Gor Mahia record first win of 2017

Gor Mahia recorded their first win of the 2017 pre-season when they beat Wazito FC 2-1. The match was played at Camp Toyoyo Where the first team failed, Ze Maria fielded a second string side. They did not disappoint him. The score at halftime was 1-1 with a Gor Mahia’s goal coming from Oliver Maloba. When it appeared Kogalo were set for another disappointing result, Anthony Mbugua scored the winner.

In another match at the same venue, the Gor Mahia first unit beat FIN FA by a score of 5-0


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  1. I will celebrate these wins with so much enthusiasm because I don’t know if and when another win may come. I start by going to church where I will give a Thanksgiving Offering for the two wins. Thereafter, I will take my loved ones out for a Thanksgiving Lunch before we wind up at Nature Trail. Thank you God for the elusive and rare wins.

    1. Hey, bandit you are no hacker, ne en mana nger ruok mar jokangato bwana… kik ikaw wach no matek kamano. Aomge wach…Kogakollo kende

  2. Now I ask, how did preseason start with top opposition coming down? Who was advising/misadvising the TB? Everything is built from bottom to top. TB you will have to repeat class one because of this.

  3. Guys bear with me for re-posting this comment. I highlight it because it was held up in quarantine for very long and for that reason was missed by a number of readers:

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  4. Although these two wins will restore confidence into the playing unit,they are insignificant considering the calibre of teams beaten.Bloggers, when is DSTV cup being played?Today I support st. Luos of Mauritius against The brewers who denied us the league last year.

  5. I can see we are on the right path to our rare victories. Let us select our calibre of teams like Lambwe combined, Thur Gem secondary and NYS FC. That way, we will build enough confidence in our playing unit-just enough confidence to avoid relegation that is staring at us this season. Ulinzi has just demonstrated to us how to behave in the knockout stage of these continental games so let our relegation-bound misfits mimic their dedication.

  6. I am impressed with the wins.
    1. The so called small teams are very difficult to play an intelligent game against.
    2. Two different teams of the same team were on the firing line and both came out victorious.
    3.As a motivating factor they are beginning to get their ground

  7. @jambita tiny just to add on your list:Ahero girls, Nyakach girls and Maranda Form ones.These are our mates nowadays.Hatutaki stress ya kupigwa na Kpl or NSL teams as we wait for the impending relegation.

  8. Hehehr…..Were this games played over 90 minutes with 11 men ? I fail to believe . me think this was a 5 a side games so I will believe when I see a full 90 minutes , 11 aside match.

    Ze maria is yet to convince me of his abilities.

    1. @Jakoyo
      Going by what has happened to Tusker and Ulinzi serviving by a whisker, it may not just be the coaches. Most of our players have a long way to go. My sentiments are that we can not lay all blames at the coach’s feet. All is not lost each day brings for a brighter tomorrow.

  9. Tusker bwana why embarrass our national flag in that form and manner?I mean is that the calibre of Kenyan champions on continental scene which can be termed as Mediocrity?I am not amused by the showing as much as am not your fan I still believe they should have performed much better against Mauritius opposition who are now apparently Jodala as Jakoyo denotes….Read St Luos (Jakoyo bed moss it’s a light touch)I know your ferverance loyalty to Jodhot owadwa…

  10. At least we played against our worthy opponents and managed a win. I am just worried about the number of goals conceded in the last 4 friendlies. The replacement for Ottomax should prove that he is worth his salt. isokei I think we can now try a friendly with Pandpieri Fc.

  11. What the hek?! Am just wondering aloud since when did we cease being patriots. It doesn’t matter if Tusker and Ulinzi are our rivals internally but when they are playing a continental, they represent Kenya hence we need to give them our full support. I remember when Kogallo was in Tanzania, in 2015, Kenyans from all walks of life supported us regardless of our internal club affiliations. It is a serious lack of sportsmanship for those who are celebrating Tusker’s loss. We should instead be mourning the weak state of Kenyan football and having conversations on how to strengthen it.

    1. Because we deserved it, won square and fair in the field, not boardroom decisions based on HATE, We shall overcome my friend, we shall overcome. .

    2. Which patriotism? Navumilia kuwa Mkenya bwana. Perhaps allow me to borrow from that Christmas carol:
      Joy to the world Brewkenge has fallen…..Let all rejoice and merry!!!

  12. As much as some of us are raisnig issues about the team’s preparedness for the season, it is important to remember that we should encourage instead of condeming the team and the TB. History has also taught me that a slow starting GOR is has always become the most consistent one through the season. The team will pick up, for those who are not patient enough, please hold your horses.

  13. Marto who told you Brewkenge was part of those cheering us on our success in Tanzania in 2015? They were not. I cannot forgive them for what happened last year, so allow me to dance tatataaa…titing titing… people steal …people go try…then they fail and I dance to that….tiiiiting tatang. Jamriambo please tell him. But I will support Ulinzi through their next matches.

  14. As @Wlliam Apida puts it how does a loss of Tusker strengthen Gor? If we beat a weak Tusker then an average CNAPS will always bear us. What we forget is that if the local teams do weill in CAF competitions then we get more slots in CL and CC. By the way did Tusker award themselves those points or it was KPL/FKF?

    1. This is not a forumn to promote tusker Bwana. I am very Kenyan, but there are people I would be ashamed to be associated with. Did tusker in fair play deny the points or fairly state they didn’t need donated points?

    2. Let’s not try to be hollier than thou. World over people are happy when their opponents lose. Real fans celebrate Barca loses, Ingwe celebrate Gor loses, Man U fans celebrate Arsenal problems and the list continues. Even the Tanzania we are talking about had Simba fans cheering Gor Mahia against Yanga.

      A Tusker loss has already happened and their win was not going to strengthen Gor either and so fans must be allowed to tease them without reading too much into it.

  15. As I celebrate Tuskers loss , I need to remind whoever will want to question my patriotism that any of my opponent’s pain is my gain and as many of the bloggers have rightly said , would the patriots pls tell as any part of the world in club football where supporters cheer their opponents , patriotism is only is adhered to strictly to the national teams and this is including the countries that pioneered football and that is y it is to the delight of Man u , liverpool and chelsea fans that Arsenal have never won the champions league…ooops sorry to Arsenal fans but I had no other team to use to drive my point home

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