Gor Mahia shift attention to local scene

Will Abondo return to the starting line-up?

With the continental campaign having come to a sudden but expected end, Gor Mahia will now shift attention to the local scene where they have two difficult yet pivotal matches: On Thursday, Gor Mahia taken on Ulinzi Stars at Afraha stadium. Three days later they confront arch rivals AFC Leopards at Nyayo stadium.

Both matches are pivotal since both Ulinzi and AFC Leopards are contenders. Both teams have four points from two games. And last season, the matches against both of these teams were inconclusive. Gor Mahia played Ulinzi with four matches left in the league. The game was marred by rough play as coach Robert Matano instructed his side to disrupt Gor Mahia by employing robust tackles. The game ended scoreless. Frank Nuttall should employ some gamesmanship by reminding the referees of Ulinzi’s rough play last season and ask them to be more watchful. The first leg match in May ended in a 2-0 win for Gor Mahia with Kagere and Olunga scoring.

Against AFC, the latter proved a tough nut to crack. Derby matches are always unpredictable. AFC were about to finally crack when they conceded a late penalty. Only for their fans to disrupt the match with acts of hooliganism.

For Gor Mahia, they will be strongly motivated to put aside their poor start. Coach Nuttall should be able to call upon players who have been unavailable of late including Ali Abondo, Francis Kahata, Innocent Wafula and Khalid Aucho. The latter two have played sparingly since they returned late.

Abondo and his clinical finishes is the man Gor Mahia will be hoping can provide a boost in the same manner he did last season, scoring crucial goals when Olunga and Kagere were yet to find their scoring boots. The Madagascan media reports that against CNaPS on Saturday, Gor Mahia dominated most of the first half but could not convert their possession into goals. In the second half they ran out of steam. A similar scenario ensued against Chemelil Sugar. Abondo could be the man to break this cycle.


23 thoughts on “Gor Mahia shift attention to local scene

  1. Is this a campaign rally for Abondo? Your supposed to give unbiased view on the club… if Abondo is that good then i’m sure he will be playn in S.A soon enough. Gor Mahia made alot of mistakes but in my opinion I will blame two parties most;
    1. Players indiscipline. How players can get so unfit, for a team going for continental championship, is pretty alarming.
    2. The technical bench, which knew the club would take part in Africa but decided to go on holiday. If Nuttal was in europe, didn’t he leave a plan for his assistants to follow?
    I am totally against players who during the transfer period, are seen training with Gor Mahia while simply wasting the clubs time. I thnk such players contributed to the poor signing in Gor. They simply camp in Gor misleading the club that they are ready to sign while busy angling for foreign clubs.
    Gor Mahia now has sponsorship, the club should now get rid of players who have made permanent homes in Gor Mahia, if they cannot take the club anywhere then bring in fresh players…this is the best time for the club to come up of a three year plan on how to attack the continental championships. The club should know early enough which players want to leave the club and release them or give them better contracts. Why accept a player back and expect the same performance from him?
    In conclusion I place my blame squarely on Frank Nuttal. This team is simply unfit.

    1. @Dinga, thanks for noting this. I stopped commenting on this page because I realised admin was so opinionated and never wanted to be contradicted. Surely he is campaigning for some players. Issuing an opinion contradicting the one taken by Admin is a sure recipe for your comment being locked out

      1. Some of you are ridiculous. How can anyone campaign for a player?
        Do you think Nuttalll listens to any of us? If he does not even listen to Ambrose Rachier then how can he listen to bloggers?

  2. The management should style up and make good signings next time, the coach should be given a free hand in signing players and GOR should stop the idea of short term contracts….Otherwise Thursday tuko gangare Nakuru

  3. Truth be told, where was Frank Nuttal and Ouna during the transfer window?

    People keep absenteing themselves at the crucial period only to resurface when its too late..they know ignorant fans will shield them.

    its time we reflected and came to the realization that for four seasons we’ve been struggling at the continental level giving same excuses.

    1. During the transfer season, EC was busy sending Nuttall dozens of e-mails telling Nuttall to take a 50% pay cut so he was probably distracted.

      Ouna has been in and out because the club owes him salary arrears. At one point it was reported that he had not been paid for several months.

      Meanwhile some players just dissppeared

  4. the real countdown for “poor show” start today.

    and pressure will start to mount, minute after minute, day after day, week after week, match after match,

    1. Omondii, what gives you reason for such pessimism. We have started badly but I pray that our ship gets steady soonest. Join me in my prayers

  5. @ dinga, @ kassam mwivangano. kindly leave the TB alone, all these mess for your information has been created by inept EC. How do you expect the TB work when their slip has been major issue with EC wanted to cut it down by half….. Be guided by the binocular lenses that this office will never achieve anything in the current setup other for what they have done.

  6. Just a polite request to EC reduce entrance to 200/-(terraces) or 300/- (all round). 300/- for terraces is one of the reasons people have shied away from the stadium, has led to corruption at the gate among our corrupt stewards and ‘security’ and also the proverb ‘ MAGI JO BUL’. Does ‘Jo bull’ enter free in Arsenal, Barca, Juve matches? EC FUNGUENI MACHO CLUB IENDELEE MBELE. GOD BLESS GOR….

    1. Now that we have a sponsor 200 bob is a good fee , even for the derby. I agree with you @Ngesto. Unfortunately we have fans who vowed never t pay gate entry for a Gor match yet they come fitted in Gor merchandise. Too sad. The sponsorship money cannot run all the affairs of Gor. Currently even our bus was repossessed.
      As we bash the TB, players , EC etc let’s also know that as fans we have our faults

  7. If we win i will still be ok if we draw i will be cool and if we lose i will be calm but i will not cast blames on coach Frank ottallo for he Brought the glory in Gor that i just heard a story from my father when i was young how Gor punished teams in kenya . sending him is being a enemy of the team. he proved himself to us why now say he cant tuwache mchezo wan Gor mahia

  8. If we win i will still be ok if we draw i will be cool and if we lose i will be calm but i will not cast blames on coach Frank ottallo for he Brought the glory in Gor that i just heard a story from my father when i was young how Gor punished teams in kenya . sending him off is being an enemy of the team. He proved himself to us why now say he cant tuwache mchezo wanA Gor mahia

  9. AFC Ingwe is launching their Sportpesa Sponsorship today while the so called Gor Mahia is nowhere in the radar. Gor Mahia is a big club and it is a public club that is being followed by a huge fanatical fan base both within Kenya boundaries and beyond. We as fans we need to know the happenings at Gor Mahia closet.

    These are some of my queries to ask Gor Mahia Executive Committee led by AR:-
    – What is really happening with Gor Mahia office regarding the details of the sponsor? – – Are we being played by the EC?
    – Are we being taken for a ride or granted?
    – Where are we going as a club?
    – what are details of all sponsorships (Sportpesa, Elliot Bread and Legea)?
    – when do we have AGM?
    – when will Gor Mahia be turned into a professional outfit with bankable business cases in the sale and distribution of the adored club merchandisers?
    – what are plans for youth football?
    – when are we having public disclosures and accountability that include financial statement of the club?

  10. I concur with dinga that players need to be refreshed since those who have overstayed at the club always end up thinking they are great and get sucked up in the EC- TB wars that takes place in most clubs through player sabotages and indiscipline.I will not mention names but as a close associate of frank nuttall I can confidently say he has a problem with about 4 “Big” players who are politicking more than they are playing football…They are to blame for the protracted TB-EC stand-off as coach can’t do much while they are needed in the pitch but are not cooperating or following instructions yet poor transfer Window signings didn’t leage viable options on the bench to ably replace them in the starting 11…

  11. I support every one be it, TB,EC,Fans,Players,gor patrons,gor sponsor,gorseller,gor rater,gordigger,gorblogger,gorauctioneer. And support is only up to june 2016 when we wiil send back all eleven players plus jerry to where they belong or to sony sugar and get good players to replace them

  12. – When will Sportpesa sponsorship be launched as we were promised that the details will be made public?
    – where will the replica jerseys be available for sale and purchase by fans as I am tired of seeing the faded green and white jerseys along the streets of Nairobi being worn by our fans?

  13. Gor Mahia has been fined Kshs.100,000 by CAF for failure to send their itinerary to Madagascar on time. What a shame with the EC office? Surely simple logistical matters can not be done by the bloated office?

  14. I blame Frank Nattull for shoddy continental preparation.He planned to fail.EC had to collect players from scouts and put them in training waiting for Nattull who was on Holliday to give the signing go-ahead.this lead to eleventh hr signings.Nattull left no preseason program and so EC took over technical bench responsibility with very limited know how.the success of our club in continental matches depends on preseason program given our league calender.otherwise we are disadvantaged.upto now we hav no clear first eleven and the team is still unfit.anyone pliz with an idea our team formation/pattern kindly help me.

    1. Moods, why do you blame Frank? The coach has to take some rest and he left Nairobi in December 2015. Blame the employer not the employee as there are terms for engagement. The average players we recruited came through brokerage business of some EC members such as Ngala, Kilo,Orowe, etc, on technical bench were, Ogweno, Jolawi, Ottamax and some fans.

  15. My brother Jamigori,I totally support your sentiments but am afraid the sponsorship issue has become an elephant in the room which no one in our bloated EC wants to answer.All we know are unconfirmed speculations but no specific details on the contractual agreements with SportPesa which is also a very shadowy firm no wonder they get along very well with the current EC.To Joods,pliz don’t blame the coach for those mediocre signings we made,Nuttall left very specific 6 names that he wanted signed and they are:
    1.Eric Johana
    2.Ian Otieno (Rangers Keeper)
    3.Cheche David
    4.Francis Kahata
    5.Jesse Were to replace Olunga
    6.Anthony Akumu who was training with Gor from Sudan
    Plus he vehemently insisted on phone/email/whatsapp/viber/twitter/facebookvand even LinkeIn that Kagere be retained at all costs….As you can see he got only ONE of his preferred signing and 10 more of relatives of EC Members,so no amount of formations will change our game this season unless players commit themselves 110% to rediscover their scoring boots..I am with Nuttall even now and he says keep on believing though admits it will be Tough

  16. Change is as good as a rest, so the saying goes. . .I feel every player wearing Gor jersey should put the club first before anything else! I hope players are reading this, because insubordination and laziness are NOT allowed at Kogallo!

    Secondly, year in year out, we have heard complaints on ineptitude of the EC, . .can we go for elections with the aim of sorting out this issue?! *bloggers and lovers of Gor Mahia, let us turn up and cast votes.

    And finally, I wish Kogallo the best, the season is trying and we shall bounce back.


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