Gor Mahia seeking recruits

Courtesy of futaa.com

Eddie Mubiru the Ugandan midfielder who has been on Tusker Premier League (TPL) giants Gor Mahia’s radar for the past few months could well be poised for a confirmation at the club in the near future.


According to gormahiafc.co.ke, the Kampala City Council (KCC) player is the subject of club secretary general George Bwana and coach Bobby Ogolla’s trip to Uganda as they look to finalise the deal that blew hot during the midseason transfer period but went cold thereafter.

Other players

As reported by the site, while in Kampala, the two will also be looking at other players who may fit in the team’s plans for 2013.

Brought home

-Mubiru suits our requirement, we have been with him and it is about time we brought him home. His deal is our major project in Uganda but as a football club we are also open for more choices should any come along. We are in the transfer market but first we must sign Mubiru, Bwana said.

The team’s coach in the 2012 season Zdravko Logarusic had earlier described the player as one with a great future ahead even as the issue of his transfer dragged on.

10 thoughts on “Gor Mahia seeking recruits

  1. michael odhiambo ogolo

    K’ogalo fans, I would like to share my opinion with all of the bloggers who always frequent this site. Ithink gor should not participate in this kind of cup called charity cup. My reasons are that these pple, I MEAN THE NYAMWEYA and co are only intrested on the gate collections that will come from Gor mahia fans and mashemejis . Imagine them getting 8 million from gate collection and then giving the winner only kshs 850000. We must stop exposing our players from unnecessary matches which will only make our players tired and get injured with such cups which are worthless.We should only compete in tournaments with real money like say kshs 3 million. that is my opinion and we should not participate in voting through sms to avoid being forced to play. I hope you understand the reasons of my argument

  2. michael odhiambo ogolo

    I would also like to ask the work of a patron .If we have a patron who we believe is a real k’ogalo fan, then why is it that signing fee for loga is becoming a big deal. If the patron is not willing to be counted then let the fans make arrangements on how loga can be back without delay.

  3. Walter Alando Bwoga

    I believe Eddie Mubiru is a good striker and Logarusic & Bobby had tested him for approximately a month before he picked up an injury, so I don’t see why we should not bring him to GM.

  4. ODUOR12

    @ Albert Kosero’s I would like to tender my apology to you regarding my comment’s on your spotting Sir Bob in the previous article.

    May I on the same breath encourage all of us to try and do something concrete about the ‘Bloggers’ branch. It can be the first e-branch/ virtual branch so that the good ideas generated in these blogs can be crystalized.

  5. jb

    this KPLC THING IS A SHUN THERE IS NO WAY we should take part in it we started the season poorly due to un called for matches if anything we should try to raise the signing fee for the coach rather than buy in to cheap con of sending sms infact for even if invited should not take apart we have alot of fixture pile up next season so no more charity here mubiru is good let him come but what is the xmas plan yawa?

  6. Dan

    What baffels me is that the Charity match semis are played in the morning and the final in the afternoon. Kwani it’s inter promary schools games. In SA the equivalent of Telkom cup is played over a duration which gives players time to rest and also draws interest. Why can’t KPLC just sponsor the FKF cup once and for all. Otherwise let the Thika uniteds and City stars get a chance to shine

  7. Gwer Gwer

    I concur, Charity cup should not be a priority for kogalo for now.
    I also concur that the Patron needs to stand up and be counted at this moment, we need to have a confirmation on the coach by end of the week so that preparations for CAF cup can commence.

  8. papamiky

    I agree.
    Lets not expose our boys unnecessarily. I advice THE EC to do things differently this time. Lets Proffessionalize every event be it, Unveilling of players, KITS etc.
    This can also be a revenue avenue for the club.
    George Bwana, you are realy trying, we are willing to help give you more ideas.

  9. Capital G

    anything to do with KPLC is doom. kwani they cant directly sponsor the whole tonerment, must they get money form fans? this is a big joke and as Gor mahia fan, i cant and will not support this.


    …n so the rush for our neighbours UGANDAN’s signature is at high octane…does this tell us that our KPL CLUB’s standards are high n that what fails us is FKF n lack of credible youth academies save for JMJ, FISA n MYSA.

    GOR MAHIA n other KPL n NATIONWIDE CLUBS should consider having their own Youth Academies of all age groups n Ladies Teams as well.

    We should also consider Season Tickets n long term plans of building our own STADIA.


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