Gor Mahia play SoNy this Sunday

Fresh off their midweek tie with Rangers. Gor Mahia will travel to Nakuru to play SoNy Sugar on Sunday in a Kenya premier league match.

They have shown flashes of improvement in the last 3 games. Against Rangers on Wednesday, Kogalo fought like terriers in the second half and it finally paid off with their first goal in 6 games. The attack however still appears to be a problem area. Coach Bobby Ogolla has tried various players at centre forward including Hugo Nzangu, George Midenyo and recently Edwin Lavatsa whom Ogolla praised for his performance on Wednesday. Nevertheless Lavatsa is not a traditional centre forward is better deployed as a winger and support striker to set up the main striker with crosses and passes.

The players appear determined to end their winless streak. Word from Gor Mahia camp suggests that the players have been working tirelessly to address their shortcomings. George Bwana, the club Secretary general has expressed confidence in the technical bench and thinks Its simply a matter of time before the club regains its form.

Also encouraging is the recent form of goalkeeper Wycliff Kasaya who has shown signs of being able to bringing stability between the posts. He is a good leader, is vocal and commands the goal area.

This writer hopes that fans will travel to Afraha stadium to rally behind the team. And this time, fans should keep in mind the fatalities that happened the last time fans travelled to Naivasha. Fans should desist from  drinking and no crazy stuff like hanging from car windows.

Meanwhile, rumours surrounding the departure of Collins Okoth “Gattuso” to Sofapaka have been refuted by Sofapaka owner Elly Kalekwa who says he himself was surprised by the rumours.

52 thoughts on “Gor Mahia play SoNy this Sunday

  1. Its time to start bagging points and goals. A son does not bite the father’s fingers. Zedy and Sony are not ready TO PICK a point from us. Lets go in droves but as the Admin says lets avoid recklessness on the roads. Lives are important. Good luck to you all.

  2. @Eblazing you are absolutely right. As we go to Nakuru we should be aware of all that is at stake including our reputation. My appeal to all those identifying with K’ogalo: please respect people’s businesses; avoid this looting mentality; avoid the uncalled for violence.

  3. @Mc Ochan mar Piny that attack on this very dignified K’ogalo diva is absolute and unnecessary provocation. You can do better than that brother.

  4. I got no personal vendetta with Mc Ochan @ 2. What have I done to attract such a biased and gender insults from him? I would want someone to point out what have written that has offended anyone cos of my gender. Have been talking to other lady fans to contribute here. Why do such men feel insecure with a woman’s presence and contributions? Pls bloggers shield us ladies from such and as I said am sorry if I wrote anything negative @ 1. Thank you Jackowili for your kind words to this brother of yours. He has upset me this early in the morning.

  5. @Eblazing take heart. Never knew @Mc Ochan on this blog until recently. As much as everyone is welcome on the blog they shold know that we observe some docorom here. We treat all us equal irrespective of genger, racial or ethnic background. He should apologise for those uncalled for comments. Some of us are very vocal but at the same time big liabilities to the club.
    Best wishes for all over the weekend.

  6. This ochan man @2 has finally blown away his cover.He was bound to anyway,what with his loose tongue and loose mouth.
    mc ochan,you have sunk to an unprecented new lows on this blog since it was formed.You reek of stinking chavinism,you are a disgrace to the men of this blog and now you have brought this very respectable forumn into disrepute.Did you really have to stoop this low?
    Yours is a serious case of inferiority complex!This blog has no time and space for retards like you!.Take this neanderthal-like behaviour back to the congo forest where you belong,and where you find good company.Its’ also high time the admin of this s

  7. contnd’
    Its’ also high time the admin of this site,took action againts these homo habilis by blocking their stinking posts.
    Finally you ochan thing,we DEMAND that ,you,as a matter of urgency withdraw your unfortunate comments towards eblazing,and offer unreserved and unconditional apology not only to eblazing alone but to all the women,and this blog as a whole.

  8. Mc Ochan is blowing picture out of the wall. I suggest that if you have nothing to write here don’t do it please.
    Bloggers are haters, we want a team spirit and what Eblazing suggested was on point.
    My fellow friends, life is precious. Do not overdrink and hang on vehicles it is dangerous. Let us also show other road users and security personnel respect to put our name in good record. Try and reach out to your branch members and talk to them about discipline and love among one another. This is very healthy even for our team, Mungu anatupenda and I know we’ll do better.

  9. I am left wondering whether Mc Ochan mar Piny is a cloned Luo man or him that is born Luo because Luo men value and respect members of the opposite gender. I am at a loss of words as to how to convince Kamau wa Njoroge, Pareyio ole Lelerue, Mwakio, etc, that Mc Ochan mar Piny is a single and isolated case among the Luo folk.

    Ladies and gentlemen this is a sad day in the history of this blog. We are seeing the re-incarnation of human intolerance. Could someone convince me that there is a difference between Mc Ochan mar Piny and the following:
    1.The Arab slave merchants of the 19th century?
    2.The abusive employers of Kenyan women in the Saudi Kingdom?
    3.The Nazis and their anti-Semitism?
    4.The perpetrators of the Rwandese genocide?

    Today we have witnessed a man systematically identity his victim then proceeds to violate the rights of this poor victim. Now members of the blog, what do we say when a man pounces on an unsuspecting victim (who happens to be female) and violates her?

  10. @2 – Mc Ochan mar Piny: My question to you is “ARE YOU NUTS?” What has Eblazing said that is wrong? Eblazing simply said what every fan, Man or woman would say of his/her team! Please if you have your own personal issues with Eblazing other than support for GOR, then this is not the forum to address it. I may have had my differences with Eblazing before, but this one is totally unwarranted and should be condemned with the strongest words possible! Then your talk about women! shows you are a lesser man!

  11. @Mc Ochan mar Piny, your posting against Eblazing is very wrong and misplaced. The administrators should delete such shallow, silly, empty, useless, worthless, pointless, hollow, stupid, unintelligent, brainless, obtuse, foolish, daft, ill-advised, insulting, discriminatory, offensive, foul, obnoxious, biased, bigoted prejudiced postings on this site.
    I think such posting that the place of a Luo woman is in the kitchen and that she thinks just cos she drives a Merc just show how brainless Mc Ochan mar Piny is. No one has stopped you Mc Ochan mar Piny from having a Mercedes.
    Luo women and any other women have a place to play in Gor Mahia, socio-political-economic activities globally. I think women leaders are better than many men such as Mc Ochan mar Piny.
    Eblazing has posting excellent comment and I fully agree with her but the likes of Mc Ochan mar Piny are taking us back to stone-age and I think the likes of Mc Ochan mar Piny are the trouble shooters in Gor Mahia and should be banned from either commenting on this site or attending Gor Mahia matches.

    To Eblazing, I’m with you and remain firm as there are madmen on this site. Just ignore them and continue writing and posting. I believe you are strong, intelligent, enlightened and educated women unlike Mc Ochan mar Piny who is still thinking like a stone-age men. I just wonder where people like Mc Ochan mar Piny comes from.
    I presume that Nyanza is where most people went to school at early age and more so with women from Nyanza who are professors, doctors, professions, managers, CEO, MPs etc. Why taking us behind Mc Ochan mar Piny? Wake up and apologise to Eblazing.

  12. @Mc Ochan mar Piny should be reported to Mr. Mzalendo Kibunja. He should be arrested.

    Eblazing, your posting was excellent particularly urging our fans to be extra careful as they drive to Nakuru. From such wonderful posting, can Mc Ochan mar Piny point out where Eblazing has gone wrong.

    This guy is a nut and should be taken to Mathari Mental Hospital for further check up.

  13. My brothers you have said as much. Kindly lets move on and contribute positively for the sake of this precious club. We will only be making this ‘brother’ think he is very important the more we talk about him. Lets now not deviate from the subject of this blog today. Lets focus and prepare ourselves for the duel ahead of us. I dont know him but forgive. Read Eph 4:26; If you become angry, don let the anger lead you to sin. Thank you all.


  15. Let us learn to be humble…..those who think powerful women are a threat..are just silly men who have nothing in life and I can prove this….I am the generation of men who think that women are human beings too, they are our helpers, the mothers to our children…..Please dont make up for ur inadequecies by demeaning women in this site….
    All Fans please desist from any acts of hooliganism…this shit is ruining our reputation..pliiiiis! a hooligan is either ur brother, sister, uncle neighbour…lets share information about this people that are holding this club @ransom..these last 7 days have been very difficult for me as a GOR fan…kwa ofisi matusi kibao mazee!

  16. hope for a win this time,please our players,this time give us a reason to keep on cheering u across the country, all my prayers are with u, to my fellow soldiers let us observe utmost care while traveling to nakuru and this time round lets a shame all those who have branded us thugs and murderers by being a shining example to our brothers in nakuru. let’s respect other road users and the entire busines fraternity in that county,MAY GOD BLESS US ALL.!!!!

  17. hope for a win this time,please our players,this time give us a reason to keep on cheering u across the country, all my prayers are with u, to my fellow soldiers let us observe utmost care while traveling to nakuru and this time round lets a shame all those who have branded us thugs and murderers by being a shining example to our brothers in nakuru. let’s respect other road users and the entire busines fraternity in that county,let’s show them the good side of k’ogalo.MAY GOD BLESS US ALL.!!!!

  18. @ 17 Jakoyo thank you many million times my comrade for your pro-active comments. And may you be blessed abundantly for turning the page and reading from the same script with your fellow bloggers. GOR is ours my brother irrespective of our current situation and as was mentioned earlier let us just apply constructive criticism that will help in building the team. @ Jakoyo there are so many GOR fans and even some bloggers on this site who have no idea who “APINGO NYAWAWA ” but they sing and dance to his tunes of the late 70’s and 80’s be it the Gor mahia national composed by the then Kenya Prisons Band or Nyam Nyam !!,!!! or GOR Niro yawn yoo..!!!

    In a nutshell it’s the likes of people like myself, yourself,JABILO,wuon pap,jackowilli, Kosero,arrumtiddi,jackowilli ,Dan, motema and many others that treasure those rich history that was full of memorable glories that happen at the city stadium famously referred by old folks as “Tok Ko Omwanda”. LET US BUILD K’OGALO AS A FAMILY OF LIKE-MINDED.

    @JABILO are you blogging today? There is a new development at Post no: 2 with a serious mental case. I have lacked words to describe this one.

    @Eblazing just soldier on DIVA, you will never be isolated with the seasoned bloggers on this site . Please ignore that real traditional African Ape who to the best of my knowledge
    should taken to the museum and blog there with his counterparts.

  19. @Eblazing, take heart. The world is only complete when we have the likes of Mc Ochan mar Piny. Forgive him. He may have read your post to mean something else.

    Otherwise, Sony has always been a hard nut to crack whenever we play them away. Let us pray that we snatch at least a point, worst case scenario. For God and my club Kogallo.

  20. @ ochan,u r a hubris of stinking perspective!!! a sure messenger of “Ares”…greek god of hatred,frenzzy,bloodshed n war..AWAY WITH YOU!
    To all KOGALO FANS..let us be the ENVY of other fans..YES! T”HE PRIDE OF SOCCER LOVERS ” in this country n beyond…YES WE CAN!!!

  21. Mc ochan represents the Hooligan side of Kogalo fans who we can do without as they will even scare away potential sponsors , KOGALO PLAYERS tuko pamoja

  22. So this Gor has two websites; gormahia.net and gorfc.com? Dan @24, concentrate on your team and stop dragging your woes unto others. Why were these issues not addressed then? Three years? Yawa!

  23. BLOGGERS an interesting breaking news story from Futaa.com .

    Magelo and your cronies stop this nonsense with SSMB that GOR MAHIA has been banned from using both NYAYO and KASARANI facilities. GOR MAHIA will not be intimidated by that decision. We are always be at home whenever we play our would be home matches “TOK KO OMWANDA”.

    BRING IT ON…!!!!! Magelo you are yet to confirm if AFC fans were killed? USELESS MAN.

  24. My prayer is that the Mc Ochan guy be given a total blackout by all bloggers. Kindly analyze the the way the name itself and you shall concur with me that this is not a Kogallo follower but an impostor/mole from our competitors out to depict this bloggers of this site and to an extension Kogallo fans as intolerant lot. Continued limelighting his unfortunate and uncouth sentiments only reminds me of Joseph Kony or maybe he could one of his runaway brutal followers who has found refuge in our midst. Pls, pls let us concentrate on how we are going to collect max. Points from SoNy @ Nakuru.

  25. @26 Mc Ochan marPiny last night you had some very impressive critical analysis on the current scenario pertaining to the way GM has been handling its Technical Bench.

    But today JATELO ume ni let tu down sana..!!! Kwanini?
    We should be our brothers\sisters keeper on this site.

    It will cost you nothing to apologize ,withdraw the comments you posted at NO:2 and tell JABER sorry. That is being GENTLEMAN and MINDFUL of others feelings.

    Suppose you put your wife, mother,sister,daughter or grandma into her shoe and then JABILO applies the same comments to them; How would you react?

    Just imagine we are heading to NAKURU and you happen to find somebody mis-handling our DIVA’S simply because of their gender status, WILL YOU NOT REACT AND DEFEND THEIR RIGHTS?

    @Mc Ochan mar Piny this my desperate attempt to politely urge you JATELO to withdraw and apologize.

  26. i appeal to technical bench to consider we shall be playing very physical team on Sunday so it would be worthless to start with players with hidden injuries just have fresh lads in the game,otherwise, good luck kogallo .Nakuru is big advantage to many fans from Nairobi.

  27. Let’s give kogalo moral support whenever they play any team,but some of our esteemed supporters and fans do let us down by creating animosity among our competitors

  28. Jo K’ogalo umor, wamor. What will be our next move now that we have been banned from Nyayo & Kasarani and yet we know the followers of K’ogalo are big in number?

  29. @ 30 Aurthur Okello what will happen is that GOR will play their home and away matches involving the Nairobi clubs at the city stadium. That is good riddance out of the “NYAYO JINX” and when they will realize that we are performing better ,the same cronies will lift the ban to suite their whims.

    You should not bothered those are board room politics of soccer in Kenya. When MOI declared community clubs to change there names to eliminate tribalism did he over rule the same decision and retained GOR MAHIA alone. GOR NI SIRKAL.

  30. Thats there verdict.As from hence forth we shall be playing at City Stadium.To me that is not bad news infact good news.This is a wake up call for EC now we want our own stadium to come out of this frustation we did for bus project and we excelled why dont we start the fund for stadium?FOOD OF THOUGHT as we wait for Sunday game.

  31. Guyz sorry for digressing but kindly note that GOR MAHIA FANS INVESTMENT COMPANY is being established and is at advanced stages. For the last 3 games we’ve been giving cash incentives to the players after the matches but we are now directing all our resources towards getting medical cover for the team. This will be followed by other long term projects. Please find attached the minutes for yesterday’s meeting. All are welcome to join in this great initiative.
    1. Sherry Halima Ayugi
    2. Manaseh Otieno
    3. Boni Gor
    4. Raphael Omondi
    5. George Aseda
    6. Tony Anelka
    7. Richard Lukaya
    8. Opiyo Carey
    9. Frankline Orinde
    The minutes of the previous meeting were read by Manaseh Otieno and confirmed to be a true reflection of what was discussed by Sherry Halima Ayugi.GMFIC/MIN 2/2012 NAMING OF THE GROUP
    The following names were proposed by members for adoption as the group’s name; National Gor Mahia Fans, Gor Mahia Foundation, Gor Mahia Investment Consortium, Gor Mahia Fans Foundation and Investment Consortium and finally Gor Mahia Fans Investment Company. It was settled that the group be known as “Gor Mahia Fans Investment Company”.GMFIC/MIN 3/2012 NOMINATION OF INTERIM OFFICIALS
    The following individuals were nominated as interim officials to advance the group’s agenda;
    • Manaseh Otieno – Chairman
    • Tony Anelka – Secretary General
    • Sherry Halima Ayugi – Organising Secretary
    It was further agreed that the other structures will be set up with time as need arises.GMFIC/MIN 4/2012 OPENING OF AN ACCOUNT
    There was need to open the group’s account. However, members took cognizance of the fact that this should be preceded by registration of the group by the Registrar of Companies. It was estimated that it would take approximately a month to complete this exercise. In the meantime an MPESA number would be registered under the chairman’s name while the Organizing Secretary would keep custody of the handset for purposes of recording deposits by the members. Any time there would be need for withdrawals for purposes of banking, at least the two officials ought to be present. As a temporary measure, a bank account would be opened with two signatories, (The chairman and the organizing secretary) since the MPESA account would only be able to hold a certain amount of money. As a control measure, all deposits will be displayed for members to view and there would be an issue of bank statements on a monthly basis to give members an opportunity to countercheck the amount reflected in the bank statement against the amount of money deposited.GMFIC/MIN 5/2012 MEDICAL COVER FOR THE GOR MAHIA FC TEAM
    It was proposed that a meeting be held with Resolution Health, so that they could furnish the group with a breakdown of the rates charged for the different medical insurance packages they have on offer. Resolution health was chosen because their core business was to offer medical insurance as opposed to the other insurance companies who did not specialize in medical insurance. As part of their package, resolution health normally gives talks on various health issues to their clients. The organizing Secretary was allocated the task of following up on this issue. It was proposed that the entire team including the coach and his assistants be beneficiaries of this scheme.A.O.B
    It was said that the group needed to clearly define its identity in terms of its vision, mission, design and structure to avoid any misconceptions by members, would be members or any other relevant entity.
    It was also suggested that the group seek audience with the Gor Mahia Executive committee in order to foster a good working relationship between the two bodies.
    There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at exactly 9 p.m. It was proposed that the next meeting be held on Saturday 31st March 2012 at the Apple Green Restaurant, Hazina towers, utalii lane at 2 p.m.

  32. Jabilo @ 29, I have read your appeal and other comments. As a man with sanity am disappointed at myself. I had read Eblazing’s comments earlier and were not interesting. I have again read where she apologized for being too hard on some on this blog. Am therefore informed with my conscience to unreservedly apologize to her and the great men of this site. Am ashamed of my utterances and promise to constructively contribute with you my brothers and sister. Sorry again to you all.

  33. Let us stop chest-thumping. This is a big draw back to Gor. We should embark on a serious fans education. Seriously, this is hurting the club. The money Gor shall be spending on travelling for home matches away from Nairobi, should have been channelled to other needy areas like players medical insuarance. Things have changed. We either change or perish. No two way about it. For God and my club Kogallo

  34. @35 Mc Ochan mar Piny apology accepted. Let us head to NAKURU peacefully and united as K’Ogalo family. We also observe road safety as reminded by our DIVA @ Eblazing.

    @Eblazing please accept the apology from our brother.

    Please Ma-Fans let us not hear bad news as result of our conduct on and off the pitch. We are the targeted headline stories and breaking news for the most wanted negative publicity from all fronts of the media at the moment. The country is already in an election mood and the political busy bodies knows very well that readers ,listeners and viewers can not differentiate K’Ogalo from ODM core politics.

  35. Guys, don’t rule out politics in all this. We played there on wednesday and left peacefully. As tax payers aren’t we allowed to use public utilities. What if we were representing the country. Why are the other teams also being ‘punished’. Anyway City Stadium is our fort and we have been granted the wish of so many fans. Will they ban Harambee Stars next if there are problems? If they think they will settle political scores this way then shame on them. If police cannot control fans during HS games how on hell are GM able to control fans without the means the government has. Let’s head to Nakuru and shame the devil. Let’s control ourselves next time.

  36. @OKOTH JABILO, I have never known you to be a (Koffi Annan) mediator. Asante sana for reconciling Diva @Eblazing and @Ochan. Jabilo you can be trusted with leadership. I also support your appeal that we conduct ourselves in a very civil manner, whether we win or lose. Lets get this tug of stone throwers off our necks. Ayie kodi. Those off to Nakuru, wish you all jouney mercies. To Kogallo, this is a match we cannot afford to lose. The chemistry is almost right. Please commision for us the product “3 points” on Sunday. For God and my club Kogallo

  37. Kudos to SSMB,KPL n FKF, for banning us from playing in nyayo n kasa! City has bn our home ground since time in memorial and even if it means standing while watching our games we will do it! But guys peace is the name in all our matches from now henceforth n we shld set a gud example that othetr teams gonna envie us. God bless kogallo!

  38. @ 40 Dan you can not be further from the truth. There is a systematic and one-sided scheme to silence K’Ogalo ruthlessly. The final verdict is not yet out and i believe as @ Kosero has lamented we have no choice but to try and change our fans attitude and behavior.

    1. supersports blackout
    2. SSMB bans GOR from Nyayo and Kasarani.
    3. Expect hefty financial verdict from KPL committee.
    4. Gor next three home matches in an empty stadium.

  39. My brothers, is it true Supersport has also stopped airing live our matches? These riots are destroying our image however we put on brave faces. I think we should insist the authorities to use the images captured on that fateful day to apprehend the cahoots involved. Soccer is business and we should act.

  40. @37 Mc Ochan mar Piny – Its only a wise man who sees his mistake and apologizes, a fool will not. I appreciate your apologies man! Well done! Hope Eblazing has accepted this too!

  41. @Manizzle Gor Mahia needs visionary fans like u n ua friends if i was a Gor fan u could count on me unfortunately but i tek this opportunity to wish GMFIC success in its endavours coz growth of Gor will go a long way to growth of futbol stds in kenya.We @ AFC we will alwaz b willing 2 learn from u hope u will also be willing to learn from us.Thank you.

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