Gor Mahia players have gone 2 months without pay

A report on goal.com suggests that Kogalo players have not been payed their dues for 2 months.
Story courtesy of goal.com
The sharp financial fangs currently biting KPL clubs have not spared Gor Mahia either with reports that K’Ogalo players have not been paid for the last two months.

Club Secretary General, Ben Omondi confirmed that Gor Mahia players have only received the January salary with the club yet to release the February and March pay.

“So far we’ve only paid the January salary. February and March not yet, but we are looking for money. We will clear the balance,” Omondi said in a recent interview with Radio Jambo.

The same pain is being felt by a majority of clubs, a situation that is now threatening the smooth running of the league following boycott threats issued by Captains to Kenyan Premier League Limited to find a new sponsor of wind up the league altogether.

KPL Captains issued the threats warning that the players may not honour upcoming league matches if a solution is not reached to see the league gets a new sponsor.

KPL title sponsor, SportPesa pulled out of the league last January leaving a big hole in the pockets of most clubs who depend on the monthly grants from KPL for survival.

Nakumatt players, in particular, have been forced to train on their own, only to turn up on match day with most of the playing unit finding it hard to even raise fare to the training venue

Government to spend Ksh 270 million on golf

While KPL clubs are struggling, the government announced that they will double sponsorship of the Kenya Ope gold tournament to Ksh 270 milllion.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced the doubling of the country’s premier golf tournament,the Kenya Open, to Ksh 270 Million.

Speaking at the end of the 2018 Kenya Open Golf Tournament, President Uhuru Kenyatta affirmed his government’s commitment to using sports as a way of uniting Kenyans and creating opportunities of the youth.

The president urged the organizers of the Kenya Open, which was marking its 50th anniversary to : “Proceed with your plans to have Kenya Open join the main European Tour in 2019”

He challenged the organizers to be more creative and innovative so as to attract the best players even as they uphold highest degree of integrity.

22 thoughts on “Gor Mahia players have gone 2 months without pay

  1. How can this club make money;If it has Ksm as its home ground would say a motorcycle firm want to be associated with us to inc sales there or a telecom firm or surely a bakery based in Ksm wanting to take position one in Ksm market or even Volkswagen wanting to inc sales of Vivo brand.

  2. Sportpesa is giving us money albeit clandestinely so such issues should not arise.The same chini ya maji support is given to efusi who you don’t hear complaining.In GM am aware officials want to blame the current predicament on our “long” caf campaign draining funds meant for the league but hiyo sisi apana tambua.AR sort things out if need be return paybill number but what you must do are twofold at bare minimum
    1.GM Must qualify for Confederations group stage
    2.Strikers Must score in support of one above for that to happen

    1. Correct, same old story. With or with sponsorship non payment of players and TB salaries has always been trademark of throughout Mugabe’s +10 year long tenure. Next you’ll hear “amekimbia kwa training ground na envelope kulipa players”, his usual cheap publicity stunt yet he is the one who allows “free” transfer of players.

  3. Mugabe & bloated EC why wait for players salaries to become a crisis then start shedding crocodile tears. Suppose the players strike will EC and CEO Aduda play Supersport? Non-payment of salaries is a trademark of all Mugabe led ECs for his entire +10 year tenure. Rushing to the training ground with a brown envelope to part pay striking players is his financial strategic plan for this great club. He has not developed but even eroded the bedrock/ fallback for any club’s financial stability, MEMBERSHIP AND GATE COLLECTIONS. As for FKF and government Kenya does not even has a stadium capable of hosting an international friendly against lowly ranked Comoros & CAR. We now play our matches in Morocco. KENYAN FOOTBALL STATUS-NO STADIUM, PLAYERS & REFEREES NOT BEING PAID AS OFFICIALS CLAIM THAT OUR SOCCER IS IMPROVING, WHAT IMPOVEMENT?

      1. Kindly give us more details e.g proceedure, is it on-line like last time, what are the benefits accruing to a member-season tickets, discounts on merchandize, type of memberships adult/children, amount payable etc or provide a link.

  4. This is happening to all clubs. Even the institutional clubs are suffering because the 600K monthly grant is no there. So basically this is not news now

  5. Judith Nyangi please Respect Sir Kerr,we cab abolish your post forthwith if stupidity in your head doesnt cease.How can you threaten Kerr with sacking if he loses to supersport daying coaches come and go?Are we not leading the table standings?Are we not unbearen locally?Is coach bot standing up against continental stalwarts kike Esperance toe to toe?Is Kerr a striker such that he should score we win games when literally strikers are on holiday?Apana jaribu hiyo pliz

  6. @Dan Original, True but let us look at our team (GM) and let others sort their problems too. We have a heavy task ahead of us of getting through Supersport of South Africa yet our players are not psychologically settled due to payment issues

    1. All these are good initiatives but do our fan patronage these excellent ideas. I can say big no. As we are just good in lip service. How much have you done as individual?

      1. Jakoyo can you stop issuing wild allegations here qs is your norm.Which boycott?Substanciate your claims as all matches lined up this weekend will proceed without any hiccups…

  7. If Gor officials that we all know are the same ones receiving ‘China ya maji’ support from sportpesa then I don’t see players being paid any soon. They will not because they now have money to swindle unperturbed. No body will ask them to account

  8. Let’s go back to the paybill number it worked last time and I believe it can work again as the club is looking for stable sponsors. My opinion

  9. Heard that one EC official has threatened Kerr that he MUST win the Supersport game else …

    I think some of our officials , especially our new lady officials need to zip their mouths unless they are sure about what they are saying.

    The ‘older’ officials had to come out to deny this

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