Gor Mahia players “Fully paid up”

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Ahead of the crucial Tusker Premier League (TPL) assignment with Tusker on Sunday 27 October at the Nairobi City Stadium, there has been talk in the local football scene that Gor Mahia players’ salaries have not been paid for two months.


The reason for the lack of pay has been reported as a standoff between the club and sponsors Tuzo, emanating from the association with the Tokelezea na Jalee promotion and the club’s vice chair Faiz Ochieng acknowledges the dairy firm has not remitted the salaries.

He, however, added that the players have been paid in full with finances acquired from other means and told futaa.com that all the allegations of non payment are ploys by detractors to see the team destabilised ahead of the crucial game.


-I have to acknowledge that it is true Tuzo have not paid our players salaries for two months but that doesn’t mean the players have not been paid – our players are fully paid up by money got from other sources.

-When this Tokelezea na Jalee issue is over, Tuzo will remit the payments so I am calling on the detractors to keep off Gor Mahia affairs; this is a scheme to see us destabilised at this crucial stage, he said.

14 thoughts on “Gor Mahia players “Fully paid up”

  1. Thank you for your quick response of assurance. If I may ask what is the difference between “Tuzo have not paid our players salaries for two months… and “our players are fully paid up by money from other sources”

    Does Tuzo pay salaries directly to the players or they remit certain amounts of money to the club who in turn disburse it according to the budget salaries included?

  2. Tuzo should not take this sponsorship for granted. This is great disappointment. How can they fail to remit the money for 2 months. The chairman paid from his pocket!!!

  3. So bloggers, despite the problems afflicting our club, we should never let disappointments cause us to lose hope, for God is always with us. Therefore my fellow bloggers and friends, REJOICE IN THE LORD ALWAYS. I WILL SAY AGAIN REJOICE. Amen!(PHILIPPIANS 4:4)

  4. How come Bwana is arranging an harambee 2 buy a car wen players have not been paid.Something does not add up.Again EC is our weakest link. What other sources Faiz its Fans gate collections and maybe AR chiping in. The rest of the EC are a liability to GMFC. We need those financial statements

  5. P.S Faiz r u sure salaries and allowances r paid up including match winning bonuses. Somehow I believe Logarusic’s position more that yours? Wake up EC all 12 of you cannot be asleep.

  6. Detractors……..,no player has bn mentioned to hv complained about not being paid,lets believe Bwana that these are mere propaganda by our haters who by the way are so many out there and are very disapointed by our progress,to get at us and jolt the playing unit. Whichever source the players were payed from does not matter much to us……..they have bn payed and no cause of alarm….lets take tusker by the neck. Come on Kogallo lets go for the kill.

  7. Coach Zdvako I salute you for your dedication and resilience. I however, don’t envy you for what you are going through with your rag tag squad. I am sure that somehow you will weather the storm and pull through.

    As a Gor Mahia fan, I assure you that Gor Mahia history is decorated with crises like this which as fate would have it always occur when we are faced with very crucial matches. Sometimes I wonder if the crises come by human design. Funny thing is that K’Ogalo always upsets expectations under such adversaries. There are only few exceptions. I still feel the pain of our loss to VITAL O of Burundi back in ’85 or was it ’86?

    I trust and pray that this Sunday should not be one of those exceptions. It is not lost on me that you lost a friendly yesterday….and that came after a very long spell of wins.

    Coach Zdravko Jandhiwa when you joined us in March you found me so miserable. I was more used to losses and victory to me was like a pipe dream. You came and changed all that till I forgot that there is something called losing! Coach it is you who createdin me this habit of winning matches. I hold you responsible. Now I am asking for nothing short of a win on Sunday, Coach because you cultivated it in me. Ni wewe umenizoesha.
    So give me a win on Sunday. I don’t care how, so long as it is a win. Whether there are jacket issues or not please just give me a win. After all it is the next match. You have promised to give us a perfect replica for Rama. Jandhiwa keep your word and confound the opponentand those prophets of doom who wear navy blue T-shirts.


    Hi Faiz.

    Whilst we thank the office for the timely response, I still find it outrageous to continue to conceal where you got the money to pay the oustanding arrears owed to the players. Gor Mahia is not a secret society.

    The officials, you included, are accountable to the people who elected you. It is now clear the standoff between the club and the sponsors was created by you ( read officials). The ‘Tokelezea na Jalee’ promo entered by the club an a rival company is a serious breach of contract. It was hurriedly negotiated and launched purely as PR exercise. The whole promo
    was a flop going by the number of sales up to now.

    Going forward, i hope the team is psyched for the next big game at City stadium now that the issue of money is behind us. I urge the green army to come out in large numbers to give the boys the support they need at Tok Komwanda ( iam not sure of the spelling). The absence of our lethal striker, Salim should be a cause for worry. I think Logarusic still have bags of tricks up his sleeves.

  9. There should not be any salary delays at this particular moment or even romours. EC pls move with speed to address the double-standard sponsorship deals. Choose if it is Tuzo or Nation and let life move on. You must also read the contract correctly on what was agreed so that our innocent players are not dragged in this or affected by the same..

  10. it is crucial moment when we need patience in the in the whole team,if club can manage to pay players two months salary in advance then we can manage it alone.well sponsors are important but they should also cooperate.Otherwise, wish kogallo win over the weekend fixture

  11. please let us not allow detractors to interfere with the game come sunday,this are rumours spread by our opponents and those peolpe who dont like Kogallo lifting the TPL tittle and since we av not heard any complain from players, then thinks are ok, am requsting our players that we are known to winning matches and let us use that to pin down Tusker, my advise to the team is that they shuld go for early goals before half time and keep presure up for tusker by getting more second half, please Shikokoti cannot stop u guys,defenders shuld work heard here n stop people like wendo and mukaisi and wil get a win, let us avoid a draw becoz tusker will consider that as alternative,kogalo go go……

  12. I agree with Pareiyo’s contribution posted on 25th urging Faiz to disclose his sources. This is in good Faith. We would not want a situation where peace meal information becomes a means of response to issues. Indeed Gor as a Club belongs to many people. If only one person carries the burden i.e the Chairman paying from his pocket,can not be a solution. Let everybody be part of the burden and the solution.

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