27 Sep 10

Kitawi and Kevin Omondi celebrate the 1st goal

In a match played at the City stadium, A goal in each half enabled Kogalo to sink Mahakama 2-0. Fan favorite Ibrahim Kitawi scored the match opener in the 30th minute with a well taken free kick. Kevin Omondi scored the second goal when he converted a free kick by skipper Julius Owino.
Gor Mahia dominated the proceedings in the second half with Makori, Baldwin Ngwa and Blackberry each coming close. Keeper Jerim Onyango had to be replaced in the 70th minute following a collision. The win enabled Kogalo to consolidate their second position in the Kenya premier.

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  • Saimz Muiruri says:

    The return of King Ibra!!! Long Live Kogalo.


    kogalo maintain the good run of form so that we get sponsor

  • D.O. Abagi says:

    A good fight indeed. Our boys are playing well and they should maintain that throughout.

  • wuodomondi says:

    Hey; did Ngwa play? I didn’t see him on pitch anyway good work Kagolo

  • Tom Atinda says:

    With these good results, can we as fans take care of the players’ interests to avoid mass exodus next season? May the club officials accelerate branch certifications and registrations as the first step to financial assurance and self sustainability?

    Tom Atinda
    Kericho County

  • Jasidindi(Jemoh) says:

    A well deserved win.The boys looked exhausted,possibly due to the high number of matches they turn up for both at club level and for our national team.Lets keep up the tempo and fight for nothing but victory.Tumetoka mbali.Kudos to the boys and technical bench.

  • We are Gor Mahia says:

    Now that was wonderful to watch. Expand the city stadium sitting capacity please. Kogalo team kubwa

  • Albert Kosero - (Kampala Branch) says:

    Great results. The 2 week break will be good for the boys. Karuturi Sports is next. Keep it up.

  • Eric O says:

    I was particularly impressed by Ibrahim Kitawi, coming back after a long lay off, he was one of the best performers of the day. The goal will certainly boost his confidence as we enter into the last decisive 5 matches!!! Go Kogalo Go!!!

  • Ganda says:

    Thank you boys, i am certain Ulinzi will loose two matches goals will count at the end of it all. keep on scoring as many as you can to lift the league.

  • MIKA ODUMBE says:

    Teams are giong back to where they belong.KOGALO thus it1!!

  • JACKO says:

    A big congratulation to the boys. We will be there at Karuturi to play the 12th man.
    Jasididi apologies for not attending the meeting. Any up date on this?

  • Cudos to the boys for showing why they are being called the Kenyan Manchester United

  • Trish says:

    that was a game well played.congrats to Gor pliz continue making us proud

  • Micah 'mit haa' chuor Adori says:

    OOh God of Got Ramogi can u pls let ulinzi loose 2 matches only 2 matches.Ko’galo we will be thea at Naivasha come rain come flowers!

  • silvestre says:

    Generally i was impressed. what do we say than to thank all of you who turned up for the match despite being charged 400 at the main stand. we shall still come

  • Wuod Ogola C.C says:

    Yes K’ogalo now they know that the only place we are going to stop is the tittle thanks to all fans who showed up in this graciuos game and we are the champs now

  • duncan nash says:

    kogallo wako juu sana,game ya jana ilikuwa sawa sana. keep it up guys.

  • erick ochieng says:

    kogallo tuko juu tu sana,this is the rebirth of our team so let us funs be proud to keep kogallo jessy.am vipi?

  • Ous says:

    Gor Mahia are going 4 the KPL Leage cup. Bravo K’Ogalo.

  • Paul says:

    Keep it up Kogalo mayienga.

  • Ignatius Alingo says:

    this year is marwa no taking it away from us!

  • i still believe the league is ours lets just support gor and pray that ulinzi trips

  • Oti Oluoch says:

    Generally the team played well and the confidence in then shows that they are ready for the 5 remaining matches. Their character after loosing balls is just wonderful especially the defense of Solo, Erico, Wekesa and Awilo is just superb, that is why we have not conceded many goals. Kudos to all.

  • dickson says:

    with the fans behind u,give Ulinzi arun of its money by lifting the crown.kudos 2 all Gor mahia players nd fans.

  • We must also note that city is very small.if u culd have charged 300 or 200 u culd have avoided fence breaking and maybe many 200 than 400 u got that day.so don’t take the advantage of ‘welo’ to over charge us.

  • Fredrick Otieno Okok says:

    The gate charges r just absurd we don’t want those so called” welo” who will soon spoil our success with their uncalled for politicking. Mind u, some may be eyeing a quick kill. We need the 200bob charges atleast till the end of the season. Kudos to the mangement though!!!!

  • ouma onguka says:

    This makes me happy guys. the pressure has keep on building

  • Gillygini Jakadinda says:

    Go! Go! Kogallo Go! From the last few matches we know the magical ‘MAHIA’ touch is back. We wont ngikni nor yiengni until the trophy is in our closet.

  • Jasidindi(Jemoh) says:

    Am so sorry,Jacko for not meeting you guyz at the gate.arrived a bit late when the first half was almost ending.Kindly let me know of the deliberations you guyz made.Al be bound by them.May K’Ogalo’s star continue to shine.

  • Oti Oluoch says:

    I was there but there was confusion on gate charges so I do not think the meeting materialized.

    My prediction on Ulinzi matches.

    Tusker 1 Ulinzi 0
    Ulinzi 1 Western Stima 1
    Red Barret 0 Ulinzi 0
    Ulinzi 1 Sony 1
    Ulinzi 1 Karuturi Sports 1

    Therefore on November 6 at City Stadium Sony Sugar will line up and applause Gor for that is the day they will be crowed the KPL league champions of 2010 season.

  • JACKO says:

    Sammy Ataly did you mention that the fence was brought down on saturday? May be something is amiss!!!!!!!!?

  • Frank Omondi says:

    Congrats mboys for making us, The fans, more hopeful for the tittle. It was however not fair and will not be fair to take any Gor clash to City Stadium. It’s double punishment since fans have to be in hot sun and to make it worse cannot watch the match conveniently. It’s advisable such matches be at Nyayo since it can house more fans. Submitted for consideration/implementation by the management

  • Ja Thur gi ji says:

    Oti Oluoch what about Tusker, how do you predict theirs and Kogalos? Is paka out? Somebody up here prayed to God of Ramogi to have Ulinzi trip. Of course they are going to, they will lose at least 8 points wile Kogalo wins all. Wait and see.Where is NGWA?

  • Geophrey Owango says:

    The best place to be nowadays is stadi coz u will not be disappointed by K’Ogalo boys.with the kind of football and footwork they have displayed this 2nd season we are going places jo.Lets keep hope a live coz Mungu hamsahau mja wake!

  • Joe Riaga says:

    Well done Kitawi. Coach Zico should recognize that this is one of our best players and stop putting him on the bench without explaining. Fans deserve an explanation.

  • jareru says:


  • Jacko the inner fence that separates main stand and terraces was brought down some minute before half time.

  • jose kongolo says:

    kudos to all kogalo family it is my prayers that we will be able 2 see light at the end of the turnel.due 2 unavoidble circumstancs jose kongolo fbi is out of the country on an official duty in the usa gor die hard fan

  • Mark Onyango Ojuok says:

    Na bado!!

  • Mark Onyango Ojuok says:

    keep on keeping on!!!

  • jabes odhiambo says:

    that was a good win but the sun was too much i brought in some fans who were attending a premier league match for the first time i saw no one at the meeting venue we can have it some time later

  • Ja simenya(johnteh!) says:

    Thank kogalo,we will support you in any way possible.we are still in the race brothers dont loose hope

  • joshu-bigname says:

    kogallo should recruit sana maze we are losing the bigshots