Gor Mahia sign Arthur Semazzi, Charles Bruno

Reports suggest that Gor Mahia have completed the signing of Ugandan striker Arthur Semmazzi. This according to Ugandan sports site sportsmaniaug.com. Semazzi has been playing for Lweza FC.

The move to sign Semazzi came after attempts to sign Robert Ssentongo stalled after disagreeing with his parent club, URA FC.

Semazzi has previously been a transfer target of Tusker in 2012 and AFC Leopards in 2013.

Charles Bruno signs for Gor Mahia

Gor Mahia have signed defender  Charles Bruno who was recently dropped by Thika United. This according to s story on futaa.com

Bruno had been training with Gor Mahia. I thank my teammates too for welcoming me well in the team and I believe we will work together towards achieving our goals for the season and days ahead, said Bruno on his facebook page.

Prior to joining Thika United, Bruno had been one of the highly touted youngstars. He skippered the Kenya U17 team. Along with Anthony Nyangor Otieno, he played  for Malindi Academy and had attended trials in Italy and Portugal among other places.

He becomes the fourth player signed by Gor Mahia after Collins Okoth and Timothy Otieno.


11 thoughts on “Gor Mahia sign Arthur Semazzi, Charles Bruno

  1. Who is scouting these Ugandans? Does Gor have the resources to thoroughly scout these Ugandan players or are they they using Google as their scouting tool? Don’t forget Sit umber and the Brazilian Rodriguez both scouted using Google.

  2. I believe these are the four ” strange faces ” we saw at gor Mahia vs youth team a week ago!

    Are we signing this players because they are “free agents” or we think they can add value to the club….if they can, then why were they released by their former clubs ? I remember luc eyamel of Efusi refusing to sign semazzi last year because the guy was very unfit, a case of Rodriguez ?

    Charles Bruno and collins okoth have been tried and tested in the premier league before so nothing new, perhaps timothy otieno offers a ray of hope.

    Good luck to all them !

  3. @ingo, even Kizito and Walusimbi came through the same process and everyone can see the results. Maybe the Gor legends Timothy Ayieko and Abbey Nasur are the gor contacts in Kla. I hope this is not causing worries at the den

  4. Jakoyo you are a real pessimist and a disgrace to Gor Mahia fraternity. U are always negative in your comments and it‘s high time you learn to appreciate what others are doing coz I ‘m sure you are not perfect .Style up man.
    who told you when a player is a free agent then he cannot add value or his quality is questionable ?we have seen likes of Wanyonyi and even Rama being free agent did that affect their performance?LET‘S ALWAYS G?VE OTHERS A CHANCE AND CR?T?C?SE POS?T?VELY.

  5. For the people who doesn’t know gor mahia culture you should know it from today,the unknown characters are the ones always performing in gor mahia,those big names the likes of jakoyo want are not always successful in gor mahia,who knew owino calabar,shakava,akumu,wanyonyi and the rest ,they are very many and the list is long,jakoyo for your information the coach has been around and he is the one signing the players so stop being a disgrace to the gor mahia family.ingo let afc continue signing big names ,the mienos and mudes of this world or if you like call them the sofapaka retirees and there is no day you will finish the league on top of gor mahia.

  6. @Jakoyo you want to drive a very tired argument. There are so many reasons as to why a player may not shine in one club and does in another. A case in point – Brian Osumba who was dropped by Gor then and has ended up being a leading midfielder in the TPL. Ali Abondo was dropped by Gor and has fitted in very well at Tusker. There are so many examples. The stone that was rejected by the builders become the corner stone. (Mathew 21:42)
    I am not worried for nothing, Gor ma Kogallo has been, is and ever shall be.

    For God and my beloved club – Kogallo

  7. This is different from the Ballotieno case because Williamson has assesed Charles Bruno in training and has determined that he will be a good fit.

  8. Guys pliz let the coach do is job when oe signed serrenkuma many people doubted is ability see what is doing for the club we have long list for unknown players calabar , shakava, bb,ade Musa even the goalkeeper people said he can’t be good but now they are back saying he is good keeper give a players chance to prove himself you can flop in a certain club but fluorish in another where is masika who was among the best deender just get to know team philospphy and formation matter alot for a player Gor is not known to sign big names ever since it formation

  9. So we now don’t have Rama (off for trials at Celtic SA), Ade, Danny (trials Denmark), Wanyonyi and Kenga but we now Ssemazzi, Gattuso, Bruno and Otieno. Wiper is also back from Injury and so is Oboya.
    It’s now the turn of Obwoge, BB, Wiper and the rest to shine. Last year Rama left and we won the league, Ade missed most of the frist leg and we are leading so far.
    I still see us putting up a good fight and like last year coming out victorious though we will need to fight even harder than last year

  10. The “Thika United Jinx” is what worries me. We have seriously under used players e.g Bataro, Angelo Akumu, ex-players Gaucho,Yusuf Juma & GK D.Okello who TB don’t field in any games.
    The truth of the matter is the club is broke & its time to accept that we can’t afford high profile signings like the other Ugandan striker/Mieno.
    Some unkowns have fitted but many are just a drain on GM’s resources not to mention come complete with injuries.
    As we worry about nothing GMFC is a pale shadow of


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