Gor Mahia players on a go-slow

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Kenyan Premier League (KPL) Champions Gor Mahia players are reportedly on a go slow.

Gor Mahia lost 0-2 to bottom-placed side Top Fry AllStars on Saturday in Nakuru and according to a player who requested anonymity; this was a deliberate loss to air their frustrations to the team’s management.

The players are angry that despite winning the league and finishing runners up in the GOtv Shield last season, they are yet to get any allowances.

-We won the league and finished second in the GOtv Shield last season. We are yet to get any allowances despite all the big talk by the officials after the success, the player said,


-The officials used a lot of money to sign new players yet they never showed any appreciation to the ones who won the league, added the player,

-The dropped players were also never paid their dues and we are never given our allowances in time. We are generally not happy with the way things are being handled at the moment, said another player.

Prior to the loss to Top Fry, Gor had not lost any match nor conceded in the KPL 2014 season. They face former champions Tusker FC on Wednesday 26 March at the City Stadium.

50 thoughts on “Gor Mahia players on a go-slow

  1. Mulilambwa namakurutu sasa ni ma excuse mume anza. If indeed You were on go slow, you should not have taken the pitch at all. When lecturers are on go slow, they don’t show up in class at all. If you let Tusker score 5, then I will believe you.

  2. FIFA rules are also very clear. Any team, player or match official that knowingly influences the outcome of a game through unsportsman like fashion is subject to be expelled from the competion and fined accordingly. Guys, based on this, Gor might be kicked out of the League. This is serious maze

  3. I have said it before, its time for change, Someone should read the riot act on this rotten lot !
    I will personally go to the stadium this Wednesday and we shall demand 3 things from the EC

    1. Garbage in = garbage out. The club should move away with immediate effect from training at the condemned city stadium. Player injuries and poor passing plus coordination has been attributed to the pitch.a player once told me that gor trains on the stadium because it is the cheapest. Well, that will explain why players were falling all over the pitch in Tunis and cannot even score a descent , well coordinated goal on good stadiums like nyayo and afraha . We are willing to pay for training in a good private stadium……

    2.gross Indiscpline = lack of professionalism. Dont the technical bench and players realise we, fans are the reasons why they are playing football in the first place. Why is the technical bench so inept and full of lame excuses? the buck stops with them in all cases. Why are some players , names witheld, sabotaging the overall goal of the club. Should the EC not reign down hard on such players and enforce order at the club not forgetting that the transfer window is only three months away………

    3. Lack of financial planning = no future for the club. Tuzo sponsorship is lapsing this week, what is the status of players and staff welfare, what will happen if tuzo does not renew sponsorship, what is the fallback plan and did the chase bank deal materialise or it was just a rumour to silence the doubters.


    Failure to resolve this 3 issues compounded with a likely loss to tusker will go to make matters worse. WATCH THIS SPACE!

  4. Tell us that we are not wasting our time to go to the stadium for side shows. Players too should know that donning Gor jersey is a priviledge. Play 1st & let’s know the problem later. The EC should know Gor has come so far in the fast 17yrs & dont make us start shouting. Nobody was dragged to become official of Gor. Coach should make sure we have aggressive team or he will just be like any other ordinary coach. Defence will not stand the test of time coz its not like the mean defence of last yr. Tell us its OVER.

  5. I just wonder how some people call them selves leaders when they can’t even there small brains to think. How do you fail to consider the players welfare and fitness when the team have a big task like this?


    Are you waiting for the fans to think for you and take it to the hooligans to make the judgement? EC THINK!!! THINK!! NKT

  6. Thank you Sylvester. If you want to sort out this team, sort out the EC. People should not use the TB as an excuse. We have a good TB and a good playing unit. Just one or two bad ones who can be benched!!

    Let us also watch out for some bad eggs who are waiting for the Tusker game to cause chaos in the name of protecting the team. It could boil tomorrow but I pray we complain in a civilized manner

  7. i saw it coming,losing ti top fry was norhing other than boycott,the players should however use the right channels to raise their concern,we were really disappointed in Nakuru.

  8. @Pmawego and @Sylvester I agree with you 2
    100%. Our TB and players could be working under difficult circumstances the only problem is thay the two Bobbys are gentlemen and will not cause drama like the former coach. The only problem is that they could step down and that’s when those blaming them here will know the meaning of groping in the dark. As we protest and criticize let’s do it with some civility. The days of street battles are long gone. Even COTU abandoned such.
    Watched Tusker training yesterday and the seriousness with which they are taking the match indicates that we have a battle in our hands. But that should not stop us from winning the match

  9. These allegations are very serious. If at all the players are on go slow coming Wednesday then we should not play Tusker at all. We should just give Tusker a walk-over of players dont want to play. How can players fool fans and the TB?

    We are waiting for a positive result yet the players already know the outcome!

    To the EC, why didnt you reward the players despite getting the cash from GOTv? and also the amount gotten from the league! Kwani who owns Gor Mahia?

  10. Sawa..!! Players, EC and TB let us meet on Wednesday and sort out ourselves. Wacheni Kila mtu abebe msalaba yake. Mine us very simple “YOU ARE EITHER WITH US ” or NOT.

  11. Guys, as much as there could be some truth here how comes non of the players who left has gone to the press as is typical of kenyans? Maybe this was someone who knows the phsychology of a gor fan. At times7we behave like a rabid dog. Just let us know that we have an ‘enemy’ when cor

  12. We should not expect things to change since a vast majorty of us decided to re-elect and retain the very people who have beet at the helm of affairs at the club fo around 5 years, but have nothing to write home.
    I pray that one day we get to realize that our club is lacking in leadership.

  13. Reward them my foot. The way they handled this is amateurish to the core. I thought we have a captain and a team manager who are better placed to deal with players welfare. For sure if these players have resorted to airing their dirty linen in public and sabotaging the team then they dont deserve my sympathy. To me this is a lame excuse for non performance and if the culprits are known they should be sent packing for gross misconduct. Remember if you reward misconduct then it becomes the norm coz one day they will shock the fans and your guess is good as mine for those who will have no capability to stomach a weird loss like Top frys.

  14. my only question here is, were this players not paid there match allowances when they were playing the last year league matches….? secondly gor mahia was not supposed to sign players because they were not paid the bonuses of winning the league.thirdly is this said player supposed to control or regulate the amount of money gor mahia is spending on buying players…?the fourth question,the so called released players have not complained, is he the one to come out out to talk for them.if it could be the issue of delayed salaries or match allowances i would be very bitter with club officials but the bonuses are just incentives at the mercy of the club officials after doing good work.Even in our work places we are always given bonuses after a good work but you cant force the top company officials to pay you the so called bonuses.so to the so called the player who came out to the press it is good you have alerted us what is going on in the club ,but what i may want to get from you, are your match allowances of last year matches paid….? if yes.you need to go back to school and differentiate between allowances,bonuses and salary.i have told you like that because seemingly your education level is very low and God helped you with talent to come and play for gor where you can make loud noise for us fans to intervene.Thank you so much the so called player and you have to win the tusker match or else you players and club officials will give us answers for under performance.

  15. @ingo go read the coach’s comment on gor official website. It had nothing to do with fatigue but poor attitude by some players. I said this earlier and the coach has confirmed this. Players need to develop the right attitude going into any game and never ever underrate any team.

  16. go slow..and fans pay ticket coming to watch expecting a win? players gi dwaro boka malit kabisa..u win the games and ask for renumeration..or u tender resignation..and join other teams.

  17. what shocks me is that nobody is blaming the players for that action. it is unprofessional and depicts everything about our football. you boycott training not football matches that fans pay to watch. do they not care about the fans or the institution.
    football in this country will go nowhere. the biggest club is desperate for its one and only sponsor while the administrators are clueless on sports management,
    you dont even see player scuffles(like in all derbies) in the derbies, showing no passion at all no institional…in all honesty kenyan football is a sham and i will never pay to go to a stadium, patriotism is overated as you dont choose to be born in a country

  18. what shocks me is that nobody is blaming the players for that action. it is unprofessional and depicts everything about our football. you boycott training not football matches that fans pay to watch. do they not care about the fans or the institution.
    football in this country will go nowhere. the biggest club is desperate for its one and only sponsor while the administrators are clueless on sports management,
    you dont even see player scuffles(like in all derbies) in the derbies, showing no passion at all no institional…in all honesty kenyan football is a sham and i will never pay to go to a stadium, patriotism is overated as you dont choose to be born in a country

  19. what shocks me is that nobody is blaming the players for that action. it is unprofessional and depicts everything about our football. you boycott training not football matches that fans pay to watch. do they not care about the fans or the institution.
    football in this country will go nowhere. the biggest club is desperate for its one and only sponsor while the administrators are clueless on sports management,
    you dont even see player scuffles(like in all derbies) in the derbies, showing no passion at all no institutional pride…in all honesty kenyan football is a sham and i will never pay to go to a stadium, patriotism is overated as you dont choose to be born in a country

  20. By the way even at Harambee stars players are owed money but still report when called so I don’t understand why one should sabotage instead of accumulating more unpaid bonuses.
    By the way what happened to the Chase Bank deal?

  21. Honestly i do not agree that players were on a go slow because they have not been paid there allowances for last year,thats just very lame excuse.lets accept we were deffeeted and work on the weak area and focus on the next game,i believe issues of allowance can be sorted.lets think positively and support the mighty Kogallo.
    God Bless Kogallo.

  22. I agree fully with Mcosweto@post15. These things have been there and they will not change at all as long as we maintain a ‘leadership vacuum’.

    We prefer having sly people at the helm of the club and keep blaming the technical bench and calling everyone who dare questioning the bad leaders hooligans. I wonder what new thing we want to see because the EC should be fast to notice that training at City Stadium is not just counterproductive but unhealthy and unprofessional too!

    Since democracy prevailed at the elections i plead with all of us to keep calm and live with the mess that is the EC until their term expires..those who are able enough may do whatever they want with the TB but that will not change GM’s fortunes.

    I can see some people here demonizing the players while they would do worse in the same situation, we must stop this hypocrisy and tell AR he’s on the wrong for leaving these hardworking lads to the mercy of mother nature. Actually what can they do? What channels are we talking about? We can not insist that GM players’ bonuses be treated on a potea pata basis since we work in a different industry where bonuses may be at the discretion of the management.

    Those in touch with money realities in this country will not blame the players for this timely and appropriate industrial action, let the EC pay up.

    The other day they were in the business of pay to lift the trophy, just previously it was the fake ticket saga, the Bitam and Tunis Holidays and you want the players to go home without bonuses. By the way how much have we invested in the Club as fans? We must watch serious football presented by properly fed players.

  23. Please let us allow some reasoning to prevail in this issue. This is a one sided story that requires an in-house solution and clarification from the SG. If it is true then let them make some arrangement to sort out the boys.

    By the way winning allowance is an obligation that motivates the players to fight and win the next match. If it is not readily available then players will be demotivated. They are human-beings and I see no reason why we should demonize them when they asking for the what is rightfully theirs. EC please PAY.

  24. blame the players my foot this is Kenya you let them feel the pinch then they will listen to you, play a fool they will fool around with you.Gor is a big plan and Rachier is being told every day to invest in the numbers, he has to bring in a technocrat if he will but the fool is a dunderhead haelewi now that is the bad it can get then the worst will come when the tuzo sponsorship is withdrawn.
    Players should continue striking if you don’t pay them what do you expect?football is a business everything else is immaterial….there is no game if there is no money motivation is always financial pesa money wacheni story mob lipa wachezaji get quality dont pay they will all go TAKE MY ADVISE TO THE BANK IF YOU WILL.

  25. Lisemwalo lipo kama halipo laja watch this space beacause i dont see things changing rachier ni yule yule no plan b or c akiwa nayo afadhali but i doubt coz the down fall could be on……

  26. un paid bonuses dont pay bills for heavens sake pay all player allowances.
    i dont want to negotiate such what happens to gate collections?At times i hate the in efficiency in Gor Mahia and then the lame excuses you know some one compares the bonuses with what happens in harambee stars….they are perenial failures coz they never have cash they are always broke,a rich player plays better football guys dont negotiate in this coz withpout money kogalo is finished!

  27. @AR just rubbished all these allegations so who do we believe. All the same we believe the players should provide as their leaders handle the basic issue

  28. @Paw Akuche its within your right to criticize but its also good to do so if the you have facts at this point I believe every one is not shure weather players have been paid allowances or not.guys let be positive and support our team.

  29. Players are right to boycott training but not to disappoint fans by losing to mediocre team. They were supposed to have reciprocated what fans have been doing by going to watch and give them moral support in all games both played at home and away. Sofapaka players normally boycott training but what is happening in our camp is really unacceptable and unprofessional. This is tantamount to sabotage. You do not punish fans by losing the game. You are just punishing yourself and this is really unacceptable.

    The officials are just busy milking the club dry through fate collections. The amount we collect from gate collections should be enough to pay all the winning allowances.

    AR has to wake up and we had confidence in you during the election but you are now a big let down to all fans. If running Gor Mahia is too hard, just throw in the towel. This just prove that you are not ready to run this great club.

  30. I said in my first posting that this report to be investigated. Fellow bloggers, i have confirmed this report is a complete joke meant to fool us. There is no ‘go slow’ in Gor camp. Last year all the bonuses were cleared. If indeed there were unpaid bonuses, why are the players waiting until saturday’s match with All stars? Bloggers don’t allow yourselves to be fooled easily. We lost the match just as it can happen to any team. Big teams anywhere in the world can loose to a small team. Let’s forcus on the next match! GOOD LUCK KOGALO!!!

  31. @ ochoro who is this player who is joking with us…? such like players should not appear anywhere in gor mahia club,this is what i kept on wondering …could they play for the whole of last year without allowances nkt.They should tell us bonuses but not match allowances and also bonuses are always given out by employer at his own wish and there is nowhere you can take him in case he refuses to pay you.these our players some of them are jokers last year they walked in almost all offices in Nairobi with the trophy collecting cash and yet some of them can still sneak to the media to say lies.Little did they know that some clubs here in kenya go for months without payment.This player who said lies i wish we know him as soon as possible,we cant keep on travelling and following them everywhere and they are not serious.


    I strongly echo @ 5 Dennis’s comments.

    Structures, Structures, Structures- Are players still being paid through cash envelopes that provide a loophole for such allegations or sideshows. Surely AR & Co payments direct to the players bank accounts would leave the office with IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE AS REGARDS TO PAYMENTS MADE.


    Gor Mahia who were beaten by Kenyan Premier League debutants Top Fry AllStars over the weekend have admitted that their approach to the match was wrong.

    Coach Bobby Williamson told the club’s official site that the players were over confident heading into the match and failed to counter the highly determined opponents playing on home soil.

    Over confidence

    -I am sure there are players who went into the game over confident knowing so well they would come out with three points. We lost not because we are tired or weak, but because we just messed ourselves up.

    -That is definitely a wake-up call and we will have to change our attitude. That match is behind us now and we must look to the future. We need to play with commitment and win such games.

    Shining AllStars

    -They [AllStars] played well and deserved to win the match. We played badly and we should only blame ourselves. It’s a learning experience and we have known where we need to make amends.

  33. If BW has revealed that some players played with attitude then what measures has he put to place to counter that. His tactics are well known coz you jst need to mark Sserre n suffocate our mid n we r done. Akumu n Kizito kind of play is the same making us to play defensively maybe we need to try Eric or Onyango to see if it makes some difference jst a suggestion.

  34. Guys, this info COULD be a hoax to derail us from our mission. And the way we are reacting goes to show that objective is being fulfilled. some of us are now acting like Samson to bring the whole house down without verifying the facts. Some of us are now even justifying the thoughts they had about everything happening at Gor. Though it’s tough, in case we win the two fixtures this week the same same bloggers breathing fire now will turn around and heap praises on anything Gor.
    As i said earlier it will help if we use our heads to make decisions instead of the heart.

  35. OK Dan Orig. but is the 2-0 loss against Top Fry also a hoax. Lessons were supposedly “learn’t” from the Esperance drubbing.A whole CECAFA winning coach is “learning from” instead of teaching the likes of Top Fry.
    Analyse the results of GM since the 2-2 draw with AFC. We’ve struggled even against the likes of Mumbi F.C. In my view this side show has distracted us from asking pertinent questions.
    Why haven’t our standards improved despite having a top notch coach, good signings, smooth polls etc

  36. @38. Surely if “His tactics are well known coz you jst need to mark Sserre “,can’t the rest of the players be creative and think outside the box.Are you implying these GM players are not intelligence enough that they can’t do what BW hasn’t trained them.
    @37.I wonder why you are always advocating for “BW TO GO”.When the coach was in UG did he win all his matches with cranes-am sure he lost some and won some but in general his term there can be termed as successful,the Ugandans were patient enough that he was able to build a team that dominated EA,here we can say his team is almost 3months old,going by your comments you would think that the coach have been here for 3yrs.If you read @38 objectively you will realize he blames the coach but in actual fact the coach’s job is made harder if he has a squad that is not creative,assertive and has a winning mentality.This things will take time for them to be imparted in the team.

  37. @ODUOR12 yours is now personal against the TB. Does it mean that we can’t have lost to Top Fry all things remaining constant? Wigan beat ManCity twice in the FA cup and ManCity have moved on to post some good victories. We shall also move on and post good victories in future. Your tirade against everything TB and EC now sounds like a ‘broken record’. I wish you could keep on with these tirades even when we win. What if we had beaten Top Fry and still lost to Muhoroni et al we would still complain. Looks like we want the TB and EC to learn from the past but as fans we don’t want to learn that matches have three results. No wonder we don’t know how to react to losses. If players are demotivated or not commited, the TB should change into players and play? Last year we had tough games against Karaturi and HomeBoyz who were both relegated but we still won the league. A few years ago Muhoroni embarassed us at Nyayo but we were a very close second to the winners. Remember Ulinzi changed their TB and lost their first match. As much as things are not as rosy as we would like our options are to ensure there is harmony in the three organs of the club, Fans, TB and players, and maybe the fourth, sponsors. Personally i still believe that we will have many reasons occassions to march to the usual place after the many victories in sight.
    Please guys don’t take it too personal as it’s just a game where the players can earn something as they entertain us. Even KCB/Top Fry have fans and I wonder what would happen if GM was in that position.

  38. Guys all these issues can be sorted amicably.

    Meantime I will continue to believe that the palyers have not been paid the bonuses related to winning the league for period 2013 and runners up in GOTv shield cup. If anyone has evidence that they were paid pls come out.

    EC – I think in terms of financially management there is need for some improvement. If not then ‘we’ will continue to steal from the fans (gate collections) and from players(unpaid bonuses).

  39. With all these hullabaloos now who do we believe? Guys lets not be blindfolded,there’s a serious problem at Gor.some of these players are our friends nd definitely they’re not happy but loosing to Top fry is totally unacceptable! How did the coach know that the players were overconfident nd did the coach advice them accordingly! Now let me turn to Rachier’s worshippers is this the kind of leadership u were yearning for? The whole EC has totally failed us and guys we can’t just sit there and watch our dear club being ruined.We demand for response na Sio tafadhali. Over to u EC,TB,team nd the rest leave to us fans.Can u imagine the way come out in large numbers nd the way we support the team nd then u hear they don’t want to play! Nkt.

  40. As fans we must absorb this stubborn fact that in every game, there is losing, drawing or winning. Therefore what’s the need to call it competition of all we want is to win n nothing less. If that’s what we want then the league is a formality coz already we know the winners (Gor).Let’s give the bench space to do what they know best no need to panic.

  41. Ooh Laa la..!! “WHAT A CONFUSED GENERATION OF GM”..!!

    Guys we can not sort out this issue’s at stake in this forum and as such I will not comment on anything. But tomorrow we meet at TOK KOMWANDA for the defining moment of this club. We will know who is fooling who.

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