Gor Mahia set to travel to Libya

Gor Mahia are set to travel to Alexandria, Egypt next week. There they will play in a friendly match against Al Ahli Tripoli.

Additional reporting from the Nation

The team is set to leave on Tuesday for Egypt where they will spend a week. Coach Steven Polack says the trip to Egypt is welcome news as it will help the club re-energise in a relaxed atmosphere.

“It has come at the right time. We have the opportunity to train and also relax in a good environment during the international week and that to me is very good. I will miss several players who will be away with the national team but the bigger chunk will be available and that is good,” Polack told Nation Sport.

Al Ahli Tripoli have fully financed Gor Mahia’s trip to Egypt. They are Libya’s second most successful club having won 12 league titles, 6 Libyan Cups and 2 Super Cups.

Gor Mahia were eliminated from the Caf Confederation Cup after going down 3-2 on aggregate to DR Congo’s DC Motema Pembe and now have the Kenyan league title to defend and the domestic cup to fight for.

The Libyan Premier League has been on a recess since April due to political unrest in the country and it is due to this that the friendly will be staged in Alexandria, Egypt.


16 thoughts on “Gor Mahia set to travel to Libya

  1. This is an all-expenses-paid-for trip. Meaning the boys are still going hungry; they are still lcked out of their houses and sleeping in the cold and they still can’t afford bus fare to training. Worse still in Libya Gaddafi is long dead so no one there to give free money to struggling black Africa. Way forward? Those eleven guys I called for. Come forward and let’s join hands to make a difference.

    1. Too bad that the K’Ogalo family are so selective with their comments. You are a Gor Mahia fan, you blog in this platform and you have read this appeal, but because it is threatening the peaceful coexistence between you and your pocket, you choose to give it a wide barth. You become incognito as you observe from a safe distance using sunglasses made from sugarcane peelings. Then tomorrow evening all of you troop back with oh EC this ooh EC that. K’Ogalo don’t sit there and hope that somehow, things will just change themselves in Gor Mahia without your active participation. The change that this blog yearns for begins with this blog. Gor Mahia’s financial position will never improve unless the first baby steps begin here. I know you will even read this one and then pretend that you never read it. Why? Because that is very convenient, since “nobody knows you in Gor Mahia”.

  2. @BB and others…its unfortunate that the admin decided not to publish my comments in the previous post.

    I gave the way forward in light of the latest developments but surprisingly (or maybe it isn’t), admin deemed it not worthy to post

    1. @BB, if the money is going direct to the players am in. However let it also be recorded as offsetting the salaries and allowance arrears coz wan Gor emawahero.
      I sincerely hope this can turn into a Gor Mahia Players Salary Trust Fund for raising money restricted for paying ONLY players and TB salaries.
      25,000 members contributing kes.120 per month means kes.3m which is enough to pay active and performing GM players & TB.
      For now I will give the equivalent of a terrace ticket while I follow the game on telly as I can’t make it to Kasa.
      The mpesa number please as am not sending anything to that bottomless pit of a playbill 350100.

      1. Sorry not forgetting players injured in the line of duty i.e Batambuze and Philemon.
        The following players are yet to convince me why the should be drawing a salary from GMFC: Curtis Wekesa, Elvis Ronack, Abdala Shira, Richnodald Bolo and Dennis Oalo meaning that GM has only about 25/26 active players. Have these “others” even made the match day squad in any game this season?

      2. Well said sir. 6 and counting……Just 9 more and we take off. As for tomorrow, I will be there no matter the anticipated outcome. I feel I must be there to face the knife in solidarity with our boys.

        1. BB…rally fans thru watsapp ..facebook etc n lets get moving. Give it a legal status…get some who can help u as officials. Let the mpesa no be available. We may not attend the game but will support.

      3. @ BB Oduor 12 has an excellent idea and workable as long as you come up with a specific exclusive mpesa or paybill number and the money goes direct to the players I am in it.
        May I also suggest that we pay ALL registered Gor Mahia players whether injured or not for now.
        Then as we constitute our liaison officials, who will be in constant contact with the TB so that at the end of the season the head coach can give us a list of players who do not measure up to the required standards we at that point exclude them.
        This is because a player may not be making it to the match day squad at the moment but they are a work in progress.
        Lastly please BB let’s give this initiative a legal status, and firm a WhatsApp group and each one of us pays a joining fee of Kshs 200 then the proposed Kshs 120 per month

  3. I think the club will get some appearance fee from honoring the friendly, the amount together with the derby collections hopefully can clear at least 2 months salary arrears.

  4. Kindly bwana admin kama pesa ni ya kulipa wachezaji wetu mniesabu ndani, nitakuwa niki tuma 350/- per month for1 full year. Man Lalji Kongoche benah from Nkru.

  5. Tafadhali mtutengeshee pay bill no, or till no, publicly to reduce corruption. Plz, Admin so that we can rescue or strong team Kogallo Mahia lalji.kongoche benah ( Nkru).


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