Gor Mahia set to travel Thursday

Gor Mahia will try to put aside their below par performance against Nzoia United this past Sunday as they travel to Tunisia for the crucial second leg against Esperrance of Tunisia.

In consultations with the clubs Chairman who has been in constant communication with the concerned authorities ( CAF, Tunis and the Federation ) , I can now confirm that the second leg CAF match pitting our side Gor Mahia FC against Espérance de Tunis will be played on Sunday, 18th March,2018 from 4:00pm Tunisia time at Stade Olympique Rades, Tunis.

Plans are underway to have the team take off on the night of Thursday 15th March, 2018 through Doha to arrive in Tunis on Friday around 2:00pm.” said club secretary Ben Omondi

Earlier on, club CEO Omondi Aduda suspected foul play when Esperance suddenly rescheduled the match. He stated that he change was effected without consultations hence contravening rules provided by CAF.

“There is a lot of confusion because we haven’t received any communication from Caf regarding change of match dates, yet we understand that a correspondence between FKF and the Tunisia FA indicate that the match will be played on Sunday. I have communicated with our federation since morning and up to now I haven’t got any concrete clarification from CAF,” said Aduda.

Indeed one hopes that Gor Mahia will have made their own eating, accomodation and travel arrangements. North African and West African sides are known to frustrate opponents. In 2013, Kenya visited Calabar Nigeria and were denied a training ground for several days. Other opponents have been placed in noisy hotels to prevent them from sleeping soundly. In some extreme cases, clubs have been given suspect food by their opponents. In 1976, Luo Union visited Algeria to play MC Alger. They lost 6-3 and their players claimed that the food they were given on match day left them lethargic.

29 thoughts on “Gor Mahia set to travel Thursday

  1. Thanks for those who raised the funds for the return tickets.we appreciate the gesture.

    Nonsense! nothing suspicious with the reschedule of the 2nd leg..Tunis hosts club africain which is participating in confederation cup, so for security reasons the authorities have to be given at least 48 hours to coordinate matters of both clubs.

    Me thinks our biggest undoing is not food, it is the matters on the pitch. First, the pitch in tunis is near perfect and since our boys have been playing in machakos…physically we can match the tunisians but they have to adopt not just mentally but also by wearing the right football boots. i notice from our last match in tunis, we conceded two simple goals as players were falling all over the place – do we have the right boots for such playing surfaces ?

    Second, tactics, we just have to play in tunis with two holding midfielders and hope to score a goal in the first half. our mentality should be attacking, make good use of set pieces and denying them the balls especially in our own half.

  2. No place for Ade and Guikan in Tunisia-bound contingent. Is it due to underperformance during Nzoia game or injury? The TB knows best otherwise from the manpower in defense and midfield, we are hopeful.Kerr must certainly have a secret weapon against Esperance.Best of luck!

  3. I wrote my dissent here,JTGI dont ask Jakoyo questions he cant answer,i talk to coach daily and he is still disappointed at Ade for horrible display against Nzoia while guikan is injured from the akward falls he got that day,shoulder blade injury.News will have it that Ade got injured that day but he didnt,was substituted fully fit…He is under reprimand to show zeal in donning the white & green

  4. Sorry had meant to ask jasego and so now what is the plan? Appears a bit flat for me but maybe kagere will lift us, let’s cross our fingers

    1. Plan is to defend fervently and hit on the counter since ofcos esperance will come st ud with all they’ve got so caution is a Must to avoid conceding an early goal.Midfield must maintain shape & not be coaxed into leaving gaps for arabs,defense must be solud as a rock,goalkeeper vigilant & hawk-eyed and attack clinical and composed.Summary,we have our work really cut out for us but we will fight hard…

      1. Please name the players with each of those high attributes for all we have is our erratic Bonny plus wasteful Kagere/Jausenge. Jasego keep those talents/attributes in mind come the next transfer period and totally avoid signing “passengers” as CAF competitions unlike the local ones , even 1st round, are very challenging for both players and TB. Esperance are beatable but we’ll need a full dose of luck especially after failing to win/score in the first leg. BEST OF LUCK K’OGALO.

          1. Welcome back, I think. As for your setting the criteria for contributions and threatening expulsions of those with a contrary opinion to yours believe me you are not the first nor will you be the last. You will just become a mere latest statistic in a long list of dramatic failures in that aspect. Instead of empty unenforceable threats miwa pachi on matters K’Ogalo. It’s sad that GMFC, as claimed by Ngala, is yet to be paid the full prize money for winning the 2017 league but whoever should make the payment FKF/KPL pay up! BEST OF LUCK K’OGALO.

    1. Wapi bro,alibaki story za unpaid signing fee,itatupeana mbaya huko mbele juu ni msee experience yake muhimu game kubwa jo…

  5. Faithful followers of demi-god almighty ang’owa come here and defend the chairman on playing mind games with Walusimbi-Our best utility player at the momemt hence making him boycott travelling to Esperance.They pledged to pay him 2 million signing fees for 2 year contract renewal in Dec but have defaulted thrice.After first leg esperance game he clearly told EC that was his last game until he’s debt was cleared and they promised the would only to ignore all his calls & texts that he’d place daily and expect him to travel last minute with yet another useless pledge of go play we’ll pay when you come back.How can we go face such a high profile match without his immense experience because of uncouth behavior,why not pick his calls and explain funds are scarce even pay a quarter and plead he gives us more time?This EC of rogues like Nyangi,Bolo,Aduda na AR the Father is full of crap at times

  6. To me Guikan and Ade less Gor will be a tall order.Most painful is Guikan missing out coz he has killer passes slicing through defence and can shoot accurately and powerfully from far.Hope is all that remains.

  7. I can’t see any goal coming from these Kogalo strikers and many goals sailing past our erratic defenders more so those plying the wings. The only faith is in our midfield!! In as much as we wish Kogalo all the best but I can’t see a steady team worth keeping Esperence at bay in their home ground if not Machakos!!

  8. hold your horses ! This trip had a budget allocated from well wishers @ ksh 10 M….so do we honour walu’s wishes or do we honour esperance match ? dont other players also have wishes? surely, jomoko must understand we are in cashflow crisis and therefore bear with the bigger others. we have to treat players equally in this situation otherwise there will be mass exit by june.

    Walu is not the only one in arrears, in fact as we speak almost half of the team + TB is on bonus, allowance or pay arrears dating back to December but may be walu’s go slow is just a sign of things to come ….Everyone is looking up to guess who ? Need i say his majesty right reverend chairman will come to the rescue again again again again and again.

    1. Omera you have added blasphemous titles yet again to include majesty right reverend?It TRULY is a Cult or worship but nevertheless who cant stand to be counted more than Waza in tunisia in the current GM squad?So we go to Tunis at a disadvantage instead of AR giving him 500k as a sign of good faith that he always recovers in excess from Sportpesa or risk getting bundled out.What is the right priority,me Walusimbi remaining behind is very unwelcome news that EC must take blame for

      1. There’s no miracle that is going to happen in Tunis. A demoralised team is just going to honour the match as a way of communicating their dissatisfaction. I saw it coming

      2. Walu should learn that he has a contract with the club to play and wait for the payment. This is insubordination that should be handled with serious disciplinary action that includes selling him.

    2. We must not allow this Mugabe rubbish of ever delaying payments be it signing fees, winning bonuses, salaries etc to be treated as acceptable or normal. It has become routine, sponsorship/ no sponsorship.Mugabe & his bloated EC must be transparent as to how much GMFC is in debt and how they have used the funds raised e.g donations including airtickets provided by the government. Secondly are all players really “equal”. In GMFC we have 4/5 “passengers” who bloat the monthly wage/allowances bill yet they will never get to play a single league or shield game. These passengers are a constant drain on scarce resources that can be used to pay obligations made to the performing players, likes of Walu, who deliver trophies by winning matches day in day out. Why must 4 officials travel, why not 3 if club is broke since TB is fully represented. Reminds me of Mugabe’s lavish birthday celebrations while his country’s civil service goes unpaid! With luck and prayers we may prevail. BEST OF LUCK K’OGALO.

  9. How can somebody in his right senses worship a mortal being? Jakoyo should read the scriptures and know how king Herod died. Anyway the constitution guarantees the freedom of worship in Chapter Four(Bill of Rights). Let’s hope Onguso will fittingly wear Walusimbi’s shoes come Sunday.

  10. I once heard on a certain nternet tv AR saying politics has affected Gor sponsorship. Now that we are one they should work hard and bring in sponsors.Our Patron has done the hard work for us after heavy criticism here now AR has no place to hide.Bring sponsors,include BOT model for our stadia etc

  11. Sooner or later, as I have always stated, Mugabe and his bloated EC would throw the spanner into the works and derail what little chance we have of progressing against a tough CAF opponent. With luck and prayers we may overcome and get to the group stage of the CL or at least the Confed Cup.

  12. @Jacity, why not ask someone to justify their posting(s), if you disagree. It is more a sensible approach, then this “ship out/ i will deal with you” nonsense which nobody, apart from only the admin, can do but has never done as all opinions are tolerate on this site. Best of luck K’OGALO.

  13. The problem with this club is the head who I must say is a wealthy and incompetent person. His wealth comes in handy in our hand to mouth situation while his incompetence is seen from how a club with 300K following on FB is run.

  14. He he he! I couldn’t agree more @ moses. Well said.Ati you called somebody’s majesty, ka’almighy god wealthy and incompetent. Am sure you have rubbed all the wrong places in that idol worshipper.

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