7 May 17

Kagere celebrates with team after scoring

Two first half goals from Meddie Kagere and George Odhiambo and a close ranger header from Timothy Otieno gave Kogalo a 3-0 lead. It represents the largest score by which Gor Mahia have beaten AFC since they thrashed them 5-1 in 1975.

All three goals were well constructed. The first  one resulted when Timothy Otieno latched onto a long pass and lifted the ball above AFC goalkeeper  Ian Otieno in the AFC goal, to make it easy for Meddie Kagere to score the opener in the 18th minute.

The second goal resulted from a precise defence splitting pass from Kenneth Muguna which found Blackberry who had beaten the Ingwe offside trap. Finding himself one on one with Ian Otieno, Blackberry calmly chipped the ball over the hapless goalkeeper for the second goal as Gor Mahia raced to a 2-0 half time lead.

The third goal came in the 83rd minute. From a counter attack, Kenneth Muguna raced towards the AFC goal but he was cynically fouled. The resulting free-kick was taken by Geoffrey Walusimbi who flighted a well driven ball  towards the AFC goal. Kagere cleverly backheeled the ball but it hit the cross bar leaving Ian Otieno well beaten. AFC defenders inexplicably stood still leaving Timothy Otieno wide open. Timothy could not believe his lack but he calmly headed the ball into the net.

All in all Gor Mahia were the better side. Boniface Oluoch was steady in goal albeit he had some moments of overconfidence when handling backpasses that left fans holding their breath.

The defence of Karim Nizigiyimana, Wellington Ochieng, Harun Shakava and Musa Mohamed completely bottled the much vaunted Ingwe attack of Gilbert Fiamenyo, Paul Kiongera and Allan Kataregga, leaving them ineffective.

In Midfield, Wendo proved effective, disrupting AFC moves and silencing those who have been demanding the return of Gattuso. While Walusimbi, Kahata and Muguna linked up really well with the attack of Timothy Otieno, Blackberry and Kagere.

It was an important result for Kogalo as AFC are one of the teams breathing down their neck. The result leave Gor Mahia in second place, still two points behind leaders Posta Rangers.

For Ze Maria it gives him some much needed breathing space especially after he had been threatened by a club official that if he lost this game, he would be out of a job.

Image courtesy of Caleb Oluoch

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  • musymo says:

    While the players deserve a pat on the back for a job well done, this victory i attribute wholly to Ze Maria’s technical nous. The brave move to bench Tuyisenge and Mugiraneza has paid dividends big time. There seemed to be a lot of chemistry between our front three: Meddie, Timo and Berry who were all rewarded with a goal apiece in which either of the other two played an assist role. The change of personnel is a pointer that he may be adapting using his ammunition as per each match. A bit of my personal opinion is for those who still doubt Wendo, dont you think it is time for a second opinion? Timothy was phenomenal breaking his duck in the process. The derby goal is gonna do his confidence a world of good. And Berry!!!! I thought I saw flashes of the Berry of old. Amor nyaka e yuotha!!!

    • Oduor12 says:

      Did the tete a tete between TB and fans (Musymo included) last weekend in Thika re-enforced by prayers do the trick for this derby match? I’ve seen such “dicussions” have an positive/immediate impact before but will it be maintained! What matters is results. That was total beauty treatment for the wild cat-pedicure, manicure and facial. Pressure though remains on Ze Maria & Co. to consistently win matches. With Ze Maria I opt for a wait & see approach.

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    Tulikuwa na kazi moja tu, tulikuwa na kazi moja. Kazi ilikuwa ni kumpiga Ogwang’.
    Sababu ya kumpiga tulikuwa nalo, uwezo wa kumpiga tulikuwa nao na niya ya kumpiga tulikuwa nayo.
    Hongera kwa wachezaji. Kazi nzuri mno. Naomba tu mwe consistent na hizo wins.

  • machienglo says:

    Congrats to players and TB but mostly Ze Maria for the convincing win over ogwang.If gor can play like that in every match then the league will be ours to lose .Wendo has completely fitted into gattuso’s shoes,Muguna was good though he should avoid being over confident and release the ball quickly. All in all gor has quality players who coordinate well unlike Ingwe, Dancun and mangoli were completely shut out by gor midfielders. Once again congratulations.

  • Wow! What a game!

    Our boys completely took the fight out of ingwe. Have never seen such a one sided derby.

    Congrats boys.


    Was it a tactical prowess by TB or rather some kind of fluke or lady luck smiled the K’Ogalo way? I beg to ask cause it quite a while since I last watched K’Ogalo playing.

    My take is that with ZICO on the bench, then Ze Maria has found a perfect and able assistant who understands local football pattern and trend to support him in decision-making. NOW MAINTAIN THE MOMENTUM TO RECLAIM THE TOP POSITION.

  • moses says:

    I have a question; whose win is this? Who takes the credit for this?

  • A person says:

    Kogallo must be above all of them. Today we are peaceful fans. I have not been among Zimaria admires but today he made us proud. That is all we want, no hidden cards. I am still of the opinion that Nyangi anapayuka Sana. You don’t allow” wind to open your mouth” on the eve of a crucial derby. A leader must know when and how to communicate.

  • Apart from Kateregga, I failed to notice any other Ingwe player on the pitch.
    This win will send shivers down the spines of Gatusso, Mugiraneza and Tuyisenge. May their days be extended on the bench.
    Next in line is Chemelil Sugar. Let the same fate that befell Ingwe also befall them.
    Western Stima is bottom of the table. Mathare is no better either. This is a clear indicator that a team that can’t score can’t win. How did these teams beat Kogallo if not for the fact that we failed to score more goals than they did? Yes. Simply scoring more goals than they did!
    Now that Ze Maria has realized his winning team, let him utilize it well. Let the tried-and-tested failures warm the bench

  • Jamriambo. says:

    Congrats in order yawuotwa, you did us proud.TIIBIIM! Though did AFC get the 3 Million target they had placed on the match? Just asking.

  • moses says:

    Did you guys see how Gor players closed in on AFC players wanting to take a shot or the bits of triangular passes and those long Muguna passes yet it was like a training match;AFC was locked and the keys thrown in Nam Lolwe.How will Gor play in a level playing field and with more intensity.If Ze Maria was a cat;he has nine lives and the play style I saw plus more intensity is what will take us to CAF semi finals.

  • moses says:

    I saw Kiongera only once near Bonface while Fiamenyo was always caught offside

  • Jakoyo says:

    Praise to the almighty AR for the victory however how I wish I could wake up every morning and read a scoreline like this ….
    ..gor mahia 5 jomoko 0.

    • Berr-lilloh says:

      Omera…only one Almighty…He is God and worthy of all PRAISE..his glory..he said he will not share with anybody..AR included…All the glory be to God Almighty for this win…

  • Joe Riaga says:

    Huyu The Mary ni dawa ya AFC. Just like Logarusic

  • ja thur gi ji says:

    Whose win was it, someone is asking? Its the team, all of you TB, playing unit and the supporter all together. Thank you all, and lets not feel deflated because the team won. I know there are those naysayers who were looking for negatives so that they could come down on everyone.

    A big thank you to SHEMEJI fans for maintaining that admirable peace inspite of this loss. I don’t know if my brothers could have kept that cool if the shoe was on the other foot, but that is what we want to see. Congratulations Ingwe fans.

  • Mwakio P K says:

    Nyangi is a very stupid official and I just pity her husband. This was just an empty threat. Who fires a coach for only losing two games…..get serious Nyangi and provide the coach and the players with all the necessities they need to perform. We can remember that there was a time when the team was unable to train due to lack of training ground but the officials including stupid Nyangi were not fired. Get serious Nyangi and stop acting like a loose cannon..

    • A person says:

      I hate that woman with a passion. Such a retard. The only thing she can do perfectly is posting photos of gor players going for friendly matches.

  • Dan Original says:

    Congrats are in order. Looks like the team was told to relax in the second half since what I noticed is that whenever we attacked Ingwe they looked vulnerable. All in all the quality we have compared to ingwe our overall experience was too much for the young ingwe squad.
    I liked the way BB ran rings around Kamura and also the work rae of Timothy. Keep up guys. For Kagere I only wish he cold be more composed in front of goal.

    Overall thanks team and more so the fans who despite all expectations behaved very well. That’s how football should be played. in the field

  • Eric from Juba says:

    Kudos to the boys, the TB and the faithful fans. Ingwe tried but we caged them!


  • Albert Kosero - Sofaset Branch Kampala says:

    Wapi wale jamaa wa makelele? They must be very disappointed that Kogallo carried the day. I am sure they had prepared serious venom. Oh Backberry this, Ohh Kagere that, Oh Gatusso is senior, Oh Zeddy is the one being credited now, Ohh Jausenge is expensive. Ohh, they wanted to beat up the coach and Sandro in Thika. Oh there comments helped Gor win yesterday. Very laughable indeed. We all watched neat entertaining football that no any other coach has ever introduced in Gor in the recent years. Only Len Julians stands out. Like Musa Muhammed said, Ze Maria instilled confidence in the players. Ball handling has improved tremendously. Hakuna mambo ya patia Serrunkuma ama Olunga. Its proper build up right from defense. Let us allow this coach to take Gor to the next level. I am 1000% sure he will do it only if granted peace. I hear some are still skeptical about his ability. Keep on being skeptical. Before you know it, Kogallo will be crowned.

    Bora Gor ngima. Never worried about nothing. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

    • Oduor12 says:

      Its good you’ve resurfaced. You asked where i got my statistics yet the information is right there in the jaduali none other than YOU POSTED. Let me teach the meaning of some symbols you ignored. NO.=means position of team in the table, D=means means of games drawn L=means number games lost. These stats are more important than goal difference. So you actually had the answers all along but emotional outburst and immature tantrums cloud your rationale and objectivity.

    • A person says:

      Try to behave like a man sometimes. You are too petty, dwelling on past events all the time. It is one day at a time. When our expectations are met we have no reason to make noise. Sasa wewe ni nyapara wa Nani? You must be very idle. Tutaendelea kusema vile tunavyofikiria. Peleka masharti kwa nyumba yako.

      • Albert Kosero - Sofaset Branch Kampala says:

        Jamaa wa makelele pole leo umekosa matusi kwa team. Sorry you will bounce back when we draw or loss. Take heart.

  • jamwa in mombasa says:

    Where is Jb now to comment on the coach capability after watching such a beatiful game displayed? Pls Jb let Zemaria and his team do what they are suppose to do not your unfounded hatred.

  • Paw Akuche says:

    Oduor 12 cant get it what is his problem? Football is about consistency you cant build a good side without patience……you cant keep on changing coaches everyday and for your info posta rangers are just pace keepers relax Gor Biro Yawne yo!
    The song was coined coz there were always people ahead who were supposed to make way and that is what Kogalo is doing by talking in the pitch.
    And some piece of advise for our friend oduor12……at times to much negativity does not help if you are too desperate dont write coz it affects the morale of others gooday.

  • NGESTO says:

    Nyangi ako na kiherehere mingi sana, but the team played well and made my day, sanasana wellinton azpilicueta, thanks to God for the victory

  • Jasego says:

    A classic technical and tactical Masterclass by GM. Congrats to Ze Maria and the entire TB and playing unit for that Dominant display unforseen in recent times. The synergy was just great…Transition beautiful.,.Recovery wonderful…Closing down spaces when off the ball amazing and combination play moving forward Electrifying ..All departments worked and i repeat…A display second to None and unforseen in Kenya or East Africa in a while only matched only by Orlando Pirates of South Africa. Keep it up boys and see the spirit of Mighty Mayienga roar back to life like days old…#Wangoremawahero

    • Jamriambo. says:

      You are man wuod Asego, calling a spade a spade when necessary. That is why i always pick on you when i need clarification. Because if things are bad you don’t mince any word, when good you go on top of the hill and shout hooray. That is the spirit man. Yeah. Imora bwana. Congrats give credit when due and with substance. Watu wakuwe kama wewe.

  • Jana I watched a team that is being built from the foundation up rather than from the roof downwards and as
    for Nyangi , well those are the consequences of our populist choices , she is not
    somebody any rational and sane person would recommend in any situation that requires seriousness .

  • Oduor12 says:

    @ Paw Akuche, haven’t you and i said exactly the same thing. In my first post i mention consistently + adopt wait and see approach while you use consistency + patience in your posting. I have carefully chosen these words taking into account how long Ze Maria has been head coach. My 2nd posting is a specific response to a specific question by someone who maybe suffering from memory lapses. You can trace the question in the previous blog if in doubt. So Comrade where have i been negative?

    • Albert Kosero - Sofaset Branch Kampala says:

      Wuoyi matin kwe wii. Gor Mahia okuongoni. You have a trace record of always whining. If it is not TB, then players, if not players, Excom. Thooooo!!!

      • OGANGO TRAILER says:

        Guys “GOR OSIKO TO OK SIKIE”…. Make peace and enjoy……

        This site nowadays ina “UTOTO SANA” whether the team wins,draws or is beaten it is always ….. “PANG’ANG’A 24/7…..
        For luck of a better word…… UJOGA SANA….. TABIA MBAYA…

      • Miguna says:

        Omera jakampala uganda…..Albert Kosero wan gor emawahero.Respect other peoples opinion…positive/negative.All credit goes to the players,fans and Zico not Zemaria

      • ODUOR12 says:

        Someone will soon write in Gujarati and then even in tongues.
        Surely how does someone feign ignorance regarding what one has written? And it’s track record not trace record. Relax you are getting too emotional.

        Albert Kosero – Sofaset Branch Kampala says:
        May 8, 2017 at 9:45 am
        Sorry, what are you talking about. I don’t get you

        @ Paw Akuche I was responding to this-

        Albert Kosero – Sofaset Branch Kampala says:
        May 5, 2017 at 11:43 am
        2 Gor Mahia 8 5 1 2 10 6 4 16

        That is how Jaduali looks like: Out of the 8 games, Gor have won 5, scored 10 goals and conceded 6 goals. I beg to know where you are getting your statistics………

        • Albert Kosero - Sofaset Branch Kampala says:

          So what are you sayiing. Which ignorance. You insinuating that Gor Mahia was conceding more goals than they were scoring. I then laid the facts bare. you even quoted 1-2 loss to Stima and 0-1 to Mathare. I mentioned goal difference was 4. So I do not know what the hell you are talking about here.
          Pak Gor Mahia gi dhok achiel, ka tek, jaribu Posta Rangers.

          Nikiwa ndani ya Gor sitetemeki. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

  • Joe Riaga says:

    Yaani even after the team has won the most important league match of the season, members of the bloggers branch are fighting each other?

    Its OK for the coach or the chairman to be criticized when he the team is not playing well. Kogalo is not unique. Even Jose Mourinho is criticized when he loses and commended when he wins.

  • ja Thur GI ji says:

    Miguna why such a comment? Why do you want to create bad blood in the TB, hiyo ni utoto na ushenzi sana.

    • OGANGO TRAILER says:

      @Ja Thur Gi ji that is exactly what i meant by…. “UTOTO SANA”…..
      And if you read @ jakoyo post then all credit goes to “ALMIGHTY” AR…Which is a coded message for JODALA (Read ZICO).

      All this SHENANIGANS and USHENZI comments are meant to appreciate a certain segment of K’Ogalo fan base as you ridicule and annihilate the opposing camp (Read the wanna be HOOLIGANS) .

      Then i ask myself what has gone wrong with K’Ogalo bloggers nowadays. I no longer read well researched and in-depth post match analysis on tactical approach and players rating from the likes of La Pastre. The best you can read is about grown up adults who are at their very best “CHEST THUMPING” and “BRAGGING”… How is one more loyal or a better hooligan than the other….. UJOGA SANA….

    • Miguna says:

      Jathurgi ji…utoto na ushenzi ni wewe.That is my opinion.

  • Jasego says:

    I cannot pen-off from this derby topic without giving due praise and platitudes to Ernest Wendo who stood firm and was the Central Cog on which the entire team rotated.Congrats man and despite the whole team having played magnificently special mention goes to Blackberry wuod Migori and Timothy who rose up to the occasion with pure bliss Yesterday…

    • OGANGO TRAILER says:

      Thank you @ Jasego for that important post. Now the mentioned players can feel appreciated and recognize for their hard work and well earned victory. How i wish there was hundreds of post like this…

      @ Bloggers for a scale of 1..to…10 can someone objectively rate individual players unique performers cause is good for them and TB to read opinions from third party (Read the 12th player).

      • Berr-lilloh says:

        We the fans are v.happy n elated…congrats kogalo for the hard work n beautiful..entertaing game. ..I maintain ..you are the best.. Ze Maria ..excellent job..n Zico..great work…what a team!..

  • Level mindfan says:

    If there was a day we were thoroughly beat ingwe was on Sunday,could have won by a margin of over 5 goals.My Major concern at times especially 2nd 1/2 the team seemed to lose concentration while the coached was seemed OK.Though Congrats are in order,let’s not go overboard with praises,Ingwe were just Pathetic.Hope the team builds on that win.Abt Musa I have noticed one can help the feeling he will the dude to spoil a move by insisting on in accurate long balls 90? of the time