagam, Jo-Kajulu, Jo-Karateng,and so on …..!!!

    Ramogi’s brother, Mr. Adhola is the father to Acholi, Alur and Padhola in UGANDA.Adhola could not migrate beyond UG due to some wound on his leg and thus he remained in UG.

    Lan’go decided to move towards the bushy landscape searching for grazing land.

    Lan’go is the father to all PAREYIO’S and Nilo-hamites of great rift-valley.

  8. That is good news and it was good since we gave opportunities to some of the players who are not regular of late to show-case their talents. Now let us fully focus on our match against Rangers FC.

  9. O’Jabilo thanks for that informed brief regarding Jo-Ndhiwa, actually this thing should not at all begin and end with RAO, his late father and those who hate them, subscribe to their ‘sm’ or not but i’d rather we all do soul searching as to what we stand for and do with our public lives before we throw stones at others! I honestly believe the late Jaramogi did a marvelous job initiating Re-Union and RAO has been there for GM & Efusi during perilious times. It is on this premise i find dismising people on narrow perimeters very unfair. Remember some are officials busy milking GM dry yet you and me what are we doing! What will GM history have for you?

  10. It is our humble prayer that our Heavenly Father and Lord will give us victory over Rangers in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. After the victory, we will return all GLORY, HONOUR, PRAISE AND THANKSGIVINGS to our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. We give all glory to our Lord that has taken us this far with 14 games unbeaten run. These are the doings of the Lord. Finally let all the bloggers say AMEN and AMEN

  11. To Gor Mahia fans, players and Executive Committee members,


    So bloggers, remember to always give thanks and praise to your Heavenly Father, and when you pray make sure you are; Giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. (Ephesians 5:20).

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