Gor Mahia qualifies for 1st round of 2018 ACL

Gor Mahia drew 1-1 away to Leones Vegeterianos of Equatorial Guinea thus finishing with a 3-1 aggregate score.  The match was the second leg of the preliminary round of the 2018 Africa champions league.

The Equatoguineans took the lead in the 55th minute and pressed for another goal to force penalties. Gor Mahia fought back and scored when a Leones defender deflected a Francis Kahata corner into his own net. Gor Mahia scored again in injury time but the goal was disallowed.

The result allows them to move into the first round where they will face Esperance de Tunis. It promises to be a stern test. Esperance eliminated ASAC Concorde of Mauritania 6-1 on aggreegate. So they appear to be in the same kind of form they were in 2014 when they last met Kogalo.




36 thoughts on “Gor Mahia qualifies for 1st round of 2018 ACL

  1. That equalizer was very important psychologically. If Kogalo had lost 0-1, people would have said they limped into the first round.

  2. @joe Riaga, equaliser ? It was an own goal so technically we lost 2-0.

    Me thinks there is still a lot of work to be done before Esperance come calling…… otherwise it will be another ‘ big budget theory’ as BW put it in 2014.

    1. Try to be positive and supportive. Try something like, ‘we are behind you, just work hard and you will do it..any club is beatable’

  3. Jakoyo what is the score line….1-1 fullstop…. and the most important thing is that we are still unbeaten in all competitions…. I watched the esperance game and believe me when i say this we need to be 80% perfect to beat them .their play is majorly mid play and zonal when defending that’s where we hit them hard with our wing play and so be long balls this is our chance. I appreciate the boy’s for taking us one step forward…. if any one saw the game can just give the analysis…. we soldier on!!!

  4. First of all, congratulations to Kogalo! My belief is simple, be it big club in Tunisia or anywhere else in the world, does it really matter? Gor Mahia is biggest club not only in Kenya but in East Africa. Remember, Kogalo played Everton and you proved formidable.
    You must always have one principle, Tunisian players are just footballers like you, like any other club so who can bwogou? If Everton could not bwogou, so who else can? Beat them just like you did before when Gor won this same game.

  5. We are all positive, at least the worst that can happen is confederation cup play offs…..and off course, we need more, more,more and more finances for the next 2 months.

    1. Let me thank both GMFC and efusi for excellent results in CAF. Gor for winning and efusi for not wasting scare and very limited gov’t finances on a fishing (lucky dip) expedition. The real test begins for both TB & players. Here’s there chance to prove they are continential quality,(I still rue why we didn’t sign players like GK, Ian Otieno and Dan Ssrenkuma quality players who were free agents) The much hyped finances is actually a non footballing issue and actually the easiest to sort out. Sadly our EC will want to decieve us it’s the main issue but IT IS NOT SINCE WE KNOW THAT FAILING TO PLAN IS PLANNING TO FAIL. 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE SHOULD COUNT FOR SOMETHING.

      1. Where would this quality player you mention play, wata weka nani kiti,??.If Carsidy is struggling is to break into 2st 11, sembuse Duncan. In fact I doubt if any of AFC players can make it to our 1st 11.We have a very good squad tuwapa morale.kudos to the team.Ati someone says technically we lost 2-0, the only positive comments from the dude I read are about his superior being AR.Esperance TWA sija.

      2. Where would this quality player you mention play, wata weka nani kiti,??.If Carsidy is struggling is to break into 2st 11, sembuse Duncan. In fact I doubt if any of AFC players can make it to our 1st 11.We have a very good squad tuwapa morale.kudos to the team.Ati someone says technically we lost 2-0, the only positive comments from the dude I read are about his superior being AR.Esperance TWA sija.

      3. Congrats mighty Kogalo. To equalize and score another disallowed goal shows you were determined to attack and attack….no doubt this will lift your spirits and give you confidence that you can take on the big boys as well, away from home. Greater things coming from you.

  6. This is good kogalo. Keep up the fight. I hope jausenge to recover soon and nzingimana to add more strength. U will make it kogallo keep up the good work.

  7. Congratulations nyam nyam. This CAF draws sometimes look doctored. How can we be meeting Esperance like for the third time in 6 years yet there are a million years. Although i know there is a good explanation it still makes me angry. As if that is not enough it will always be that we start at home where they will grind a 1-1 draw or even allow us to beat them 1-0. They will then crush us 3-0 and above in the return leg. Why cant Gor ever start away in Tunisia then play the second leg here in Kenya. Somebody who knows kindly explain!!

      1. Congrats team. Need for serious and well planned, structured preparations. Esperance is not invicible. They are beatable, and we have beaten them before. All the best team

    1. Musymo thry drew 1-1 with Asac Concorde in Mauritania first legthen nyoro Tunis 5-0…Mae wang’ni Alego kayath emawadhie or Matano can show us his people of juogi in uganda (on a light note) But we must proceed come what may

  8. Congrats to the team and the TB for the good work.@Musymo is it confirmed the first leg against Esperence shall be in Nairobi?

      1. I knew it!!!! Ojoga saidi why must they always play the second leg at home. While it may not make much of a difference but knowing we can lose there then have a chance to recover the second leg in Nairobi is an immense psychological boost.

  9. We have a chance to finish it here before we go there we need a score line of 3+ goals to have any meaningful chance there …if we avoid an away goal then am sure we can close business in tunis but only if we get it right in Nairobi… we have 2 weeks to prepare to perfection how we can tackle the game ….we need a ten an out and out striker pacy for that matter that will remedy the lost chances created

  10. Congrats K’Ogalo!! Unbeaten in all competitions this year is a good place to be……Football is a 90 minute game. The squad has depth and can upset Esperance for so long as we create chances and finish em!

  11. So according to the match report by Tony Anelka It was a mistake by Joash Onyango that led to Leones Vegetarianos taking the lead in guinea also they got belief after Kagere squandered alot of clear chances in front of goal. Joash seems to be a good guy but he looks like a guy who will cost us goals, he is rash on challenges and makes alot of mispasses also we need to work on our finishing we waste alot of good chances and against Mwarabu it’s suicidal tutalilia kwa choo. Kerr said he will work on it I hope it works. anyway all the best Kogalo

    1. Joash is like that…one game he will put up the performance of the century…next match he makes you want to close your eyes when an opponent approaches. Kagere has been extremely wasteful in all matches he has played this season and Kerr needs to bench him. Remember how the bench nyoroshad Tuyisenge last season!!!

      1. Musymo i fail to undestand how a fit again guikan is not earning the coaches confidence to take that number 9 position.I know Ade was a personal coach signing and therefore will often get preference but logic dictates if kagere aint delivering throw in guikan.H is far better than both tuyisenge & meddie combined but must confess wasn’t an express coach signing,we brought him knowing too well our deficiencies in that dept.Still he’s skill is unmatched and he carries our greatest potential in advancing in Caf if given a chance…He is in an Olunga type of Girona scenario hapa kogalo but i hope kazi kiwanjani will take precedence over personality & history.I respect coaches decision but advise them to utilise that young man consistently Asap

  12. Now that the chickens are coming back home to roost,My friend Kaperson is back,Where are those other great bloggers who lighten our moods here?Am particularly looking for one Mr Okewkanango.

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