Gor Mahia players assured

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Gor Mahia officials have come out strong to defend their players against reports suggesting that some of them have already been lined up for axing when the transfer window opens in June. The officials say they respect all the players and would love them to feel at home while doing duty for the club.

In a statement on Friday, club officials said only Collins Okoth has so far been suspended from the club for absconding training without official permission and that all other players are still part of the team until after expiry of their contracts.

Speaking to michezoafrika.com on Friday, Secretary General George Bwana said “We are not in the business of interfering with the decisions of the technical bench. Our new coach may have mentioned that he is not satisfied with the performance of the team but at no time has he or any other official of the club mentioned that we will chase away specific players. We respect all our players and would love them to remain comfortable while serving our team.” He said.

Gor Mahia’s Croatian coach has been quoted in the past as saying the club should brace itself for a total player shake up though this cannot happen anytime soon until when the transfer window is opened in June.

“When the window opens then the technical bench will advise otherwise on the changes they may need but at the moment we value all our players and they are still part of our team. I urge the players to remain committed to their course and strive towards attaining the best for the club through delivering good results that will bring back evryones’ faith in their abilities. We know these are low moments for our team and we thank all those who have been patient. We have seen our players deliver in the past and we are sure they are capable of turning tables, ” Added Bwana.

Gor Mahia will this weekend take on Sofapaka at the City stadium optimistic of posting positive results that will see them run away from the relegation zone.

“At this time our players need all the motivation and encouragement from all sectors especially from the fans. The hard times will come to pass.”

11 thoughts on “Gor Mahia players assured

  1. All this is thanks to the power of this blog. As Okoth Jabilo correctly puts it, this blog is serving its purpose by keeping the EC on toes. Keep it sober and objective guys as we soldier on.

  2. what about a strong youth foundation that`s going to solve many problems in the feature.we need to get a footballing principle(Total football or counter attacking) and stick with it starting from the youth programs i would go as early as under 14 if we do get a youth program

  3. Thank you @ Post 1 Barefoot Bandit we need to maintain soberness while blogging. Let all of us keep it objective and soldier on with our “Rotten Potatos”. I believe we will meet tomorrow to urge on our lazy and overpaid “Potatos” hoping that by this time they must have been trained how to run and think at the same time for us to register our second win of the season. Good luck K’Ogalo! And my beloved “Rotten Potatos”! Tuko PAMOJA!

  4. I assure you the Trailer I’ll be there to cheer our rotten potatoes. I am traveling tonight then attend the 9.00am service at All Saints’ Cathedral to commit K’ogalo into God’s able guidance. Worry not about my ticket coz I already made arrangements.

  5. Even with that assurance,i still think some players will have to go so as to get their careers on track instead of rotting on the bench.
    We have so many players some of whom we don’t need.
    The money the club is using to pay extra or excess players should be invested in a youth team so that in 3 or 4 years we’ll only buy player from other clubs to strengthen our sqoard.
    I’m a man utd fan but i have to admit that i love wenger’s phylosophy of acquiring young players and molding them into stars.this is what GM should do.we should build a team for the future.hiring and firing every now and then will not do us any good.players need to blend which i don’t think happen overnight,it takes time.scholes_giggs,xavi_iniesta,lampard_drogbo,rvp_song are some of the most lethal player combinations in europ.all those pairs have been together for quite sometime now and we all have seen what they do when their teams are in need.
    All we need is a lean youthful team with a leader which we lack as at now.
    Good luck against sofapaka.

  6. That is a swift damage control by EC although it is too late to delete the wiki -leaks posted on supersports. Next now advice the coach to avoid derogatory language, minimize his public outburst and engage individual players on a one on one basis.

    Otherwise tomorrow it is ST. Stephen jogoo RD for prayers Kama kawaida, then the next stop as usual will be Barma market for the oblivious and lastly TOK KOMWANDA to rally behind our K’Ogalo. For those who are traveling from all corners the weather is very unpredictable so carry an umbrella incase it rains, especially on the Russian terraces.

    NB: Any attempt to jump over the fence and intrude into main stand will taken as an act of hooliganism punishable by FIFA rules and our nemesis both from within and without will push it to KPL as a crowd trouble.

    I will accept any kind of result as a principle of good sportsmanship. Laleni SALAMA!

  7. EC, you can deny all you care but Truth will always find a way out. Am sure thats not the last we have heard. Ticket Masters might tell us something in future once we kick them out. Talk of bitter grapes.

  8. Players as per now are employees, yes we can hire and fire! Yet who are their replacements? Where are they to come from? Remember when these school boys could invade stables and flock the national teams of all age groups! Then came the urgency of winning the league with experienced players coupled with the want of one somebody to build his team. Then we were going continental and needed eleven strikers, hmm and now mzungu says many players do not deserve the jerzey? Blue or green? And its all systems go! Fire them.. Learning does not end it goes on till you leave it going on.. Anyway this is entertainment, but is the circus worth? A lot of people can now say the players are good for nothing when very many marvelled at the senseless recruitments done in last december and june last year! I remember very few expressed concern at the signing galore. Simply put, the bloated and confused EC is as good as the fans. And the entertainment cöntinues.. Now blackberry is said to be set to return.. Ooh poor thurmate “Gaulao” who has bewitched you? What will develop you at GM?Awilo your captain is now crying! From the danes you could go to mid east or better asia remember age comes with respönsibilities. Look for money,be wise!

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