Gor Mahia see conspiracy in FIFA action

Jolawi Obondo

Gor Mahia team manager Jolawi Obondo is alleging that the allegations of lack of transparency leveled by FIFA are part of a scheme by FKF to undermine the club.

Obondo told Citizen sports that the simmering feud between Football Kenya Federation (FKF) President, Nick Mwendwa and the club chairman; Ambrose Rachier could be behind the inviting of the Fifa official to frustrate K’Ogalo.

The Team Manager added they were ready to work with the Fifa official in whatever they want to know about the club citing the abrupt visit as a ‘non explosive time bomb’.

Obondo who has served long in his capacity declared, “We are very transparent in our dealings and our records are in order.”

AFC Leopards for their part blamed the previous regime. Secretary General, Oscar Igaida, is insisting they only inherited what is being alleged.

“Those are allegations that touch on an activity that took place two years ago and we were not in the office. The person who was running the system at the time is Asava Kadima and so we will call him to come and clarify,” Igaida maintained.

Igaida blamed Fifa and FKF for the short notice saying that the club first needs to find out which players were sold without the money being channelled to the club’s account.

Why Gor Mahia chose Willis Ochieng

In selecting a coach to replace Mathew Ottamax, it came down to a choice between Charles Omondi “Korea” and Willis Ochieng. The latter was chosen due to his lower demands.

“You know, both of them were qualified for the job but at the end of the day only one was to be appointed. We almost appointed ‘Korea’ but he quoted a relatively higher amount of salary which we could not easily afford,” said Ambrose Rachier to goal.com

Whereas Ochieng never played for Gor Mahia, Korea had two stints at Gor Mahia. He joined Gor Mahia in 1990 before leaving for Kisumu Posta in 1992. He then returned again in 1994 before leaving again the following year.

27 thoughts on “Gor Mahia see conspiracy in FIFA action

  1. Sort this mess and avoid blame games. If any official is culpable, then have his ginene fried. As @Jasego eloquently pointed out, crucify the culprits in their personal capacity and leave Gor Mahia out of it. Nick Mwendwa used to run the TMS and must be having some evidence to have invited FIFA. We need to see a few heads roll. We thank Mwendwa for trying to help us clean up our club but if your crusade is driven by vendetta , then ngwech is the only option for you!!!

  2. Waste of money and resources ! FIFA should go back to Zurich and investigate its own mess ups with money laundering, age cheating and match fixing. How much money is there in African football ? Peanuts ….

    This sideshows are divertory tactics aimed at ensuring some small time clubs in developing countries are strangled from growing whilst the rich and elite clubs get richer. Useless bastards.

  3. That explanation is nothing but crap. Mugabe is running this great club down. A big club with such a fanatical following has nothing to show for it. Mugabe is only excellent in high handedness. If I may ask why should you fail to recruit a former for mahia player coz he allegedly quoted a slightly higher figure yet he has the qualification s. These are some of the reasons that make me hate this Mugabe with a passion. How are we supposed to appreciate club legends. Who accounts for the gate collections, plus these stagnated so called useless projects. Hawkers kindly avail more helmets. Mugabe’s only agenda is ” How to deal with Hooliganism”

    1. Eeh Dan what is this about Walusimbi going Awol?…Let me call him and hear what’s going on.Are we losing our beloved club or what…everything has seems to be going Beserk of late?

    2. Weche Gor tek abaramach. Walusimbi is on trials in Europe its rumoured. If he does not want to come back it is futile going to FIFA for redress. Just tell whoever signs him to pay the transfer fee and be done with him. This time make sure the money is banked in the club’s account and not paid in cash to an ‘official’. Big Brother Mwendwa is watching!!! If Walusimbi is not back and Simiyu and Karim are not ready according to Ze, then he could try Wafula who has played full back before with considerable success. Ze Maria does not trust Wafula though so we may end up with the Ohangla Man ‘Mr High Waist’ slotting in at left back. He,too, has played there before

  4. I can not claim to know the details of how FIFA works, but I think the timing is a bit out of place for our Calender. It is also pointing to their deep interest or involvement in running football in Kenya. The argument though could be, is there big money that may cause interest? i do not think so, but even if there is, it is money form Europe which means they must take care of it. The Identity that Kenya has adopted of being one of the most corrupt Countries in the World is auguring well for us. Back to FiFA, if they are coming not because they have a favorite, then that is fine. The guys who are responsible for the files and records should just pull them out and show them and if there is advise to be given, so be it. However I still think that the timing is not right, They should have interpreted the current happenings before jumping in. At then of the day their Ca lender of events reigns supreme.

  5. Hehehe…@Dan original and Musymo, don’t press the panic button just yet jothurwa, League starts in March 5th, its official.

    Walusimbi just like aucho and massa is in jinja recuperating after the AFCON debacle. Infact, he has been spotted keeping fit with local clubs. Give the boy time to spend with the family and to relax , remember he did not have this luxury over christmas like most of us !

      1. I pull down my post, some people have taken the issue to high court and the issue is beyond KPL’s hands now. No league men…and i think FIFA will clamp down heavily on Muho and Sofa for taking football issues to court. They have opened an avenue to be sanctioned. Poleni.

  6. Jolawi’s job is TM.His duty is to ensure harmony & welfare of the playing unit.Last year this was a total disaster from sabotage of coaches by players,fueds among TB members etc,etc.Even now Walu is allegedly AWOL yet Jolawi has been & is ALWAYS loudly silent on these matters concerning his docket.He now has the audacity to comment on financial matters. Where are the elected treasurer,asst. treasurer or even the defacto treasurer, Mugabe.It is public knowledge that AR demands to be given gate collections cash intact,yes royal guards just check the archives,more than once has rushed to city stadium with a cash envelope to pay salaries.AR has been there and doing it the last +8 years.KRA has proved GMFC transactions are not in order,as per the constitution no audited accounts are ever presented at any AGM.Fish rots from the top,lack of structures is a deliberate creation of choas to loot and maintain a strangle hold control instead of channelling resources to WIN TITLES. YES PUNISH CULPABLE INDIVIDUAL(S).

  7. Just spoke to walusimbi N all is well.He is in Uganda whiling away time and the reports of possible trials in Northern & Eastern Europe are speculations and erroneous according to the player.Still channels of communication btn GMFC and players as well as professionalism in the club generally remain a very big challenge.Had structures been clear N concise we wouldn’t be having foreign senior players always reporting late and going mute while on holiday.Aucho did it,Sibomana did it,Walusimbi did it last season to mention but a few incidences, all these point to lack of competent club rules/regulations and enforcement mechanisms…On a lighter note @ Jakoyo is Walusimbi really still in the Age Bracket that can be referred to as a boy in footballing terms or should it be full grown man?

  8. Who is Mr ohangla high waist? is he Wilmington? why can’t walu keep fit with teammates at GM? This boy is bringing his head like Gatuso coz he thinks he is so important.He has absconded duty and should be reprimanded severely by signing more left backs in June. This has been Gatuso’s cure who is nowadays loyal.On FIFA issue let’s thank God coz money will never be wired into individual’s account again Gor si ya mama ya mtu.

    1. Hehehe….Mr High Waist is that player of ours who always plays like its war, punishes the opponent every time there is physical contact(in footballing terms of course) jumps sporadically na anajua ku tuck in!!!!

      1. Stop it!!!! That is one of the qualities why he was selected. In the past we had one Ondai containe, Pierre, who were accomplished players with quality and could be roped in depending on the opponent to be marked. So stop the negativity man,

        1. Jakom, why split hairs over nothing? If you read my post with an unbiased eye you will see that far from being negative it extols those virtues in the player. He is a passionate player who I respect a lot. Maybe an explanation of why I refer to him with those names is that he always plays with his short tucked in at super high waist and that always reminds me of my youth when high waist was a fashion fad. As for Ohangla Man is just a good natured name a colleague gave him on the day we went to Camp Toyoyo for the Thika friendly due to his pose and mannerisms. In fact after the match we caught up with him and my colleague jokingly told him that if he hadn’t become a footballer he would have been a very good ja oyieke for Emma or Jakadala a joke he really appreciated. Always process the message without factoring the messenger in your equation all the time. The only way you can maintain your objectivity!!!

  9. Yeah it is true Mwendwa has a hand in the FIFA saga, but as i had sid before, i fully support him on this. Players money must be players money. Mwendwa was an inside dog and knew of the illegal dealings in transfers, so he tipped FIFA. Those who ate players transfer fees, hata kama ni AR, must be held culpable. And we are not begging. on this.

  10. When the EC say that they are unable to communicate with a player it tells a lot, Why not train with your teammates just like the rest. Didn’t Mane of Liverpool go for AFCON. Dare he try do a Walu at Liverpool the laws will deal with him.

    On Stewards, why do they ant to die for/in Gor? Is there something we don’t know?

    1. @Dan Original regarding the Stewards, as a wonder as it is, i think that there are three things.

      1. Gor Mahia is a big Team – This is a team that has a big following both in the city and outside the city. This a team that also has a following in East Africa, That is a clout that every person would want to identify with. No body wants to identify with losers.

      2. A sense of Security. It is a perfect environment for one to nurture their ego. Just watch some of those guys when at work, You can see that this is a person who feels at that time that they are in control and they are not just to be seen but to be felt.

      3. A sense of Belonging- Gor is basically a family that is very unique. When for example you adorn the T-shirt, all sorts of attraction and reactions will be invoked.

      4. Identity Crisis- Some of the Stewards who provide security, they do so because should they have had an opportunity to be in the Army Preferably, they would have joined. This opportunity must therefor be executed with the seriousness it deserve.After all this is KDF

  11. Its very sad and very annoying that we have leaders in this club who struggle to join the club and after get the position you struggle to understand why they wanted the position in the first place , as to upon as followers to understand that the root cause of all the rot bedevilling this club is not the coach or all these things we unknowlingly jump to whenever we have problems are just but the consequences of the root causes and this is the deliberate lack of structures in the club and this must be the primary demand we must make and even violently so if that would be what will bring those changes , we must now move from this phase of requesting for structures to demanding it , on this , whether u love or hate Rachier is immaterial , I supported Rachier in the elections only bcoz of the nature of the competition he had bcoz when it comes to changing structures of a toxic club of Gor Mahia’s nature , its a dictator of the caliber of Rachier who can , I have seen it with the rapid development of the Asian tigers with China and Rwanda being recent examples , all that is required is to put the club beyond the self and rally the fanbase behind the efforts , when that happens the Jolawis , club stewards , disfunctional communication channels , player discipline , fan discipline, financial discipline and coaches issues will be solved devoid of whimsical tendencies

  12. I pull down my post above guys, some people have taken the issue to high court and the issue is beyond KPL’s hands now. No league men…and i think FIFA will clamp down heavily on Muho and Sofa for taking football issues to court. They have opened an avenue to be sanctioned. Poleni

  13. This is the time of trying Italy’s 3-5-2, katanasio, ze maria please consider this if you claim GM has no fullbacks and let innocent wafula play WB position instead of lamenting about walu

    1. @NGESTO, but we have Calabar jnr, Joash, Maqbul, Simiyu etc? So to me there is no need for that. Not that when Wafula played left back we were really thin in terms of numbers.

      @Jamriambo, I think Sofa and Muho are messing the goodwill they had all along. Even SDT had agreed to give them a hearing and I can vouch that they will be sent to the SDT which is now up and running unlike the earlier years. At this rate we better go with the current 16 teams. Otherwise we will have 18 teams playing for 4 months. Like a game every 3 days and with that Sofa and Muho will be the first culprits of the expenses involved

      1. @Dan Original
        1. I suggested Wafula or High Waist because they have played there before quite well. Joash and Calabar are top defender but have never played at left back. Maybe too risky to experiment this in the league. Simiyu and Maqbul have been singled out by Ze Maria as not ready.
        2. It is not Muhoroni who have taken the matter to court but three individuals a Mr Oketch, a Mr Saddat and some other guy. While logic tells us they may be acting at the behest of those two clubs connecting them may be a tall order.

  14. I said here Ar has just fought what might be his football death wish a ban from Fifa n seconded by expulsion frm football matters is smelling .Ar is time to the music u sang .N remember caf is waiting to pounce

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