Gor Mahia shift focus to Bandari

Gor Mahia will attempt to put the disappointment of the abandoned Mashemeji derby behind them when they take on Bandari FC at Mombasa county stadium on Saturday.

Bandari has caused numerous problems to Gor Mahia when they face each other in Mombasa. In fact last year, Bandari beat Gor mahia in Mombasa. This year, Gor Mahia earned a measure of revenge, beating Bandari 2-1 when the two sides met in March in Nairobi.

Coach Nuttall knows that this encounter will not be easy.

“It is not going to be an easy game. We have played a friendly game in Mombasa and we lost to Bandari. They are a good side with very young players and we will have to be at our best,” he said to supersport.com.

And Gor Mahia will play without talisman Michael Olunga for the first time this season. Which means Enock Agwanda who has been eager to be in the starting line-up since he joined this season will have a chance to prove his worth. Agwanda has proven lethal when he came onto the game in the second half and will be relied upon to fulfill the scoring role played by Agwanda. And coach Nuttall will have worked on the new Agwanda-Kagere combination in training this week.

Part of the reason that Gor Mahia have had difficulty with Bandari in Mombasa is the weather which is hot and often humid.

“The weather too will not be favouring us but we have to go there and not only maintain our aggressive form but also come out of the game with a win.” continued Nuttall.

But given how well Gor Mahia acquited themselves during the CECAFA cup in Dar es Salaaam recently, they should play well against Bandari.

13 thoughts on “Gor Mahia shift focus to Bandari

  1. KARIBUNI MOMBASA JOKOGALO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Mombasa Longroom Branch is pushing a contribution campaign dubbed ?#?themagic101bobforGorMahia? in which we target around 1 million fans to be sending at least only 10 bob to paybill no 350100. During the Bandari match we plan to have printed flyers to be given to fans to urge them to make it their habit to be sending that small amount every month. So send what you have to 350100 and make a difference

    it is very sad that the grapevine has reported that the derby match raised only Kshs.2.3 million. This can’t be true but naked lies being spread by the inept office to deny the players their rightful earned money as stipulated in their contracts.

    During the match, I arrived at the stadium at 2pm and there were chaos all over about lack of tickets that were reported to have been sold out. I had to scramble for the ticket and in the process I got a broker that sold a ticket to me at Kshs.1,000 for VIP or main stand. I HAD TO SPEND THIS MUCH BECAUSE I HAD TO WATCH THE DERBY MATCH. There were chaos at Nyayo National Stadium which I can attribute to poor management by Gor Mahia executive committee led by Ambrose Rachier.

    I think these chaos and confusions were premeditated by the officials in order to facilities the process of stealing from the gate collections.

    My big question is that how was the tickets sold out while we had thousands of fans locked outside the stadium waiting for a solution. This led to several genuine fans vented their anger by joining the goons to bring down the gate and made free access to the stadium without paying for the match. Were these chaos deliberate? Yes, this was a deliberate scheme by the executive committee in order to steal from the players and fans alike. The scheme was also aimed at understating the amount of gate collections.

    if tickets were sold out, I think the club had printed about 20,000 tickets of which 15,000 were for the terraces retailing at Kshs.300 per ticket and 5,000 tickets for VIP retailing at Kshs.600. If these tickets were sold out, the club could have realized Kshs.10.5 million gross revenue.

    Even at all flat entry ticket of Kshs.300 per access ticket, the club could have collected a cool gross amount of Kshs.6 million but not what is being reported at Kshs.2.3 million. We are being cheated.

    The net figures of Kshs.2.3 million is a big joke. We are neither fools nor children to be cheated by these greedy officials.

    It was being reported that this was a record attendance with over 30,000 fans that graced the derby. Majority of the fans made free entry and most of these were had money to pay but there were no tickets as tickets were sold out.

    Why did the office only printed 20k tickets in a derby match? This was a scam orchestrated by the executive committee to maximize the stealing by causing confusion at the stadium.

    The chaos witnessed could have even caused stampede and fatal deaths because of this useless office of Gor Mahia. I am very bitter with this office due to open stealing of the club meagre resources that could have gone along way in settling the players salaries and allowances as well as paying outstanding salaries/allowances of members of the technical bench.

    smaller clubs like City Stars, KCB, Western Stima etc with a total print out of only 5,000 tickets have managed to collect more than Kshs.2 million, which has been bumper collections from even low match attendance when they are playing against Gor Mahia. It is a very big joke that the derby only raised a net of Kshs.2.3 million. This is laughable that the office can make such announcement.

    Gor Mahia office has failed to bring a desired change in making the club to become a financially sustainable enterprise. Bloggers have continued to make good proposals that if implemented could have made this club to be one of the richest in Eastern and Central Africa but this inept office has failed us in making this happen. Gor Mahia is always in begging mission. Lack of ACCOUNTABILTY and transparency is the order of the day in the club.

    We have been seeing lots of sales of club merchandise both in the stadium during our matches but we do not know the beneficiary of the sales proceeds. This must be someone in the office as why there are unauthorize sale of club branded merchandise without ownership. Why should this continue? Who procures the merchandise?



    1. M’y Brother This sales are not digitised n This Is a loophole for them to steal n office can declare anything coz they know u cannot report them to EACC coz u Will have no prove of sales done. If they are serious they could ve bought portable machines like Kra etr machine same the one used by kisii county to collect revenue but This deter them from thieving
      have always said here a number times That gor office uses lack of sponsor n poverty to steal gor meagre resources n they Say That the fund the club from There pockets so they Will not accept accountability. Ve always said gormahia is very rich if u want to prove subcontract gor financials aspect to a promoter then u Will see how he Will take in millions maybe in one season. the way forward is to digitise the sales n make any contribution through paybill number here incase the steal we Can report at EACC . Guys do u Read people Daily they say gor raked 4.8million from good bread n the gor office is going to sign with elliotts bread. so now its True That rachier n EC have been squandering gor resources. Let them resign n go home. Or This thieving Will make them vomit one day

  3. Sawa Agwanda tosha, and BB should also pull up and we shall say tosha as well. Longroom branch has a good idea lets all support this initiative. Somebody tell me again ati how much was collected from the derby? jokes, jokes and jokes.

  4. league ikwishe this weekend.

    I suggest to the Chairman to take the rest of the games to Kisumo. It will pay off.

    Nairobi has seen a lot of Gor and after the league is won, nobody will come to city stadium to watch the matches

    1. Should relocate all There home matches to kisumu from today every body is tired of gormahia even the so called fans kina evans kidero no Wonder they Never provided enough Security in city during mashemeji derby. In any case gor is doing well because it oftenly plays in kisumu. Take gor mahia to kisumu its where it belongs even kisumu fans are fantastic n Will assist gor than This Nairobi plastic fans who runs gor down by stealing gate collections n committing hooliganism

  5. I strongly concur with jamigori…that plus lack of transparency is the reason am not to quick to contribute to the various forums we have except pay for my entry to watch our matches….and I have no apologies to make!!

  6. I jb is convinced beyond any doubt that gor mahiA will not grow as a club it’s very poor and cannot attract a sponsor with zero accountability and when the club is run as an association and more do associated to politicians

  7. The absence of Olunga will give Bull-Dozzer Agwanda time to excise his talent at K’Ogalo. Dani Sserekuma left, akina Ingo celebrated a lot but nosooner Olunga came in. “TINENO ADI GOR YOO WEDEO” how Storms you have weather, but I wish the Young man Mike good luck if possible and nice stay in South Africa if verything goes well.. Now may the Almighty Gog and GOR MAHONO, DO WONDERS IN MOMBASA I HEARD THAT COUCH TWAHIR WANTED TO BREAK THE UNBEATEN RECORD OF K’OGALO NOOOO!!!

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